Ev 20 hours ago
big mistake drinking all that water
Michelyn Boateng
Michelyn Boateng 20 hours ago
The title is so messy lol
Pasta Martin Ssempa
Pasta Martin Ssempa 20 hours ago
Half expected the lights to go off and Sean getting chokeslamed when it comes on.
Britt L
Britt L 20 hours ago
OMG I’ve never seen Sean lose his cool like that at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good job, lil Nas
Mr Feta
Mr Feta 20 hours ago
Tician S
Tician S 20 hours ago
It's been a long time coming-this one's for the fans! Favorite quote??
BIZZYG Gaddy 20 hours ago
I watch all these it’s crazy how hot these are Also get the guys from Impaulsive or Joe Rogan
Faye Reed
Faye Reed 20 hours ago
His voice got so high when he said "The pink one at the Grammys" lol
Flaka ochoa
Flaka ochoa 20 hours ago
She has a great personality. I'm not hot I'm just drinking milk because its milk......🤣🤣🤣
SoledOut SC
SoledOut SC 20 hours ago
You should get Arnold Shwarzenegger, he's doing lots of interviews lately too
The Ruffian
The Ruffian 20 hours ago
Man, this is hands down one of my favorite episodes.
Say WhatNah
Say WhatNah 20 hours ago
her eyes are beautiful. Never had a clue she has opinions outside of acting. Nice hot one's episode.
TJ Moore
TJ Moore 20 hours ago
I have a new respect for him
Justfreakindriftok 20 hours ago
Steamed hams? yes. Yes. YEs. YES.
SaigeRage 20 hours ago
@0:37 this man not convincing at all lmao. " Happy Thanksgiving. I'm happy to be here... on Thanksgiving" lol hes so cute
TooCuteNoir B.
TooCuteNoir B. 20 hours ago
The fact that he referenced OUR CHILDHOOD He's a cartoon network kid and I love it lmao. He's a so cool and genuine Its great
Sentinel 20 hours ago
17:58 should be his new profile pic on twitter. Got that "Holiday" vibe
[content deleted] Gaming
[content deleted] Gaming 20 hours ago
Daily Cup of Joe
Daily Cup of Joe 20 hours ago
It’s the roblox guy.
Izmond 20 hours ago
Wait, how is Taker a Texas boy if he hails from Death Valley, California? FACT CHECK!
MyFamiliarIsABadger 20 hours ago
That was... the whole ass bottle of hot sauce how is he even alive rn 😶
Games 1
Games 1 20 hours ago
I always hear Mark ass brownlie lol
diala Bii
diala Bii 20 hours ago
We NEED Justin Bieber here !
Magnificent Slytherin
Magnificent Slytherin 20 hours ago
Ironically, I got an ad from master class with Gordon ramsey in it.
Wolf 20 hours ago
Roblox man gon die
Mr Humble
Mr Humble 20 hours ago
Little nas like Morcilla more than wings the bigger and salty the better forget about the spicy flavor
Basem Ali
Basem Ali 20 hours ago
This man took his job very serious for 30 years. Rarely breaking character and rarely seen being his normal self. Now that is what you call dedication.
KING 20 hours ago
im convinced ole girl on the right got LIT before this. LMAO. She's talking so much/fast, acting all anxious and im just cracking up lmao.
Chase Vickery
Chase Vickery 20 hours ago
did he reeally ask y they made the goat so Thicc?
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon 20 hours ago
How do I buy Ethans Shirt?
Kyle Swain
Kyle Swain 20 hours ago
I saw a lot of rookie moves in this episode. You followed Lil Nas straight into the bowels of hell. Sean Evans is a beast
Jerry Finklestein
Jerry Finklestein 20 hours ago
Nia Gray
Nia Gray 20 hours ago
he seems like a really nice guy!
Apocalyptic Pioneers
Apocalyptic Pioneers 20 hours ago
How did I miss this?? Thank God for Twitter
quoabell 20 hours ago
Hearing about Biltong for the first time by Trevor in this interview. Now, almost 1,5 years later I'm sitting here with a bag of Biltong, which I actually bought here in Germany. Really delicious, I can confirm.
DeeJayy caldwell
DeeJayy caldwell 20 hours ago
I just want the recipe to the vegan nuggets lol
Will Becker
Will Becker 20 hours ago
I’ve done ayahuasca before. It’s crazy
Jovany Okuneva
Jovany Okuneva 20 hours ago
It gets emotional when watching this, if only we can go back in the past.😢
Pwny 20 hours ago
Lil Nas X is a fucking gigachad. Love that man
Basem Ali
Basem Ali 20 hours ago
"Sir you are not allowed to do that here" Ron Swanson: Not to worry I have a permit reads permit "I can do what I want. -Ron"
OGBOBBY WARD 20 hours ago
Lmaoooo Da Bomb knocked that lil nas x wall down real quick. Good for you. The hot sauce really works.
Jai Norman
Jai Norman 20 hours ago
Jack Raider
Jack Raider 20 hours ago
Okay those aren't wings, those are chicken tenders
whatdoyoumeanyouforgot thechickennuggets
whatdoyoumeanyouforgot thechickennuggets 20 hours ago
Jerry Finklestein
Jerry Finklestein 20 hours ago
Glad those wings were able to close those floppy gums from smacking together again
SoledOut SC
SoledOut SC 20 hours ago
“I can afford pizza but I’m still ghetto” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Raft- Music And Games
Raft- Music And Games 20 hours ago
22:09 "Wi can is can"
Jagaur D. Saul
Jagaur D. Saul 20 hours ago
HANDS DOWN the best episode
TooCuteNoir B.
TooCuteNoir B. 20 hours ago
I love that she gave real advice for the industry and was funny at the same time.i adore her personality
LazyDisappointment 20 hours ago
Lmaoo caption said “ little nosex will still be suffering”
its Chris
its Chris 20 hours ago
My man used roblox to promote his music
Synactric 20 hours ago
get spicekingcam from tik tok on here please he’ll crush it
Emily Ebanks
Emily Ebanks 20 hours ago
"You ready for the next wing? I am." That part was so cute idk why
Milca St.fleurose
Milca St.fleurose 20 hours ago
When he drenched that last wing and ATE THE WHOLE THING1!!! LIKE CRAZINESS
JORDYN CALDERON 20 hours ago
Lil Nas X is the CEO of saying “ya know”😂
NoobItzMe 20 hours ago
Ay, it's a holiday!
michae1yeah 20 hours ago
Where’s max and chad, Sean??? I need to see them eat these
Gavinarow31 20 hours ago
There were memes of Shaq from this, when will we get memes of Lil Naz X on this?
aron john
aron john 20 hours ago
Always enjoyed the undertaker and stone cold
Dee Cul
Dee Cul 20 hours ago
No silver surfer!!!
Jason Wiercinski
Jason Wiercinski 20 hours ago
Get Rick and Corey Harrison. I think a lot of people would watch that.
XD-Angel Gaming
XD-Angel Gaming 20 hours ago
I'm 11 and I can challenge u ez
XD-Angel Gaming
XD-Angel Gaming 20 hours ago
Well 12
The big shelf
The big shelf 20 hours ago
Jees he went crazy on the last dab
Best Gamer manneh
Best Gamer manneh 20 hours ago
You can safely say he was once obsessed with the cat
Daryl MC Death
Daryl MC Death 20 hours ago
soooo....this is where the legend began....
Cuban Osorio
Cuban Osorio 20 hours ago
my hat off to you big guy
Joseph Carmody
Joseph Carmody 20 hours ago
sushi donut is kinda cool
FISHIN' WITH JORDY! 20 hours ago
It's so awesome to see Taker just being candid and himself, he's just a good old southern boy whose mama thinks he's still a baby. Just a good bloke!
uncultured girl
uncultured girl 20 hours ago
he’s so handsome omfg i cant focus
Jason crozier
Jason crozier 20 hours ago
Neil Degrasse Tyson is the best
Makiah Roam
Makiah Roam 20 hours ago
we need soulja boy on here lol
Sadashiv 20 hours ago
He just launched a 80 💷 burger😛🤣
Air mair
Air mair 20 hours ago
"Ah yes, and you call them steamed hams dispite the fact that theyre obviously grilled?"
william peterman
william peterman 20 hours ago
She is definitely my fave one
Brandon Cunningham
Brandon Cunningham 20 hours ago
“I can afford pizza but I’m still ghetto” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
HashbrownGokuson 20 hours ago
You know what I love about hot ones... He puts each celebrity in tough situations where he could catch them in a vulnerable state..and he never misuses this. He never takes the opportunity to throw jabs or “expose” them. He just keeps staying positive,motivating, and highlighting their best moments while they struggle and we still get to see them open and explain personal information. Best interviewer ever. And they always get to tell THEIR story.
Cranjis McLettuce
Cranjis McLettuce 20 hours ago
Literally 2020: 3:03
victor beaubriant
victor beaubriant 20 hours ago
The Undertaker is the guy who made me watch wwe a lot...