Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner 3 hours ago
Leslie's cat appears and scrambles under the bed at 1:18 XD
Codename: Hacked
Codename: Hacked 3 hours ago
For some reason his voice is really soothing
Anabelle Ling
Anabelle Ling 3 hours ago
I was like imposter again???????!!!!
Tharshey 3 hours ago 7 Minutes Of Corpse Being A Absolute Legend!!!
Youra star
Youra star 3 hours ago
2:15 I almost threw up bc of how hard I laughed 😂
Tharshey 3 hours ago 7 Minutes Of Corpse Being A Absolute Legend!!!
H.93 3 hours ago
Aww 😂 Yes I unfortunately all too well understand the cereal analogy lol
paigedoesart 3 hours ago
bro I fucking was falling asleep with my phone and as I was about to sleep- I accidentally clicked on this vid. Was scared shitless by the crewmate sound and then scared again as I heard him
JRF mimmu
JRF mimmu 3 hours ago
scarra looking like jabba the hut
Neera Nain
Neera Nain 3 hours ago
Failing at card swipe is like failing at card swipe.
Cursed 3 hours ago
Bro it looked like you were trying to fail it lol
TheWisebug 3 hours ago
The funniest part was the card swipe and still managed to get away as sus....damnn genius corpse...damn genius Though uu got ejected eventually
Selina Salim
Selina Salim 4 hours ago
3,352,738 people saw this now, not just 200k lmfao
this channel is dead
this channel is dead 4 hours ago
Wait corpse I have a quick question do you stream on twitch or youtube so I can watch ya streams
Gladiatorgod13 4 hours ago
Failing card swipe 30+ times is the biggest mood
Tia Corn
Tia Corn 5 hours ago
Came across you in the wild today, just wanted to say you and your groups’ content in great stuff, always entertaining and fun to learn from. Keep it up!
Izzy Simmons
Izzy Simmons 5 hours ago
card swipe is so hard dude i get it
Jørgen Nes
Jørgen Nes 5 hours ago
"I can't break the triangle of trust guys." what a legend
joey is dirrty
joey is dirrty 5 hours ago
screaming child
screaming child 5 hours ago
bruh it tells him to go slower why didn't he XD
BeGonTOTH 5 hours ago
Am I the only one who does it first try most of the time? XD
Doom 5 hours ago
I can’t stop watching these lol
kevin joshua
kevin joshua 5 hours ago
Is this corpse husband channel? If not r u have permission to do this?
Hannah Le
Hannah Le 5 hours ago
Hack to do card swipe go slow halfway then go fast the rest of the way!
Foxfire0002 6 hours ago
I need about 1800 hours of Amingu is Gameplay with Sean, Toast Ken, Pewds, Corpse, and a never ending rotation of o th er cool youtuber a like Greaseball, Leslie, Rae, etc. the videos are too short......
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 6 hours ago
Clyde TV
Clyde TV 6 hours ago
corpse voice always sounds like sus hhahahahah
Rishi Bhogale
Rishi Bhogale 6 hours ago
Do u use a fucking voice changer!? ,Cuz u got a bad ass Voice!!!!
Yeezy 1469
Yeezy 1469 6 hours ago
Bruh why girls simp for just a voice
Anonymous Doe
Anonymous Doe 6 hours ago
Literally have never seen an among us game where toast wasn’t present
dactelcraft 6 hours ago
He failed a total of 32 times. 37 including the flashback clip. 33rd time's the "charm".
Ren Kershaw
Ren Kershaw 6 hours ago
You deserve a Guinness world record for most failed car swipe in Among Us🤣🤣🤣
d t
d t 6 hours ago
doire aintu
doire aintu 6 hours ago
Card Swipe: “Too fast” Corpse: Goes faster
iwadshen 7 hours ago
his voice is so damn attractiveeee ahhhhh😭😭
Ninchu 7 hours ago
My friend has a trick to the card task.. Just swipe it back and fort
Jazmin Phy
Jazmin Phy 7 hours ago
among us swipe card tip pull your card side to side and go to the end andd if its say to sloow or fasst go SLOWER WHEN FAST LTTLE FAST WHEN SLOW
Cielo Venice Estrella
Cielo Venice Estrella 7 hours ago
Is this really corpse channel?
ghostboi wood
ghostboi wood 7 hours ago
anyone else just getting really happy when they start talking about anime and then you here food wars and starting screeching and your friends on call are questioning what the fuck your doing but you dont stop no matter what and then get kicked from the call cause your voice is loud and got higher and higher no just me okay
Sassy 7 hours ago
There’s a video in your ads
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson 7 hours ago
racisyt killer killing all the asians smh
TheEmeraldStar 7 hours ago
Corpse: fails card swipe Also Corpse: Doesn't change anything or slow down and swipes at the same speed every attempt way too fast
Not G4-s
Not G4-s 7 hours ago
The title😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AVERAGE90S 7 hours ago
When we get a face reveal.
AVERAGE90S 7 hours ago
Poor Corpse
A Free Potato Chip
A Free Potato Chip 7 hours ago
pewds is so dumb, love that for him
Ordinary Gamer
Ordinary Gamer 7 hours ago
Hyper 7 hours ago
9:30 that laugh is literally everything, I just had to smile
Zen 7 hours ago
Jack saw him doing the trash and it's a visual task, or did he just forget it?
Heck 8 hours ago
How are they supposed to win against the imposter
jadey 5 hours ago
they finish their tasks
Glasses Man
Glasses Man 8 hours ago
dave isn't dead?
Pugz 8 hours ago
Till this day he still can’t do card swipe
Nicole Abela
Nicole Abela 8 hours ago
How do you play Among Us in laptop? :I
King azam
King azam 8 hours ago
So i watched ash_on_lol stream and heard Corpse's voice and i was like "wtf, how can someone have a voice this deep". Yooo Corpse, do you do any voice over or stuff. Your voice is perfect for some game voice over man.
Sephits Productions
Sephits Productions 8 hours ago
I just got an ad for this saying "I'm sorry sir your card keeps declining. I remember that embarrassing moment like it was yesterday."
Sean Andrei L. Ison
Sean Andrei L. Ison 8 hours ago
Daily Dose of ASMR
🐈 8 hours ago
Ashly Rivas
Ashly Rivas 9 hours ago
34:25 😂✌🏼
Tia Corn
Tia Corn 9 hours ago
Me trying not to laugh because I’m wearing a face mask and I don’t want it to tear. Girls u get me 👩🏽
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 9 hours ago
Does anyone else thing Corpse should be a gamer?
Ry 9 hours ago
Greaseball was kinda rude the whole game imho.
Karinne Hannah
Karinne Hannah 9 hours ago
I was at a party today and we talked about you
Pixel Players
Pixel Players 9 hours ago
the reason he’s so good is because.... why tf would they expect the corpse to be the murderer?
Nøkk Wølf
Nøkk Wølf 9 hours ago
Vard swipe is so easy
Sophie Frances
Sophie Frances 9 hours ago
Poki was very clearly lying but grease was so good
karrotz 9 hours ago
CORPSE stop going so fast if you go a little slower you will do card swipe 1st try
VXgaming 7
VXgaming 7 9 hours ago
Havoc_Jay 9 hours ago
when my mans CORPSE said *thanks for clutching it* that shii killed me
Tylerkarib ._
Tylerkarib ._ 9 hours ago
Not me being a master at card swipe-
Zach Limb
Zach Limb 9 hours ago
Imagine if corpse worked in retail. No transactions would go through
Katie Howse
Katie Howse 9 hours ago
Why does Corpse sound so sexy what the heck 😏
MrKaisyy 9 hours ago
Corpse is satanic
Belle Angel
Belle Angel 10 hours ago
I felt so bad for Dave when he got locked in the room with Corpse, but I also could not breathe because I was laughing so hard. 😂😂😂
_EZxFearOG _
_EZxFearOG _ 10 hours ago
This for the simps that are girls close your eyes btw 13:49
Daz 10 hours ago
Started getting suspicious of Charlie after he started smiling like that. 10:07
TheGreatJackal 10 hours ago
Unless for a fact they reduce the probability of getting Imposter if you've just had an Imposter run, you actually just have the same probability of being an imposter every round. There is *no* math argument.
STAZ 10 hours ago
They believe him when he lies, but when he tells the truth they say he lies😔 a blessing and a curse.
Sad Lavender
Sad Lavender 10 hours ago
*Corpse your not the only one I use to be that person too* XD hopefully you get the hang of it
U R SUS SUS 10 hours ago
corpse is so funny XD
Me 10 hours ago
One time I wanted to get my mom in to anime so I put on food wars because she likes cooking channels it looked innocent to me Biggest mistake ever