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2 months ago
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Breakfast | Gobboventures
Leifur Pálsson
Leifur Pálsson 12 hours ago
Chapeleiro de preto
Chapeleiro de preto 12 hours ago
0:14 you... Know she is a machine right?
Snake Arekat
Snake Arekat 12 hours ago
Kotaj 12 hours ago
I am compelled to watch this at least once every time it gets recommended to me... which is adding up to be a lot
The One Golden Gryphon
The One Golden Gryphon 12 hours ago
I will PAY a lesbian to use this video to come out
frostだげ 12 hours ago
my friend takes a shot when donations come in, and she's been doing it for years, so I think your fine
Ymir Alegria
Ymir Alegria 12 hours ago
I like monster hunter
HydroBosco 12 hours ago
It's beautiful. I've stated at this for 5 hours now. Also, now that Veibae has joined VShoujo, the description needs to be updated, lol.
Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream 12 hours ago
this is so goddamn cringe jesus christ i want to bleach my eardrums and eyes
Neo Stone
Neo Stone 12 hours ago
Thats it yes we love girls
Jay Beijer
Jay Beijer 12 hours ago
I watched this about five times before going ''Am I subscribed to this man? No? Shame on me.'' *Clicks subscribe button*
Rion 12 hours ago
With Veibae joining, at "no matter what size" part are all now Vshoujo members
Victor Molina
Victor Molina 12 hours ago
2.2k people disagree with liking girls, shame
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes 12 hours ago
what temp does darth vader like his coffee
xXwhitewolf Xx
xXwhitewolf Xx 12 hours ago
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes 12 hours ago
show cat tail pls
fishisyum 12 hours ago
That "hey you forgot to write your backstory" "FFFFFUCK" at the end was my most favorite thing about this, only slightly ahead of everything else.
Glass Grizzly Gaming
Glass Grizzly Gaming 12 hours ago
That my friend is known as a "mood". Girls are great.
Buddha Benzz
Buddha Benzz 12 hours ago
Did he just predicted COVID ????????
Aldo Giordano
Aldo Giordano 12 hours ago
Joseph 12 hours ago
what is this
Calbeck 12 hours ago
s'perty gud
Aidan Schwartz
Aidan Schwartz 12 hours ago
Joseph Coerper
Joseph Coerper 12 hours ago
Just saw your first episode with arcadum can't what to see how it goes
RetroUzi 12 hours ago
Finally, the bi anthem can be synthesized using this and the original
Zaetalos 13 hours ago
As do I.
badtiming220 13 hours ago
Not even surprised that you found a Rathian anime girl. It's Moemon all over again.
GoldenstarArtist 13 hours ago
Oooh I hope they make a full song version of this!
Odyama 13 hours ago
Is Bowsette a waifu yet ?
Lilianae 13 hours ago
This video won't leave my recommendeds O.O Please send help
Anxiety 13 hours ago
I am not an Item for trade
Mayaz Mahmud
Mayaz Mahmud 13 hours ago
if youre a dude who dont like girls... your gay
Wambux 13 hours ago
i like the ones that look at me
Klint Karas
Klint Karas 13 hours ago
Imp Midna and rouge are prime shortstacks !
ninjabo 01
ninjabo 01 13 hours ago
My canon is that the worm becomes large and takes over joe'seseseses head and and in an anime comedy fashion gets buff out and tears his clothes revealing joe crappepepep
Todd Behm
Todd Behm 13 hours ago
MTG Arena is not MTG CCG. The F2P online game is exactly that a F2P game. Like all F2P games they go in and take away the RNG so they can get you to open your wallet more. The cards they are producing are all about the greed. The CCG at the start was mindful of the strength of a card was balanced with the casting cost no matter the rarity. Playing the online video game you will learn real fast what the shuffler is. The BS that will ensue will hopefully keep your wallet shut till the older balance MTG returns. Boils down to the cards coming out last few years from the minds a mommy's boys with basement shelves full of participation trophies. One trick pony cards that are nothing more then a self activating easy button.
Sergeant Superbeast
Sergeant Superbeast 13 hours ago
Girls are pretty good. Easily in my top 5 genders
Strawberry Simp
Strawberry Simp 13 hours ago
I like this cuz I agree ngl
Luis Rincon
Luis Rincon 13 hours ago
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Sir Accountless
Sir Accountless 14 hours ago
dachi gugunishvili
dachi gugunishvili 14 hours ago
you know your taste is strange when its not inthis video
Akos Nagy
Akos Nagy 14 hours ago
I like girls too.
turgle 14 hours ago
god damn that was smooth
Klonoa Fan Gaming
Klonoa Fan Gaming 14 hours ago
I just noticed he has a Klonoa poster in his room, I love it.
Dilhan 14 hours ago
i just watched this again and then it hit me, did Jocat predict Veibae joining vshojo ?
Altalune -chan
Altalune -chan 14 hours ago
We stan girls here
ThunderZ 14 hours ago
basically: furry
Jo Rydén
Jo Rydén 14 hours ago
Let's face it, this is your magnum opus. The best work you ever have pr will create.
Sean Zenarosa
Sean Zenarosa 14 hours ago
i just realized jocat has 4 ears
Miguel Mialichi
Miguel Mialichi 14 hours ago
DarkCFC 14 hours ago
As of today, the description is no longer accurate.
Cinnabar Sorcerer
Cinnabar Sorcerer 14 hours ago
He's chibi, he's cute and he's handsome ..... So lewd 🤣 (Just wanted it to rime)
Natalia Gage
Natalia Gage 14 hours ago
....... this was randomly in my suggestions, and now it is my absolute favorite video on youtube
Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes 14 hours ago
Studio Sketches
Studio Sketches 14 hours ago
So I might be gay
S Saijas
S Saijas 14 hours ago
Feel like this will become a lesbian anthem.
Gunnerx75 14 hours ago
Luke warm :3
Josef Baďura
Josef Baďura 15 hours ago
Ok, now we need a version for the bois.
Ham Hamson
Ham Hamson 15 hours ago
The Shade
The Shade 15 hours ago
He says sandwich yet it sounds liek plastic
kim kim
kim kim 15 hours ago
I love it and you didn't make it to sexual and uncomfortable so good job
Project Malinawon
Project Malinawon 15 hours ago
Very nice. Now where’s the “I Like Gorls” Gru-cover of this song?
Drag0ns1ay3r 56
Drag0ns1ay3r 56 15 hours ago
There are few times where you see genuine excitement coming from a game as old as this one.
Leo Blessinger
Leo Blessinger 15 hours ago
"Heal bitch hotline"
Slashed and Burned
Slashed and Burned 15 hours ago
Woah. Nice. Now your clips are 45% apologies, disclaimers and sarcasm warnings. Caring about problems instead of content is the problem of today.
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann 15 hours ago
GOD that ad was so nostalgic oh my goodness
John Merces
John Merces 15 hours ago
History of man
Alex Boyles
Alex Boyles 15 hours ago
and now my answer for the question to "what kind of girls do you like?" is just a link to this video
Omni-Oyster 15 hours ago
You and like 95% of the planet excluding gay guys and asexuals
RandomlySide 15 hours ago
He is sooo cute and smol
Simon W
Simon W 15 hours ago
i like yoai.
-- 15 hours ago
He's got 4 ears...
IEatTurtles 15 hours ago
very straight
Sofia Pereira
Sofia Pereira 16 hours ago
I love this ❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺
Oliver Stanley
Oliver Stanley 16 hours ago
I am disappointed you didn’t include the wigglers how dare you
Thronek 16 hours ago
"Yeah, I just really like girls" <3