alexandra 11 hours ago
This was my favorite episode of the season. It kept me interested and made me put myself in both of their shoes. When thinking from his perspective, you have to wonder if in trying to get her to fall in love if that would end the time loop. You would become obsessed with trying to perfect your interaction with her so that she does fall in love and maybe you would escape this hell. It would be maddening. And when thinking from her perspective, would I believe someone telling me all this? Would I think they’re a stalker who had dug into my past? Would I think it was romantic or terrifying? So thought provoking. I thought it was brilliantly written and directed.
Juci Shockwave
Juci Shockwave 11 hours ago
Papa Legba is known as Elegua/Eshu in Regla de la Orishas (Eshu/Elegua depends which side you speak with) who is an orisha of crosswords, as Papa Legba is Loa of the crossroads. Interesting enough both practice Haiti Voodoo and Lukumi/Regla de la Orishas, aka Santeria for the outsiders, are the first deity to confront and give offerings on the first day of each week, Monday, before communicating with other orishas. This was due to the fact that the other Loa or Orishas made fun of Eshu/ Papa Legba for not being acknowledged by the people. Now all Loas and Orishas, as well as humans must use Papa Legba or Elegua/Eshu to speak to one another. What a way to get back at everyone. Papa Legba as Eshu/Elegua are not evil per-say. I actually love how AHS actually depicted him as a prankster or as an opener of paths, and not as the devil. As shown towards the end, he does spare the baby and one of the witches who was wrongly killed in the other world, after life. He helps those who are good while punishing the bad. Papa Legba in AHS is how he is in the practice... to be careful what you do with your magic and abilities. The laws of good and evil is all across and around us. Only ask for justice, never do wrong magic. I do some dark magic, but even my "dark" magic is more towards trying to provoke justice from injustice acts onto me or others. This separates me from most practicers in my family, who some practice Balo (darker Regla de La Orishas). I don't do magic to actually kill, which is what some do in Balo. That is a big no-no for me and I am so happy to see AHS season 3 tackling these difference aspects of voodoo itself head-on, though I would've loved it been deeper and shown Lukumi/ Regla de la Orishas, aka Santeria, side of New Orleans and not just focus on Haiti Voodoo, but I guess with lack of time and too much going on as it is, I could forgive them on that. It is actually one of my personal favorites of the 9 seasons, because so much thought and research went into it as it is, and the actors did marvelous portraying the characters. Whoever hired Angela Bassett to portray as Marie Laveau was a genius and the actress deserves a raise. She did a phenomenal job. She absolutely convinced me. She was perfect for the role.
Michael Camacho
Michael Camacho 12 hours ago
It's all about family...and any excuse to drink lmao. Agreed its weird but definitely wouldn't surprise me
SimplyPatti 12 hours ago
Evan IS AHS. He’s such a talented actor !
gallopingLake6 12 hours ago
What’s up with him asking Monica if she was a Steven Sagal fan as he was putting in a movie? They already established the sitcom format moved to the 2000s. Sagal was popular in the early 90s. Could he have been the Quicksilver plucked from the last X-Men movie that was set in 1993? (Strums guitar dramatically)
Fridays on Elm street
Fridays on Elm street 12 hours ago
The greatest fumble of all time
treeko 10k
treeko 10k 12 hours ago
It makes me wanna cut open my arms.
Synnic 13 hours ago
Why are the ninjas in the new movie wearing samurai armors?
Kazil Ziya
Kazil Ziya 13 hours ago
I've been a Rod Serling and Twilight Zone fan for 60yrs. He was a genius as well as a man with honor and deep compassion for minorities and the common decency that all people deserve.
John Abbassi
John Abbassi 13 hours ago
I really wanted Even to be Quicksilver
Alexa Jones
Alexa Jones 13 hours ago
I pray it’s better than apocalypse
tray hart
tray hart 13 hours ago
if they would have jax tellers ghost kinda like guide ez a little bit like how the homeless girl did with jax in sons of anarchy throughout the whole show its be cool
Holger Schink
Holger Schink 13 hours ago
Dennis O'Hare in "Hotel" was the best performance ever in the whole AHS-Franchise.
awesomo9 14 hours ago
Everyone always forgets how Emma Roberts was a trick-or-treater in season 1.
little eazy
little eazy 14 hours ago
I think it is Tig who was killed in season 2.
Yo Jzx
Yo Jzx 14 hours ago
This should be called conjing if you know you know
ricardo sierra
ricardo sierra 14 hours ago
I now realize that these show runners are on more drugs than I 🤣💯
paul Anthony
paul Anthony 15 hours ago
bro this while time i thought the other mc killed the son and just has him back there dead. omg, im a tart
Not Quite Everything
Not Quite Everything 15 hours ago
Session 9 The ritual It comes at night Insidious Hush Apostle Cam The killing of a sacred deer Poltergeist
NILSAIIVY Arts 15 hours ago
Cute ☺️
Finn 16 hours ago
the only reason i kinda liked ahs apocalypse was bcs of Michael, i completely fell for him 🕳️👨‍🦯
Logan Harris
Logan Harris 16 hours ago
2:24 it murdered its owners! Shows dude getting killed in the most insane brutal way possible LOL
Doggee Likesit
Doggee Likesit 17 hours ago
Jessica Lang is HOT, shes won my heart numerous times. As Elsa in freak show singing Life On Mars she was perfect!
Trish Bella
Trish Bella 17 hours ago
Is it sad that I only know Even Peters from AHS 😭😭😭✋💀❤️❤️
Makenzie Pitts
Makenzie Pitts 18 hours ago
I myself would love just another bonus episode of Murder house shenanigans, could be another type of cross over, or even just a new family in the house, whatever it is I love that set of characters and the atmosphere of murder house so much
Martin Neps
Martin Neps 18 hours ago
I would love to see Jack's back he made the whole show and I wish jax's son would come back and be in the club that would be fantastic Please comment back
Stablemable2 18 hours ago
It took awhile to recognize the actor from "Heroes" tv show. Alexis Rhee who played Mudang, the mystic woman in the snow, was also in Black Panther movie. This episode is among the best.
dror netzer
dror netzer 18 hours ago
im sorry but season 2 finale was the worst in my opinion' also korra alone was for me by far the best epusode in the series
mrtemper85 18 hours ago
So 2020 was the year of the Apocalypse and 2021 the year we meet the antichrist... hmmmm 🤔
PumpkinPower 011
PumpkinPower 011 19 hours ago
Here’s the thing. With Kit he and Alma had a conversation where he brought up the fact that they got married in Provincetown. Season 10 takes place in Provincetown... This makes me think we might get more Kit in season 10. Maybe. Hopefully.
Jackson Cason
Jackson Cason 19 hours ago
I will never not be amazed at how non-wrestling fans think they know more about wrestling than people who have been fans for years
Jennifer Joubert
Jennifer Joubert 19 hours ago
Yes dear god more of ms. Palmer pleaseeee
Sharon Wade
Sharon Wade 20 hours ago
It clearly says road captain on his vest so it is not chibs VP
PumpkinPower 011
PumpkinPower 011 20 hours ago
Pshhh you make Tate seem like he’s a bad guy! All water under the bridge 🤫
Priscilla Poissant
Priscilla Poissant 20 hours ago
Y’all be hating on MCU but fox is the one who ask for this ... it was conditional to them selling the characters screen rights ... new use of them must be separated from What Fox did unfortunately. Forget about the whole Xmen movies timeline ...
Aiman Hakimi
Aiman Hakimi 20 hours ago
You didn't see that coming?
aidan gatlin
aidan gatlin 20 hours ago
wait wait wait when did glee and scream queens become connected
blurdreamer 21 hour ago
he look scary and handsome in the same time.
The Avocado Whisperer
The Avocado Whisperer 21 hour ago
I think ahs Season 10 will be based around Tony Costa and his killings in Provincetown in the late 60’s. It would explain the poster as it is sharp teeth, and Tony Costa’s victims were found without hearts and with teeth marks on their bodies. It would also explain why there is so many videos of Provincetown beach on Ryan Murphy’s instagram
Crazeyfor67 21 hour ago
You've managed to turn the Twilight Zone into a Marxist propaganda movement.
Adam Quesenberry
Adam Quesenberry 22 hours ago
I don't think having a mayans vs sons war would help the present show seeing as how probably the vast majority if tge viewers are SOA fans and wouldn't be pulling for the Mayans over SAMCRO
John Connor Gaming
John Connor Gaming 22 hours ago
Spike from Buffy would surely please the countess very much 🤔and he is also a real vampire
Moon Blossom
Moon Blossom 22 hours ago
"Oh my God, grandpa you fuqboi..." Sum sum is awesome 😂.
Samantha Louise
Samantha Louise 23 hours ago
I want to see more on Ally's cult
John Connor Gaming
John Connor Gaming 23 hours ago
Because of this season, I really want to stay at the Cecil hotel in LA for a few weeks. Who knows you might meet one or two ghosts there haha. Unfortunately it is currently difficult to fly from Austria to the USA because of the stupid corona virus :(
MyDrummingHead Day ago
You all still plugged insta @emmagician4 for simulation proof
Lol Shirt
Lol Shirt Day ago
Jesus loves you all
Leilani Vergara
Leilani Vergara Day ago
So underrated
JaNnIKO_o 720s
JaNnIKO_o 720s Day ago
Sweet dreams a made of this ..
JaNnIKO_o 720s
JaNnIKO_o 720s 19 hours ago
* Sorry : are made of this 😊
Scott Lindsey
Scott Lindsey Day ago
Leah Beck
Leah Beck Day ago
Ingesting food/drinks laced with snake venom (with a very selective few exceptions) won't kill you. Not sure why they decided that was a good idea in the first place. The only thing that is was worse than the plan is the fact that it worked
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox Day ago
What ever happened to the countess's baby? lol I feel as though that wasn't established.
The HBIC Day ago
How often ...stew...
Louise Emborong
Louise Emborong Day ago
This season has the best lines too.
Martinez Day ago
U can tell Ez brother is gonna die. Seem like since season 1
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez Day ago
Making sons the enemy is just killing of the whole beautiful story of SOA tbh I’m staying back in the SOA much better dialogue story telling and is just involves a bunch of local city’s I know
AA Day ago
imagine if Hope fell in love with Josie? the girl who have abandonment issues falling in love with a girl who has an expiration date? THAT IS A FUCKING EPIC LOVE STORY RIGHT THERE! THE TOTALLY EPIC LOVE HAYLEY TOLD HER TO HAVE!!!! HOSIE BETTER BE END GAME OR I WILL SET THE WRITERS ON FIRE 🔥😤😒
Vanessa Taylor
Vanessa Taylor Day ago
I would like to see tiggs
Hurt’s House
Hurt’s House Day ago
Where can I find the rest of the season 2 breakdowns?
Jellybean296 Day ago
i will forever be in love with Tate
Me after watching Wandavision and saw evan peters Role: look how they massacre my boy
Josue Yanes
Josue Yanes Day ago
i’m confused what order do i watch them in some one please tell me
Adriano Valentino
Adriano Valentino Day ago
Really want to see TIG out here...please kurt...
Josh The king
Josh The king Day ago
That's a nice sweater he has at the end idk whats its called but it looks cool asl!
Jason Ball
Jason Ball Day ago
Watch the credits at end of episodes was montaz
Ace Holtzie
Ace Holtzie Day ago
I wish I would have actually watched the mayans show. I only watched like 3 or 4 episodes.
Christeduard Day ago
Annoying that nobody recorded Gemma on the phone number Easter egg. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Mantsali Nthabiseng Sekoli
Mantsali Nthabiseng Sekoli Day ago
a charlie's angels deal, an old man, 3 women who can fight and a male assistant
Portia Ra
Portia Ra Day ago
Twisty was so misunderstood. Poor Twisty.
Suiyee the pink Unicorn
Suiyee the pink Unicorn Day ago
I guess
Suiyee the pink Unicorn
Suiyee the pink Unicorn Day ago
Mk 2 movie let say take place in a alternate time line
Killjoy Day ago
man i never thought i’d say this but Evan Peters quicksilver is a better speedster than the flash - gotta thank X-Men for seeing his potential.
Shahnawaz Khan
Shahnawaz Khan 19 hours ago
Portia Ra
Portia Ra Day ago
Honestly, Spalding's tea parties were the least f-ed up scenes.....
Mello Day ago
Idc what anyone say after rewatching cult it definitely needs to be top 3 seasons
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Day ago
i was eating paper while watching this..................wubba...lubba...dub dub ................................