ABCDEF 3 hours ago
U may not see this same 11 playing again...(never again)... what Rehane achived with this young side.... no captain ever again get a chance to achive this feat..... this win should be written on stone kept in India Cricket.... SL cricket Fan!!
nishant sharma
nishant sharma 3 hours ago
What an incredible series win by India, everyone was saying team is nothing without Virat..!! Now everyone is shut up and looked what India team did and it can't be achieved ever.. Best test series win by India ever.. Hats off to Rahane for his contribution whether as caption of team who have zero experience, mentoring them, boosting them and even as batsman, he gave 1 of the best Indian batsmen innings in Melbourne that lead the foundation after Adelaide.. Best captain of India..!!
AMASH P 4 hours ago
Why not Kohli for captaincy is it 2/10.?
Chef Sajid Kitchen
Chef Sajid Kitchen 4 hours ago
Shame on you b.c.i etine bady plyar ko apne Respect nai diya lanat hai ap logun pa b.c.i or pcb ak jaisx haina lanat
Kinshuk Singhania
Kinshuk Singhania 4 hours ago
Did he say 8 matches???
AL PESH 4 hours ago
iam jp
iam jp 4 hours ago
dont agree on pujara getting 8
Atanu Pramanick
Atanu Pramanick 4 hours ago
As his name suggests "Ajinkya" - Unbeatable..
1pinkflyod 4 hours ago
This is new India...the resilient,the tolerant,the fighter & most importantly the winner
deepankar1231 4 hours ago
What about Gill?
1pinkflyod 4 hours ago
Gill was not 1st choice ...he came into reckoning when Rahane became the captain..while Gill is undoubtedly the best batman of his generation...time will tell what Gill becomes in the future
Shoibbb5 4 hours ago
Sarfaraz ko dekh k school time yaad agaya 🤣
Baljinder Singh
Baljinder Singh 4 hours ago
Rahane 8 matches? Pujara 8 matches? I think it was 8 innings
Josy George
Josy George 4 hours ago
I give Team India (Spirit of Team India) - 10 Ajinkya, Gill, Pujara, Pant, Sunder, Shardul, Siraj, and Ashwin- 10 All others - 9 0.5 is not justifiable. It should be Either good or bad The only downside was 1 or 2 sessions which include that 36 all out session Harsha - 7.4999 😃
Zafar Skhan
Zafar Skhan 4 hours ago
Aray mere bhai Hyderabadi language mein hi bol bhai jiyo shabash larkay love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Jasvir Singh
Jasvir Singh 4 hours ago
Good player
Surendra Kumar
Surendra Kumar 4 hours ago
Rishabh pant 6 ining not 8 ining
blitzkreig தமிழ்
blitzkreig தமிழ் 4 hours ago
Pujara dies the role of dravid.... So end of debate
SoFarSoGood 4 hours ago
RCB should let go Kohli and they'll win with gully Cricketers. Worse captain of all.
Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta 4 hours ago
rcb should realse virat he is unlucky
REALITY CHEK 4 hours ago
What about shubhman gill?
Shitposter Hunter
Shitposter Hunter 4 hours ago
Pant 10, Gill 9, Ashwin 9, Pujara 8, Shardul 10, Sundar 10, Jadeja 10, Bumrah 8, Rohit 7, Siraj 9, Rahane 7.5 (batting) otherwise 10 Labuschagne 8, Smith 7, Cummins 10, Hazlewood 9, Starc 4, Lyon 5, Paine 6, Wade 1, Green 6
Daniel Kagoo
Daniel Kagoo 4 hours ago
Harsha bhogle - 4.5 Adam Collins - 9
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 4 hours ago
Forget about it even for the next BGT Smudge 😉
Al Cao
Al Cao 4 hours ago
i think India has prove that they are No 1 team in the world rigth now with a lot of bench strength Koodoo to all u player u deserve it.
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy 4 hours ago
Every boy wants to be with a girl like her, his interests are so same to us the boy.. love her❤️ for her flawless batting offcourse and definitely for her heartful talks and warmth.
Atul Singh
Atul Singh 4 hours ago
He is truly resemble the virat.he may be pure from the heart but still he need to learn the man management
Daniel Kagoo
Daniel Kagoo 4 hours ago
Oh God these fucking impressions are soo cringy
YouTube PRABHA 4 hours ago
Yes we like your commentary but who are you to give marks for those international legends when you never played a single match Because one will get single wicket which may big wicket than another guy's 4 wicket so situation matters than the stats to judge a player
Murtuza Ghadyali
Murtuza Ghadyali 4 hours ago
Harsha you should have done a report card of David Warner too as last time there was a lot of chaos that India won because there was no Smith no Warner guys what do you think 4 5 or 6 I for Warner I think 4
Kuch Bhi
Kuch Bhi 4 hours ago
He is never tired of repeating the same things over and over again. Passion is what I call it.
souvik pal
souvik pal 4 hours ago
shihab bin amin
shihab bin amin 4 hours ago
Ipl Auction 2021.. Shakib Al Hasan 10cr Mustafiz 8 cr.. Mushfiqur 2 cr.. Best of luck....
rahulbosebose1 4 hours ago
This was just incredible, I was thinking at start of day 5 itself that win or loose this is one amazing side. What attitude and self confidence. It is like India today is playing with a team full of Virendra Sehwags.
Keane Joseph James
Keane Joseph James 4 hours ago
Kohli should step down.... Give Rohit Sharma ODI Captaincy and Test Captaincy to Rahane..
Desh Shubhachintak
Desh Shubhachintak 4 hours ago
36 all out and a losing side under Virat & with full team in 1st test. And a U-Turn under Rahane with half injured, inexperienced team is just unimaginable....Hats off Rahane/India🎩
Ricky Khan
Ricky Khan 4 hours ago
Whr is vihari , jadeja , gill ?
Sayan nag
Sayan nag 4 hours ago
One word..Respect...n Moms love n blessings..❤️👍
Vinay Vasyani
Vinay Vasyani 4 hours ago
Most certainly disagree 4/10 for Tim Paine as captain. He owned up to his verbal jabs and tried his heart out. He didn’t get the right results from Starc and Lyon but that’s not on him. He followed the process so don’t judge him by result. He just needs to set himself up as example and earn respect in team and fraternity.
Reju Koshy
Reju Koshy 4 hours ago
Harsha Commentary - 10/10
Reju Koshy
Reju Koshy 4 hours ago
Washington Sundar - 8/10
Siddhant Sharma
Siddhant Sharma 4 hours ago
I'm so disappointed Harsha you didn't give Shubhan Gill even an honourable mention. The 21 year old was not chosen in the 1st test, came in 2nd and it was like he belonged there from ball 1. A good fielder, good catcher (so far what I've seen of him) He was the guy who started the chase after lunch, his innings is being ignored like Gambhir's 2011 World cup final. I'd give him 8.5-9/10 for the series.
Miteshkumar Patel
Miteshkumar Patel 4 hours ago
(this might not be relevant to this video) Harsha Bhogle, I don’t know why no one except Inzumam Ul Huq are talking about Ravi Shashri’s role. I feel he might be really important part of Indian team’s performance. I feel Ravi Shashtri deserves a lot of credit along with all those players. 4 hours ago
भगवान आपकी (टिम पेन) आत्मा को शांति दे 🖕🖕😛😛🍼🍼
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 4 hours ago
I guess Cameron Green will be highly sought after in this year's auction
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma 4 hours ago
But where the hell WARNER🙄🙄
struggle N stand
struggle N stand 4 hours ago
Very nice chat between you guys .. I always love to hear and speak about days cricket in test match . Test cricket is the best format ♥️
DANCE WITH STYLE 4 hours ago
Dinesh Karthik should have been released by KKR.BIG MISTAKE!!!!!
Reju Koshy
Reju Koshy 4 hours ago
Harsha. great personality!
Peter Fernandes
Peter Fernandes 4 hours ago
Nice to see Harsha...
Dorylus Alessandro
Dorylus Alessandro 4 hours ago
This is The best series ever!!!
Neo S
Neo S 4 hours ago
Virat =3/10,....Hitman = 4/10
abhijit paul
abhijit paul 4 hours ago
N what about Gill????
Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta 5 hours ago
Lord unadkat retained again 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Relation between RR and unadkat साथ छोड़ूं ना तेरा चाहे दुनिया हो खफा.
Xyz16 5 hours ago
Ashwin deserves Test captaincy
srinivas rai
srinivas rai 5 hours ago
Kxip 💐💐👍👍
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 5 hours ago
Chennai should have released over the hill Dhoni
Phone Backup
Phone Backup 5 hours ago
Even Dravid had to face criticism in his's just amusing how some rare talents are not appreciated in their times..we will all sing praises of Pujara once he retires..and watch highlights of his resiliant innings
Divya Kumar Mishra
Divya Kumar Mishra 5 hours ago
Mashhood Irfan
Mashhood Irfan 5 hours ago
No way 9 for Pat. He was a definite 10.
Srikanth Durbhakula
Srikanth Durbhakula 5 hours ago
Lets see Marnus when AUS comes to India. Just like we assess ourselves in overseas, they should be judged as well. I don't get the feeling that he is humble, because of his disrespectful antics... If he is to be considered a good cricketer, there is a lot of growing up to do.
Mr Cool
Mr Cool 5 hours ago
Happiest moment is when kedar jhadav was released
bharat kataria
bharat kataria 5 hours ago
शार्दूल ही ठाकुर है वाशिंगटन ही सुंदर है चेतेश्वर ही पुजारी है गिल ही शुभ है पंत ही असली क्रिकेट का संत है सिराज ही सरताज है ख़ुशी से पागल हो जाओ बाल नोच लो चिकोटी काट लो हरियर मिर्ची खा लो इतिहास रच दिया है लौंडो ने गाबा ही क़ब्रिस्तान है आस्ट्रेलिया के घमंड का 🟠⚪️🟢शाबाश टीम इंडिया 🟠⚪️🟢
Anuj Badole
Anuj Badole 5 hours ago
Labuschagne underrated I guess. On all Australian tours we have 1-2 batsmen who take responsibility & come out as the leader of batting unit. Michael Clarke in 2011-12, Virat & Smith in 2014, Pujara in 2018 and it was Labuschagne this time.
Shikhar Verma
Shikhar Verma 5 hours ago
where is shubman gill ?
ArVe in Arcade
ArVe in Arcade 5 hours ago
I don't know why but Pat Cummins look like Tom Cruise of Aussies after this series with what he has done. Also for his looks and hairstyle also
Srikanth Durbhakula
Srikanth Durbhakula 5 hours ago
Harsha, Can you pls stop shaking your hear in the horizontal plane? We get you are excited, but, know that involuntarily, your head keeps shaking...
Mridupaban Talukdar
Mridupaban Talukdar 5 hours ago
Moen and Chris should be there for rcb😓
Harshal Jiwani
Harshal Jiwani 5 hours ago
DC should buy Maxwell, Umesh Yadav. They also need one to good opener.
KRISHNA 5 hours ago
Umesh Yadav ?😂😂, best of luck to DC from RCB fan. Rip DC if they buy Umesh Yadav.
vinoth sekar
vinoth sekar 5 hours ago
Same dialogue in the 2018 series by Ravi shastri 😂😂😂😂
Chat Cricket
Chat Cricket 5 hours ago
CSK should have released Bravo and Raina. Both don't play any international cricket. Moreover I am even okay with Bravo being retained but CSK should have let go of Raina. Raina just abandoned the team when the team needed him the most. Also of Raina plays in the IX then he would take over a youngster's spot (like N. Jagadeesan could have played at 3). CSK also should have released Bravo as his fielding and batting are horrible with no pace and energy while bowling. A perfect replacement for Bravo would have been Jason Holder as SRH would have had to let go of Holder as he was a replacement.
No.55 Gaming
No.55 Gaming 5 hours ago
Glenn Maxwell released 😂😂😂
Argha Chatterjee
Argha Chatterjee 5 hours ago
In Bengali a word called Aparajito.. "unvanquished" by heart' and believe .. a new bunch of cricket 🌟 privileged to witness this .. keep learning and working hard team be fearless..
Savyasachi Mondal
Savyasachi Mondal 5 hours ago
Sorry to say. You must have to mention gill start. There is no doubt about that, without his flourish start, may be it Couldn't be happen.
Chaitanya Deshpande
Chaitanya Deshpande 5 hours ago
How much for Matt Wade 😂
Deepak Sanothra
Deepak Sanothra 5 hours ago
In a sports car, you can go fast only if you know that the breaks are strong enough to not let you crash. Same way Pujara lets you play fast enough to not let you get all out.
Deepak Sanothra
Deepak Sanothra 5 hours ago
In a sports car, you can go fast only if you know that the breaks are strong enough to not let you crash. Same way Pujara lets you play fast enough to not let you get all out.
india Isgreat
india Isgreat 5 hours ago
Yadav जी बहुत simple आदमी हैं.... Respect for u
Captain Sameer
Captain Sameer 5 hours ago
Shubman gill 10 out of 10 The class
Binoda ojha
Binoda ojha 5 hours ago
You should have put gill here as he builds the foundation for each innings he played, then only the works of pant starts!