Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave 13 hours ago
Stack it like tetris lol my daughter uses that line. Shes 4
Tiko Fishy brothers
Tiko Fishy brothers 13 hours ago
is it’s closed to 1M
Yesenia Maya
Yesenia Maya 14 hours ago
She should do a song with cardi b
Reyof ;
Reyof ; 14 hours ago
when she said " fuck the government" i felt that
robert phillips
robert phillips 14 hours ago
Hey fam. This is awesome! You need to film with Bad Friends! Their vids low-key are like Danny Duncan mixed with a bit of MrBeast! You should most definitely check their YT out and give the vloggers a like! 👉 #5StarBadFriends
Regina Gavin
Regina Gavin 16 hours ago
Xx1snayra1xx 16 hours ago
The. C
Léo Minaj
Léo Minaj 16 hours ago
AJ Ford
AJ Ford 16 hours ago
We all know JT write Miami's verses! 👏 JT!
Olivia B
Olivia B 17 hours ago
Zulu Immortal
Zulu Immortal 17 hours ago
JT IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.. Yung Miami wreck the track on this one.. she 💯
Perdue Family
Perdue Family 17 hours ago
Michelle Driver
Michelle Driver 17 hours ago
I love you wit yo shii talking Azz keep grinding Yung QueeN 👑💯💪
j brice
j brice 17 hours ago
If wrong can curve it. Remember quarantine & noodle shit, and things can't...,but you ain't vague tho. Would erase these already tho?
G Blanco
G Blanco 18 hours ago
when I study it go iiieeaa iiieeaa iiieeaa iiieeaa iniiinena inninininen ininini in and out
B1ood Barbie
B1ood Barbie 18 hours ago
I wish it was meggy instead of sweetie. Meggy is actually from the souf
Ray Chel
Ray Chel 18 hours ago
New fan! Hey Latto 👋🏾 💋
j brice
j brice 19 hours ago
If like the way you look, pescatarian for what? You drink ...milk? Ain't athletic, but for later, like bones and muscles? Like walking and etc.? Just sayin cuz what you want, hard or soft.
Hazel Hazy
Hazel Hazy 19 hours ago
Lyrics love u big lotto Queen of The South Know what I'm sayin'? Like (yeah), when I be doin' these interviews They always ask me what's my hobbies outside of rap Shittin' on bitches (haha) I'm the youngest and richest These bitches know what's up with me (rich) If we beefin', I got you Won't book no shows in my city Too picky with the kitty He ain't hit me, bitch, I'm stingy (hell nah) Dare one of these rap hoes to diss me (who?) I been a problem since fifteen (woo) Yeah, bitch (bitch), act like you know this shit (you know this shit) I dropped a hunnid on jewelry during a pandemic Boss bitch, ain't met a nigga that can handle this (handle this) I was up a quarter mill before the deal, no counterfeit (yeah) AP on me iced out, I can't tell what time it is Shooters in the VIP Don't beat 'em first dumbass, don't try this shit I can't let no nigga baby mama me, they all green (hell nah) I ain't stuntin' no threat from no pussy ho, she just talking That bitch said I wouldn't be shit and now look at her watchin' (she watchin') Rich at twenty-one, y'all bitches owe me an apology (on God) I just put some more money on my brother books (books) Another magazine cover, that's another look (yeah) I'm the Queen of The South, got these bitches shook (south) All it take is one wrong move to get your shit took Y'all bitches out here movin' like a nigga puppet (what?) Make him buy the Birkin 'fore he even touch it (uh) If I let him hit the 'Latto then a nigga lucky Slim thick but the bank account gettin' chubby, talk to me Uh (uh), I be laughin' to the bank, y'all funny Brand new day, brand new money (new money) A broke nigga can't do nothin' for me (nah) 'Latto every rich nigga most wanted (on God) Baby Glock in the bra, it ain't nothin' (on God) Finger fuckin' these hunnids, I'm thumbin' (I'm thumbin') Big 'Latto, yeah, I keep the money comin'
Khadiyah Thomas
Khadiyah Thomas 20 hours ago
Latto is doing her thing this year ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Yanna Jones
Yanna Jones 20 hours ago
Fun 😂
qui es tu meme?
qui es tu meme? 21 hour ago
Been listening all week !!
Nanie Tek
Nanie Tek 22 hours ago
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Jabria Primas
Jabria Primas 23 hours ago
i like your dance and song is that nik i mnag
Maggie 4 life
Maggie 4 life 23 hours ago
Love you big latto 💋 😗
jaisha bennett
jaisha bennett 23 hours ago
Don’t like the kids being in the video but it’s a cool song
Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton 23 hours ago
2021 is going to be the year of Latto, she has been grinding and pushing out quality project after quality project. Her and Meg are the going to be the ones to change refresh the game. I see a lot of female projects happening soon, I need an all female tour ASAP.
Charles T.
Charles T. 23 hours ago
Really dont need these niggas so I BROTHER THEM.....😔 Shout out to all my Simps
Kaleadress Upshaw
Kaleadress Upshaw 23 hours ago
When she said “fuck the government” I felt that
Fuke Neckers
Fuke Neckers 23 hours ago
Please go back to Africa - white people don't want you here - please just leave
caleb claxon
caleb claxon Day ago
This is so bad it's making me cringe 🤣
Ramirkinggod2011 Thornton
Ramirkinggod2011 Thornton Day ago
Dang trina
Kamosele Day ago
REEL GOATS is literally the 🐐 when it comes to this video concept and quality shit!!! 🔥🔥
Макс Селезнев
Макс Селезнев Day ago
Не знаю дрочить или танцевать 👏😃
Cypress Munro-Ali
Cypress Munro-Ali Day ago
Yung Miami: Raps About: /Pussy/Ratchet/Freaky Shit/ JT: Raps About: /Fuck Niggas/I’m That Bitch/Watch Out For Me/
Aryee Aisha
Aryee Aisha Day ago
Cypress Munro-Ali
Cypress Munro-Ali Day ago
melaninQueen neisha
melaninQueen neisha Day ago
Give my lil sis her props she cold
fleghel Day ago
In ‘n out, and you raise the kid after... - the long version of our community’s morality today... I would send this level “artists” to jail, for about 5 years, so they have enough time to think...along with the freaking record company, and promoters. Freedom of speech is not right to profanity, vulgarity or insults!
danrick nicki frivaldo de castro
danrick nicki frivaldo de castro Day ago
SyloMerkz Day ago
Pepsi Ninja
Pepsi Ninja Day ago
Women don't need men, just a mirror.
Tiarra Hill
Tiarra Hill Day ago
What's going in n out? I almost don't understand the song
Samantha Valencia
Samantha Valencia Day ago
Big latto been the goatt!!
queenjoa _
queenjoa _ Day ago
Am I the only that loves it when she sings “in and out”
chris sean
chris sean Day ago
tHIS jIh slap slap
K D Day ago
♑ "Don't make me bring tha hood out!" 😈
JSTEV Day ago
Wow this too fire 🔥 no cap
Puffley Day ago
She is so beautiful!
Chevonne Kennel
Chevonne Kennel Day ago
this is whack
Racquel Williams
Racquel Williams Day ago
Please Trina come back with a good song your the real queen
gingerbreadprime23 Day ago
Carrin Franklin
Carrin Franklin Day ago
The baddest bitch killed that shit hol up
Cyntoria Cooper
Cyntoria Cooper Day ago
yall killed that ong
Hannah Primo
Hannah Primo Day ago
2:22 she says she was entangled then in the background you can hear ‘Jada’😂
PrincessQueen Keanu
PrincessQueen Keanu Day ago
Shitting on these niggas cause they be Boosting these Bitches head.
Lyniel Harris
Lyniel Harris Day ago
JT🗣Miami bitch you better kill this verse Miami: In-n-out I got this🤣🤣bitch we the citigirls🤣
Joey Hazee94
Joey Hazee94 Day ago
Mad respect ✊ this be a fxxkin banger 💯
Shevelle Smith
Shevelle Smith Day ago
For Halloween
Shevelle Smith
Shevelle Smith Day ago
I am dressing like that on the white outfit
Anastasia Robins
Anastasia Robins Day ago
Call me
Anastasia Robins
Anastasia Robins Day ago
And my name is Damura gomillia 3144845666
Anastasia Robins
Anastasia Robins Day ago
I your biggest fan
Anastasia Robins
Anastasia Robins Day ago
And I know your hole song about b from the south
Anastasia Robins
Anastasia Robins Day ago
Don Rashad
Don Rashad Day ago
JT always delivers!! 🔥🔥🔥♥️
Kevin Dupree
Kevin Dupree Day ago
She ant the queen of the see
#ebbthaceleb #ebb I represent the falsely accused
#ebbthaceleb #ebb I represent the falsely accused Day ago
xristina diamantaki
xristina diamantaki Day ago
Lailaaa •
Lailaaa • Day ago
Lafayette Love
Lafayette Love Day ago
Lit 💙✌️🔟💯🔥
Lafayette Love
Lafayette Love Day ago
Lit 💙✌️🔟💯🔥💥✅✔️
Mod Besuty
Mod Besuty Day ago
🔥 💎
manare234 Day ago
Here for the city girls 💯🔥
Loving Mo
Loving Mo Day ago
Where can i find Young Miami’s shorts or jts skirt?
Kendra Jackson
Kendra Jackson Day ago
I don’t clear up rumors about who I’m fuckin wit
Javon Kelly
Javon Kelly Day ago
😒I don't here another female say we are not objects.
kmm8716 Day ago
Saweetie did the damn thanggg gahdam
raquel lara-ortega
raquel lara-ortega Day ago
Damn ma
Jaslene Lauriano
Jaslene Lauriano Day ago
"And some big latto sauce" "Baby we have dat, dat sound like sum motor oil" "what the f- lemme tell you sum" 👁👄👁