Miggy 4 hours ago
Atleast he didn't color his hair blonde.
Shen Trey
Shen Trey 4 hours ago
Hell no there is no way I would ever have a 20 dollar bill with a black person on it - did she say exciting what is she smoking this is not africa this is USA
CCsnipesJ XX
CCsnipesJ XX 4 hours ago
@CAMARO SS Your own ppl talk about blks more than their own ppl.
CAMARO SS 4 hours ago
It doesn't matter, that 20 will be short lived..... Agenda 21 is ushering in cryptocurrency..... that paper isn't worth anything anyway. Give em their short pride. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
CCsnipesJ XX
CCsnipesJ XX 4 hours ago
@ Shen Trey You do know white ppl originated in Europe. This isn’t Europe this is America . How about you go back to Scotland .
joan hastings
joan hastings 4 hours ago
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 4 hours ago
So what he's saying is: Learn Mandarin.
yxng txny
yxng txny 5 hours ago
what's the point they already won by putting Joe Biden in office might as well be a cold war between China and India
TREVELL NAPPER 5 hours ago
This is stupid...
Mark Hollins
Mark Hollins 5 hours ago
Just look at the economic downturn in just a few days??? Shouldn't they make policy that benefits Americans??? I don't understand why they continue doing these things. The Democratic Party has become un American. That's a fact.
Ford William
Ford William 5 hours ago
Yes ! For real It is very important to have different streams of income and a diversified portfolio as for me I have already invested in crypto which is very profitable and easy to gain
Elizabeth Stefan
Elizabeth Stefan 4 hours ago
I hope so too let's just wait and see the feedback
Adams Barkley
Adams Barkley 4 hours ago
I just invested with Him yesterday I'm just hoping by next week my profit will be good too
Bamford Adams
Bamford Adams 4 hours ago
Yes sure my friends told me about their gain I was so jealous because I wanted to invest next week
Felicia harrison
Felicia harrison 4 hours ago
Did anyone trade with him recently ? Because I heard last week profits was so good
Gabriel Leo
Gabriel Leo 4 hours ago
I can also brag about this william he has managed my account in such a way winning is the only standard I know
Sunny Lin
Sunny Lin 5 hours ago
Apparently, China has been waiting long to announce this. It is said that no one is more happier than Beijing to see Biden finally took office. Just want to share a video made by Di Dongsheng, Xi's thought tank, who proudly disclosed how China has been influencing the Wall Street.
Esgerova Seltenet
Esgerova Seltenet 5 hours ago
Australia says i vant head yes i OLDER and vhen congress somebody says SİSİMA You cut my heads
Esgerova Seltenet
Esgerova Seltenet 5 hours ago
CANADA CANADA calls i tvo days cant sleeping and Change your name SİSİMA i cüt İtaly biznessclass mens legs
Delite Wetiko
Delite Wetiko 5 hours ago
"Robot Chicken Bob Barker's new gig"
Hassan M
Hassan M 6 hours ago
People want peace, their rulers however are another subject.
1 Cor 13:13
1 Cor 13:13 6 hours ago
OMG, as if that will cause people to garner respect after the "Come on man, China's not going to eat your lunch". That alone was one of the largest National Security threats of our time...
Certified Puller Reload
Certified Puller Reload 6 hours ago
Millennial 1
Millennial 1 6 hours ago
I guess the Biden/Harris voters voted for this.
Millennial 1
Millennial 1 6 hours ago
Bert Jones
Bert Jones 6 hours ago
Oh shit!. Please stop!. 100 thous, 100 50 thousand, 100 million or 1.5 mill a day!. 🤦🏼‍♂️ were Fucked!!
michigal29 6 hours ago
Best President ever ❤️🇺🇸
PickleRix 6 hours ago
There’s nothing more dishonest and corrupt than a Democrat politician.
ShizzleMaNizzle 6 hours ago
China says one thing then does the opposite. Pure hypocrisy.
Vsta Chen
Vsta Chen 5 hours ago
Did China invade the U.S. Did China send warships and warplanes to the U.S. coastline?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 hours ago
Have some respect for the intelligence of your audience. Christie Whitman is a partisan fundamentalist whos utterances are uninteresting.
Phoenix K
Phoenix K 6 hours ago
Don't listen to what CCP said. Watch what they do!
Boujia Texas
Boujia Texas 6 hours ago
Well at least their focusing on the important things. get outta here, who is this helping?
Uncle60 6 hours ago
Holy crap, what a mistake this guy is.
Jim Osborne
Jim Osborne 7 hours ago
What a f#^÷^÷^# idiot. 100 million then 1 million. He is on his last leg
Ivonne Medrano
Ivonne Medrano 7 hours ago
Enough with the double standards bull shit their first excuse was that you cannot Indict a sitting President while in office and now that Trump is no longer President they are coming up with the bs lies that he can’t be Impeached because he is no longer President enough of the lies Trump needs to be Impeached and held accountable.
CBSBASS 7 hours ago
Now who is claiming they can't solve the problem, he claims had had a plan for back in march of 2020?
MSGS3 7 hours ago
The media should report it this way, On top of people with sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies etc... they are now accepting transgenders to the military. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone..
Allyn07 7 hours ago
Makahiya mga kabayan ko dito hindi nakakaintindi sa sinsabi Ni Trump
Amanda 7 hours ago
Tenzin Gyalpo
Tenzin Gyalpo 7 hours ago
Why British and Chinese media are interfering USA issues where there own country is full of mess
Nicholas Wideman
Nicholas Wideman 7 hours ago
There were a few things in this video that are simply not true. Most no doubt were true.
Jehovah Hohenzollern
Jehovah Hohenzollern 8 hours ago
Born a Medical Doctor and King I can honestly say, all we really need is two bottles in the Pharmacy. Painkillers (Pain) and Magnesium (Diseases). Or we return to Capitalism of Drug Prices.
Dusk 0914
Dusk 0914 8 hours ago
Keep your vaccine
Mad Mel
Mad Mel 8 hours ago
Stupid’s president, now what?
mustafa abdullah
mustafa abdullah 8 hours ago
How about mlk on 20 Bill
Lord Zeno
Lord Zeno 8 hours ago
"Have a good life. We will see you soon. Thank you." - my tombstone
Oldtimer f7
Oldtimer f7 8 hours ago
sarah j.
sarah j. 8 hours ago
why bother making super soldiers.. won't they just nuke us if they want us dead?
Mech Frza
Mech Frza 8 hours ago
What about Reparations...
JW Han
JW Han 8 hours ago
"Difference in itself is no cause for alarm. What does ring the alarm is arrogance, prejudice, and hatred. It is the attempt to impose a hierarchy on human civilization. Or to force one's own history, culture, and social system upon others. The right choice is for countries to pursue peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect and on expanding common ground while shelving differences, and to promote exchanges and mutual learning." Who is talking to whom?? I'm really confused, really.
Jack Goff
Jack Goff 8 hours ago
LoL The Demacraps are a Joke. Very Entertaining!
Fendy1 8 hours ago
Corruption causes moral dilemmas for a society built upon corruption that causes moral dilemmas. It's OK, let's just eliminate the biggest communist pigs every now and then. Hmmm, speaking of that, now... where was that Jack Ma guy ....
Twiistz 8 hours ago
China should use diplomacy, meanwhile Taiwanese Separatists refuse all efforts and buy billions of weaponry from the US.
Peter 5 hours ago
Taiwanese don't want to be under the control of a organ-harvesting, female baby-killing regime
Jeremie Calape
Jeremie Calape 8 hours ago
Shrek 8 hours ago
Put trump on the 20 dollar bill
Chocolate Moon
Chocolate Moon 5 hours ago
AMADEUS360 THE BEAT KING 8 hours ago
And Then I can have some really expensive toilet paper to wipe my BIG BLACK ASS WITH🤣🤣
brian brown
brian brown 9 hours ago
R.i.p. trumpism losers!!!
brian brown
brian brown 9 hours ago
Yes give me all Tubmans!!! Biden 2029
Janette Majeski
Janette Majeski 9 hours ago
I think Schumer and pelosi are having an affair!! (Just kidding). It's funny tho!
Janette Majeski
Janette Majeski 9 hours ago
And these are the people who want to bring America together..... idiot
John Francisco
John Francisco 9 hours ago
boycott all china made products get rid of the ccp and xi jinpooh
Uncle60 9 hours ago
Biden wants to send $4 billion divided 350 million Americans = roughly $12 each American. It doesn’t sound like a lot. I say 3.8 million gets stolen by corrupt people in Central America. It will get into drug dealers pockets. So more drugs getting into America killing young Americans. Ergo Biden is a monster
Frost Fox
Frost Fox 9 hours ago
This should stop the violence for about 5 minutes.
I'm your Daddy
I'm your Daddy 9 hours ago
I hear you loud and clearly Republican leaders are sheep and scared to do the right thing because they will lose voters. Then why T.F. are they even running for office
Mark Mendoza
Mark Mendoza 9 hours ago
Warns against a cold war something you almost caused xi !!
The Bruce Channel
The Bruce Channel 9 hours ago
My name is Representative Joe Biden and I approved this message?
Hero Rowy
Hero Rowy 9 hours ago
Hahaha this guy. He is like a child that didnt get what he wants. Then talks unity
America First
America First 9 hours ago
nevmcc 9 hours ago
Satan lives
CHU CHIN SHEI 9 hours ago
I am congratulating the success of the "Indian Pacific Strategy" of the United States, U.S. will remain the most Powerful Nation around the world! Do your everything to make the Strategy win!
Gary Barney
Gary Barney 9 hours ago
What a bunch of sorry ass criminals
StopListenThink 9 hours ago
They need jailed the people doing this because there’s just something not right about their heads
Ufuk KILIÇ 10 hours ago
It’s spreading exponentially. Next 3 months will be worse than the whole 2020. We should’ve been done with vaccinations by now. That’d be the way to contain it.
Brian Hoskins
Brian Hoskins 10 hours ago
It's like having Homer simpson as president.
Scramblepad - The Patriot Party!
Scramblepad - The Patriot Party! 10 hours ago
mopthermopther 10 hours ago
Our first Chinese President
Jag Singh
Jag Singh 10 hours ago
Love to China. It brings peace, construction and economic development to other countries.
Jag Singh
Jag Singh 10 hours ago
Taiwan is a part of China because China has 2 parts due to civil war, Taiwan of China and mainland of China. Currently both 2 parts have their own administrations but UN and almost all countries admit mainland China as the country China. Sooner or later both parts will be united because separation caused by civil war should not last long. God bless their early unity.
mikel parent
mikel parent 10 hours ago
“This spring “ - whatever that means
John Harrison
John Harrison 10 hours ago
I predict a LOT of DEFACING of currency.....
khoo boo beng
khoo boo beng 10 hours ago
So funny, while his son is doing profiting business in China.
abdulwali chestnut
abdulwali chestnut 10 hours ago
Listen indigenous ppl aint feeding into this goofy shit harriet on a bill fuck that give us our Reparations....
John Harrison
John Harrison 10 hours ago
"Reparations" *NEVER.*
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 10 hours ago
Long Version: I know this is a A LOT, but this is a complex subject/A LOT of people don't realize what the ACTUAL impact of removing section 230, would actually be. They will be surprised to find out, that by removing it, just causes MORE censorship. Part of section 230 protects these platforms from what their users say/do, IF they don't banned them/delete these accounts, the platform could get in trouble, because of their users, the only thing they can do, is delete/banned the accounts, this action would be forced on them, because section 230, no longer exists. ALSO A LOT of this is driven by ad revenue as well, meaning IF a certain company doesn't want certain info/posts affiliated with their ads, the company will remove it/work with their customers/demonetize the video/not promote it/become MORE like what their customers want. Were not the customer, were the product/our data, is the product. The customers are the ones paying for ads. Look at USposts's Algorithm/how USposts changed, because of the companies that were purchasing/buying ads. Another thing that would MOST LIKELY happen, would be social media posts, would take time, to be reviewed, before the post would become viewable, as well, meaning, EVERY POST, that goes on platforms, will have to be reviewed, BEFORE anyone can see them, because companies/platforms would be responsible, for what their users are posting. Either by a person or Algorithm/AI. Also like I've said before, company policy, may ALSO go into effect, meaning something like no shirt no shoes, no service, no mask you can't enter the building. So rules would NEED to be shown again, for the specific platform. Also user agreements MAY need revising, to cover the platforms/companies/company policy/you agree to these terms/conditions/rules/user agreement, which you agree to, before accessing a site/an app. I also don't want the US to turn into China/China needs a VPN, because they can't access certain sites, in their region, because their country/government has blocked certain sites, because China's government ONLY wants their news/info able to be seen/heard/their propaganda to be pushed. With a VPN YES it HELPS mask your identity/IP Address, BUT, it also allows you to access/connect to servers, in other countries/Regions, allowing you to view content, not available in your area. VPNs are used in this way, for other things as well, IF a certain shows not available on Netflix, in your region, you can connect to a server, in another region/country, to get access to that show, or in this case, be able to hear/see news on other platforms, other than the ones China is trying to push propaganda on. This isn't a HUGE issue, in the US, YET, BUT if section 230 was removed, this COULD POTENTIALLY happen here/we could be fed ONLY what certain parties/companies/people want you to hear/be even more censored, by company policy/companies/platforms, trying to protect them selfs/moderate/Algorithms/AI, meaning by removing section 230, we get the OPPOSITE effect, that we think we will, MORE CENSORSHIP will happen, its counter productive. Also section 230 goes A LOT further than people think it does/has A LOT more effects than people think it does. MEANING/an example our ISP/the company you use for internet, right now, isn't responsible for what you post on the Internet, because of section 230, but without section 230, your internet provider would need to censor you, to protect them selves. EVEN MORE than A LOT of these companies/platforms already need to/EVERYTHING on the internet would need to be moderated, so the companies/platforms wouldn't get in trouble, from what their users say or do, ALL while keeping their customers/companies/people paying for ads happy as well, AND thats where user agreements AND Company Policy, would have to come in, no shirt, no shoes, no service/if you don't wear a mask, you can't enter SOME companies, rules and regulations. Anyway like I said, Donald Trumps gonna get the OPPOSITE effect he wants, because he doesn't understand the problem ENOUGH, to handle it. Section 230,is a problem, BUT I think if a politician/Donald Trump changes/alters it, it will/would be a really bad thing. Trumps 230 conquest, is not going to help him spread propaganda, meaning, instead of twitter/all social media temporarily banning/letting people know, the infos not true, they will just ban/delete his entire account. The bad part, is, how its actually going to effect other people/how its going to stop protecting creators/comments MOST LIKELY, will have to be turned off, on USposts, because creators will start being responsible, for what people comment, on your videos, ALSO it MIGHT take an hour/longer, for your tweet/Facebook post/youtube comment, to post, because it will have to be reviewed, by an employee/admin, before it becomes Visible, to the public/before its posted to your profile/under the video. Another example Marijuana, it may be legal in your state, to smoke marijuana, but if you work at a certain company, that company, MAY have a rule saying, you can't smoke marijuana/do drugs/you may be subject to a drug test. Its a pointless battle, for him and he's just hurting other people in the process. Also like I've said before, algorithms need to be changed as well, some of the algorithms, in the past, had baisicly just pushed what evers popular, not taking into account, that the info, is not true. Anyway this is a MUCH BIGGER problem than someone like Donald Trump can handle. ALSO I'm glad SOMEONE is stopping him from spreading propaganda. Also it will be interesting to see what they can ACTUALLY do, when it comes to Algorithms/AI. Also Algorithms aren't perfect, so SOME things would need appealing, just like copy right strikes on youtube,BUT This ALSO ALL comes down to ad revenue as well/SOME companies don't want their ads on videos talking about certain things, these websites/platforms NEED to make money, so your video gets demonetized AND your channel doesn't get pushed/promoted, because your video/videos aren't making money/approved by the companies PAYING for ads, baisicly its business. Also SOME of this is to prevent misinformation as well. I also realize SOME of the Algorithms are designed to push content, that has A LOT of views, no matter if the information is correct or not, meaning, IF it gets A LOT of views/interest, it gets pushed, is what the Algorithm does/did. Other Algorithms also screen explicit content/maybe a post that MIGHT offend someone/that may not be appropriate. Also primarily sites push information, they think you will like, YES popular content, BUT also things they think, you MAY like, based on your browsing history/the videos you've watched in the past/your shopping history/the places you've been, their primary goal, is to keep you engaged/on their site, as long as possible, the only thing that superseds this, is their customers/the companies/people that are paying for ads, because without them, they can't operate/make money, SO platforms/companies will modify their sites, to make their customers happy. They could also claim, they are not biased, this is just a reflection of their customers/our customers don't want certain content, where certain ads are/some of this content conflicts with our customers ads. OR they MAY do nothing, because their user agreement/TOS/Terms Of Service, that their users agree/agreed to, before using their apps/websites/servers/services, covers them/ that states, that their users/no one can sue them/along with A LOT of other stuff as well. The people that are going to fix this, are programmers/developers/people that deal with data/Algorithms. Anyway the current system isn't perfect, BUT if president Trump wants to change it, its probably to push propaganda, so thats not good either, even though, he's going to end up doing the opposite, of what he wants, because, he doesn't understand, ENOUGH, to handle the situation.
Scramblepad - The Patriot Party!
Scramblepad - The Patriot Party! 10 hours ago
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 10 hours ago
Short Version: I just want people to understand more about section 230, before they decide that they want to remove it completely. At the end of the day, they are a business, they can have what ever company policy they want/TOS/Terms Of Service/User Agreement they want, they own the servers/accounts/APPs, the users aren't paying for the service, the customers/Companies/people paying for ads are, we are the product/we are giving our data up, that they sell, so we can use their services, we don't have to use their services/servers/apps, if we don't want to. If you go in Walmart and run around yelling and screaming profanity, Walmart will escort you out/ask you to leave/they MAY ban you from the store, because you violated company policy. Also these companies need to keep their customers/the companies/people paying for ads, happy as well, by removing certain content/keeping profanity out/trying to make sure contradicting information/content isn't beside/around customers ads, ALSO SOME of their customers MIGHT NOT want fake news all over their site. Also without section 230, user agreements/TOS/Terms Of Service, would have to protect these companies, because companies COULD get sued, because they would be liable, for what their users say and do. It could be for something as crazy/simple as, someone going on to Amazon and leaving a bad review on a product. ALSO ISP/Internet Service Providers, would ALSO be responsible, for what we do on the internet/they could also be sued, for what we say/do on the internet. Point being is, this is just going to cause more censorship. Anyway we don't have to use these services, if we don't want to.
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 10 hours ago
This is a newer side of it, FOR SOME PEOPLE, this goes into how companies, that are doing business, with these companies, ALSO have to follow these companies TOS/Terms Of Service,User Agreements and Company Policies. Meaning, IF you have controversial ideas, MAYBE, you should have your OWN servers/not pay another company for cloud servers, binding you to ANOTHER agreement/TOS, if you want something like this, you need your OWN, physical servers/Website, APP and browser, IF Duck duck go/Opera, doesn't work for you. Also either a store or just allow your APK, to be downloaded, from your website. ALSO, IF you have an idea/platform/APP, that has no censorship/moderation/that violates A LOT of companies TOS/Terms Of Service/User Agreements/Company Policy and so on, MAYBE OPEN SOURCE/FREE SOFTWARE/ALSO Linux/different distros, WOULD be a good option, IF thats where your business NEEDS to be, BECAUSE, it violates MOST companies, Terms Of Service/Company Policy/User Agreements and so on. Richard Stallman liked/likes free software, free as in, you are allowed to modify the code, not free as in price, that MAY be something you MIGHT want to look into as well. Also Parler CAN still have their APP, on the Play Store/Apple Store and their servers, BUT they need to moderate better/change WHAT EVER, it is thats violating TOS/ Terms Of Service. Another example, when SOME USposts channels don't fit/conform to USposts properly, A LOT of creators turn to patreon and MAYBE sponsors. Anyway OTHER OPTIONS are out there. You can't violate these companies TOS/Terms Of Service,User Agreement or company policies. You can do what ever you want on your own website/servers, BUT I suggest, the company should ALSO be careful with that too, also your APP can TECHNICALLY be side loaded, to devices, IF Android/Google or Apple doesn't notice, because its their OS/Operating System, BUT technically you should be good, just have instructions on your site, how to become a developer/tap build number 7 times and enable your device to side load the APP or allow the APK to be downloaded/installed, from your website. If Parlers not figuring out simple things, like TOS/they didn't realize this, they DEFINITELY don't realize whats going to happen NEXT. They will NEED to keep their servers out of the US/ at the least VPNs/re-routing traffic, will help, for their CURRENT problems OR have your OWN servers, in the right area. Meaning Parler has to also follow laws, so the government doesn't shut them down, or at the least keep their servers out of the US/register their business somewhere else. ALSO doing things this controversial, I would DEFINITELY code in a language that can EASILY be scaled/moved/MAYBE Java, along with the NORMAL stuff, HTML,CSS,PHP,Java Script, Python, MAYBE also C, IF needed AND so on, anyway it needs to be a company/code that can really adapt, to any situation, QUICKLY. Also Parler needs a serious look at security as well, their platform is TERRIBLE, when it comes to security. Anyone debating about using Parler, I would advise them not to, because of their security issues. Hopefully this helps them/points out OTHER problems though, meaning, once they get their own servers, IF their in the wrong areas/IF their not using VPNs and so on, they will STILL be having issues/the government could shut them down, IF they don't think first.
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 10 hours ago
This is how these companies protect their selfs in the future. These companies have to moderate, because these companies NEED to make money/be SOMEWHAT family friendly, for their customers/companies/people paying for ads. So their ONLY choice, in general, BUT DEFINITELY without section 230, is to moderate EVERYTHING, well everything that violates Terms Of Services/User Agreements/Company Policy. Heres some more examples of how section 230 doesn't matter as much, as people think it does, well it does, if you don't want to be censored, but if censor ship doesn't bother you, repealing section 230, won't effect you. If section 230 is removed, user Agreements/Terms Of Service and company policy will protect these companies, the ones, we ALL agree to, when we access/use these companies websites/apps. Also these companies can claim they are not biased, the censorship is a direct reflection of their customers/the people buying ads, don't want certain content around their ads. Also EVERYTHING will be moderated/censored, EVEN MORE, IF section 230 gets removed. You can't go to Walmart yelling and screaming profanity, without getting thrown out and MAYBE even banned from the store, because of company policy, no shirt no shoes, no service; no mask, you can't enter the building. Also as another example have you ever read what you sign when you go to the Dentist? Some of what that says, basically says, if we break your jaw/deform you, we are not responsible and you can't sue the company or employee. Also to go a little further with that, Amazon, to protect them selfs, from law suits/reviews on their websites that are bad, companies would have to have an agreement, with these companies, meaning, if you want your product at Walmart/Amazon, you will need to agree to this, then that product would be approved, meaning that company can no longer sue Amazon/Walmart, for a bad review, a buyer/user leaves. This would protect the company from what the user says and does AND this would protect the companies selling other companies products as well. This could also go further, with website agreements too, meaning your ISP/Internet Service Provider, would ALSO be responsible for what you say and do, on the internet, so, certain sites would be on an approved list, based on their user agreements/you would have access to some websites, that are approved and some websites, you can't access. So MORE censorship.
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 10 hours ago
If you/we don't like their business practices, about all you can do, is not do business with them/not use their services. Delete your Facebook/Whats App,Amazon/Alexa/ stop controlling your lights/security cameras/autonomous vacuums/autonomous lawnmowers/sprinkler system/TVs/Fans/Coffee Makers/door locks/voice controls and fast shipping/Convenience, can be no more, Firesticks/show devices,Apple/Facetime/Itunes/Apple TV/ phones/computers,Google/USposts/Android/Gmail/DUO/Hangouts/Chrome/Chrome Cast/phone/Computers,instagram,Twitter,Microsoft/Windows10/teams/skype/outlook/office/Xbox and so on, accounts/Apps/stop using their devices, delete your accounts, thats about all you can do.