I Just Bought A Bank
A WARNING for ALL Investors
My response to Pewdiepie
Eternal Prestige
Eternal Prestige 16 hours ago
How do i sign uo for a roth ira? Ir there a specific company or whatever??
Zoey Paige
Zoey Paige 16 hours ago
Bye. Take someone with you when you leave
Host Mo Berry
Host Mo Berry 16 hours ago
Lawd in 40 yrs, I'll be 74....maybe I should double it 🤷🏾‍♀️. BUT we heard you Graham when you said unless they stop printing money 😒🤔
Kacen Munoz
Kacen Munoz 16 hours ago
How is this free no way scam
ataylor 16 hours ago
I disagree with Gram on 1 point in this video. Employee match is almost always the right answer but every once and a while businesses pick a plan so filled with fees and poorly managed that it just isn't worth it.
Diana Williams
Diana Williams 16 hours ago
Unfortunately, your beliefs about the homeless is what's destroying LA. You'll only take those ideas to your new destination and spread California policy there.
Asap Nite
Asap Nite 16 hours ago
who else is starting their USposts channel during Quarantine ? If you are , do not give up on your goal ! I wish you ALL the best 💯❤️. Enjoy the rest of your multidimensional day ! 👁💕
Sandra Walter
Sandra Walter 16 hours ago
Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise For real it's very profitable
Paula Louis
Paula Louis 16 hours ago
@Max Well What do you mean by that, you think that's a nice idea😕🤷🏻‍♂?
Max Well
Max Well 16 hours ago
@Sandra Walter Alright thanks for the recommendation, but how do I reach them ?
Paula Louis
Paula Louis 16 hours ago
@Scott Marvis Same here it's four months now I started investing with them and it's been a good experience
Scott Marvis
Scott Marvis 16 hours ago
@Sandra Walter Haha you don't have to be surprised Logan Trading Services are really good and everyone loves genuine services, they've helped me recover what I lost trying to trade on my own
Sandra Walter
Sandra Walter 16 hours ago
@Scott Marvis Wow I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommended Logan Trading Services, I thought people don't know them... they're really awesome!
Still Not A Millionaire
Still Not A Millionaire 16 hours ago
Hope that many people learn the importance of Step 2 + diversify the sources of income, luckily due to this I wasn't that affected and hadn't to take money out of my investments
Ed West
Ed West 16 hours ago
Even if the market gets flooded so many Millennials and Gen Zers will then have a chance to buy a house when before maybe they couldnt so it won't completely tank the housing market.
Tabitha Mars
Tabitha Mars 16 hours ago
Did he just say 75 degree weather year round.....Graham!! What part of California do you live😭
Kryptonite 16 hours ago
set that suit on fire and make a video out of it. it's just taking up space in your closet and in your head
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 16 hours ago
Oh but you can’t time market. And, when it bottoms out and you come with your sad 15% down hoping to get in the game, the big guys send their all cash 10 day close offer right behind yours.
Karlimo 16 hours ago
This dude is moving somewhere else to vote democrat there too. That "it's not political" mentality it's the californian problem. Of course it is political, dude, wake the hell up.
Il Conte
Il Conte 16 hours ago
Sounds like all those managers are there to warm their chairs and call people up to scold them. What a waste of resources.
BRIAN SOSA 16 hours ago
Graham you should check "Smart Money" they have a fun ad with your face!
TikTok Fusion
TikTok Fusion 17 hours ago
Hi just a question. Last week I receiced a call from some company called TOPINDEX. Can u tell me if this is scam website whom were trying to scam me?
Sam Fones
Sam Fones 17 hours ago
ok but what are you investing in that gives you a 7% return?
Redspade 69
Redspade 69 17 hours ago
Im stuck in one of those that close monday help what do i do, I need a pro bono lawyer, Im a disabled veteran and i think they played my fears against me what do I do, do i breach contract and not sign escrows papers to continue or breach contract by not having the place clean and impossible solar panels to remove even though i told them i cant get them off or buy out of my contract.
Kovu Kumel
Kovu Kumel 17 hours ago
Graham, I'm waiting for your short shorts video. *taps foot*
Bijay Bishwakarma
Bijay Bishwakarma 17 hours ago
how can buy..??
Felipe Jose
Felipe Jose 17 hours ago
Why are you covering one of yours eyes ? Are you Iluminati?
cat -.-
cat -.- 17 hours ago
When he talked about the least favourite word in the dictionary it cracked me up
Dalton Johnson
Dalton Johnson 17 hours ago
Graham, my company offers a Roth 401(k) as well as a traditional 401(k) option. I would assume the Roth would be a better option than a traditional 401(k), but would it make more sense to keep the traditional 401(k) and invest the money that would’ve been contributed to taxes, or pay taxes and and transition to a Roth 401(k)? My thought is the amount that would be paid in taxes may be more valuable over time if invested, making the traditional 401(k) the better investment, even if it is taxed in the end
Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger 17 hours ago
Eventually all high earners that can operate outside of CA will leave for the same reasons you left. The rich are voting with their feet. CA politicians are stupid, greedy, and short sighted.
Blake Homer
Blake Homer 17 hours ago
Graham, why would you put it all on RED? Everyone knows if you want to win it’s all on black
Aura Razor
Aura Razor 17 hours ago
Your channel's great
Cristian Diaz
Cristian Diaz 17 hours ago
Your the best man lol thanks for all the dope advice I’m on a credit journey myself
With Wilk
With Wilk 17 hours ago
A house and a car priced at today's money, will not be the same in 40 years. Nor will 1.5 million... I know you say things in a jokey way but you seriously have some young kids on here who I'd imagine are very impressionable. 1.5 million in 40 years will be closer to an average house price than a mansion lol
Andi 17 hours ago
Mach Yugioh Brudi
Eileen the Crow
Eileen the Crow 17 hours ago
Roth IRA's are really the best option... If they'd let more people opt out of social security and let them shift that money into an IRA then it would make investing a lot less intimidating for people.
NAE 17 hours ago
Thank you! But so many people are out of work and have gone through their emergency funds because the pandemic has lasted more than “3-6 months of emergency funds”. Is this relevant right now?
Dylan Dowdy
Dylan Dowdy 17 hours ago
It wasn’t click baity enough untill I read the last word ASAP. So I had to click on the video to at least make this comment before I watched an ad and then left like an internet troll would
Rachel Michele
Rachel Michele 17 hours ago
Thank you for this video! Can you do another one talking more about index and mutual funds please.
Luis Pereira - The Brazilian Investor
Luis Pereira - The Brazilian Investor 17 hours ago
I just posted my second video on the channel talking about my way of investing in stocks
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly 17 hours ago
What are your thoughts on keeping part your emergency fund in a roth????
Angelique Wilson
Angelique Wilson 17 hours ago
Have you talked about starting airbnb business with out owning any properties? Is it worth it? I own a house thats paid off but I use it for me and my kids primary residence, I would like to get into airbnb world, then maybe move up to owning the big dog properties..
Kidney Care Coaching
Kidney Care Coaching 17 hours ago
Ain’t nobody got time for dat 🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez 17 hours ago
are you leaving the oppenheim group?
Sitaifun Mac
Sitaifun Mac 17 hours ago
Good move; think of it as an investment because now you are set up to receive the new 3D modeled FSD rewrite that will run on your much more powerful HW3 computer. I bought my SR+ just days before last year's Autonomous Day presentation, so was expecting to have HW3; however, my car was pulled from existing inventory manufactured 4 days before they began using the new chip. It was also a transitional time when they briefly had something called Enhanced AutoPilot, which gave nearly all the lane changing and navigational features of FSD, but it was ultimately limited by the HW2.5 computer. So right before July 2020 I took Tesla up on their $3K offer to upgrade to FSD before the standard AP to FSD upgrade price increased from $6K to $8K (EAP already incurred a price premium at the time of purchase, so that's why it was only $3K). Even though I didn't get any real useful features immediately, I felt better positioned knowing that I now had HW3 and eventually will get meaningful FSD updates, like the major one currently in limited beta.
With Wilk
With Wilk 17 hours ago
4 seconds in, pauses. Smashes the like button... only because I know it's coming and I dont like being told what to do... oh wait what
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago 17 hours ago
i just got an ad from someone that used your face in their ad lol
PAMPLONA Buen Perro Youtube Maria
PAMPLONA Buen Perro Youtube Maria 17 hours ago
Confront Nicolette Gray!! She bought a house last year, she is 18 years old and she just opened a store in Beverly Hills! It would be interesting and very helpful for young women if you talk to her
lseul 17 hours ago
Ignore all of this in the video... go to wall street bets and invest in calls for the first stock mentioned on the latest post
BinJim31X24 17 hours ago
So with so many changing rates between banks, what's the correct play when you see an Ally or other that's better? Do you close out and reopen banks every few months or is there a more strategic way to manage a checking/savings account?
Brandon Dossantos
Brandon Dossantos 17 hours ago
Very informative thanks Pokimane and Graham
Pyradyne Living
Pyradyne Living 18 hours ago
Hey Graham, you didn’t mention a SEP IRA. Can you include that in future videos for those self-employed? 🙏🏼
Felix Kunz
Felix Kunz 18 hours ago
Hey Graham... Can you do a video for investing outside the US? I know it might not be your direct area of expertise. But you alway recommend webull, charles schwab, robin hood and so on. Most of these platforms don't work in the EU and other areas. Some recommendations for EU are would be highly appreciated.
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia 18 hours ago
Making so much money why doesn’t Graham give back to his FanBase/Subscribers talk about cheap lol... 😂 I know you see this Graham if you become Mr Beast in Finance you’d blow up more
moen edits
moen edits 18 hours ago
u can use the cash to start a fire in the economic collapse
MyHandymanHero 18 hours ago
Wish I would have seen these videos 20 yrs ago.
Yg Bodybuilder
Yg Bodybuilder 18 hours ago
Where is graham getting these numbers from if I save 400 a month with 7 percent interest that only gives me $196,778.36 in 20 years
Thiago Brandt de Toledo
Thiago Brandt de Toledo 18 hours ago
What if you invest in a private option, with a company that offers a long term investment? Also I would love if Graham see this comment and answer it.
Connie Stryke
Connie Stryke 18 hours ago
Thanks G! Just got approved for the FreedomFlex. 4 out of 5. Just cant do the AX man.
Mr. Geo
Mr. Geo 18 hours ago
I don't need a house and Ferrari when in 60... I need them when I'm 30. So I got like 4 months so help a brother out haha
Insurance Prescription
Insurance Prescription 18 hours ago
So, make sure to make your own iced coffee.
John R
John R 18 hours ago
I'm leaving NYC for the same reason. Still have an apt there, but I'm barely here anymore. and there's no real reason to be here. its a ghost town. and yet too expensive.
Jassa Oran
Jassa Oran 18 hours ago
Bitcoin price going higher now and the best thing to do is to invest and learn from experts.
Spawn Keeper
Spawn Keeper 17 hours ago
Its all about xrp man!!
Willian Piper
Willian Piper 18 hours ago
Saw Susan Bossmann first time at a conference in CA mid 2019. Her teachings towards financial freedom is highly commendable.
Alen Rues
Alen Rues 18 hours ago
Withdrawals trading with Susan Bossman are so easy and straight forward.
Junnet Usep
Junnet Usep 18 hours ago
12 btc lost to a con man I meet online due to carelessness which I still regret till today, A friend of mine did tell me about Susan Bossman, Reached out to her and she told me not to panic. Traded with her and in 14 days I was able to recover all I lost.
Lex Narrey
Lex Narrey 18 hours ago
I Checked IAPD site and was able to see that this Susan Bossmann is a registered trader. Texting her now to invest.
Karen Weng
Karen Weng 18 hours ago
They offer best credit sweep services at WhatsApp +1-850-807-9580. i just got my credit fixed with a lot of negative items removed, reach out to him today and thank later...
Karen Weng
Karen Weng 18 hours ago
They offer best credit sweep services at WhatsApp +1-850-807-9580. i just got my credit fixed with a lot of negative items removed, reach out to him today and thank later...
Karen Weng
Karen Weng 18 hours ago
They offer best credit sweep services at WhatsApp +1-850-807-9580. i just got my credit fixed with a lot of negative items removed, reach out to him today and thank later...
David Bower
David Bower 18 hours ago
Graham: *Has house in Vegas for 2 weeks* Graham: *Starts making casino references*
Mr. Geo
Mr. Geo 18 hours ago
Just put $100 in Tesla weekly lol.
AJ RODRIGUEZ 18 hours ago
Thank you for this information
Dank poster
Dank poster 18 hours ago
California has lost another *VIP*
The Knave
The Knave 18 hours ago
If you like a bit of risk, and you don't have much to invest? Prefer the long play, instead of trading? Take a look at NIO and other EV stocks, including upcoming IPOs. YMMV, batteries not included, blah, blah, blah. Do your own research and think for yourselves. ;)
xCCflierx 18 hours ago
9:18 LMAO 2.9 in debt, but he also makes like 3.1/year? I think he said in another video. So yea he can take the hit
Nejko 18 hours ago
Im to confused...
Wai Ai
Wai Ai 18 hours ago
But what about the taxes you need to pay when you cash out your stocks?!?!
Ryan Margetak
Ryan Margetak 18 hours ago
Thank the liberals for all the problems in cali
xCCflierx 18 hours ago
And they say my boy only looked good in green t-shirts. But look at him effortlessly pulling off the suit and tie
Scott Weaver
Scott Weaver 18 hours ago
Yea their going to leave, but these morons are going to another state and vote for the same stupidity they ran from. Please stay
Elena Waters
Elena Waters 18 hours ago
Those that believe in investment also believe in cleverness. Successful investment needs a well experienced broker with the best strategies of trading which produce maximum profit.
Fai Bojing
Fai Bojing 16 hours ago
@NY Police department I need a broker that can manage my trades, I should get to Mr William
NY Police department
NY Police department 16 hours ago
NY Police department
NY Police department 16 hours ago
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NY Police department
NY Police department 17 hours ago
@Johnson Wheeler we're recommending one of the best broker for all kind of investment, Mr William Smith
Johnson Wheeler
Johnson Wheeler 18 hours ago
I have been investing in many kind of investments all by myself and I have lost alot money, I feel sad
Tuomas Kivioja
Tuomas Kivioja 18 hours ago
I had an iced coffee ad on this video
Freyr - Minecraft
Freyr - Minecraft 18 hours ago
Next video: breakdown the best investing apps in the EU 😊
Nicole Parker
Nicole Parker 18 hours ago
Graham.. what kind of account or investment would you use to save for your child’s college fund?
Delphine Djomo
Delphine Djomo 18 hours ago
How can California charge so much in taxes yet still have so many issues funding basic social services and figuring out issues of crime, homelessness, and drug abuse? You would think with the absurd tax rate they would be able to fund a wide suite of social services that avoid issues of safety, crime, tent cities, and the like. I’m not against taxation necessarily but I find it odd that despite all the taxed income CA has, they haven’t managed to fund solutions. Might as well not tax people if despite all the taxes they still have all of these issues.
aoD Electa
aoD Electa 18 hours ago
In 40 years everyone will have millions and millions will be like nothing due to inflation as graham got everyone to invest.
REDEX SUBZERO 18 hours ago
She don't even know her own bussiness
Trailers 18 hours ago
Hello there! I just turned 20 and have around 8000 euro in my bank. I wont need the money anytime soon. I am still kind of "scared" to invest my money. What would you guys advice? Should I just keep on doing $100 a week or should I do more than that to start since I have quite a lot to put in already