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Damian Ruiz
Damian Ruiz 4 hours ago
I still dont know if the xbox one and the series x are the same thing
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 4 hours ago
It’s this but, more blood, more demons, and more demon bodies severed in half by my super shotgun
Theodore Hildt
Theodore Hildt 4 hours ago
Ame him bulbasoar
domzilla100 5 hours ago
I have the xbox one s aka the white one
Gons.Gaming 5 hours ago
Frostbite Gaming
Frostbite Gaming 5 hours ago
The amount of people that disliked the video are the people that hack and are like the hacker in the video. Lmao
- NightFlame -
- NightFlame - 5 hours ago
SET SEED!! He went strait for the peanut butter without looking around!
Whize-_- #TeamFilip
Whize-_- #TeamFilip 5 hours ago
How uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bo4 what da fuc k the only good games bo1 mw2 mw3 bo2 bo3 cod4 cod Cold War
C Buongiorno
C Buongiorno 5 hours ago
Roblox players: first time?
Aaron TCK
Aaron TCK 5 hours ago
The next Xbox: Xbox 360 1 series x s
Liam ade
Liam ade 5 hours ago
I hated b04
Turtles mnmn
Turtles mnmn 5 hours ago
Hi I'm Mr PlayStation 😂😂
mburzler 1
mburzler 1 5 hours ago
I still have my Xbox 360E
Water Sheep
Water Sheep 5 hours ago
RyanRG 5 hours ago
last breath sans be like:
Double 896
Double 896 6 hours ago
Honestly Logan is better now then him from 3/2 years ago aside from a thing Logan did about a year (Challenger Games)
TheDestructionPortal 6 hours ago
I think this gamer who didn't give the man his amulet should die
Double 896
Double 896 6 hours ago
Smh, world record is 0.01 seconds and the record holder is XxMommyMilkers42069xX using the miscarriage glitch, shame that their strat was banned in 2013
Kel b lit 26 yeet
Kel b lit 26 yeet 6 hours ago
I feel like Pelo is actually 1 foot tall in real life
Frank Alvira
Frank Alvira 6 hours ago
lol the timer thou speed running since 2007
Mingrun Wu
Mingrun Wu 6 hours ago
Who else thought it was yu-gi-oh? No? Just me?
vinicetw 6 hours ago
borito 6 hours ago
"8hours a day" *laughs in 14hours a day*
Green 6 hours ago
*Fun Fact:* _in the beginning of the video, the player was singing the 1-1 theme from Super Mario Bros._
Zachary Gidge
Zachary Gidge 7 hours ago
Circle is amazing at drawing creative monsters and he should make an RPG
a normal carat
a normal carat 7 hours ago
Listen to this in 2x speed
a normal carat
a normal carat 7 hours ago
How did used to think this rap was good
Nikola Pretrysevski
Nikola Pretrysevski 7 hours ago
I have a ps4 pro
Gumsicle 7 hours ago
PS4? WHY NOT PS5!!! Wait no, PS44 exists.
Narffet Les
Narffet Les 7 hours ago
The little brother sniper is cool and all, but its anointment is garbage soooooo in the grinder it goes
h1Bryd at
h1Bryd at 7 hours ago
Man's could a shaved some time off of his brown if he just came out of the womb dead
Adrianna Nailo
Adrianna Nailo 7 hours ago
He was defenestrated.
Kiwi Tree
Kiwi Tree 7 hours ago
Na man Apple Adventure is the best game of all time The Adam Apple DLC hit the spot tho
TheBlackoutExplorer 7 hours ago
Well that ending didn’t age well. AT ALL
Ethan Gaudet
Ethan Gaudet 8 hours ago
My dad looked up all the car rock seed
Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart 8 hours ago
I like ya cut g
xXCoolGrandmaDaveXx 8 hours ago
2012 memes: YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOUR NAME ISNT MOM? 2020 memes: Höøōõ _Give me your lungs_ *واو*
Molnár Robi
Molnár Robi 8 hours ago
I can hear my xbox 360 e crying on my attic
mr.kitloin 8 hours ago
Lowkey i miss this meme It was a much simpler time Everything was a lot happier
Howie Beats
Howie Beats 8 hours ago
This is such an awesome, not talked about topic to use for a cartoon 🤣 Pure genius 👌
Toppat Clan Leader
Toppat Clan Leader 8 hours ago
2012 Memes: Ask for a Water Cup 🐟 Fill it with Soda 2019 Memes: *Me and the Bois at 3AM looking for B E A N S* 2020 Memes: 🐴 *J U A N* *PLEASE DO NOT THE CAT*
JoshuaCG 8 hours ago
Meanwhile Nintendo: Lets make the name relevant to the console unlike those useless employees at Microsoft
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 8 hours ago
This is AMAZING 😃
Fizzy 8 hours ago
I have a 360 E.
Earther 8 hours ago
Any%? What would 100% even be?
Christopher BB100
Christopher BB100 8 hours ago
Damn i wish I could experience all the glitches your talking about in pubg. Plus bubg is at least realistic and thats what makes it better
T G 8 hours ago
tHeY fOrGoT xBoX sErIeS E
Juan Villalobos
Juan Villalobos 8 hours ago
SpeedRun Any% "How to learn to walk and then die"😎 New Best Record: 00:00:28;784
Charles Woodring
Charles Woodring 8 hours ago
Well fuck you and see you in your next video that i enjoy greatly!
Rick Roll
Rick Roll 8 hours ago
when fortnite still had the balloons in the game, i got them, and used them to snipe somebody on the ground, that was the definition of death from above for me
Sora The absolute donut
Sora The absolute donut 8 hours ago
Hand reveal
Willie White
Willie White 8 hours ago
Thanks i love it
Timster 11
Timster 11 9 hours ago
1:02 lol
Rafael Denzo
Rafael Denzo 9 hours ago
Apex: Is the best battle royale game. Warzone: So I exist now. Apex: I have depression now.
Anime Ant Weeb
Anime Ant Weeb 9 hours ago
This isn’t anime it’s a cartoon
GoEasy Gaming
GoEasy Gaming 9 hours ago
Never played this game hmmmm
Jaster mereel
Jaster mereel 9 hours ago
Can't wait for the ps 28
Liam milk
Liam milk 9 hours ago
The death% run
A little bit of Everything
A little bit of Everything 9 hours ago
I think he put a little too much in
Skunko Hilarious
Skunko Hilarious 9 hours ago
My first world I spawned into was a snow biome, I fell into a dark-ass cave in the first few minutes and got killed by a zombie Didn't pick up minecraft again for a month
Checkmate6659's Speedruns
Checkmate6659's Speedruns 10 hours ago
this is donkey kong 64 but it's an RPG animation
mrflipflops 54
mrflipflops 54 10 hours ago
Me: **sees someone hacking in a Roblox game** Me: _”meh, just a regular Saturday afternoon.”_
DaDemon Wolf
DaDemon Wolf 10 hours ago
Halo is the best game and no one can change my mind
Theodore Hildt
Theodore Hildt 10 hours ago
His name is astrus
Angie Trail
Angie Trail 10 hours ago
To true
PVP Panther
PVP Panther 10 hours ago
The only thing that tells me thats a she is her eyebrows
Fistfullofboomstick 10 hours ago
It's so sad that the actual Fortnite didn't get popular... How do people not know there is a CAMPAIGN!? I've been following Fortnite since it's FIRST LAUNCH TRAILER A DECADE AGO!!
69Pootis 10 hours ago
69Pootis 10 hours ago
Dark and funny
Kristian Padamadan
Kristian Padamadan 10 hours ago
he says Pub-Guh
Tank Guyee
Tank Guyee 10 hours ago
How does he know what cat food taste like
Ahmed Kebab
Ahmed Kebab 11 hours ago
What its actually like: stealing dead peoples loot at pylon event and dipping with it
Sleak Ono
Sleak Ono 11 hours ago
Man I whould love some dog fiod
h1Bryd at
h1Bryd at 11 hours ago
Crystal Cannon frog go
Davelo M
Davelo M 11 hours ago
I though he was going to say Cyberpunk 77
Killerofcats 11 hours ago
Halen Smith
Halen Smith 11 hours ago
"This is Game & Watch!" Gunpei Yokoi... this is the 27th time in a month you've shown Game & Watch in class.
Jordan McKelvey
Jordan McKelvey 11 hours ago
Jordan McKelvey
Jordan McKelvey 11 hours ago
Wreth Covers
Wreth Covers 11 hours ago
He had good rng with the peanut butter allergy setup. Threw the run by not skipping the cutscene though.