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Skinny Jimmy
Skinny Jimmy 3 minutes ago
Using the iPhone 12 currently after switching from a Galaxy S8+. It’s a really solid phone! I recommend it.
Devarakonda Divya
Devarakonda Divya 8 minutes ago
How much cost this laptop please tell me
Jose Franco Castillo
Jose Franco Castillo 13 minutes ago
So how does the ideapad gaming 3 fare as a gaming laptop?
Thunner Plays
Thunner Plays 13 minutes ago
When you said “same charging brick” the video buffered for a few minutes😂
Oliver Grewin
Oliver Grewin 18 minutes ago
"Removing the the charger because of all the cords that gets wasted, it's for the environment" And they remove the part of the charger that isn't the cord. Keeps the cord and removes power brick. NO PROBLEM SOLVED, BUT ANOTHER PROBLEM CREATED! Fu*k you Apple! Half of the things they do is ruining the smartphone market, just because they can!
Mateusz Mazurek
Mateusz Mazurek 27 minutes ago
I bought mine for 1.7 k Euros
videoloops1 28 minutes ago
Apple is passing the 'no brick' as a eco-friendly thing but it's just a marketing gimmick. What people don't realize is that they're saving almost 50% of their transportation costs since they can fit twice the number of phones in the same container.
NRV Channel
NRV Channel 28 minutes ago
The content is apple, but the ad is samsung. Lol🤣
zuti071 30 minutes ago
Way overpriced devices and you all know it.
M S 33 minutes ago
Please do a 2020 video
Collins Nnadozie
Collins Nnadozie 34 minutes ago
An unbiased review here...! Great video Dave.
Tamim Asad Aungan
Tamim Asad Aungan 41 minute ago
At last found a review which is truly perfect and to the point . 👌👌
Colby Zurlini
Colby Zurlini 45 minutes ago
The bezels look so shit in real life . And the normal phone screen is much less bright when next to the pro
Jack Napster
Jack Napster 46 minutes ago
Any MacBook arm predictions/expectations video or will you just directly make a vid when they release?
Ezra Orozco
Ezra Orozco 51 minute ago
You know what changes the phone experience having no charger in the box
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun Hour ago
iPhone 20: There's no phone at all just box, you just have to imagine it on your hands. But still you'll have to pay Apple a premium price.
Saview Hour ago
People are still buying apple these days?!
libatako Hour ago
They chose 5g over a high refresh display....yet 5g cuts into battery life😑. You’d think they fix that issue instead of the current solution of varying when it’s on
Tebogo Molefe
Tebogo Molefe Hour ago
😂 Third video I've watched on the new iphone and I don't own one. Hook me up guys Paypal: [email protected] or ship me on in South Africa 🙆🏾‍♂️
Richard Hour ago
Good point DL. The magnetic back will lead to small pieces of metallic debris sticking to the rear glass and and leading to scratches either on the phone back or the surface it's laid on. ☝️
Yaax Arr
Yaax Arr Hour ago
Great review 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❗️
Marcel Hricko
Marcel Hricko Hour ago
Depends on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Excellent battery life and best of best camera is exactly what I want. ( and prise 799 for Pro models)
bjo004 Hour ago
0:39 They have the same charging brick. 🤣
Zinedine Zethro
Zinedine Zethro Hour ago
When an imac review become a motivational speech. That's apple products for you.
Dante Varona
Dante Varona Hour ago
"same charging brick" 😂😂😂
Tester One
Tester One Hour ago
Anee Mes
Anee Mes Hour ago
now that's a dad joke
Judeboi Hour ago
5:42 “This tech is seemingly quite good”
Bass Edd
Bass Edd Hour ago
*I won't be surprised if apple becomes the first company to remove the charging port on their phones.* 🤔😂
Toyo Masauce
Toyo Masauce Hour ago
Every year Apple does the same, give you less and charge you more and make you feel happy about it somehow through pure marketing bs.
Karan Mehta
Karan Mehta Hour ago
Hey, like ur watch, can you please let me know which one is it
h4x0y 2 hours ago
You didn’t mention the price difference is only $120 if you compare the same storage (128gb)
Daniel Oseni Pelumi
Daniel Oseni Pelumi 2 hours ago
Can u please make a review on the msi alpha 15
daddythatstech 2 hours ago
You can take the ads off
daddythatstech 2 hours ago
Is this phone better than my 2 year old huawei mate 20 Pro
DELICIOUS 2 hours ago
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DELICIOUS 2 hours ago
Apple elect good deal see the links 👉 amzn.to/3mxQq6n, amzn.to/3dZx86z, amzn.to/35AFJZA, amzn.to/37FdoUQ, amzn.to/2Tl25Zu, amzn.to/3kwiIgW, amzn.to/31HrqkR, amzn.to/37Fds72, amzn.to/3mkNU2X, amzn.to/2HwRqZr, amzn.to/34taK2p, amzn.to/2FXDN4F
Vincent Cardona
Vincent Cardona 2 hours ago
I honestly love the iPhone 12 coming from an Android user. However there are just a lot of factors that are just... *_'N O'_* . They should have invested on a 120hz display and remove the fricking NOTCH.
78ASSejo78AS AS
78ASSejo78AS AS 2 hours ago
You got me with the charge brick 😂
Narendra Mourya
Narendra Mourya 2 hours ago
Very decent review i really like it.
Charlie Yoga
Charlie Yoga 2 hours ago
That's a neaat g-shock right there
Louis Bosco
Louis Bosco 2 hours ago
who the hell uses a phone for 3-5 years? peasants??
Fahim Shahriar Shuvro
Fahim Shahriar Shuvro 2 hours ago
It's a Flagship
Frost Plays
Frost Plays 2 hours ago
Please do a Dell G7 15 review
Leeco Holland
Leeco Holland 2 hours ago
It's obvious that the iPhone 12 camera is not on huawei or xiaomi level.
dwdwdwdw4 2 hours ago
With the price difference of the pro/pro max over the 12, I'd go for the pro max with the top specced cameras. Otherwise I'd go for the 12. I feel the 12 pro is sandwiched so badly it is for suckers.
Jerome Cabrera
Jerome Cabrera 2 hours ago
LOL charging brick.
Tech Gamer
Tech Gamer 2 hours ago
small youtuber need support
Adele D
Adele D 3 hours ago
Should i switch to mechanical if im in love with Alienware membrane-based laptop keyboard
Kermit 3 hours ago
To be honest, RAZER Products are actually worth it because my keyboard has lasted almost 7 years and still going. Most mechanical keyboards last longer.
Lukas Murmann
Lukas Murmann 3 hours ago
Maybe the 12 Pro actually have a 120hz screen but it's being capped at 60hz for battery life
Auron Kardek
Auron Kardek 3 hours ago
Second hand thinkpads are the only good laptops for studients
Евгений Батиевский
Евгений Батиевский 3 hours ago
Sharp edges. So... Sharp. Hello SE.
Graeme Bauer
Graeme Bauer 3 hours ago
Why do these screens claim scratch resistance from razor blades, yet they need a screen protector? Jerryrigeverything can't scratch them with his level 5 picks, but I end up with 1000 scratches from putting the phone in my cotton lined pocket. I've never understood this. Can anyone explain?
Akshar Solanki
Akshar Solanki 3 hours ago
Ok Dave, I wont buy this year's iPhone, wait till 5 years for new iPhone18 to come out so I can buy iPhone12 renewed. Thanks anyway.
Leeco Holland
Leeco Holland 3 hours ago
It's obvious that the iPhone 12 camera is not on huawei or xiaomi level.
Pranay Kapoor
Pranay Kapoor 3 hours ago
I liked the pixel 5 photos the best
Mini Square Fat
Mini Square Fat 3 hours ago
anyone else catch that spirit just pass by at 4:46??
Tam Vuong
Tam Vuong 3 hours ago
Waiting for next 13 ip if there are more substantial changes in design and performance.
MR RAY 3 hours ago
Hello handsome
Spencer Han
Spencer Han 3 hours ago
it's the year of 9021, why the heck a pro version is still not having 120 hz screen.
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh 3 hours ago
Did anyone noticed, the whole time he was standing! 😁
Gary Lau
Gary Lau 3 hours ago
I think a lot of software developers will buy it for deep learning.
Niv Yehezkel
Niv Yehezkel 3 hours ago
These are parenthesis, not brackets!!
Akshay Iyer
Akshay Iyer 3 hours ago
Definitely gonna wait for the next iPhone with 120 Hz
Just a Cat
Just a Cat 3 hours ago
i waas thinking of buyig this util i saw the price
RISHABH JAIN 3 hours ago
That ending tune is awesome
No89lan 3 hours ago
Guess this will be my first xbox console
Gaurav Bhalerao
Gaurav Bhalerao 3 hours ago
Dave: the speaker is better than last year's model Me who can't afford it: hey, that song totally slaps!
Tarun Srivastava
Tarun Srivastava 4 hours ago
5:47 - its not a glitch ...its just he write i am such a nerd 😆
ScooterCub 4 hours ago
I predict the iPhone 12 pro max is going to have 4 cameras.
LUpilot2012 4 hours ago
Damn the pixel 5 night photos look like shit
H. Ar.
H. Ar. 4 hours ago
I didn't get the thing you talked about regarding the refresh rate at the end (the twist). Can someone explain please?
Chris S
Chris S 4 hours ago
One word - Nexus The successful formula is affordable with high functionality.
sidharth shaji
sidharth shaji 4 hours ago
Let’s be honest pixel 5 camera took away the show ‼️
sidharth shaji
sidharth shaji 4 hours ago
The charging brick is JOHN CENA 😦‼️
SamoScopom 4 hours ago
What do you think about the 4600HS version?
Aung Khant Kyaw
Aung Khant Kyaw 4 hours ago
Nice! Brick is cool like john cena
Joseph Odunayo
Joseph Odunayo 4 hours ago
* OMG finally my MacBook was fixed successful by deztoolz on Instagram he is reliable and kind he is the best of the best*
Jay Rushlow
Jay Rushlow 4 hours ago
The pro is $150 more then 12