Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft 4 hours ago
Note to the Rich folks, let me know how a 110.000 dollar battery powered toy works out for ya!!!
GhostE Masters
GhostE Masters 4 hours ago
Future Marine
Future Marine 5 hours ago
Had one engine Blew up
Future Marine
Future Marine 5 hours ago
Hummer is trash
Future Marine
Future Marine 5 hours ago
Only good hummer ever made was the h1
BepTex 6 hours ago
Christian Harrison
Christian Harrison 6 hours ago
LeBron James 🗣🔥
SIX GEAR 6 hours ago
I like it!
Chris G
Chris G 7 hours ago
I like the attention to detail like not having your screens all mucked up with fingerprints. How about a little arm/hockey stick coming down in front and behind of each tire, so small that you can barely notice it. On the bottom of each one...a little magnet that catches screws and nails that would ruin very expensive tires? A cheap and easy way to set yourself apart from your competitors. And a very worthwhile addition. *One speck of rust should never ever exist on this vehicle...ever. With a premium price, how about using premium materials... like stainless steel! The difference in price between stainless steel and regular steel is negligible. The damage to your reputation for using lower quality materials... is immeasurable.
WITE FOX 7 hours ago
Volvo finally went all electric with all there cars now. And of course other companies have been experimenting with electric cars. In 2060 fossil fuel around the world will be depleted. People don’t realize that earths resources are finite. Around 2050 fresh water will be scarce. People are overpopulating
Chris G
Chris G 7 hours ago
It all looks good. Let's see if they engineer some quality into it...or if they revert back to their old ways. History is watching... *If I may... how about next bringing back the Allante and electrifying that...please.(If not I guess I could always pick one up and take it to EV West and have them convert it)
Grumbo991 7 hours ago
April fools. Nice.
Of the Element
Of the Element 8 hours ago
The hummer looks like it was specifically made for LeBron lol. From scandals involving hummer to being part of the new Hummer roll out, amazing. Strive for greatness.
Anoyel Fernandez
Anoyel Fernandez 8 hours ago
Beautiful ❤️ 🤩 GMC
Ryyking21 9 hours ago
Who else watched the crab walk like 8 times?
rdizzo1313 10 hours ago
I love seeing all the GM Employees in here trying to pump up the excitement of their own product...🤣🤣🤣
Sad Socks
Sad Socks 11 hours ago
Is that the gta5 truck from the game?!?!?!
asphalt 11 hours ago
This will destroy the cybertruck
inder singh
inder singh 11 hours ago
realm313 12 hours ago
GM garbage
Kimiya Oshikoji
Kimiya Oshikoji 12 hours ago
Pure bliss
Sagar Shetti
Sagar Shetti 12 hours ago
Come to India with manufacturer plant , it will sales like chips!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 13 hours ago
Absolutely in love with the SUV!
kolim jone
kolim jone 13 hours ago
Props to GMC for responding to some of these comments; it really shows that they value feedback and care about customer interaction.
Batuhan Bozbaş
Batuhan Bozbaş 13 hours ago
Come to Turkey ? ..
RATNAM 13 hours ago
പഴയ ഹമ്മർന്റെ ലുക്ക് ഇല്ല
NOPC20161535 13 hours ago
Way to ruin Led Zeppelin you idiots!
Wingman 13 hours ago
The "city" Hummer, very nice EV. However, I would remove the spare tire. Hope there is also a suitable version without spare tire.
WHITE LION 13 hours ago
🚨🛑🛑🚨🚨🛑🛑🚨🚨🛑🛑 CGI again or real this time? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Steve Wihl
Steve Wihl 14 hours ago
I got a little excited when I saw this truck. Then I saw the price tag. I am no longer excited about this truck.
Wally Thompson
Wally Thompson 14 hours ago
Lebron the spokesman
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 13 hours ago
😱 وشذا الموتر المتوحش
HET PATEL 14 hours ago
my tesla after i saw this trailer - you cheatin on me againn🥺
Chaitali Bhowmick
Chaitali Bhowmick 16 hours ago
This new Hummer nailed it with that "grill" cuz Im not that guy that really loves no grill EVs like that tesla. I know that it's useful for aerodynamics, but still, a grill like this EV, somewhat powerful looking while still being aerodynamic, is a go to...
Andrea Bartolini
Andrea Bartolini 16 hours ago
What a commercial..... good Job to the MKT team.... !!!!
mellows 16 hours ago
who else searched flying car and found this? or just me
kolim jone
kolim jone 13 hours ago
Allison Moore
Allison Moore 16 hours ago
How do you use rear usb cables?
Dominic 17 hours ago
Looks like a video game
Sounak Nandy
Sounak Nandy 17 hours ago
Hey GMC you sure this ain't the next Mars rover?
pres 21 hour ago
It's time to sell Tesla stock
PsychoAlexander 21 hour ago
Too cool. Wish I had the money, or parking space, or roads wide enough to drive this on.
chargers9221 22 hours ago
I’ll wait for the Cybertruck and run over every Hummer that gets in the way.
Joseph Delmundo
Joseph Delmundo 22 hours ago
Yeah, that crabwalk is sick
Ravisai Kota
Ravisai Kota 23 hours ago
waiting to see on roads.....
I wish them the best of luck, after twenty years plus, of repeated electrical repairs.
Sir. John Doe
Sir. John Doe Day ago
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Day ago
No this is something which ratchet would transform into❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fusionn Day ago
LeBron narration
Atif Awati
Atif Awati Day ago
When you gonna launch in India
Sŵëdîsh Døg
Sŵëdîsh Døg Day ago
GM is really hyping us up with this trailer arent they 😌
June Nixon
June Nixon Day ago
i wonder how much lebron got from this
Ken Whitman
Ken Whitman Day ago
Way over priced.. impractical only for Hollywood elites, GM will lose money
Waths Up
Waths Up Day ago
GMC, revive the Lincoln and Cadillac from the 1970s with a new brand 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Big Chris
Big Chris Day ago
He can't even fit 😭😂🤣
King-_-Meh Day ago
All my life I’ve never known Hummer was with GMC smh
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 22 hours ago
Well I think they’ve always been with gm but I think them being a gmc is new
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Day ago
The reason why nobody can find this artist is because it’s not a music artist that is famous the woman that actually did this works for the GM factory overseas and sings in her spare time. Also it’s hard to find because it is not copyrighted.And she has yet to release a full version of this song
David Collins
David Collins Day ago
Super clean 🔥 y’all hating for no reason
william Meives
william Meives Day ago
I will do what ever it takes to get one of these, I’m talkin to you gmc
Hollywood Gaming
Hollywood Gaming Day ago
Eww electric ugliness
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Day ago
I’m not usually a fan of EV’s. But these.... these are badass. And absolutely gorgeous.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Day ago
Is no one gonna talk about how lebron is narrating a GMC commercial