Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans Hour ago
No one knows about that cuz no one cares about the pistons 😂
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hour ago
You guaranteed yourself an L when you traded 50 first round pick to improve 1 overall and lose size. Really weird decision.
Nito Shadow
Nito Shadow 2 hours ago
I say just get all guards and run and gun try to out score the other team
Kng Winston
Kng Winston 2 hours ago
john wall sucks
Lil RiceHead
Lil RiceHead 2 hours ago
Can you do LA Clippers Rebuild
Thunder Titan
Thunder Titan 2 hours ago
If John Wall is healthy and plays well he might be an all stars
Enterprise Sports
Enterprise Sports 2 hours ago
I just found your channel by accident last night, you reviewing the draft picks. I like your style and personality. I hit the appropriate buttons
Cortex Zero
Cortex Zero 2 hours ago
You're the goat Krisp.
Kade Erdman
Kade Erdman 3 hours ago
They might trade griffin and rose for wall and brown and some picks. Wizards would have Rose Beal Avdija Hachimura Bryant, off the bench Bertans Wagner. Wizards would be solid but pistons would struggle
Bradley Beal is the best player 86
Bradley Beal is the best player 86 4 hours ago
As a wizards fan I want Westbrook
Bradley Beal is the best player 86
Bradley Beal is the best player 86 4 hours ago
As a wizards fan I hope that never happens
Wag ma pikon hinde tayo ang nag laro..kahit anong gawin natin kung hinde manalu hinde talaga nanalu...
D-Billz 5 hours ago
This would absolutely be a great trade for pistons. John wall would save ur issues if he's healthy. U guys have no pg. D rose older and Killian isn't nba ready yet in my opinion. Wizards, I wouldn't do this but as pistons, I definitely would.
AKUMPO 5 hours ago
The proposed trade is Blake and D rose for Wall but then again there was never a proposed trade it’s just a BS bleacher report rumor
Ante Jelepe
Ante Jelepe 5 hours ago
Bro john said that he will stay gm said the same and we dont wamma lose him so respect to the detroit but we dont want nothing with yall when it comes to trades and our wall
Daniel Barkley
Daniel Barkley 5 hours ago
At lest the Wizards have a chance to the playoffs in this trade
Tony Miles
Tony Miles 5 hours ago
TBH Skip Bayless’ entire career is built around saying dumb shit. 😂😂 Great vid!
Romane Ingram
Romane Ingram 5 hours ago
Wall gone be wall
Romane Ingram
Romane Ingram 6 hours ago
Romane Ingram
Romane Ingram 6 hours ago
Romeo and Juliette double suicide
john smith
john smith 6 hours ago
Blake sucks im not a pistons fan but I would do the deal I would hope John comes back healthy and if he does try to trade him
Its_ Niko
Its_ Niko 7 hours ago
John wall would help the Pistons
Hoosier Daddy
Hoosier Daddy 7 hours ago
N i thought Westbrook was bad
josh etsitty
josh etsitty 7 hours ago
SUNS rebuild homie
Get Shaggy'd
Get Shaggy'd 8 hours ago
Please, my wizards would be ruined
Amine N
Amine N 8 hours ago
If Blake has a decent season, he may opt out of his contract and sign one with a better team for more years. He can easily get 4 years $80 million from a middling team that needs a third or fourth guy. I can totally see him opting out to chase a ring and have more financial stability.
Keith Starks
Keith Starks 8 hours ago
They just drafted Hayes & fans wanna see him play so why trade for a big contract PG (J.Wall) ? Maybe they plan to play Hayes as the SG, hes supposed to be a capable scorer.
Terry In Da Chat
Terry In Da Chat 8 hours ago
Cowherd was rite about the draft, Portland did take Greg Oden...
Keith Starks
Keith Starks 8 hours ago
Denny is not a SF/PF hes SF/SG & Rui can play SF or PF. So I guess the planned lineup is Beal & Denny in the backcourt, Rui & Blake are the forwards with Bryant at center. That squad would have good ball movement.
Chris Stephens
Chris Stephens 8 hours ago
Drose should have been in the trade and Hayes can run shooting guard ( comp James harden ) and get a first round pick back
Preston Jones
Preston Jones 8 hours ago
Do edwards
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe 8 hours ago
Pistons gotta stop trying to be win now and get out of the mediocre zone
rob1z 8 hours ago
Guy really didnt call Bertans as an big piece for the Wizards, bruh man. :D
Jayson Raphael Murdock
Jayson Raphael Murdock 9 hours ago
I don't understand why these teams give these insane contracts to players.
Dylan Wolsker
Dylan Wolsker Hour ago
The clippers gave Blake that max deal not Detroit
Nicholas Turnbull
Nicholas Turnbull 9 hours ago
Bruh this happened in my MyCareer save
Nicks Kicks
Nicks Kicks 9 hours ago
The pistons should be excited. John wall could help get yall to the 8 seed maybe and could help develop killian hayes.
Titus Baert
Titus Baert 9 hours ago
bro its impossible he tried to do it with the best players ever and they won 10 games... Like jordan, lebron,duncan,bird,kareem,... all together 10 wins!!!!!
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald 9 hours ago
Am I the only one who realizes that the trade is the 2009 1st overall pick for the 2010 first overall pick 🤣
James Noble
James Noble 8 hours ago
Kerbo r.i.p x
Kerbo r.i.p x 9 hours ago
drose and john wall... that sounds nice
V Mi
V Mi 9 hours ago
Josh Jackson gonna break out this season
Coolawsomeguy100 9 hours ago
Krispy is this a BITCHASS move or what? btw i miss Bitchass krispy
Jose Isaias-Benavidez
Jose Isaias-Benavidez 9 hours ago
Straight it should be jus Blake and Wall only b/c both players suck/injury prom
James Noble
James Noble 8 hours ago
They don't suck jus injury prone
TrocarSlushWeasel 10 hours ago
Krispy, even if Plumlee kills it on his stat line, NBA teams already know who he is and what his value is and aren't going to be falling over each other to trade for him.
JellyKelly 10 hours ago
U should just get the best rebounders from the league so the league will not be good at rebounding aswell
Corey Williams
Corey Williams 10 hours ago
Damn even 2K knows the Clippers will choke again...
CatamaVan 10 hours ago
Blake’s had the longest resting period of his career. He should be good to go.
J.D Thomas
J.D Thomas 10 hours ago
Do a James harden to pelicans. It will never happen just be fun to see him with zion. Some reporter says they had the most assets. Just be interesting to see him with zion
Chuy 324
Chuy 324 10 hours ago
I think the pistons would throw in D rose in this trade cuz it’s pistons
Soleil Gaskin
Soleil Gaskin 10 hours ago
If this trade happens, the Pistons would need to trade D. Rose!
Aaron A
Aaron A 10 hours ago
The Pistons would only do this if they were confident that John Wall would return to form and Blake Griffin wouldn't. Vice versa for the Wizards
Jonathan Atkins
Jonathan Atkins 10 hours ago
wizards already said they ain’t trading him
Chris Barclay
Chris Barclay 10 hours ago
ImThe Gooderest
ImThe Gooderest 10 hours ago
Id keep westbrook personally, as an okc fan I still think that if a team is specifically built around westbrook then they could be a playoff team.
Roland G
Roland G 10 hours ago
why do you like Griffin so much Krispy? As a pistons fan I hated that we got him and he hasn't done anything for us. Sure ewe got an 8 seed, then got swept. Thats it. He isn't the guy, let's move on
Yuta Watanabe
Yuta Watanabe 10 hours ago
Boss up313
Boss up313 10 hours ago
We get 2 1st round picks and Troy brown jr
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 10 hours ago
Breaking news...a rumor...smh
chaos132 10 hours ago
What if Griffin for Wiggins plus picks or Paschall.
chaos132 10 hours ago
Try to rejuvenate Wiggins' career and have Rose, Hayes, Wiggins, Grant and well, Plumlee(😪) as your 1st 5.
Justin Law
Justin Law 10 hours ago
John wall is toxic af lol
Coal Sports
Coal Sports 10 hours ago
This makes no sense for both teams, Wizards don’t need another big man and the Piston don’t need a PG when they just drafted Hayes. And as a Wizards fan I would lose my mind if this happened
Detroit Lions fan sadly
Detroit Lions fan sadly 12 minutes ago
@Teddy Hxc that’s not happening and as a pistons fan I would change teams also that would not be fair at all
Teddy Hxc
Teddy Hxc 9 hours ago
Only way we make a come up is if we get Hayes
Teddy Hxc
Teddy Hxc 10 hours ago
Big facts
Nathan Baker
Nathan Baker 10 hours ago
So I’m not the only one that think this trade was horrible for both sides.
jacob helfrick
jacob helfrick 10 hours ago
John wall is rumored to want to be moved. If it’s true the wizards should trade him. There’s no point keeping a player that does not want to be there. Washington needs to start speeding up this rebuilding process as John wall and Bradley Beal as a top 2 is not enough to win us a championship. Overall a decent trade for the wizards if it goes through without future 1st round picks
Laeon Mortis 3
Laeon Mortis 3 10 hours ago
This is gonna ruin Killian Hayes development. Killian literally is Detroit's only bright hope . F's in chat for Pistons fans
Brandon C
Brandon C 5 hours ago
@Nicks Kicks Yeah learning from an often injured PG who only succeeded cause of his speed is great for a players development.
Panda Wolf
Panda Wolf 9 hours ago
not really d rose comes off the bench so he can play wall as a sg bc of the lack in sg or Hayes can be a sf like shai did run a 3 point guard lineup and they won’t ruin his development instead of being the leader of the offense he’s 3rd option meaning all the responsibilities doesn’t fall on him he just has to get used to the game and score when given the ball he doesn’t have to worry about turnovers or missing a assist and other mistakes rookie pg have to worry about
Nicks Kicks
Nicks Kicks 9 hours ago
Learning from John wall will help him
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 10 hours ago
Bro I thought this was a real trade 🤦🏽
KOT4Q AND COW LOWRY FAN 10 hours ago
For the wizards you should have put Deni at PG, Beal at SG, Rui at SF, Griffin at PF, Bryant at C, and Bertans off the bench
VIO sports
VIO sports 9 hours ago
Right 👍🏼
Tasos Bersos
Tasos Bersos 10 hours ago
Why not include hayes and deni or rui in the trade...? this kinda balances out the loss on both teams
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 10 hours ago
John wall + 1st round pick for Horford and some expiring contracts.
omer rasiuk
omer rasiuk 10 hours ago
Stop making my heart stop
Eric S
Eric S 10 hours ago
I thought this was official
NFL sports talk
NFL sports talk 10 hours ago
bryanlaabs 10 hours ago
Got a challenge for you. Draft a guy and control his team during his whole career. The goal is to win 6 titles on 6 different teams. The catch is that the 6 teams have to be in different divisions. Extra points for finals MVPs.
Sir Poppy
Sir Poppy 10 hours ago
Ngl you had me in the first half
KOT4Q AND COW LOWRY FAN 10 hours ago
Krispy, you scared me for a sec. Also, I feel like Blake Griffin might turn down his option to get a long contract (like Gordon Hayward)
Yvng Scar
Yvng Scar 10 hours ago
@Julian Althabe he was hurt most the season
Julian Althabe
Julian Althabe 10 hours ago
@Yvng Scar but Hayward avg 18,4,4 last season. As a fourth option, sometimes 3rd. Thats not bad. Blake had a terrible season.
Lee Nigen
Lee Nigen 10 hours ago
@Yvng Scar na, they would probably want to get a higher pick in the 2021 draft and hope to eventually turn into a talented team surrounding Robinson, RJ, Toppin, and future picks. Free agency probably wouldn't work out to well for them.....its the Knicks.
Yvng Scar
Yvng Scar 10 hours ago
@Lee Nigen we said the same thing about Hayward. Some team would pay Blake like the knicks
Lee Nigen
Lee Nigen 10 hours ago
Ya but what team would want to give griffin a large contract. Hes coming off of a bad season but was great before that. I think he needs another redemption season.
KrispyFlakes 10 hours ago
Pistons AND Wizards need to hang up the phone on each other on this one... 2nd Channel:
Danijel Bosiokovic
Danijel Bosiokovic 9 hours ago
You can read it like this Danny (like Danny Green) and AvDeeYa. You're welcome. Greetings from Serbia.
Jose Isaias-Benavidez
Jose Isaias-Benavidez 9 hours ago
The Wiz would be the one who wins. A healthy Blake with a healthy Bradley Beal. The Pistons could win if John Wall is healthy
Bazz Adenmohaned
Bazz Adenmohaned 10 hours ago
Both all star bro good NBA player bro lebron James is the goat bro lebron James is the best player in the NBA
PrimeTimeWombat 10 hours ago
Arrow DF
Arrow DF 10 hours ago
Noti gang
Horacio 10 hours ago
Bruh I thought this was real
Martin Aguilar González
Martin Aguilar González 10 hours ago
I thought it said “ John wall to Houston and Russell to Washington” I’m a Houston Rockets 🚀 fan
Martin Aguilar González
Martin Aguilar González 10 hours ago
@AT Tatara I don’t
AT Tatara
AT Tatara 10 hours ago
Im not sure why rockets fans want Wall so badly
IG- almightynoble
IG- almightynoble 10 hours ago
No you didn’t. I call cap
KOT4Q AND COW LOWRY FAN 10 hours ago
Wall would fit better with Harden anyway
BasicallyFailing 10 hours ago
Dude this scared me