Eunice 12 hours ago
Sorry celebrity, I can’t see people waste food.
Anwer Pak
Anwer Pak 12 hours ago
Jackson Cosens
Jackson Cosens 12 hours ago
"many people say garlic give you bad breath but Uncle Roger say, bad breath means you live good life" Nothing I can agree more with right now!
Torsten Neuer
Torsten Neuer 12 hours ago
Maybe you should have a look at He's wearing your shirt while making fried rice and also he is using MSG !
Dayzee1081 12 hours ago
Bro, you just roasted Guga for advertising like 8 minutes after your pitch for VPN....LOL
riccocool 12 hours ago
Is there non egg fried rice that I am not aware of rongtim?
Scott Caputo
Scott Caputo 12 hours ago
If these two collab the censors are going to have to mute the entire episode.
Pr3tty Plus
Pr3tty Plus 12 hours ago
LOL! I’m Liberian, and we also say “haiya” or “haiya-ka”. They both mean the same thing and are used in the same way. This is what makes his videos even funnier to me.
Ash's channel
Ash's channel 12 hours ago
Me : the rice look good the rice taster : 👁️👄👁️-🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
chioma okoye
chioma okoye 12 hours ago
He said the rice stinky like you, 🤣🤣🤣
PA55WORD I5 369
PA55WORD I5 369 12 hours ago
@ 1:11 kung fu hustle is a good movie, one of my all time favorite movies !
Jacki Stuart
Jacki Stuart 13 hours ago
Uncle Rodger love touching rice🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seventh Monkey
Seventh Monkey 13 hours ago
Finally God of MSG meet God of Meat. Guga make fry rice with five pounds of meat and one grain of rice no chili jam.
Ian Biringer
Ian Biringer 13 hours ago
Yikes, too many edits. Why is it necessary to cut every half second? I'm dizzy.
Prima Ramadhan
Prima Ramadhan 13 hours ago
Pestle and mortar 😁😁😁😁 cool stuff from our ancestors
vio ng
vio ng 13 hours ago
8:12 "Do you think banana leaf grow on tree!?!?" Me : HMMMM
Kryocor3 13 hours ago
Uncle Roger's inability to wear a mask properly is concerning. He needs a cognitive test. I love how Nigel is so committed to a boomer character that he has forgotten how to wear a mask.
Jacki Stuart
Jacki Stuart 13 hours ago
Uncle Rodger please buy Nat a wok❤️
THE TROLLS BAND 13 hours ago
uncle roger big whiner, like little child spoiled , so sad , hayaa
teng tian
teng tian 13 hours ago
iwant subtitle😂😂
Linden Johnson
Linden Johnson 13 hours ago
if you fried rice with butter , that's called french fried rice 😂
2narikai 14 hours ago
What the customers have a script? My childhood gone at 26 years old. 🙃
Candy Trash
Candy Trash 14 hours ago
2:00 MSG looks like drugs lol
Yeg Mtb
Yeg Mtb 14 hours ago
Wegan salad so sad like your face haaaiya😂😂
Kenned 14 hours ago
what is msg?? :D
Fifi Khutfiah
Fifi Khutfiah 14 hours ago
Okay, I should tell Felix about this. 😆😆😆
Booop de Boop
Booop de Boop 15 hours ago
This gives my Vietnamese genes humor and despair
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 15 hours ago
uncle Roger's ad sponsored video is really worth watching, it's very entertaining and not dried like other youtuber's ad sponsored video
clovis 15 hours ago
8:43 mulan will start singing IM DEADDD PLEASEEE HAHAHAHHA
mohammad sweis
mohammad sweis 15 hours ago
Am so dumb I actually thought ppl on the videos are are not acting 😑
klebdotio 15 hours ago
in Australia, the free Wifi is so shit that it's better to just use your cellular data
Hung Pham
Hung Pham 15 hours ago
“The garlic so bad even the garlic try escape from her” - Uncle Roger 2021
David Serrano
David Serrano 15 hours ago
Uncle Roger I need me a rice cooker but don't which one to buy I seen many. Anyone recommend one?
niveth1 16 hours ago
d o e s c o m b u t a m e a n d o g p # n # s i n p i r u
Amber Irwin
Amber Irwin 16 hours ago
Uncle roger you made my day when you mentioned felix!
王德坤 16 hours ago
11:52 sooooo hot!
GodlyPA1N 16 hours ago
We’re not children anymore...
Gildarkz 16 hours ago
I would binge watch Uncle Roger Anime. MSG is waifu
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell 16 hours ago
So irony!
saix987 17 hours ago
Please please please, do James may fried rice. It would be amazing!
Ram en
Ram en 17 hours ago
Rice cookers are not single use appliance! You can use it for not only rice, but also congee, soup, and stewing meat! (If you have a proper Chinese one. Not the simple ones in e.g. the UK)
Valeriano Tunaulu
Valeriano Tunaulu 17 hours ago
Dating sites are now useless cuz of COVID dumbass
Damon Facio
Damon Facio 17 hours ago
Wow I didn't expect that accents from his niece
Sung Wo
Sung Wo 17 hours ago
Free HK Free TB
gamer gaming
gamer gaming 17 hours ago
My Malaysia uncle do you add salt to Rice? What doas the better n onion is called?
Gildarkz 18 hours ago
Jamie Oliver definitely redeemed himself. I like the dish. But I still agreed everything what uncle roger mentioned except the dirty jokes lol
완전 채식Siu
완전 채식Siu 18 hours ago
You say the rice just came from the patty field. I disagree, it would be softer if it did!! Liked this video, you are funny.
MFX Mason TEES 18 hours ago
He gon’ do crack next year
Jake edin
Jake edin 18 hours ago
That was a superb video. Uncle Roger was so real I was worried about Auntie Hersha feelings. Good to see you together now. I am happy. I can go to sleep.
Lucas 18 hours ago
Check out JPriceDK Danish chef make egg fried rice
ginger Gin
ginger Gin 18 hours ago
jotamiao kujo
jotamiao kujo 18 hours ago
5:33 Are you sighing?!?!? You should want haiyaaaaaaaaaaa XD (Chinese translation:你叹气了?!?!?! 你应该要haiyaaaaaa才对XD)
isaak ring
isaak ring 19 hours ago
i want to see auntie helen now
SuperLivonia 19 hours ago
Uncle're sooo funny .....and you're also right, his nail are yucky....nasty.
death 19 hours ago
Accipiter 19 hours ago
Can't watch more behinds scenes. I like the uncle roger being jerk . This is shattering my image :D
thorcuntdestroyess 19 hours ago
imagine white people could joke around like this
Dxalfie -Yt
Dxalfie -Yt 19 hours ago
React to gordan ramsay making asian dish of your choice
Dxalfie -Yt
Dxalfie -Yt 19 hours ago
React to gordan ramsay making asian dish of your choice
isaak ring
isaak ring 19 hours ago
I love how honest it is about how staged it is xd hilarious