😎 #psy #shorts
hobbledehoy 16 hours ago
this is soo good that it has been added to my watch later list!
Micropelts 95
Micropelts 95 16 hours ago
That's too sad too handle....I understand...you are damn excited to tell your mom something but she's not interested in that...yeah.....right..
Jimin got no jams
Jimin got no jams 16 hours ago
Her being an army says it all for me 🖐😌💜
Mega Lucario • 60 years ago
Mega Lucario • 60 years ago 16 hours ago
Don't give them a parashoot
GALAXY GAMING 16 hours ago
No offense but why is there bts idl it
Shxdow_cream 16 hours ago
Jeenie. I MUST know. Has BTS ever been on a flight and you were working as cabin crew. I MUST KNOW 😂💜
Binita Mandal
Binita Mandal 16 hours ago
Umm rip eyebrow hope it grows 🥺
TheShermanTanker 16 hours ago
God the thing I love the most about her is her shit eating grin
Kishori Dhungel
Kishori Dhungel 16 hours ago
Should I laugh after watching this ??
[ᴍɪʟᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ] 16 hours ago
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming 16 hours ago
i am *NOT* indian
Joshua Jim
Joshua Jim 16 hours ago
Either you teach your child or the world will, your choice.
Micropelts 95
Micropelts 95 16 hours ago
That packaging look more expensive than the item itself..
Awetu its____Jojo
Awetu its____Jojo 16 hours ago
I love that she looked at the back of her and said hey lady then did the middle finger
Ellyson Haynes
Ellyson Haynes 16 hours ago
Same energy as I'm a lesbian I thought you were American
MUSIC IS LIFE 16 hours ago
Lovesick Gurl
Lovesick Gurl 16 hours ago
Why are white people so offended with the racist word that they created ;-;
Just Didji
Just Didji 16 hours ago
5 star service “really goes out of her way to help the passengers”.....oh....wait
espresso cookie
espresso cookie 16 hours ago
Isabella Butler
Isabella Butler 16 hours ago
🤣🤣😭🤣 Same here 10 more minutes PLSSSSSSS
unicornfarts 16 hours ago
Its sad that flight atendents are so nice but the people on the plane are jerks
Tiny chx
Tiny chx 16 hours ago
In portuguese is like "black girl" something like
Your OWL
Your OWL 16 hours ago
Omg you didn't throw her from the plane lol.
Raithor 16 hours ago
Chris_FNaM2021 16 hours ago
bart trahan
bart trahan 16 hours ago
Put the child behind the mom that will fix it
Winter Dream
Winter Dream 16 hours ago
Yeeshkri Jukhoop
Yeeshkri Jukhoop 16 hours ago
Omg i just found out that you were an army!!
Kaylin Finnerty
Kaylin Finnerty 16 hours ago
“Oh, we’ll that’s because your a bitch” IM DYING
Tom Hoffmann
Tom Hoffmann 16 hours ago
In Chinese, Ne Ge, or 呢个,sounds like the n-word, but it means "this one"
Thunder Gaming
Thunder Gaming 16 hours ago
"6:21" Happy to get a lot of *DIAMONDS* from *FF2.BUZZ*
Hydra 229
Hydra 229 16 hours ago
Who uses tinder in an airplane?!?! Like, you’ll never see this person again wtf
Skye4Prezident 16 hours ago
Talent: discovered in 1809 People before 1809:
Shreyaa Baranwal
Shreyaa Baranwal 16 hours ago
The panther is sad, he belongs with meeee!!😢♥️
Em123 MM
Em123 MM 16 hours ago
I have got to try this!!!!! 🤣😂
Ryan Natuor
Ryan Natuor 16 hours ago
so my fear ol airplanes was not just childish
Lumist 16 hours ago
Theres also a song called 阳光彩虹小白马 which is literally about unicorns. In the song, the guy sings 内个 and its repeated in a catchy tone. 内个 is pronounced as "nei-ge" which means "the" and people are just sending him hate for saying the "n-word" like people, english isnt the only language in the world
Ella Palmer
Ella Palmer 16 hours ago
Awwwwwww soo cute and l love how she where's the blue glases🤣👍👍😄#Ella Palmer
Empress Talks
Empress Talks 16 hours ago
It’s really like that 😂I used to run to shops now I run from shops
Wolficorn Doggo
Wolficorn Doggo 16 hours ago
I swear if you're missing an eyebrow you better sharpie it on with a new shape everyday-
xoxo_amanda22 16 hours ago
I am surpised you know Mauritius. I live there by the way. I love your videos ❤
B u p p y Gacha
B u p p y Gacha 16 hours ago
When she said “your laptop the face of the person next to you”I couldn’t stop laughing
Just Didji
Just Didji 16 hours ago
The way you talk in the mom character is spot on
Nanamka 16 hours ago
ew... creep...
Arlyn Gadegaard
Arlyn Gadegaard 16 hours ago
Why the hell did I think it said flying with my Korean *girlfriend* instead of *mom*
Bell 16 hours ago
Not related but this is basically how I feel speaking russian by myself or with friend nearly fluent using slang words understanding everything. On the spot with random russian people barely able to spit out sentences 😂
bombdiggaty 16 hours ago
That took me a minute lol
JWC 16 hours ago
Muhammad Talha Hussain
Muhammad Talha Hussain 16 hours ago
Mother of all reverse burns
Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf 16 hours ago
Aren’t you already born with that skill?
halofreak209 16 hours ago
Baby shark doesn't bother me Nails on a chalkboard doesn't bother me either I am desensitized to what makes others uncomfortable do to public schools and online interactions with others lol
Just Didji
Just Didji 16 hours ago
This song used to annoy me because I heard it so much but now hearing it again after all this time gives it more of a nostalgic feel
CybR 16 hours ago
i was cringing until she called her a bitch, that line was actually pretty funny
Sku11krush3r247 16 hours ago
*Oh, well that's because you're a b* The mean woman: *WTF*
Any Thing
Any Thing 16 hours ago
Oscar 16 hours ago
*Everybody Released it was F**k Bit*h* *Me still wondering and releases after that girl told*
FaiBroadcastChannel 16 hours ago
I don't think passengers will appreciate the crews effort, and give u back with the 'this is your job ' face.
Ken ken Krazy
Ken ken Krazy 16 hours ago
Love u BFFl
JP 16 hours ago
Emirates where they treat women like shit?
boucennaboucenna240 boucenna
boucennaboucenna240 boucenna 16 hours ago
Elena Atanasovski
Elena Atanasovski 16 hours ago
omg i love this haha!
Lil mochi bts YT
Lil mochi bts YT 16 hours ago
Jennie: *his sir what would you like?* J-hope: *sPrItE* Jennie: ohhh, I should’ve known better 😂
hoi its me lol
hoi its me lol 16 hours ago
Mom: we are going to get there in an hour Me: no in a few minutes mom Mom: shuttup *few minutes later* Poilet: we have arrived Mom:see I told u in a few minutes Me: shi
Fuffluffluff 16 hours ago
Yes. Go skydiving.
minecraft 16 hours ago
They are gonna skydive for the rest of their life
Alena from Space
Alena from Space 16 hours ago
Wait did this actually happen or am I just really gullible? 😅
Euphoria_bear 16 hours ago
Zeina D'Souza
Zeina D'Souza 16 hours ago
I like how funny she is in this video 😂
JD 16 hours ago
You know what wasn't funny? *this video*
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat 16 hours ago
Try 4 free flight
Merry_ Taylor
Merry_ Taylor 16 hours ago
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf 16 hours ago
but your mom is actually secretly proud and smiling in her heart
Can Demir
Can Demir 16 hours ago
Who got this random in hes recommand?
Heerva Vegad
Heerva Vegad 16 hours ago
Apocalypse survival duo 00780
Apocalypse survival duo 00780 16 hours ago
Not gonna lie i clicked thinking this was a joke video and am now pleasantly surprised that it was not. Absolutely stunning and love the tattoos.
Meh the goat
Meh the goat 16 hours ago
Ed_H_1508 16 hours ago
Where’s the funny?
Drishti Koli
Drishti Koli 16 hours ago
Yaay eonnie I am an army to
Rupkatha Banerjee
Rupkatha Banerjee 16 hours ago
Have you ever meet BTS in airport or in airplane
BTS edits
BTS edits 16 hours ago
Ha ha ha lol