K3L 2 seconds ago
USposts recommendation: Scoop'n Ice cream for 10 years. 3.1m people: Interesting 🤔
Jelly Beanio
Jelly Beanio 20 seconds ago
Bro this king knows how to deal with the haters
GIo Gamers
GIo Gamers 38 seconds ago
Bruh here in Louisiana we call those "Snowballs"
DandyPuff シ
DandyPuff シ 56 seconds ago
That ice looks delicious
Chris Hill
Chris Hill Minute ago
Doing an ice cream meet up would be amazing! 👍👍👍 Let us know!
Mark Russel Gaerlan
Mark Russel Gaerlan Minute ago
N0T LUCKYY Minute ago
I bet my pinky finger that by December of 2021, this guy will reach 3.5-4 million subs. Dylan please don’t fail me.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Minute ago
Farha Khan
Farha Khan Minute ago
Hmmm yummy
Harris Vines
Harris Vines Minute ago
“The rainbow...demands a sacrifice...”
Porkchop Gamez
Porkchop Gamez 2 minutes ago
Chris Prants
Chris Prants 2 minutes ago
Thank u Chills
Musical nerd
Musical nerd 2 minutes ago
Bak Wool
Bak Wool 2 minutes ago
Chrimsyn 2 minutes ago
i wish i could go here omg
100001 1
100001 1 2 minutes ago
Laughs in European where most drains DON'T fckn mess up the ocean
Op Dee
Op Dee 2 minutes ago
USposts: 😦
Brody Stott
Brody Stott 2 minutes ago
Bro if I got hits me her names Dave and she’ll learn to behave
Cool Girl
Cool Girl 3 minutes ago
Did Dylan Limaye leave cold stone??
TNTspaz 3 minutes ago
People really need to pick their battles. What is the point of getting this upset about him dropping the scoopers. Such a dumb thing to be so mentally invested into
masnun mannan
masnun mannan 3 minutes ago
Congratulation Dylan. I like your ice cream making videos.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson 3 minutes ago
The Animatronic Dude
The Animatronic Dude 3 minutes ago
why on it
TacoBun 4 minutes ago
Amanii Sheppard
Amanii Sheppard 4 minutes ago
You definitely wan that your ice cream looks like sunset
SanriTV 4 minutes ago
One of your employees? Arnt you 16?
O _ O
O _ O 4 minutes ago
Wilma Araujo
Wilma Araujo 5 minutes ago
Every USposts when they get a silver play button : This is the perfect place to display it Dylan: Oh cool now let’s try making ice cream on it
Jose Edurdo Maldonado
Jose Edurdo Maldonado 5 minutes ago
Oddish is my favorite 🙃
Avital Tesfom
Avital Tesfom 5 minutes ago
He do be looking good doe
Sujika 6 minutes ago
Chill 6 minutes ago
Benjamin Arvad Ebrio
Benjamin Arvad Ebrio 6 minutes ago
NGL the cotton candy flavor looks good!
BrinchOLad 6 minutes ago
Great job man. Well earned.
Nebula Bubbles
Nebula Bubbles 7 minutes ago
yes, you deserve it.
Yaya B
Yaya B 7 minutes ago
Ander Playz
Ander Playz 8 minutes ago
Tripple Boi
Tripple Boi 8 minutes ago
When you know dylan busting when he gets youtube to comment on his stuff.
Mr. WOW :3
Mr. WOW :3 8 minutes ago
Nemo:The ice-cream came to the ocean bro Me: *FREE ICE-CREAM*
World of Fails
World of Fails 8 minutes ago
Stop cutting it off
Galaxy Warp
Galaxy Warp 9 minutes ago
R.I.P the cup that fell
Tripple Boi
Tripple Boi 9 minutes ago
I want to work at ice cream place noe
Neukmaster 69
Neukmaster 69 9 minutes ago
Amanii Sheppard
Amanii Sheppard 9 minutes ago
Dude why are you putting ice cream all your silver play button you're so stupid dude how to ruin it
Amelia Chen
Amelia Chen 9 minutes ago
i’ve been finding the loops and tactics more often, they are really smart!!
AngeliqueNade 9 minutes ago
Doing what you love to do and what got you here on the Silver Playbutton. Makes sense lol~
Altovise Brown
Altovise Brown 9 minutes ago
U know spice king can would love this
Void 10 minutes ago
Yeh its a 🌲
Eyram Eho
Eyram Eho 10 minutes ago
Yes pls
LSSJBROLY ! 10 minutes ago
I tried to do the whole YT thing. After my 'dream' constantly failed I just gave up
Tripple Boi
Tripple Boi 10 minutes ago
You what are you doing What!! U haven't liked the video? What are you doing! You haven't spammed donut either do it with me!! 1 2 3 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
Tillytastic 11 minutes ago
Susan Philipose
Susan Philipose 11 minutes ago
KANNA GAMING 11 minutes ago
Mohamed T
Mohamed T 11 minutes ago
This channel is growing faster than it took me to click on this video
KIRBY 11 minutes ago
Bryson Westbrook
Bryson Westbrook 11 minutes ago
Hey i were to do work in fl tx nc
Monica Luevanos Valenzuela
Monica Luevanos Valenzuela 11 minutes ago
soo satisfying how the ice cream came out🤩
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson 11 minutes ago
omg he works in illinois or something, right?
Madplayzz [GD]
Madplayzz [GD] 11 minutes ago
That loop tho
Arya Padiyar
Arya Padiyar 12 minutes ago
Dude I just had to say...major respect for u...keep up the great content and thx for inspiring me...stay safe.
Zackary Largus
Zackary Largus 12 minutes ago
To be honest with you it’s not even what you do. You just make entertaining content that humbles people. Like for instance I work as a pizza chef at a local pizzeria, for a while I saw it as a job. Then I saw your shorts and that changed for me. Thank you for the life changing experience that comes from your videos!!!
CoolDiamondGamer09 12 minutes ago
Jacksucksatlife has left the chat
Hyun-Soo Johnson
Hyun-Soo Johnson 12 minutes ago
:) there you go Dylan.
Hasan A
Hasan A 12 minutes ago
😁 Great story mate. That's the problem with all of these jobs. people aren't willing to be patient with people and assume the worst. and ON TOP OF THAT the 'customer is always' right mentality that people still subconciously follow. Who the fuck would say something as petty as "learn to read" after building a cake incorrectly. Yeah it is an unfortunate case of not getting what you wanted but why just to insulting? People are so damn weird.
Anthony lee
Anthony lee 12 minutes ago
Madplayzz [GD]
Madplayzz [GD] 12 minutes ago
That loop tho
Loafyquts_ 12 minutes ago
umar shaikh
umar shaikh 12 minutes ago
In india it is called as gola
Mellow_Sunshines 12 minutes ago
*him just putting ice cream on the silver play button* Me: OMG WHY WOULD YOI DO THAT
Adamaris Murillo
Adamaris Murillo 13 minutes ago
URL Legend
URL Legend 13 minutes ago
Who cares
Loafyquts_ 13 minutes ago
Witchotwilight 13 minutes ago
Kodak 13 minutes ago
I think the part where he holds his phone with is chid and chest is a April fools. Not sure tho but sus
I like food
I like food 14 minutes ago
Harshal Bhaturkar
Harshal Bhaturkar 14 minutes ago
In India is know as ice gola
Stephanie Howe
Stephanie Howe 14 minutes ago
Clean it w Bleach like you have too Anyway?
Sabeena Abdullatheef
Sabeena Abdullatheef 14 minutes ago
It looks good to eat so i sub
Tyler Storz
Tyler Storz 15 minutes ago