Annie Takahashi
Annie Takahashi 11 hours ago
God protect President Trump and the family 🙏safety and healthy always 🙏Trump/Pence 2020 💯%🙏🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏
Susan Rhoads
Susan Rhoads 11 hours ago
That woman from 60 minutes... horrible woman.
David Ware
David Ware 11 hours ago
Why hotter than RBG
彡Lame 11 hours ago
Love those mask less rallies 🙄
Jeannette Latour
Jeannette Latour 11 hours ago
Fauchikept us down. We needed a new road of other professionals to help us stay alive.
Flash Morgan
Flash Morgan 11 hours ago
I wonder who has the job of smearing Trump's face with Tang.
Cristina Nuqui
Cristina Nuqui 11 hours ago
Hope one of these days can visit your country... America
John Smith
John Smith 11 hours ago
Wallace is worthless, his father would be disappointed
BD 11 hours ago
Fire this FBI crooked Director NOW! So sick and tired of these crooked SOB's.
Rene Ramos
Rene Ramos 11 hours ago
Fox News is being fake now a days
munro pretorius
munro pretorius 11 hours ago
Great appointment. Shes the best for the job.
Cindy Barnard
Cindy Barnard 11 hours ago
Pray now fervently that Roe vs Wade can finally be overturned
Ismahaan Adam
Ismahaan Adam 11 hours ago
Anna Clary
Anna Clary 11 hours ago
Witchy laughter! Horrible woman!
Jane Rubin
Jane Rubin 11 hours ago
Next win in 8 days when the Dems will go like in 2016, "But, but the polls said..."
Jesther Cardenas
Jesther Cardenas 11 hours ago
Nice 70k plus of covid cases per day!
Andy Harman
Andy Harman 11 hours ago
I have great respect for Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham for getting this nomination through the Senate. The Dimocrats must be seething with hatred about it, and plotting about how many new justices they're going to pack into the court when Biden wins and they take over the senate. THIS WILL HAPPEN WHEN PIGS SPROUT WINGS AND FLY. I wonder why Chief Justice Roberts didn't administer the oath. But I think it's better that Justice Thomas did it.
Christ is King Forever!
Christ is King Forever! 11 hours ago
I don't care how 'religious' she appears to be. The American people want her to over turn a flimsy case called Roe vs Wade. If she doesn't, than she made a sucker of us but vengeance is God's.
Stephanie Selva
Stephanie Selva 11 hours ago
The Republican Party just catapulted its future voters to the Left.
Rambam Maimonides
Rambam Maimonides 11 hours ago
Allan dos SANTOS has not only escaped Brazil to hide from the Justice department and evade the investigation being under way by the Federal Police, but he is notoriously *a big LIAR* . He fled to the USA allegedly on the count that he had obtained sensitive and covert information of a plot being cooked by North Korea, China and the Brazilian Supreme Court to ovethrow the current president of Brazil Jair *Liar* Messias BOLSONARO, and Allan DOS SANTOS justify fleeing Brazil to the US because he would fear for his live under the hands of the Brazilian authorities.... This ( _crazy_ ) story Allan dos SANTOS publicly announced it after arriving in the US roughly 2 months ago... So where is the follow up ? Why this _lunkhead_ has not yet seek help with the FBI in the US ? Why this nincompoop of Allan dos SANTOS has not yet released such covert information to the FBI, or to the so called _conservative and independent midia_ ( like *PROJECT VERITAS* ) that supports TRUMP ??? The answer is very simple , it is because *Allan DOS SANTOS* (owner of the website news streaming *Terça Livre* ) is a rascal and a *BIG LIAR* .....
Erik E
Erik E 11 hours ago
7:22:00 KING KO THE DEMOCRATS GREAT SPEECH 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
Dr fire blood
Dr fire blood 11 hours ago
I will donate, fear not, God is on your side
Fit-Bowler 11 hours ago
Wonderful news for America!
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 11 hours ago
Trump should expand court now and install 20 more conservative judges. Two can play at liberal games.
Amnon Davidov
Amnon Davidov 11 hours ago
*God bless* 🙏America and its President Donald Trump !!! *Trump-2020* ✌️🇮🇱🤝🇺🇸✌️ Israeli people love you💞💗💗💗💞 *God bless* 🙏you Mike Pence. And the Most High said to Abraham: *"I will bless those who bless you,* *I will curse anyone who treats you with contempt,* *and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you"*
Tim French
Tim French 11 hours ago
Another swipe at Trump. Get over it, Mitt.
aptginc 11 hours ago
Biden has a lead?
The Right United
The Right United 11 hours ago
The big man is hunter biden
subarctica 11 hours ago
Why TF u not reporting on this laptop
blahblahblah blahblahblah
blahblahblah blahblahblah 11 hours ago
Laura's good looks are distracting in this clip
Wayne Shelton
Wayne Shelton 11 hours ago
What about the people who are waiting and now going to have to wait longer because they've been skipped by someone illegal..
the real truth matters continue the search always
the real truth matters continue the search always 11 hours ago
LOCK Joe Biden up 2020
Don Fra
Don Fra 11 hours ago
Greetings to our American friends from Italy, we are with you , I would like a president like Trump in Italy
Flash Morgan
Flash Morgan 11 hours ago
How cute. This is Pennsylvania, so they dressed some people to make it look like they're Amish.
Dr fire blood
Dr fire blood 11 hours ago
One more appointment for the supreme Court for president Trump, one will step down, just like the Lord declared. It shall be.
Kristyn Sotelo
Kristyn Sotelo 11 hours ago
Cuomo is an idiot
Karl Torres
Karl Torres 11 hours ago
Start packing the court no choice, Republican will cry on this and they will have no more credibility and integrity
darius yu
darius yu 11 hours ago
Mystic Muna Maria
Mystic Muna Maria 11 hours ago
Great Vibe LI! :)
fishinbum 11 hours ago
Harris is dangerous !
Fishing is Life
Fishing is Life 11 hours ago
"I am Joe Message, and I support this Biden"
David Alexander
David Alexander 11 hours ago
God bless to United States
Dave Nguyen
Dave Nguyen 11 hours ago
Hope the Chinese people has the opportunity to watch, listen and understanding this video so they may see where they are and what they are missing in life.
Tim Thuo
Tim Thuo 11 hours ago
Kinda looks like Robert Barnes 😅
Baron Morris
Baron Morris 11 hours ago
Are you kidding Biden in no way generates as much as president trump.
C C 11 hours ago
That's not a second place crowd
A Live
A Live 11 hours ago
A Black Trump and blue lives matter supporter has been killed by police in Texas on Oct 3rd and police not releasing video. Trump just lost another vote since he hadn't voted yet. Trump killing his constituents indirectly by not supporting BLM.
Cora Dailay
Cora Dailay 11 hours ago
CONGRATULATIONS to JUDGE AMY CONEY BARRETT for SC Associate JUSTICE. GOD BLESS PRES. TRUMP for nominating her, GOD BLESS AMERICA and the AMERICAN people 💚❤️💟🇺🇸💟❤️💚TRUMP /PENCE 2020 and RED all the way 🇺🇸✝️
Sandra Arriola
Sandra Arriola 11 hours ago
Congratulations judge Barrett, and thanks president Trump for chosen her.
Hanlie Ingels
Hanlie Ingels 11 hours ago
Find Dr Emmanuel Taban in South Africa, he is saving lives of critically ill Covid patients with a new procedure. And he is having amazing success!
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 11 hours ago
dems all evil and mafia
Dolly Hanley
Dolly Hanley 11 hours ago
The Democrats never gotten anything done that's honest honest Trump gets in there does a lot of good things and then they treat him like he's a dog now I'm sickening
Young Fago
Young Fago 11 hours ago
Rest of the world :😬 America: trump loses elections Rest of the world :🤫 America : elections were rigged , commence 2nd civil war Rest of the world : 🕺🏿💃
David Winemiller
David Winemiller 11 hours ago
I’m sure Nancy Pelosi has a plan to fix this problem!
Edward Garrison
Edward Garrison 11 hours ago
LaBron , Cuban, and the NBA eats shyte. Deport the entire NBA to Hong Kong to be with.their communist bed buddies. NBA is an unAmerican gaggle of overpaid ball tossers. Deport the NBA.
saurin shodhan
saurin shodhan 11 hours ago
Come on America! You deserve better then Fox and Trump! You are almost at the finish line. Dont embarrass yourselves again!
Danny Felts
Danny Felts 11 hours ago
We already got radical left Supreme Court Justice is already in the seat John Roberts for 1 swamp creature the swamp technicals have reached out and influence that son of a mother you can see the grin on that bastard's face
L Grn
L Grn 11 hours ago
Yesss. America the Beautiful 😍
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 11 hours ago
Jacob Rijpstra
Jacob Rijpstra 11 hours ago
Democrats, pitiful people, there is no dignity left in those America haters. Thank you mr President for all you have done in those 4 years.
Frostbite08 11 hours ago
Republicans have picked 15 of the last 18 supreme court justices despite only winning the popular vote once in the last 30 years. Gerrymandering never went away.
Xylos101 11 hours ago
They do give money to hospitals for corona deaths. They do that at almost every hospital in the western world. It was in the emergency funding packages we all passed months ago.
Juanita Holloway-Walters
Juanita Holloway-Walters 11 hours ago
This is so wonderful. Congratulations ! Texas Lady Juanita
MrFetusPretzel 11 hours ago
Good work now how about a stimulus ?!
John Cree
John Cree 11 hours ago
Amy you are making your family and friends so proud just to know you... As I am John from Lisburn northern Ireland sorry to what you had to go through to get the post that you were born into.. I wish lots of luck and good health.. To you and your family.. John from Ireland
KT Y 11 hours ago
Why do a old running for president???.. come on I don’t know too... the only thing is that he is rich 🦧🦧🦧.. but only stupid people believe him.. god bless America n every country 👍
Führer des Benutzers
Führer des Benutzers 11 hours ago
Does he seriously think illegal immigrants earn a legal minimum wage?
Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly 11 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Alexander Bruce
Alexander Bruce 11 hours ago
Non-stop Trump Train 💪🇺🇸💕🎉🎊🦸‍♀️⚡👊Trump 2020👊
20centsworth t
20centsworth t 11 hours ago
This should be front page news instead of the garbage the crimocrats and the marxist media are pushing.. the media wont even permit anyone to talk about 'shadowgate' or 'riding the tiger' - both starring joe and his family... the same joe that did nothing on foreign policy except enrich his own family and sold out USA companies.... VOTE THE HOUSE AND SENATE RED !!!!
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen 11 hours ago
boycott all dems
A. A.
A. A. 11 hours ago
Our Republic is safe for generations to come. No one will shred our Constitution or otherwise alter our history as a nation, regardless of race. Too many Democrats in government were hidden socialists and communists. These people must be crushed. America will never be a socialist hellhole.
Annie Takahashi
Annie Takahashi 11 hours ago
God Bless America 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lisa A.
Lisa A. 11 hours ago
Oh, but Biden is no longer a racist, according to Kamala. He's her ticket to the presidency- the sneaky way. However, she seems to have accomplished everything for herself the sneaky way.
Daniel Naville
Daniel Naville 11 hours ago
Could we simply call FOX NEWS.....TRUMP'S CHANNEL
Frostbite08 11 hours ago
Republicans have picked 15 of the last 18 supreme court justices despite only winning the popular vote once in the last 30 years. Gerrymandering never went away.