To Be Continued...
3 months ago
2HYPE Goes Back To School!
2HYPE Plays Among Us!
Moochie Finally Joins 2HYPE!
Crazy 2HYPE Science Fair!
2HYPE House Olympics!
2HYPE Goes Shark Fishing!
2HYPE Best Outfit Battles!
i really dont care if yall drink im cool with yall grown up i mean im good for
playboii kash
playboii kash 5 hours ago
kyler murray was in this video
Simon Young
Simon Young 5 hours ago
Someone needs to tel James to stfu
Leo 5 hours ago
Probably half the people watching don't know who MMG
Morgan Powell
Morgan Powell 5 hours ago
Daym Jesse them lips dry af
King kong
King kong 5 hours ago
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Artie Lucke
Artie Lucke 5 hours ago
Who names their child cashius
Woke Deity
Woke Deity 5 hours ago
27:55 so this guy wasn’t bout to say the n word
Jxz on kbm
Jxz on kbm 5 hours ago
has some look a t chis he has 2 beards
Ganza Kalimba
Ganza Kalimba 6 hours ago
Jesse drunk af
Alan Reyes
Alan Reyes 6 hours ago
Bro Jesse is so drunk😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🙏
Zxmrin Nawaz
Zxmrin Nawaz 6 hours ago
Wait!! Didnt Cash leave 2hype??
Cj Daoggoat
Cj Daoggoat 6 hours ago
Jesser drunk😂
V C 6 hours ago
Lmfaoo cash chillin the whole time was hilarious 😂😂
dari 6 hours ago
moochie: start ur day with sum healthy also moochie: i got cake 😏🤤 😭😂💀
Bobby Zimmerman
Bobby Zimmerman 7 hours ago
Tovia Tuia
Tovia Tuia 7 hours ago
When mitchell runs he looks like the rugby player Ryan papenhyuzen and with his mullet😂
kyrick isaac
kyrick isaac 7 hours ago
33:20 when my mom ask why am I just getting home at 5 in the morning
Jose Macias
Jose Macias 8 hours ago
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Χρηστος Πουρσανιδης
Χρηστος Πουρσανιδης 8 hours ago
Hide&seek with flight that will be so fun
Arismendis Bello
Arismendis Bello 8 hours ago
jess is booooooted🤣
Joe Wells
Joe Wells 8 hours ago
I don't like him swearing
Joe Wells
Joe Wells 8 hours ago
Me either man
YWX BUBBA BUM 8 hours ago
"How do you know that",?
Gavin Ross
Gavin Ross 8 hours ago
6'10 190 lol man's. A twig. No wonder why didn't make the league
WLG_CLAPZZ 9 hours ago
I know this is very very late but they could have made nachos am I wrong
Delago HD1
Delago HD1 9 hours ago
Johan Garcia
Johan Garcia 9 hours ago
you guys sound exhausted if u guys need time to find what you love about filming agin go
PN YOUTUBE 9 hours ago
Jesse sounds like the drunk uncle at the end
beau learmonth
beau learmonth 9 hours ago
do part 2
Cool gamer- Roblox
Cool gamer- Roblox 9 hours ago
Bruh ha😂
marc larrieux
marc larrieux 9 hours ago
Wtf cash wat makes you so special that we don’t know your weight gain and stuff
Friend Feud!
Friend Feud! 9 hours ago
You’re so dumb because u make a parachute
Tw_ CandyCane
Tw_ CandyCane 10 hours ago
I hate mullets tbh but I respect Mitch’s... it looks like a Mohawk and/or mullet. I really like the hair color for it though and that is one reason I respect it
B01. Bandigan, Kyle Nathan O.
B01. Bandigan, Kyle Nathan O. 10 hours ago
Props to cash for eating healthy
Brandon Abbott
Brandon Abbott 10 hours ago
At 27:57 Jesse almost says a word
Kevin harshit
Kevin harshit 11 hours ago
In the part where we see Jesse and James the audio comes down to like 4% and when it comes to cash in a second I have to put it back at like 70% the ridel brothers are loud !!!!!
Martin D Johnson
Martin D Johnson 11 hours ago
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NikeA Shoebox
NikeA Shoebox 11 hours ago
Do a part 2
Martin D Johnson
Martin D Johnson 11 hours ago
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Jay Gaming
Jay Gaming 11 hours ago
Put MMG in 2hype
kade port
kade port 11 hours ago
Zack...buddy... most root beer is caffeine free
Bdogg 03
Bdogg 03 11 hours ago
Jesse and James were absolutely sauced
Wavey ALG
Wavey ALG 11 hours ago
I really don't understand why cash did this challenge if he can't even weigh himself
Double Bands
Double Bands 12 hours ago
jesses lips like a sidewalk in the hood
double nut
double nut 12 hours ago
We ain't gonna talk about kris stoppin his recording jus to smash
K And A Gaming
K And A Gaming 12 hours ago
Lips ashy cuh😂
YRS_Stuart 12 hours ago
Kris does not look right
Drewski Brooks
Drewski Brooks 12 hours ago
Lsk seems Depressed 🤦🏽‍♂️😔😥
Littledee579 12 hours ago
da stash good dont worry what other people think tell kris
Mark Kenneth Miranda
Mark Kenneth Miranda 12 hours ago
Narry 12 hours ago
At 28:00 did Jesse accidentally drop an n bomb
Daniel Brothers
Daniel Brothers 12 hours ago
2Hype should definitely bring this idea back LMAOOO
Jalen Black
Jalen Black 12 hours ago
Jesser was FADED most of the video lmfaooo
Mitch Waters
Mitch Waters 12 hours ago
Zack need to cut them nails
Coldhexrtd_Mani-_- 13 hours ago
We need another 40-50 minute Long regular mafia video... it would be a banger and to be honest I always rewatch the mafia videos because they are the best videos 2hype put out.
Nickp39 13 hours ago
This video made me sooooo hungry
selo 13 hours ago
jesse was so drunk
Aidan IsCool
Aidan IsCool 13 hours ago
i thought mitchell actually ate dogfood
Jake Lemelman
Jake Lemelman 13 hours ago
moochie is just mad funny
Ryan Carne
Ryan Carne 13 hours ago
I feel zack on breakfast just have a hard time eating it🤷‍♂️
theJ channel
theJ channel 13 hours ago
Every single one of these guys whinge and bitch about spiders like grow the fuck up they dont hurt
Zeus thagod
Zeus thagod 13 hours ago
Bru i weigh more than half of them and I 13
Malachi Delgado
Malachi Delgado 13 hours ago
Does anybody notice that Jesse almost said nigga at 27:56
Michael Branton
Michael Branton 13 hours ago
James trying to lose weight. 2HYPE: Who can gain the most weight James: 👁👄👁
Michael Peck
Michael Peck 13 hours ago
Why Jesse lips so dry
Aftab Mohammed
Aftab Mohammed 13 hours ago
At 27:57 what were you about to call Kris Jesse ?
Paul Richards
Paul Richards 13 hours ago
The human body can function like that
Luke Thurswell
Luke Thurswell 13 hours ago
Cash’s meal plan’s always have me laughing so hard how he talk abt it
Dripppout _Taylor
Dripppout _Taylor 13 hours ago
Jesser be needing some Chapstick like bad 💯🤮
Marcus Montgomery
Marcus Montgomery 13 hours ago
That Stache is Fire bro!!!
Jz productions 17
Jz productions 17 13 hours ago
Zack was legit crying
Jay Costa
Jay Costa 13 hours ago
I’m only back because of cash and moochie
Dummy Franchise
Dummy Franchise 10 hours ago
no one cares
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez 13 hours ago
Jz productions 17
Jz productions 17 13 hours ago
Jesse was dunk asffffff
COLUSSUS 14 hours ago
dude jesses lips need to be salvaged lol
3mili 14 hours ago
13:10 why cash said ion cheer with enimies?
Sabine BrownEagle-Branson
Sabine BrownEagle-Branson 14 hours ago
Ngl Cash has got some pancakes😳
Bob John
Bob John 14 hours ago
27:56 mans what bout to say nigga on god he trippen
Scar FN
Scar FN 14 hours ago
YES courage in a 2hype vid
Nathan Lahey
Nathan Lahey 14 hours ago
they needed salad, smoothies, and lots of meat