BOAT LIFE: 24 Hours at Sea
We Need Some Time Apart
nectarios tsaggaris
nectarios tsaggaris 3 hours ago
Guys when do you plan to come to Cyprus in the Mediterranean sea ? If you up for it i can help you lots . Ive send you an insta message .
George Rayner
George Rayner 3 hours ago
Enjoyed the 4 seasons in 19 minutes (as always) but did not enjoy the dozen odd ads! whats happening guys? :(
Darlene Ermis
Darlene Ermis 3 hours ago
Your the perfect
jjjoooojjj 3 hours ago
Another level editing from you ... Love .. it ..
Leki 3 hours ago
J C H 3 hours ago
somehow making your own gas thing does not sound safe
Riley Adair
Riley Adair 3 hours ago
I like the add breaks, it gives me a chance to grab another beer. I hate pausing these videos. Great work.
Ramesh Gallage
Ramesh Gallage 3 hours ago
I being watching your videos for a long time 😊 Thanks. you are having a wonderful Life 😊 Best of luck 😊 Waves from Sri Lanka🙆
adam300tdi90 3 hours ago
6:13 - is that Lenny's imitation of an engine starting?!?
Tristan 3 hours ago
I saw you having a coffee from your percolator. Is it made of aluminium? As you know, coffee is acidic and using an ally container has the coffee leach out the ally, which is then consumed. Bad for health over the long term. Is possible to buy the percolator you were using in stainless.
Izabela Zuranska
Izabela Zuranska 3 hours ago
I love to watch you. I would like to experience such an adventure in my life. Now I see what a beautiful world 😘 greetings from Poland❤️
P Mickleson
P Mickleson 3 hours ago
Been here since day one, best episode ever 🤘🏼
Teresa Bowen
Teresa Bowen 3 hours ago
20 MICHIGAN 🇺🇸 We have a snow storm coming. Tuesday 26 21 Brrrrrrrr. to drop down to 11
Calador 3 hours ago
Please tell me you have chicken salt onboard
Dax Hallman
Dax Hallman 3 hours ago
Oh wow! No nuts for Lenny. It could have been more complicated with an allergy to only tree nuts. Hard to police.
Mike Petitt
Mike Petitt 3 hours ago
Well I’m here in San Diego Ca and normally we have beauty full weather and literally just had a storm like yours roll through here complete with hale and a bit of snow! We don’t have a marina at my house , but we had white caps in our pool ! Does this count? Lol thanks again for sharing your great adventures with us!
hatam al tai
hatam al tai 3 hours ago
Nice, i need father like you 😂😘😘😘💌
keely johnston
keely johnston 3 hours ago
I’m in the UK 🇬🇧 it’s snowy and wet and icy 🥶 ❄️ I’m sooooo jealous. Your living my dream life 🤣🤣
רם סיון
רם סיון 3 hours ago
Hi friend, next time, when you connect a hose to a gas tap. Just put a little dish soap on the hose. The faucet will slide into the pipe
John Smuts
John Smuts 4 hours ago
I am surprised you do not have a few disposable gas cylinders! Google "disposable camping gas cylinders" They are life savers! Enjoy your vids wish I was young enough to do same-too old at 70+ Regards
David McNiven
David McNiven 4 hours ago
'course you coulda just put the dirt back in the pot - the plant wouldn't care that the dirt was a bit dirtier from having been on the floor... :-)
Ashley Erickson
Ashley Erickson 4 hours ago
Great news guys good luck
Dave Wyatt
Dave Wyatt 4 hours ago
Great Video love little Lenny his smile just melts your heart. The weather looks fab except the storm but it is far better than the lockdown UK
Jennifer Greig
Jennifer Greig 4 hours ago
me and my bf watch ur vis. nice work.
Jennifer Greig
Jennifer Greig 4 hours ago
Birgit Svens
Birgit Svens 4 hours ago
I met Sven on his Bris on the Norwegian east coast 1976
Astrid Warnken-Friedrich
Astrid Warnken-Friedrich 4 hours ago
Vanessa Joy
Vanessa Joy 4 hours ago
You guys do such an incredible job at capturing the beauty! Absolutely crazy! 💖💖
Мишка и сестричка
Мишка и сестричка 4 hours ago
12:10 Well Riley, The weather in the UK was snow on the 24/01/2021. Currently,It’s ‘meh’ weather because it is always -2*C to 5*C. Sometimes raining;it’s kinda frosty 🥶 P.S snow was a miracle because we haven’t seen it in the uk for roughly 3 years 😞 Love your videos though! And I’m jealous of your weather :)
Ynech 4 hours ago
Great video.
Louisa Murn
Louisa Murn 4 hours ago
i really love watching your videos, i'm only 13 but i really want to have a life like yours, it seems so fun and i love sailing
Malcolm McGrath
Malcolm McGrath 4 hours ago
18.54 hmm nice, 18.58 argh poke out eyes, it was Riley.
Johndigsweed 4 hours ago
Now you have gas and the boat to yourself, time for a cheeky spot Riley? 🤔
Aaryan 4 hours ago
MerJa Media
MerJa Media 4 hours ago
Can anyone help me with the redipe for the cocktail they are making? I really want to try it but all my attempts have failed.
Wes Brown
Wes Brown 4 hours ago
Why can't he put it in hot water? You boil some water... Put the hose in just enough to soften it up, slam it on the fitting then you're good.
stan kwon jiyong
stan kwon jiyong 4 hours ago
Hey don’t worry about it Riley! In Polynesia, all men wear sarongs/lavalava 😊
Abdellah Hssaini
Abdellah Hssaini 4 hours ago
Stephen Gilbert
Stephen Gilbert 4 hours ago
Ohmystars you guys! The photography and editing, plus the storytelling - TOP SHELF!! One of my favorite episodes yet. I continue to be inspired by your energy and imagination. Congratulations on your new crew member as well!
Anon yMous
Anon yMous 4 hours ago
are you guys going back to australia to have your new baby? Much love.
Brae Sepulveda
Brae Sepulveda 4 hours ago
those stinking copy right claimers put like 10 ads on the video. I could care less about them though, I would wait through an hour of them just to watch, video was awesome!
WiseCub SKR
WiseCub SKR 4 hours ago
A Million Thanks For Sharing 👏👏👏👏👏🙏👌🇫🇷
music lover
music lover 4 hours ago
Snowing & and cold. If it’s going to be cold, I’d rather have it snowing too, otherwise it’s too monotonous. Of course this doesn’t apply if you’re living in paradise. So Bluuuuuuuuuuuui!!!!!
Joy.E. Lofte
Joy.E. Lofte 5 hours ago
“Jus vibing” in that dirt and plant though.😝
Stu Smith
Stu Smith 5 hours ago
Dudes can wear sarongs if theyre cool 😎
fordleg 5 hours ago
the shits they would do would be bad for the ozone after seeing that soup
Tony Howes
Tony Howes 5 hours ago
Congrats on the new kiddo on the way guys. You have a quality thing going in all aspects. When i compare to the other sailing shows on youtube, nobody else even holds a candle in comparison. You guys rock. Tony Howes
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey 5 hours ago
Put the Hose in Boiling water,,, then its Like Butter.
Jochen L.
Jochen L. 5 hours ago
8:82 - our portside engine is kaputt ... recently the autopilot is "auch" kaputt ;-)
Corey Tomsett
Corey Tomsett 5 hours ago
Hey buddy just keep checking that gas connection with soapy water, if you get bubbles you have a leak.
MegaBrorsan 5 hours ago
Think you’ve not gotten the point about pressure cookers. Steam under pressure is doing the job and if you have too much water, it’s not gonna cook as designed. Water is incompressible, so you’re in effect only boiling your veggies. Much less water will give much better results.
TheCowpowah 5 hours ago
"I've seen french dudes wearing this stuff" says the guy that wears shorts with flowers... 😝😜😁 I'm actually kinda jealous, I would LOVE to wear this stuff! It's freezing cold, snowy, cold wet here in France... Your videos are like a buoy for mind atm 🌞
Ian Cockerham
Ian Cockerham 5 hours ago
Riley looked a bit excited to see the good weather with the towel wrapped round him wink wink
Andrea G
Andrea G 5 hours ago
I know its not cold where you are but when you go outside in a bikini/shorts I feel cold for you! From Canada.
kenny Donaldson
kenny Donaldson 5 hours ago
hot water would have done the trick for the hose lol
Colin Connelly
Colin Connelly 5 hours ago
Catamaran for sale, slightly soiled.
Neil Lefley
Neil Lefley 5 hours ago
Use washing up liquid or shower gel round the gas pipe and look for bubbles for leaks.
HavanaSam 5 hours ago
Nearly a Basil Faulty moment at the beginning. How much butter do you put on each tray?
Little Camper NZ
Little Camper NZ 5 hours ago
Another very enjoyable video. We love them down here in little old New Zealand. Keep them a coming. 😉
Heidi Blackbeard
Heidi Blackbeard 5 hours ago
Love how Leni is so chilled. Would really like to see the actual storms happening while you are in the middle of the ocean to see what really happens, I know times like that is scary and hard to film, I hope there will be a way to see sometime. Keep blazing stay amazing
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 5 hours ago
It's been super rainy and then crazy hot here in New Zealand! Always on and off, it's messing with my mind ahahha
Dax Hallman
Dax Hallman 5 hours ago
Lenny Finds Croutons: Episode 1
Brittany Abney
Brittany Abney 5 hours ago
Now you guys have Lenny + one on the way !!! <3 *crying*
Jason Tingstad
Jason Tingstad 5 hours ago
-31 lol
Juanfranco Dino
Juanfranco Dino 5 hours ago
Wow really Iove watching your video!...exploring the wonderful nature of the sea...
Archer1182 6 hours ago
Lol -14 f this morning
Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt 6 hours ago
What model drone are you using? I had a Mavic Mini, but sadly lost it in the Murray River near Blanchtown due to loss of signal.
Captain Rusty
Captain Rusty 6 hours ago
A very happy Australia days guys
blunc 6 hours ago
-4℃ with snow storms here in Norway
Land of Stan
Land of Stan 6 hours ago
I would have tried putting some soap or petroleum jelly on the fitting to lubricate it.
Fritz Muller
Fritz Muller 6 hours ago
Could you make a video about your electric system on board? Which charger do you have and how is it all wiered? BTW great Video
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 6 hours ago
Top tip when fitting any hose onto any fitting place the end of the hose into hot water to make it soft before pushing it on. Much easier and works everytime 👍.
vintage gangstar
vintage gangstar 6 hours ago
Beautiful video as always ❤️
Jassi Dominguez
Jassi Dominguez 6 hours ago
hahahahahahaha Lenny and his "starting engine" noices...
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor 6 hours ago
“Lennys wearing a g-string” 😂😂 I shouldn’t have laughed so hard! And congratulations guys!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, you guys are amazing! ❤️❤️❤️
Dale Schreyer
Dale Schreyer 6 hours ago
Pressure cooker!!!!!.... I bought my wife a pressure we eat off the ceiling....
Mike Denning
Mike Denning 6 hours ago
Love watchin you three! Cant wait to get my long sleeve shirt and show it off!!! Kinda chilly here in Ohio!
Marietjie Jansen Van Rensburg
Marietjie Jansen Van Rensburg 6 hours ago
Always amazed by your free diving skills. Would love to be able to do it but don't even know how to begin. Congrats ons the little prinses on her way. Stay blessed always
Jorji Maco
Jorji Maco 6 hours ago
Soapy water to check gas (it works), chic chic boom.
LibertinaUno 6 hours ago
Snow , rain and much flooding all around us at the mo but not un typical for this time of year . Craving winter sun as I type :)
Saskia Cole
Saskia Cole 6 hours ago
Such a laugh - Riley and the Germans 😂😂