I want a baby girl 🥺
We needed some time away..
I came back to Stockton..
Is it too soon...? *HELP*
Nanaa Lopezz
Nanaa Lopezz 2 hours ago
Benny u should make a song called benita or something that shit would be funny af
alejandra ortiz
alejandra ortiz 2 hours ago
Baby girl 💜💜💜💜💜for Benny and Alondra
daisy daisy
daisy daisy 2 hours ago
Alomdra is more beautiful than without makeup
Sophie Lazu
Sophie Lazu 2 hours ago
I love the way they love each other. It reminds me on how hard my husband and I love each other R.I.P. JUAN G. LAZU
alejandra ortiz
alejandra ortiz 2 hours ago
Me and my girls you love you guys keep up the great job praying for healthy baby
Albert Rios
Albert Rios 2 hours ago
Walmart lil mosey ruined this song lowkey
Aly Aguilar
Aly Aguilar 3 hours ago
Aww Congratulations you guys !! I'm so happy for you two God bless you guys on this beautiful journey! 🧿🤍
PAOLA MONRREAL 3 hours ago
Congratulations; yess Benny I think she’s having a boy too !! 💙
The Girls Mom1619
The Girls Mom1619 3 hours ago
I just found out about them and I have cried, laughed, and smiled every video. 🥰
giselle martinez
giselle martinez 4 hours ago
Congrats Alo & Benny! 🥳 alondra you might’ve had Hyperemesis Gavidarium I had it when I was pregnant and got so sick could t keep ANYTHING down. Just try eating ginger mints to make the nausea go away! Also I hope you got Elsy’s reaction to your pregnancy 😭😭 Praying for a healthy baby👶🏻💟 #GirlTeam
Angale 4 hours ago
I love their videos and I wonder who edits them❣️
roselyn2simp 4 hours ago
Cristel Galindo
Cristel Galindo 5 hours ago
Benny were you able to get your family’s reaction when announcing the pregnancy?!🥺
Cristel Galindo
Cristel Galindo 5 hours ago
Alo I love your nails! I love that you’re comfortable without makeup because you are beautiful with it without makeup
Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto 5 hours ago
Lol 🤣😂😅 9:21 ahaha
Lucero Diaz
Lucero Diaz 5 hours ago
You might have had a mild case of HG hyperemesis gravidarum. I had it with both my pregnancies & had to go to the hospital several times for both. So glad you're okay & better!! Praying for a happy healthy pregnancy!! 🤗🥰❤️❤️❤️
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 5 hours ago
Benny and Phora? okay🔥🔥
Sunny Stars
Sunny Stars 5 hours ago
Watching this is just funny
S *
S * 6 hours ago
Love these two 😍 pregnancy looks sooo goood on her wow mama💕🌸🔥
Shay Anything Vlogs
Shay Anything Vlogs 6 hours ago
Congrats my loves ❤❤
Javier Corrales
Javier Corrales 6 hours ago
Love you guys soo much i pray every day for yall love ypu guys
Salma_ Joshua
Salma_ Joshua 6 hours ago
Berthadilia Mayorga
Berthadilia Mayorga 7 hours ago
alondra is so amazing and is a baddie
Simply Temps
Simply Temps 7 hours ago
Dammmn foo!! Getting down!!! Like I said , you give Baby bash vibes pero Benny style! Keep that shit going man!!! Congrats to you and alo💕dios los bendiga siempre
Simply Temps
Simply Temps 7 hours ago
Benny gives me Baby Bash vibes with his voice!!!! Yass!!!!
Marleny De Dios
Marleny De Dios 7 hours ago
this popped up on my recommended list and i’m like wait .. that’s not alo what’s happening but then i see this was from 3 years ago 😭😭
Lifewithlilmo 7 hours ago
Your mom was yelling & I got scared 😂😂
MakeupTherapybySuhey 7 hours ago
Praying for you and baby, my cyst actually disappeared after I deliver my first child, and they cake back and 2nd pregnancy they went away again . So strange
Sasha Nunez
Sasha Nunez 7 hours ago
God bless the baby and y’all ✨🥺 I love y’all so much I’m so excited for this blessing that has came to y’all’s life I really hope it’s a girl but whatever comes as long as the baby is healthy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tatiana Garcia
Tatiana Garcia 7 hours ago
The fact that shes pregnant now❤❤❤❤
Jacqueline Benitez
Jacqueline Benitez 7 hours ago
Who’s here after the pregnancy announcement?
Elena Leon
Elena Leon 7 hours ago
Yo we have the same couch lmao
Klarissa R.
Klarissa R. 8 hours ago
Y’all’s baby is going to be soooo beautiful I’m soooo happy for y’all 💕💕🙏🏽🙏🏽👶🏻
Jennifer De Santiago
Jennifer De Santiago 8 hours ago
The whole time Benny was like Na that ain’t gonna be yo baby mama that’s gonna be mine 😂😂
Melanie Andrade
Melanie Andrade 8 hours ago
I still can’t believe she’s pregnant 🥺❤️
Alondra Reyes
Alondra Reyes 8 hours ago
Lmao how did alondra liked tre music Benny is on another level this shit SLAPS
Emileo & Chrissyyy
Emileo & Chrissyyy 8 hours ago
Praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery ♥️
stepheny torres
stepheny torres 9 hours ago
I believe it’s going to be a girl. I had a boy and didn’t not throw up even once. I did feel nauseous the first trimester, but that was all.
Thats Kool
Thats Kool 9 hours ago
Bye I thought this was their gender reveal I was like “damn why he put the gender in the thumbnail😩” 😭😭😭😭
Yulisa Casarez
Yulisa Casarez 9 hours ago
Omg The best 🥰🥰 Benny you kill it ❤️🥺
Jenny Sosaa
Jenny Sosaa 9 hours ago
Broo I’m over here dying on how Benny had you on the bed 🤣😭😭💀
Oumayma Ziani
Oumayma Ziani 9 hours ago
Someone should drop the lyricssss
Jesus Castro Leyva
Jesus Castro Leyva 10 hours ago
When is he gonna propose 🙄✋
melitza rodriguez
melitza rodriguez 10 hours ago
When you rewatch the video and still react with tears (again).
Priscilla Wren
Priscilla Wren 10 hours ago
alondra is pregnant , is it even okay to drink white claws Im just askjng
Ruby Sanchez
Ruby Sanchez 10 hours ago
Team girl
Elizabeth Castaneda
Elizabeth Castaneda 10 hours ago
I really want to see your parents reaction of you telling them the news $lizthewiz0
Cuban Da Balla
Cuban Da Balla 11 hours ago
Kyphosis is the reason y I wear hoodies and its comfortable lol
Cuban Da Balla
Cuban Da Balla 11 hours ago
I also didn't wear back brace because of other ppl
Cuban Da Balla
Cuban Da Balla 11 hours ago
I don't even like to take my shirt off at the beach because of my back
Cuban Da Balla
Cuban Da Balla 11 hours ago
How many times do you do these stretches?
Cuban Da Balla
Cuban Da Balla 11 hours ago
There are different types of kyphosis I read so the reason y I have kyphosis is cause if bad posture and always slouching I really want to get rid of it
Cheree 12 hours ago
You both will do Great! It'll come naturally don't worry, just enjoy the journey💜
VIVI THOEE 13 hours ago
Anyone else here while he’s about to have a baby with Alo 😭❤️
Tupe Ahtune
Tupe Ahtune 15 hours ago
It's a girl ♥️
Tupe Ahtune
Tupe Ahtune 15 hours ago
It's so funny I've been praying for you guys to have a baby since I've started watching you guys. God has blessed you both wit a blessing 🙏🙏 God is so good
Armida M
Armida M 17 hours ago
She was pregnant here already 🥰
Hailey Sigala
Hailey Sigala 17 hours ago
Da kB was the night eoreorwo was your birthday we could do weyow is the day I was just asking who you wanna do you think y’all are doing what 😮 is gonna you like a girl 👧🏽 is your day to look 👀 is the day to come eo was your birthday and your tbirthday last night e I r up to the
Monique Sae
Monique Sae 17 hours ago
Your so pale and glowing!!! It’s a girl ♥️
Mati I
Mati I 17 hours ago
Cannot wait to see both families reactions 😭❤
Armida M
Armida M 17 hours ago
Okay but she is actually chill, funny af, and super pretty
Emily An
Emily An 17 hours ago
I have a feeling that if they have a gender reveal he is going to propose to her!!🥺
Desiree Ortiz
Desiree Ortiz 18 hours ago
Same 🥺 I lost more weight than I gained. Nothing worked I was miserable my whole pregnancy, try peppermint candies and preggie pops they seem to calm down the nausea a little bit! My dr prescribed me medication and that gave me some relief!
Evita Khach
Evita Khach 18 hours ago
The way you edited alo in the pool in slo mo and light effects like an angel 😂😂😂😭😭😭 need me a mans like this
Suraye Blackwater
Suraye Blackwater 18 hours ago
I love this so much 😭😭 you guys are so perfect together ❤️❤️
emily serrano
emily serrano 18 hours ago
okayy thenn , the burnouts
Alina Rockin
Alina Rockin 18 hours ago
Love Phora Part 😍😍
Priscilla Cerda
Priscilla Cerda 18 hours ago
Team boy 👶💙💙💙
Kristina Piedra
Kristina Piedra 18 hours ago
Aww I love you guys ❤️
Daysie Reyna
Daysie Reyna 19 hours ago
Can’t wait till they post their reveal 🥺 $brezzyy19
Micayla Gutierrez
Micayla Gutierrez 19 hours ago
“You can’t ignore me.. I’m famous” 😆😆
Ash 19 hours ago
She’s having a girl
Desiraee_ Xoxo
Desiraee_ Xoxo 19 hours ago
Can’t wait for the gender reveal 🎉😄 Hope nothing but a blessed healthy pregnancy ❤️
Lesley Rodriguez
Lesley Rodriguez 20 hours ago
“You cant be coming overe here with your knee caps all exposed like that”😂😂😂
Jessica Lopez
Jessica Lopez 20 hours ago
damm they BERLY released this shit but it’s hard asf
Alejandra Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez 20 hours ago
My emotions got played🥲
Daniella Paz
Daniella Paz 20 hours ago
Loui and it aint castro🤣
Malissa Pathoomvanh
Malissa Pathoomvanh 20 hours ago
I thought this was their gender reveal😂
Gabriela Brandkamp
Gabriela Brandkamp 20 hours ago
She having a girl!!! Mostly when it’s a girl u have hella morning sickness but u might b different like elsy
Jacqueline Corvera
Jacqueline Corvera 20 hours ago
Can let you go by fabulous