BlizzConline Day 2
BlizzConline Day 1
Astrokuk 9 hours ago
Mr Vision
Mr Vision 9 hours ago
this expansion took 5 years of my life
Mkenny 86
Mkenny 86 10 hours ago
Does any one know whether varok saurfang is in shadowlands?
Adam Ortiz
Adam Ortiz 10 hours ago
Shame this had to be the best cinematic for the worst expansion
Andrew Haun
Andrew Haun 11 hours ago
love how the chat is 96% troll comments.
Oste Kagen
Oste Kagen 11 hours ago
Why do people still play this game the graphic are horrible lol
Zh Bb
Zh Bb 11 hours ago
how rude sister~
WowTrucker 11 hours ago
awesome sauce
lalhmelthaa khiangte
lalhmelthaa khiangte 11 hours ago
Hope there's a way we could see illidan and Arthus again
Joshua David Severo
Joshua David Severo 11 hours ago
when the africans and europeans discovered the asian continent
Dankind 12 hours ago
my boy scott 😎
J J 13 hours ago
Anduin's character will benefit greatly from getting this darker tint to him..
Dwayne Husbands
Dwayne Husbands 15 hours ago
where is the link to the recipe?
Jady Gascoigne
Jady Gascoigne 15 hours ago
Hype!!!! TBC Classic :) And ohhhh soo close.... Handful of amazing changes, and then the boost. You guys just can't help yourselves can you. Rip
Luis Felipe Laura Franco
Luis Felipe Laura Franco 16 hours ago
OMG, wow jus 4 M views??... is it really dying?
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand 17 hours ago
where is the death knight glowy smokey eyes for anduin??
Aaron Puckett
Aaron Puckett 17 hours ago
Time. It is broken, again and again. Force the time to the right. It can be done. That crash, when she wipes herself away. Time can be changed by you, when you choose to change it.
Darves Atorian
Darves Atorian 18 hours ago
Looks cool
Seyha Vet
Seyha Vet 18 hours ago
Link download this game
Kiki Qt
Kiki Qt 19 hours ago
Lets bring the best gaming experience of our life back !
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 20 hours ago
Dungeons where actual CC is required, those were the days. Awesome. Can't do it again myself though.
thor noobmaster69
thor noobmaster69 20 hours ago
Ahh fell reaver we meet again!
RTX Tyrial
RTX Tyrial 20 hours ago
2:33 When you order "Arthas The Lich King" on Wish.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 21 hour ago
Sylanas; starts questioning her choices after Anduin is forced to serve the Jailer Delaryn Summermoon and Derek Proudmoore: "Are we jokes to you?"
Nami Heartilly
Nami Heartilly 22 hours ago
So... no draenei face options any time soon then. Cool.
F1ipsydez 23 hours ago
The best part of BfA
WhiskeyJohnnyO 23 hours ago
This is the kind movie we really wanted
Shokadezz Gaming
Shokadezz Gaming Day ago
Love the music. Very theatrical
Shokadezz Gaming
Shokadezz Gaming Day ago
The hype is real boys
Shokadezz Gaming
Shokadezz Gaming Day ago
That's what's up boys!!!
Serinna358 S.
Serinna358 S. Day ago
Why hasn't a playlist of the matches made available yet?
Day Avalon
Day Avalon Day ago
Aber warum kommt nichts das mann wieder LvL`n Kann ? das währe dann noch viel spannender :(
federico galvan
federico galvan Day ago
Craig Brown
Craig Brown Day ago
That's my queen!!
Mymic Day ago
Neo Day ago
Anduin is the new lich king then? idk tell me what you think
Marissa Leclerc
Marissa Leclerc Day ago
what covenant are dk's using in this
D-man 19 hours ago
Most run venthyr, venthyr has better cleave potential due to swarming mists granting runic powerand epidemic being the main powerhouse, next to unholy blight and dark transform in big AoE. Single target venthyr is slightly behind on necrolord, but it's negligible.
Lee Boettcher
Lee Boettcher Day ago
Seems they're Venthyr, if you're referring to the second dungeon between Perplexed & Pitu's Angels.
TheAngryAArdvark Day ago
Amazing work.
World Healer
World Healer Day ago
KURI on SP is my highlight!
Dutchii xo
Dutchii xo 13 hours ago
Love seeing Spriest get some love
Dead Dude
Dead Dude Day ago
Anyone else notice Xyronic kinda looks like an Angry Bird?
Jared Lavette
Jared Lavette Day ago
3:12 - My thoughts on the South Park Pandemic Special.
FighterX 98
FighterX 98 Day ago
Man, how many times has Illidan heard the word, 'Betrayer'?
Juan Castaño Pedrajas
Juan Castaño Pedrajas Day ago
Sloth y pitu angels, no os presentéis más jajajajaj por favor. Que ridiculo estáis haciendo, morir casi 30 veces en una 18 yendo todos bis y con los mejores consumibles posibles
Jarrett C
Jarrett C Day ago
favorite series ever, pikaboo played out of his mind
MRPC Day ago
Video constantly dropping out. Only video this happens.
Eagle Flies
Eagle Flies Day ago
Oh what could have been
Lucas Marvel
Lucas Marvel Day ago
teams running the same classes over and over and over... so much fun
Sara 23 hours ago
the mdi is ALL about min maxing the dungeon and scenarios. Numbers are hard to fake, so, you get similar comps. Sorry.
Norun KAI
Norun KAI Day ago
The fact that you think its going to be more exciting when you see diffrent colors in the UI is hilarious MDI is washed up and only worth watching on sunday
a hiwalter
a hiwalter Day ago
@Douglas Curtis how much more dynamic is WoW pve suppose to be?
JJ Day ago
Was about to say the same thing.
Ganja Trooper
Ganja Trooper Day ago
@maxpower2kill Imagen getting so butthurt over an opinion so you just tell him to not watch it cause deep down you know he is right haha XD.
Kelly Johnston
Kelly Johnston Day ago
cant wait for it to come in game im so happy it looks cool cant wait to ride it good job blizzard art team.
T Buffi
T Buffi Day ago
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 20 hours ago
Noooo, il done with Classic and left gamr... Plz, stop
Lee Crotty
Lee Crotty Day ago
Hopped in to check this out after years. This is incredibly boring.
nextZytos Day ago
better than the movie
Jonathan Kelley
Jonathan Kelley Day ago
Yoloswag4jesus Day ago
PeterHSPeter Day ago
Why are your servers made out of paper maché?
blasphemy18 Day ago
garrosh will be deathbringer saurfang 2.0
Patrick Salter
Patrick Salter Day ago
Good god the audio is terrible in parts of this video. Come on Blizzard, useable audio isn't that hard to do.
Trevor Sommerfelt
Trevor Sommerfelt Day ago
Of course the forsaken are using poison
Brandon Kirk
Brandon Kirk Day ago
Where are Saurfang's eyebroes? They get burned off?
Poyraz TOPAL
Poyraz TOPAL Day ago
Bard is cool Lol.
João Paulo
João Paulo Day ago
The history of Arthas is the best
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 21 hour ago
anyone else hears the wotlk track when anduin passes uther?
John Nichols
John Nichols Day ago
That was dumb and anti climactic
myceliums Day ago
why iam so hype for korthia
Pandlien Day ago
perhaps the winter queen could... what? COULD WHAT? COME ON END YOUR SENTENCE
Brissan1 Day ago
0:41 Oops, new naga models? xD
Vít Langer
Vít Langer Day ago