AWC BFA EU Finals | Full VOD
MJ O 8 hours ago
I know I’m late. But I saw this after getting a computer after 10 years. I balled my Eyes out. It’s so amazing. Cheers. And let’s keep fighting. For truth. We belong together.
Thomas Waldrop
Thomas Waldrop 8 hours ago
Thank you for reminding about where your priorities are and why I don't give you my money anymore.
Peyton Ibarra
Peyton Ibarra 8 hours ago
Blizzard: Puts more useless bullshit into there games instead of fixing them *Everyone Disliked That*
Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf 8 hours ago
Can't even write a competent storyline, wants $20 for a trash transmog. Okay Blizzard
plaarwnleelrl 8 hours ago
Karren Kuddlesberg
Karren Kuddlesberg 9 hours ago
What if the Adventures of Millhouse Manastorm became a spinoff or animated series? With Jarraxxus being his best friend or side kick?
Rafiuddin Galib
Rafiuddin Galib 9 hours ago
I was expecting some sort of reference to the jailer, but that was entirely centered around Sylvanas. Weird because I assumed the main antagonist of shadowland would be the jailer... especially when everything Sylvanas has done is part of the deal she made with him
p4r4d0x 9 hours ago
Just refunded my SL preorder. This is a new low.
Amulrei 9 hours ago
The sad part is someone with far too much power and making far too much money actually thought this was a good idea.
Brandon Gecan
Brandon Gecan 9 hours ago
And it's official: Tolkien > Warhammer > > > > > > > Warcraft. "this dazzling transmog set" they're using the same writers who develop the descriptions for entree's at Applebee's.
Joey Bravo
Joey Bravo 9 hours ago
How to get a giantess gf?
Mattock5656 9 hours ago
We have no new content so just keep playing and do these mindless 5 activities...Oh btw sub for 6 months and get this clown suit...profit.
Richard McLeod
Richard McLeod 10 hours ago
You can not even login to WOW anymore. I just got sick of it and cancelled my account today. The service is horrible. I bet they login just fine in China.
Richard McLeod
Richard McLeod 10 hours ago
It's nice that you can show us what the game looks like. It would be better if you could log in. Anyway cancel my account today.
VNZ / Vincent
VNZ / Vincent 10 hours ago
Y reste encore star craft 2 qui n'est pas encore trop un jeux de riche chez vous?
Heimskr 10 hours ago
Love this scene man. The only thing that upsets me is that Genn got cucked by Turalyon as acting king. Seems so weird.
Michael Rasputin
Michael Rasputin 10 hours ago
Dude. Stop. Just stop it okay. Not funny at all.
F151411 10 hours ago
Somehow, this cinematic made me love Devos, her voice, her haircut, everything. Shame she is an antagonist and died early. I would fight by her side!
Ashlee T
Ashlee T 10 hours ago
This looks like the expansion that will bring me back. 👀
S4NqO 10 hours ago
i can watch this all time, the best trailer ever made LICH KING <3
Boo Xna
Boo Xna 10 hours ago
R e c k f u l
iGanker 10 hours ago
When u got like 2400 workers at your disposal but you still rely on your toddler to make the big decisions.
kingkaga898 10 hours ago
play ffxiv
UniversalCentury 11 hours ago
If Covid 19 was a Transmog
Rooboy 619
Rooboy 619 11 hours ago
Fantango 11 hours ago
凌凌漆 11 hours ago
Undecidedable 11 hours ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Blizzard hires racists.
mgRcel 11 hours ago
Refunded SL.
Donatos Aphael
Donatos Aphael 11 hours ago
wtf came only to downvote this BS Cashshop junk from fortnite-.-
Dragonfire2505 11 hours ago
"Defeat heroic Ny'alotha" Must be a bug that I got this then. I only defeated Heroic N'zoth.
Tim R
Tim R 11 hours ago
How can they be low on those filled with sin when we been killing millions of them?
laserfloyd 11 hours ago
It's a wearable mount. Right? I'd be too ashamed to ever wear this. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dreaddead 11 hours ago
Wow simp queen still getting stronger and stronger, blizzard end this fanservice bullshit, this wont save wow
karonic ゝ
karonic ゝ 11 hours ago
I know that the Devs are spending time on this when it could be spent elsewhere, but I'm just trying to look at it positively. These are basically just freebies for people with 6 month subs, I wish more people would understand that
Luca 12 hours ago
How is she in every expansion getting stronger and stronger but still wears the same gear
Brandon Boss
Brandon Boss 12 hours ago
It's clear to me Anduin wanted to be abducted or he would have actually fought back.
E A X 12 hours ago
Imagine paying 13 dollars a month and the expansion itself every time and now additionally, because that aint enough money already, you throw out store skins or 6 month subscriber bundle, while WoW hasnt managed for quite a long time to keep people playing for 6 months in a row anyways. So those few dollars saved for a 6 month sub, can also be a huge waste of money if you dont keep playing. All those negative feelings that get created if you sub for this long and then end up quitting, not just you dislike the game at that point, but also the psychological terror of having many months of playtime paid and then they are useless, on top of that you cant even set your playtime on hold.
Valkylolz 12 hours ago
They just made it easier for me too. Wanted to come back so bad (i played like 14 years, since Day one) saw this, remembered why i tried to leave wow in the first place
karonic ゝ
karonic ゝ 11 hours ago
At least give the xpac a go, I try to ignore these and look at a positive that they're just freebies for people with 6 month subscriptions
Murat Sss
Murat Sss 12 hours ago
RPG Addict
RPG Addict 12 hours ago
I get it now...The real reason that Warforging/Titanforging was removed wasn't because everyone hated it, it's so they can sell it as a feature in the shop in the future as well. Can't wait for the trailer for exclusive microtransaction quest lines for a game I don't play anymore.
Eli Alves
Eli Alves 13 hours ago
Filme daora
Treyon Daren
Treyon Daren 13 hours ago
Maciek Jaskowiak
Maciek Jaskowiak 13 hours ago
remove store s*** from game pls
Nenad Šeat
Nenad Šeat 13 hours ago
Just showing off how Furion is an apsolute unit
Dreikao 13 hours ago
This never happed with Arthas
Glaucetas 13 hours ago
And here come the Forntnite-like sh1tass game. Sweat !
Tomtricity 13 hours ago
Why didn't Anduin just resurrect him?
Modern Gentleman
Modern Gentleman 13 hours ago
So have time for this trash but not class sets in BFA? I hate u Blizzard.
haingis 13 hours ago
"will you sacrifice one soul for the forest entire, or will you keep your oath" oh, so he's going to give his own soul inste.. oh no, well... f the bear.
Jorge Rosa
Jorge Rosa 14 hours ago
Do you not have wallets?
Céleste Blanche
Céleste Blanche 14 hours ago
jonix 14 hours ago
spoilers below: sylvanas broke the crown and found a path to the upside down.
Tim R
Tim R 14 hours ago
Last year I found out my wife was leaving me and I was soon going to be homeless. I lost it and nearly committed suicide. Spent a long time dealing with the issues and kept dealing with my depression. Even found out that she was pregnant with my son that I was sure I would never see. This scene came out and every time my mind goes to the dark.. I just think of what this troll said. I think its corny to say but it was almost like it was my son telling me to stay around. Still my mind wanders and I just remember it, "Live another day".
ali reza
ali reza 14 hours ago
may god tell them we want arthas back
Paul Trahan
Paul Trahan 14 hours ago
Varok sacrificed himself for the greater good, just like his brother, just like his son. The Saurfangs have always fought for Azeroth.
Oxymur 14 hours ago
the 3k people that liked this video need to seek therapy.
Ciaran Oates
Ciaran Oates 14 hours ago
Good old Leroy Jenkins
Gala 14 hours ago
$20 says Anduin gets saved by Uther.
Mark Coull
Mark Coull 14 hours ago
Thrall's face at the end!! Dam he's pissed!!!
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries 14 hours ago
GOD, I love the Warcraft story MORE than the game itself!!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 PLEASE MAKE MORE WARCRAFT LIVE ACTION MOVIE SEQUELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💦💦 :))
Failureofasavior 15 hours ago
Pay a sub to pay for more content on the store. I sure love china!
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries 15 hours ago
What was he yelling??
AJ Stuart
AJ Stuart 15 hours ago
I would play wow if I could afford a decent laptop to play it on
Dootie 15 hours ago
The Yoinkening
Aetherbeast 15 hours ago
Is there a quest involved to get this cinematic in pre-patch?
Taunt Titan
Taunt Titan 15 hours ago
Truly Perfection
David Lemaire
David Lemaire 15 hours ago
Shadovvwithoutbody 15 hours ago
I just dont know how the Mawsworns could make difference between Anduin and his horse.
Dr Dab
Dr Dab 15 hours ago
This is just terrible. Even more so when the game is in such a state. Really wishing i had not bought shadowlands now.
Appleseedcast0 15 hours ago
Jupiter 15 hours ago
I came here just so I could dislike the video and read the comments. :DDD
Caitlin Owen
Caitlin Owen 15 hours ago
if i was in 0:48 with that lady carrying uther in the sky i would be like "w-w-wha huh w-w-WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH"
Ungordoa Dieta
Ungordoa Dieta 16 hours ago
who its killing the game like that , now tthe real life looks so interesting cause the game its so patetic.
Ungordoa Dieta
Ungordoa Dieta 16 hours ago
bye world of warcraft
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 16 hours ago
I would say that this is just lazy writing pushing content but apparently, Sylvanas ran off with the content too.
Thibault Damien
Thibault Damien 16 hours ago
Onizuka San
Onizuka San 16 hours ago
That's skin really sucks what's a shame for 6 month where is the mount?
Billyparano \o/
Billyparano \o/ 16 hours ago