Fiddle With Your Balls
Pretend You're Happy
Renault Twingo
3 years ago
Little Japanese Baby
Skin Sofa
3 years ago
Bim Bim Bim
3 years ago
3 years ago
What is tactical voting?
Whom should I vote for?
Every Tube Station Song
Barry Cryer Song
7 years ago
Caterpillar Sick
7 years ago
No More Colours?
8 years ago
Child With a Handbag
The Day I Met Sooty
Rowan and Jonny
8 years ago
Stealing Food
12 years ago
Harris McLean
Harris McLean 13 minutes ago
I herald from Loughborough. See if you can pronounce that.
Czwartek 14 minutes ago
Election in Poland: 😥👍
curry.magic 14 minutes ago
there are actually more colours but humans cant see them
Siddhant Bane
Siddhant Bane 21 minute ago
why is roy keane singing beatles songs
John entwhistle surely Samsung
John entwhistle surely Samsung 21 minute ago
I once heard someone from canada say, England is one giant metropolis , with bits of green in between to relieve it!!
Keira Young
Keira Young 30 minutes ago
he really just moved that kid out the way, huh
Atgeir Nyttingnes
Atgeir Nyttingnes 34 minutes ago
The same with Norway, and they even had detail from the most inner fjords in Norway
Brooks Campbell
Brooks Campbell 35 minutes ago
Then Brexit happened
Nathan Cohen
Nathan Cohen 54 minutes ago
At 0:50 he barely points at the right point for any of the stations lol
ProGamingDerash Hour ago
Great song JAY FOREMAN 👍👍👌👌
Harris McLean
Harris McLean Hour ago
mattygaw4p Hour ago
that laugh
Big R
Big R 2 hours ago
Illicit cartography? They got it from the Russians, I have a different dealer.
TryHard FinessedYou
TryHard FinessedYou 2 hours ago
Very squiggly... Indeed. 🧐
Oğuz Han Şimşek
Oğuz Han Şimşek 2 hours ago
USposts: Want to see about the unfinished Northern line ? Me, a Turkish 11 years in the future: Yes
T Carter
T Carter 3 hours ago
Grew up near Trottiscliffe. Pronounced Trosley. It’s really all a cunning ruse a way to make outsiders give themselves away 🤣
Noah M.G.
Noah M.G. 4 hours ago
This is surprisingly cool!
Jude Xavier
Jude Xavier 4 hours ago
1:15 i love how small mr train is
Eric Scheid
Eric Scheid 4 hours ago
2:52 North-south could have different climes, while east-west would likely be the same climate but just over there?
H.M.S Hood
H.M.S Hood 5 hours ago
3:48 hdid anyone notice this?
Hmid Lashkham
Hmid Lashkham 5 hours ago
Libya is an exception to this rule. We're divided between east and west.
Clifford Newman
Clifford Newman 5 hours ago
Dymaxion or Waterman Butterfly are the best IMHO
Andrew McGleish
Andrew McGleish 5 hours ago
So, this is really about place names in England?
Chainy Rabbit
Chainy Rabbit 5 hours ago
Wasnt expecting Ween
timmmahhhh 7 hours ago
Well done this video is going to cause quite a cester.
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman Hour ago
👏 👏 👏 👏
Michael Dewing
Michael Dewing 7 hours ago
8:53 Wait, is that the tree that David Cameron was speaking to in that famed BBC clip "well I don't know whys he's talking to a tree.. 🤨"
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman Hour ago
I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if it helps, that tree is on Blomfield Road in Little Venice, near Warwick Avenue.
James FARIA 7 hours ago
Washington and Oregon have a west/east divide
Benjamin Tassone
Benjamin Tassone 7 hours ago
That intro song was unsettling this way
Relax Alex 04
Relax Alex 04 7 hours ago
RandomFlyingSoup 8 hours ago
Gotta love that Morph reference!
Liam Lewis
Liam Lewis 8 hours ago
Having lived in Holland I'd much rather cycle than drive anywhere!
Sahil Ali
Sahil Ali 9 hours ago
Northern UK>Southern UK
Torin Doignie
Torin Doignie 10 hours ago
The fact Boris Johnson is our pm now is mental
Alphabetical civic soup sauce Ching chong bing bong
Alphabetical civic soup sauce Ching chong bing bong 10 hours ago
the only one and good reason to not vote is because you are normal
The man in the chicken Costume
The man in the chicken Costume 10 hours ago
3:45 it's the tim traveler
John Connolly
John Connolly 10 hours ago
Count Duckula in French. Now *that* is commitment to a joke.
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 59 minutes ago
So glad someone noticed!
B0bby 10 hours ago
Containing nonsensical phonetic traps that are impossible to predict? Isn't that France's job?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 58 minutes ago
French orthography, mad though it is, is at least consistent.
portagenial 10 hours ago
5:54 I just now realised that's an instrumental version of Skin Sofa. Very cool.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 10 hours ago
Wat shite is this
Claribelle C
Claribelle C 11 hours ago
0:54 That is NOT a map of England! That is a map of Britain! Anglocentrism strikes again.
zendell37 12 hours ago
How exactly does this man get reoccurring sponsorship? Do they not pay attention?
Guy Chapman
Guy Chapman 12 hours ago
The Parisian boulevard thing was first proposed in 1667. It failed for pretty much the same reason: property interests.
Arcadia P
Arcadia P 12 hours ago
Big fan of Adagio by Samuel Barber.
John 12 hours ago
the UK is a cartoonish country in a very different way than the US being cartoonish
Ray Mondo
Ray Mondo 12 hours ago
Happisburgh didn't get a me tion? .... On the Norfolk coast, pronounce that!? ..... Harder than "Frome"
Thea Tuss
Thea Tuss 13 hours ago
Genuinely one of my favorite songs in the world. Think I found this about two years ago, and i still adore every part of it
Radek Domagalski
Radek Domagalski 13 hours ago
Wish all you're videos were like this
Coco Foster
Coco Foster 13 hours ago
Wonderful production and made what could be a boring subject very interesting indeed.
Vichamen Yeah
Vichamen Yeah 13 hours ago
Bro u ok??
ThroatSore 13 hours ago
If the PM fails to answer the questions, they should.lose time In later debates or suffer some other censure.
Thomas Gill
Thomas Gill 14 hours ago
The city should only have one council and one major. No boroughs at all.
James Mansfield
James Mansfield 14 hours ago
The cue mark 👌 10/10
Макс Лядецький
Макс Лядецький 14 hours ago
The best thing you can do for cyclists - mandatory drivers license.
S MM 14 hours ago
Great, great point! I'm an avid cyclist but the number of folks who give us a bad name is really sad. Hammering through lights, ped crossings etc like they don't apply... Then shouting at cars for not stopping when they'd approached from the car's blindspot. Mandatory driving licence might make everyone more aware and encourage a bit of mutual respect!
Caleb Goodman
Caleb Goodman 14 hours ago
nice wizard
Kribea 15 hours ago
Vodka isnt Russian. Vodka is Polish
Comrade Chaos
Comrade Chaos 15 hours ago
this aged well, huh...
Bartosz Kosmowski
Bartosz Kosmowski 16 hours ago
So I was sent by The Spiffing Brit, to destroy youtube algorithm and get you more subscribers, I will leave a link to a video explaining how to do it Also, it is nice to see you guys more often.
Electric Angel
Electric Angel 16 hours ago
the sovjets has a disrespect towards copyright law. since there communist i hope so.
ceecrb1 16 hours ago
There's a lot of streets with traps in Amsterdam... Is that what you ment?
Paul McMullan
Paul McMullan 16 hours ago
I like this because; besides the UK, there are only 3 other democratic monarchies. Which are: Australia, Canada and New Zealand New Zealand doesn't really matter any more because they are not a part of ANZUS. But New Zealand did gift
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton 16 hours ago
This is on two playlists. One is "Songs for Kids" and the other is "Songs NOT for Kids!". Make up your mind, Jay!
Michał Kowalski
Michał Kowalski 16 hours ago
Polish allies ? For real ?
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton 16 hours ago
0:18 How did that fish get here?
Ed Peck
Ed Peck 17 hours ago
what's with that bear?
Ed Peck
Ed Peck 17 hours ago
you would not believe how proud Herefordians are of having this, and rightly so
Paul McMullan
Paul McMullan 17 hours ago
I love how you know how to spell; silliest. I like smoked salmon. hot chorizo and Swiss Cheese on toast.
Damon Arndell
Damon Arndell 18 hours ago
God Save The Queen!
Arcadia P
Arcadia P 18 hours ago
I'm new to watching your content, I just wanted to say, the effort you put into the script is really incredible.
Andy McPandy
Andy McPandy 18 hours ago
Come for the video, stay for the ad.
Keye van Oordt
Keye van Oordt 18 hours ago
Don't know if it's been mentioned in the comments already but the bearded figure with mixed genitalia, a turban and a single breast is probably mythical figure Tiresias who slapped a pair of snakes and got turned into a woman for 7 years. Tiresias also became clairvoyant after being blinded by Juno for taking Zeus's side in an argument they were having about whether men or women have the better end of sex, asking Tiresias to settle the argument because he had experience living as both.
ConflictPurple 18 hours ago
why do you hate the queen so much? britian is one of the LAST monarchies in the world let something be everlasting , please stop trying to destroy everything
KenjyChan 18 hours ago
Зис ис булщит
Gary Rawlins
Gary Rawlins 18 hours ago
They do know the questions
CharlesUK _YT
CharlesUK _YT 18 hours ago
Erik 18 hours ago
So Thatcher's fault. Conservatives destroy liberals rebuild.
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle 18 hours ago
this reminds of the wkuk super punk rock show
Pwenko Jammy
Pwenko Jammy 18 hours ago
oh in the US we have something similar called "Press Conferences"
ArtwithKrissy 19 hours ago
I was actually getting excited for the service station video, you bastards.
Just T
Just T 19 hours ago
I actually think this is a good way to see life (at least for me) or perhaps I've successfully deceived myself?
Mathew Jackson
Mathew Jackson 19 hours ago
Literally what trump does...