aldreen bautista
aldreen bautista 6 hours ago
I bet when a random youtuber will do this, he will be called a psychopath.
Lazarus 7 hours ago
To be fair, these people are brand new and they are in the right for not wanting to repent for someone else's sins. It's the OWNERSHIP that should be taking responsibility.
CMDR Dragovich23
CMDR Dragovich23 7 hours ago
Its insane for me how sharp the knife is and how good Jacques is at using it
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 7 hours ago
Jered Timothy Frigillana
Jered Timothy Frigillana 7 hours ago
I am here to dislike this video.
Roy Mark Rojo
Roy Mark Rojo 7 hours ago
Want - Diverse Content
Want - Diverse Content 7 hours ago
To those who think that they’re undercooked: Not sure if you think this, but you aren’t necessarily the majority. Just because you have more comments doesn’t mean that you’re the majority. If the burger was fine, would you comment that the burger was fine? No, of course not. Same for those who believe this is perfectly cooked.
jenna horner
jenna horner 7 hours ago
looks sooooo good where is the recipe?!
Dave 7 hours ago
What type of knife is this?
Flowey's hot jamz
Flowey's hot jamz 7 hours ago
oh my god
Mouche Socca
Mouche Socca 7 hours ago
Claire says this aluminium tube can be used for other cakes beside Angel food cake. Does anyone know what other cakes can be made in this pan? I dont want to buy it just for one cake. I think all cakes with fats (eg rich butter cakes, oil cakes, sponge cake with fats etc) require non-stick pans/bundt pans. I think even savarins require a non-stick pan?
Anya Squared
Anya Squared 7 hours ago
i want amiels rn that pasta is everything i need
Anya Squared
Anya Squared 7 hours ago
omg I forgOT THIS IS THE PANTRY EPISODE i really could make this. watching these high is so good
rage diffy
rage diffy 8 hours ago
as a chinese, i can tell you that that AINT how we do tea eggs...
Irvin Escobedo
Irvin Escobedo 8 hours ago
What!!! Not my cook!!!! but gonna give 'em a try but im skeptical
Tyree Pitre
Tyree Pitre 8 hours ago
matchbox 20
Flavio Doria
Flavio Doria 8 hours ago
italian food is the best
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 8 hours ago
Like his style
fiona campbell
fiona campbell 8 hours ago
Get my juice going
Josh JBS
Josh JBS 8 hours ago
This is weirdly interesting but it makes me want to eat egg
mr hater
mr hater 8 hours ago
16:47 British people are angry now.
eka putri
eka putri 8 hours ago
2020 really got me. Who ever thought I would have so much free time to watch almost half an hour video of a random man cooking eggs in 59 ways. Lost it when the egg popped on the campfire lmaooooooo. Very entertaining 🥚🍳
Andrew Marinelly
Andrew Marinelly 8 hours ago
Somebody explain to me how that oyster didn't kill him? I don't care if you do I don't want to ingest fermented shellfish no matter what reality is my brain says death.
Harpeia 8 hours ago
"Who can live like this??", Chris asks in shock as he practices the only way I've ever dealt with whole parm...
Frederik Hirche
Frederik Hirche 8 hours ago
This is the most ridiculous shirt I've ever seen.
Mint 8 hours ago
Wutafak i tried low and slow scrambled egg but i end up making hot and fast scrambled egg
Frederik Hirche
Frederik Hirche 8 hours ago
The first new addition to the team I really like.
Madhu Menon
Madhu Menon 8 hours ago
*crickets* at the awkward silence in the room.
Matt Noh
Matt Noh 9 hours ago
This is really complex... If its a PR hire, I hope he strikes all the right balances and really enjoys what he does. If its not I wish I were never born and I apologize.
Daniela D
Daniela D 9 hours ago
Omg craving Caribbean food now 😭
Livin In Sim
Livin In Sim 9 hours ago
I like how this whole process was a bit like giving birth...right down to assuring everyone it's not so scary you can't make it through....ending with crying and being congratulated by all present at the end. Then, when your "kid" falls over---don't worry, it will---you're there to just help it gently down, and proceed to giggle uncontrollably.
NEO DX 9 hours ago
50 ways to cook cheese
Taylor W
Taylor W 9 hours ago
Kakyoin Noriaki
Kakyoin Noriaki 9 hours ago
Did he just cook bacon at 400degrees for 20 minutes?
Highrup 9 hours ago
I miss this dynamic
Have Wheels will Sail
Have Wheels will Sail 9 hours ago
That was good, I love roasted breadfruit. we cook it on hot rocks in Samoa. yummy
Adam Tak
Adam Tak 9 hours ago
All these down voters are very disrespectful. Stop taking your anger and hate out at the new chefs...
Mental 9 hours ago
Wow i really did take hunzi's editing for granted, this just feels so lifeless and unnatural
Snailman Productions
Snailman Productions 9 hours ago
Captain Bligh got mutinied on the bounty though
Arslan 10 hours ago
Crispy rice ? Wot
Girthicus 10 hours ago
I like your cut G
Sarim Rafik
Sarim Rafik 10 hours ago
"3 inches is fine"
A PACHIE 10 hours ago
There are a lot of useful ways to cook an egg but there are also some stupid/useless ways to cook an egg. . . Now that's something!
Jesus Christ Son of God
Jesus Christ Son of God 10 hours ago
Wondering if her rather annoying attitude is a personae or her actual personality.
anamika sinha
anamika sinha 10 hours ago
i tried that stick one but it sticks to the stick and if i apply some flour then don’t even roll please suggest some thing
Sund00d 10 hours ago
Sometimes I forget drag queens aren’t real women. On RPDR miz cracker looked so petite next to the other queens but next to Carla with all that hair she is like a beautiful giraffe
jlhpisces 10 hours ago
Thank you for being you. Since 99.99% of us have never walked in anyone's shoes at BA, I guess we can back down. And yes diced tomatoes are a pain.
theresa lau
theresa lau 10 hours ago
im a vegetarian so this was very hard for me to watch.
Greta Bi
Greta Bi 10 hours ago
I am italian and i'm calling the police on these criminals.
Arc Draws
Arc Draws 10 hours ago
Just rewatched the whole playlist for Gourmet Makes. Still a little sad to think this is the last Gourmet Makes for a while.
support_theory 10 hours ago
SO, idk who your PR person is, but I have more common sense than them and am happy to take their paycheck. Looks like, gee, idk, almost everyone in the comments does too.
Hibashira Sakai
Hibashira Sakai 10 hours ago
Really, nothing to address the public, the loyal viewers? When you are in public view and rely on public viewership, you can’t just treat what happened as an internal problem. We need to know whether we should trust you to do good and continue to commit time on your channel. Y’all should know that there is no moving on until the past had been addressed. There is NO moving on until the past had been addressed.
theresa lau
theresa lau 11 hours ago
Binge snacking on onion chips while watching this.. HM....
brackpersian 11 hours ago
why is it all minorities now? where is brad?
Wayne Yeoh
Wayne Yeoh 11 hours ago
We need a cross shaped rock for the final ingredient SHIZER SALAD
Zack McPherson
Zack McPherson 11 hours ago
This dude is better than the last dude for sure. Getting someone who is super flamboyant, such as the last duds, isn’t going to correct everything y’all were accused of. Still don’t think it’s as bad as people were making it out to be. The majority of POC were paid equally.
Adam Sosa
Adam Sosa 11 hours ago
so we just gonna ignore what happen
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 11 hours ago
Nick Little
Nick Little 11 hours ago
I want to forget what happened with BA so I can enjoy these chef's dishes, but if I just forget it, then what will change? I feel like this is something that won't and shouldn't just go away like it already is.
Grace Guest
Grace Guest 11 hours ago
rosestephSTOSE 11 hours ago
These chefs are making me so excited to see the future theyre bringing to BA! Really like this guy. Can't wait to see everything else. ALSO as a hawaiian, I'm super excited to see 'ulu in a recipe.
Bode Clark
Bode Clark 11 hours ago
So basically everything has to be crispy and it has to be salted
H 11 hours ago
so BA just randomly hiring african american chef lol funny
Shelbyann Jones
Shelbyann Jones 11 hours ago
Does anyone miss these gourmet males videos????
Wema Ndakwe
Wema Ndakwe 11 hours ago
not Sohla doing the expert level and getting paid half the money for it
Joshua Julian Santos
Joshua Julian Santos 11 hours ago
andy is one gorgeous man jesus christ
Erica Rona
Erica Rona 12 hours ago
Pepper killed it
Henry Hill
Henry Hill 12 hours ago
Yuk BA really is a mess. Acknowledge and apologize that’s all you had to do.
MrJFanify 12 hours ago
Okay, they missed the english mustard part...
Carlo Santos
Carlo Santos 12 hours ago
But.. what about Carla's banana bread..
christianne delos santos
christianne delos santos 12 hours ago
y’all deleting comments or something? we ain’t forget what happened 🥱
Arc Draws
Arc Draws 12 hours ago
This kitchen design is very refreshing and happy. Yellow is a win.
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 12 hours ago
Slep i s fr week
Gabby Omega
Gabby Omega 12 hours ago
Taliyah Washington
Taliyah Washington 12 hours ago
Stop blaming him for BA’s problems😐
Laqueena Patterson
Laqueena Patterson 12 hours ago
I’m just wondering where were they hiding these talented black chefs. That’s all!👩🏾‍🍳🤷🏽‍♀️
Lobster Butter
Lobster Butter 12 hours ago
Is she old or young
Platypi007 12 hours ago
Man, that like/dislike ratio just says it all.
nicholas snell
nicholas snell 12 hours ago
deep fries a salmon fillet, "its a bit more on the cooked side". Wow, its almost like that's what cooking is for.
Platypi007 12 hours ago
And here we have a prime example of "ignoring the elephant in the room."