Ricky Holland
Ricky Holland 7 hours ago
This is "Pretty Boy Floyd" when he use to knock people's head off lol People seem to forget how he use to punish his opponents in those days.
Celtics 4ever
Celtics 4ever 7 hours ago
tyson fury the best boxer and singer
Think for yourself.
Think for yourself. 8 hours ago
Genetics maybe a factor but their is no substitute for hard work and skill.
Sa Burei
Sa Burei 8 hours ago
always save by the bell hahhaha fck
Zane Stackhouse
Zane Stackhouse 8 hours ago
Literally the 1stfight i remember watching. I remember the energy leading up to the fight in my Aunts apt in Detroit
francesca kray
francesca kray 8 hours ago
Thank You ....
M B 8 hours ago
Best knockout ever 👌🏻
M B 8 hours ago
Best knockout ever 👌🏻
561REALTLK 9 hours ago
Let`s call it what is. They don`t like him cause he`s a Black kid from the hood. All that he`s this he`s that. All boxers talk trash all boxers can be brash or perceived as arrogant. This sounds like a classic case of Mexicans hating on African Americans. Has nothing do with how he treats her or how he carries himself. You just don`t want your daughter with a Black man. Just say you`re racist and own it. But the fakeness about why you don`t love your daughter and why you don`t like your sister`s boyfriend. Stop the theatrics
RickkyP 9 hours ago
Most useless commentary I’ve ever heard. Great fight though.
LARRY SUEÑA 10 hours ago
Uno de los últimos fajadores con huevos de acero!!!!
Leonardo Cervantes
Leonardo Cervantes 10 hours ago
Desde aquí se veía quién iba a ganar la pelea
Sergio Ingelmo
Sergio Ingelmo 10 hours ago
The mentality you have to have to stay in the fight is insane how many people after getting dropped would be able to come back like Valdez respect
Gregory Zheng
Gregory Zheng 10 hours ago
5 years ago pacman already started to decline
MEECH !! 10 hours ago
How many clean shots were landed this whole fight?
kishane palacio
kishane palacio 11 hours ago
Great fight
manuel lara cervantes
manuel lara cervantes 11 hours ago
Scott mma
Scott mma 11 hours ago
February 2021: Tyson Fury NOT a bum.
RetroRanger 11 hours ago
It's like if Miyata was actually good and relevant again. Oh, what could have been, Mr. Morikawa. Dude's a monster.
Rafael Figueroa
Rafael Figueroa 11 hours ago
he will be a force' the kid is good and have my support....
Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler 11 hours ago
Tommy won the first half of the fight. Ray the second half. The two knockdowns by Hearns should’ve won him the fight. I agree with those fan. BS
Rod Tv
Rod Tv 11 hours ago
Mannnnn WHOOOOO!!!????? Bud don’t fight nobody that nobody knows put em in the ring with Spence already. He wouldn’t stand a chance. He wouldn’t even stand a chance with Shawn Porter ON GOD! Shawn giving him work if they fight. Bud overrated asf!
Ranger Know
Ranger Know 11 hours ago
He needs to fight Canelo now
Ghost King-The best gamer
Ghost King-The best gamer 12 hours ago
Ref soon as fury hits wilder stopppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alfie Fancourt
Alfie Fancourt 12 hours ago
The engine on these 2 great fight
Blaze content creation studios
Blaze content creation studios 12 hours ago
crawford using dirty tactics holding the back of the neck
Michael Dooley
Michael Dooley 12 hours ago
Dude hits with bad intentions 👍💯
Sergio Bustos
Sergio Bustos 12 hours ago
Suger Ray was a chicken 💩 the rematch 8 or 9 yrs later? Wow they are both past there prime what a joke and what's worse is they robbed Hearns!!! HAHAHA
Geez 13 hours ago
The vaseline on marquez tho. 💀
mike 13 hours ago
Hagler did all the hard work whilst Leonard did the running, the holding and showing off ! No fighter like Hagler and a great human being ! Shameful decision, I can't watch this fight, it really hurts !
Carlos Grullon
Carlos Grullon 13 hours ago
Los mexicanos se parecen a mi cuando yo fui tae kwondoista. Algunos, bravuconeaban que me destrozarian y yo preparandome duro sin hablar. Cuando llegaba la hora de pelear yo veia el temor en ellos. Siempre les gane porque al igual que canelo mientras los demas hablaban pepla, yo me mantenia entrenando.
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey 13 hours ago
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 13 hours ago
“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t and can’t do.” 🐐
Biplob Mozumder
Biplob Mozumder 14 hours ago
Leo theChibowow
Leo theChibowow 14 hours ago
OMG i now see why a few ppl say that Hagler won. I along with many thought for sure Leonard won cuz he is popular n the crowd only cheered for what little he did. Hagler won this hands down, wow! I watched this fight many times since a small child n was tricked to think the popular Leonard won. I was so wrong all these years. Plus Leonard waited till Hagler asked to retire before willing to take the fight. Now i see it all. Hagler was and is #1 n Leonard was #2 p4p
AE JEO 14 hours ago
Too slow for manny
Michael williams
Michael williams 15 hours ago
With this fight how can people think fury can win Joshua like this ????! Are you people kidding me Joshua will kill fury if he fight Joshua this way
Neriza Sularte
Neriza Sularte 15 hours ago
Horn is a dirty fighter!
caleb de la peña
caleb de la peña 15 hours ago
We Mexicans respec marquez and manny paquiao too
Cesar Rojas
Cesar Rojas 15 hours ago
You can tell how much better Valdez defense got after joining Eddie and canelos gym
Victor A
Victor A 15 hours ago
Chinito is slow
Daniel Page
Daniel Page 15 hours ago
Hagler well known to be a slow starter went in with perfect plan against Hearns
Miguel Fonseca
Miguel Fonseca 15 hours ago
We definitely have a new number one, move everyone of them one position up👊💥🤯
Mike Chandler
Mike Chandler 16 hours ago
More action than Mayweather's entire career
davatay ensuhouse
davatay ensuhouse 16 hours ago
come on viva Tyson fury the new Mexican fighter and champion of the wordl
Joseph Neber
Joseph Neber 16 hours ago
31:59 this makes Horn dizzy @round 9 play it at 0.25x speed and you will see why :-)
theholysandwich1 10 hours ago
Who cares, Jeff Horn won 😂 45:26
B_moneyGo 16 hours ago
Floyd was very fast and defensive skills on another lever. Hard to beat that .
Cerij Andabad
Cerij Andabad 17 hours ago
Lol, PEOPLE BOIING, NO WONDER HE CANT DRAW AND SELL PPVs, such arrogant and runner in ring.
Doitmyself 17 hours ago
This is the reason Terrance Crawford is a champion loooool
Wayward Folk
Wayward Folk 18 hours ago
Tyson beat him so badly im surprised black lives matter didn't riot over it.
Winford Mwangonda
Winford Mwangonda 18 hours ago
First round like a final round,got no balls to watch the remaining rounds
Andro Granada
Andro Granada 18 hours ago
That looping right is Deadly and Explosive like "Dinamita" 💥💥💥💤💤💤🛌🛌🛌
WAPANAAYO VINES 18 hours ago
Attendance po
King Siddiq
King Siddiq 18 hours ago
Tim Bradley is a con
Victor Lagunda
Victor Lagunda 18 hours ago
Boring fights
Master 323
Master 323 18 hours ago
Hassan Saleh
Hassan Saleh 19 hours ago
Why don’t boxers nowadays fight the biggest competitors? They always want the easy way out and want to protect their perfect records. Pacquiao is the goat because he’s proven it against the best at different weight classes. Mayweather way too picky in his opponents to be respected. 2009 pacquaio would shred mayweather to pieces and he knew it! Which is why he avoided him for so long.
Jonny Jonnie
Jonny Jonnie 19 hours ago
He was out classed from the jump this wasn't even a warm up for stevenson
matt kylie
matt kylie 19 hours ago
Nah Ray Leonard beat Haglar!! what happened was Haglar was so proud!! that’s why he was saying he beat Ray!! but anyone who watches the fight can see Ray did more work!! and outpointed Marvin
Maria Love
Maria Love 19 hours ago Tuttavia, non bisogna dimenticare che la solidarietà di un team di professionisti, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione del rafforzamento dei valori morali. E anche gli Stati indipendenti ci invitano a nuove conquiste, che, a loro volta, devono essere considerate oggettivamente dalle autorità competenti.È gratificante, cittadini, vedere come la ricerca approfondita dei concorrenti sia condannata all'anatema socialdemocratico. C'è qualcosa su cui riflettere: i sostenitori del totalitarismo nella scienza sono considerati esclusivamente nel contesto del marketing e dei prerequisiti finanziari!💋 Algumas caracteristicas da politica domestica formam uma rede economica global e, ao mesmo tempo, foram submetidas a toda uma serie de estudos independentes. Consideracoes ideologicas de ordem superior, assim como o crescimento quantitativo constante e a abrangencia da nossa atividade, pressupoem formas independentes de implementar novos principios para a formacao de uma base material, tecnica e de pessoal. O elevado grau de envolvimento dos representantes do publico-alvo e uma prova clara de um simples facto: a solidariedade de uma equipa de profissionais permite-nos avaliar o valor de novas propostas. A experiencia rica e diversificada nos diz que a implementacao das metas planejadas proporciona uma ampla gama de participacao (de especialistas) na formacao de esforcos de agrupamento.
Hector CASEM
Hector CASEM 19 hours ago
This guy has no match for pacman so slow and predictable
Nachi Tubera
Nachi Tubera 20 hours ago
Overhyped. Pac kills him
Jophiel Zap
Jophiel Zap 21 hour ago
Justin Drayton
Justin Drayton 21 hour ago
That left hook from hell should have put the division on check and letting them all know he coming for em 😁🤔😌, that's the stuff of nightmares bruh. Damnnnnn
Jaem1985 21 hour ago
2:09 you noticed Michael Buffer said 37 kos when it says 36 kos? It was really a clue to tell us that cotto was gonna be the 37th boxer to get koed by Pacquiao that night.
Daniel Badillo
Daniel Badillo 22 hours ago
(Min 7:46) "...te dije que ibas a nockear a ese hocicón hijo de perra" (Canelo). Luego dice que la gente que lo critica son "cangrejos"
FishFire_2 22 hours ago
So f**** fake hope nobody believes this shot is legit .
Muhammad Rafi
Muhammad Rafi 22 hours ago
Mahal kita mula sa Indonesia 🇮🇩🤝🇵🇭
Beeble Brox
Beeble Brox 22 hours ago
Goodnight right! 😳🥊💥
Now you know!
Now you know! 22 hours ago
how about servania fight 💪💪💪
Iszy P
Iszy P 23 hours ago
Stevenson reminds me of judah but with less power..
jose Chavez
jose Chavez 23 hours ago
All of marquis
EASYRIDERTOO 23 hours ago
Crawford is so strong, Kaval punch got no effect on him...he can run himover easy KO>
Allan Iman
Allan Iman 23 hours ago
using elbow and head. Such a dirty fighter.
theholysandwich1 10 hours ago
Oscar8mx 23 hours ago
Idk much about boxing but Fury putting all those headlocks, hugging and leaning over Wilder doesn't seem fair 🤔. Wilder got burned out from that and couldn't box efficiently.
john rambo
john rambo 22 hours ago
Ali and floyd did the same thing
hector IV
hector IV 23 hours ago
He pushed him out of the ring🤣
Riardo Mondaca
Riardo Mondaca Day ago
Hell yea Carnal saludos compa
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez Day ago
Fucking shit I have watched this fight a1000 times.and I still getting nerves....
SimpleLang Acoustic
SimpleLang Acoustic Day ago
Whos gonna win ? A featherweight barrera or Oscar Valdez?
Bashir Alawi
Bashir Alawi Day ago
Kawawa kalang kay pacman boy hahaha