Our Dream Honeymoon!
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Building Our Dream Home?!
Our Quarantine Wedding Day
Escaped To Our Dream Cabin
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carter hawthorne
carter hawthorne 8 hours ago
Melanie Soriano
Melanie Soriano 8 hours ago
This is the purest video on the internet. I normally don't shed tears for these type of vids but how can you not when everyone was so genuinely excited for them?
Melanie Soriano
Melanie Soriano 8 hours ago
I love this! My favorite part was her dad. Rydel: I took 4 just to make sure Her Dad: *revises all 4* lol
Lila Beaumont
Lila Beaumont 8 hours ago
OMG!!!! congrats you guys will be amazing parents!!!
Haylee Landwerlen
Haylee Landwerlen 8 hours ago
I love all the reactions!
Oaklyn Roberson
Oaklyn Roberson 8 hours ago
Jada Starr
Jada Starr 8 hours ago
That’s so exiting and cool my birthday is April 9
David 9 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about the scooter in the bathroom??????
Adore Menotti
Adore Menotti 9 hours ago
Who wants a giant gGender reveal
Zain Bettis
Zain Bettis 9 hours ago
Justin Baraka
Justin Baraka 10 hours ago
Please don't get the milk the baby will be so pretty. I'm proud of you guys.congrats
Lily Fisher
Lily Fisher 10 hours ago
I can’t stop watching this it is so beautiful
The Legendary Ox
The Legendary Ox 10 hours ago
Why does the brother on the left look like auston from Austin and ally
Hizpe Gamer
Hizpe Gamer 10 hours ago
I’m so happy for them there both gonna be lovely parents 😃
The Legendary Ox
The Legendary Ox 10 hours ago
Wait capron lives in my city hahah
Mamma And her cubs
Mamma And her cubs 10 hours ago
Sabrina Garcia
Sabrina Garcia 11 hours ago
Awwww the most amazing!!!!!!!
Keegan Barnes
Keegan Barnes 11 hours ago
Is that Austin from Austin and ally or am I bugging
Image there being a little Funk running around the house.
Drage and Billy and Tanner are going to be so good and funny around the baby.
Karma Roshdi
Karma Roshdi 11 hours ago
Wheres britt
Elly Doyle
Elly Doyle 12 hours ago
I hope it is a little girl
Brian O'Rourke
Brian O'Rourke 12 hours ago
Ahhhh I can not believe they are married!!!!!
Joseph Cleland
Joseph Cleland 13 hours ago
It means the baby will be born the day before my birthday
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 13 hours ago
Vanni’s voice is so soothing.
Chris Garthaus
Chris Garthaus 13 hours ago
Capron imagine its not yours
Lisa Sherman
Lisa Sherman 14 hours ago
Since my little brother Turn 6 or 5 I always wanted a little baby sister in my brother he always wanted to have a little brother
Lachie Wrench
Lachie Wrench 14 hours ago
Momdel and dadpron i know yous did the dirty
Hannah Le
Hannah Le 14 hours ago
gosh i feel so old
Roman Griffin
Roman Griffin 14 hours ago
Good luck
Louise Prouse
Louise Prouse 15 hours ago
Omg no way, good luck Rydel! 💍
Talk Differently
Talk Differently 15 hours ago
she is married and a mom now
Candice Wylie
Candice Wylie 15 hours ago
“ I got magenta ‘’ -Ross Lynch 2020
Fresh_ Scando98
Fresh_ Scando98 16 hours ago
A massive congrats guys hope all go good you would be the best parents ever congrats
honey R5
honey R5 16 hours ago
Everyone in comments : congrats Rydel and Capron ! Me : * Just here wondering if they'll name the baby with "C" or "R"
Um Hi
Um Hi 17 hours ago
If you want twins Rydel needs to go on a rollercoaster!! Especially for identical
westerik westerik
westerik westerik 18 hours ago
rydel- my little blueberry haha
westerik westerik
westerik westerik 18 hours ago
corey and hannah should have a baby as well
westerik westerik
westerik westerik 18 hours ago
awwww i am soo happy iv been waiting for this day hahah
ttv_benjbenjomorgo 18 hours ago
No way in one of Drew’s videos when he asked if capron big enough she said she was a virgin
Crazy Hunter
Crazy Hunter 18 hours ago
A month away from my b day
Crazy Hunter
Crazy Hunter 19 hours ago
The due date is a month away from mine
Prinxiety Forever
Prinxiety Forever 19 hours ago
Lori's reaction made me cry oh my gosh so cute. I still can't believe ya'll gonna be parents soon
Lauren Farris
Lauren Farris 19 hours ago
I don’t know how anyone could ever think abortion is okay. As can be seen in this video, babies have a heart even at 6 weeks (I think that is how far along Rydel said she was). Even if the little baby is one a single cell, it is a unique human cell, a unique life all in it’s one cell. Love you guys and know you already are awesome parents! Long live baby Funk!
Mine Richie
Mine Richie 20 hours ago
I'm so glad for them really
Scott Hitt
Scott Hitt 20 hours ago
Happy for you guys and that due date is a day after my birthday
Amadeo Rivas
Amadeo Rivas 20 hours ago
Lil funk
Vanessa De La Cruz Hernandez
Vanessa De La Cruz Hernandez 20 hours ago
I'm not crying you are😭🥰
Cason Wiles
Cason Wiles 20 hours ago
Callin it it’s gonna be a girl I seen so much pink this video 👧🏼
Clifford Mercer
Clifford Mercer 20 hours ago
Get cory to do a burnout in his drift car and have the gender colour in the smoke!
Stuart Chester
Stuart Chester 20 hours ago
I am a identical twin
Stuart Chester
Stuart Chester 20 hours ago
I am a twin
Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow 20 hours ago
And congrats
Bow and Arrow
Bow and Arrow 20 hours ago
Caprons Mum is just going crazy
Dylan Beasley
Dylan Beasley 20 hours ago
Who else feels old I've been watching these guys for 5 years and THIS hit me like a boulder
skyler/ scorpion
skyler/ scorpion 21 hour ago
Omg im so excited due date is my bday i will be so happy🥺
skyler/ scorpion
skyler/ scorpion 20 hours ago
I really hope he or she hopefully a boy is born on my bday🙏🤞
Brenda Volpi
Brenda Volpi 21 hour ago
I was crying the whole video😭 Insert Alex from julie and the phantoms:I been crying for 25 years?
Charmed 1O1
Charmed 1O1 21 hour ago
I liked Scarlett and Scooter
Keisan Cevallos
Keisan Cevallos 21 hour ago
yes i cant wait to see the baby i luv u guys so much yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordin Zuniga
Jordin Zuniga 21 hour ago
I'm gong to cry thats so cute
Felicity Engel
Felicity Engel 22 hours ago
Zachary Dean
Zachary Dean 22 hours ago
So both of you are pregnant Look at the title
Clarissa Garza
Clarissa Garza 23 hours ago
Guys you are the best when the baby is born make USposts channel called the funk fam
Lily Fisher
Lily Fisher 23 hours ago
Are you guys going to carry on the r’s from Rydel’s family
Tiffany Hassey
Tiffany Hassey 23 hours ago
Rydel and I have our due dates days apart
L.O.L Playhouse
L.O.L Playhouse 23 hours ago
My sister was born on April 9th so you better go a day past your due date! Love to two I hope your doing good and well I hope you're healthy and happy Love you
Hannah Roberts
Hannah Roberts 23 hours ago
these are my favorite kind of videos. So evident that Baby Funk is already so so loved🤍 Congrats C&Ry!!
We're The Osbornes
We're The Osbornes 23 hours ago
I’m so happy for you! We are in suuuuch similar circumstances. Got married in September and I’m currently 6 weeks preggers haha. Omg. I’m not posting anything yet until thanksgiving. But I love watching you guys!
Addison D.
Addison D. 23 hours ago
My favorite part is that they call him or her a "blueberry". Its so cute!!! I mean the name not the baby.
Marshy_Warshy 23 hours ago
Yo my baby doggo has the same due date and I’m getting it in June, woah
TheDillPicklePlayz 23 hours ago
My baby sister was born on April 8 2019
Makenzie 23 hours ago
I was literally crying this whole video in happy tears!!!!!! I’m so happy for y’all!!!! 😭👶🏻❤️🥰🥰😢
Hadley Martin
Hadley Martin 23 hours ago
I am going to name my baby girl in the future Ryhan, if you think it’s cute you can use it.
That my birthday April 8 Twins hehe😁
toomuchbangtan Day ago
Riker: I would say performing at the Greek Theatre. Me: *Freaks out because I was there* LOLLLL
Britney Baker
Britney Baker Day ago
You guys are gonna be great parents 💙💗
in peace
in peace Day ago
His nick name is gonna be blueberry and favorite colors blue
Kendall Gregor
Kendall Gregor Day ago
I so happy for you guys
Seven Assassins
Seven Assassins Day ago
Rydel you didn’t tell us that your brother was one of the main characters for Austen and Ally and in Teen Beach movie