falcon 3s
falcon 3s 14 hours ago
Scandemic. Mainstream sewer media always tells us to rely on science, and looking at the science - Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winner and inventor of PCR test clearly stated that this test CANNOT be used to detect infectious diseases, COVID (Flu) included. Criminal cabal will pay the prize for this crime against humanity.
David Geertz
David Geertz 15 hours ago
Too many peetsas & hot dogs
thefridgeman 15 hours ago
"Fairplaymilly", rubbing the tennis balls on his sweaty belly. Classy move there, buddy.
Izabel Queiroz
Izabel Queiroz 15 hours ago
Sou fã do Nole!!!!
minastronasse 15 hours ago
A smiling slayer. It is so rare to see such finesse. I love watching her do her magic, switch hands and drive opponent nuts.
androc75 15 hours ago
Novak would have beaten anyone in this mood
T. Bryan Moore
T. Bryan Moore 16 hours ago
So I guess stefanos forgot how to slice?
أ١ذكاشتط٦نس علوان
أ١ذكاشتط٦نس علوان 16 hours ago
أ١ذكاشتط٦نس علوان
أ١ذكاشتط٦نس علوان 16 hours ago
Farmer2492 16 hours ago
The funny thing is people like Daniil more than Novak
Farmer2492 16 hours ago
Well Federer is coming back the tennis GOD
Ricardo Erdös Cappon
Ricardo Erdös Cappon 17 hours ago
Training with Federer is a good thing!
leMi 17 hours ago
nakon 9 godina gledam ovo, znas ishod i sve, ali srce opet hoce van
Curt Devine
Curt Devine 17 hours ago
She needs to eat some humble pie. The errors were because she’s too slow to react to Naomis returns
Curt Devine
Curt Devine 17 hours ago
Serena just look plain and simple slow. She’s still 20lbs over weight compared to 2015.
Xiaolong Li
Xiaolong Li 17 hours ago
Wait, did anyone noticed their cloths too? They basically dressed up the same colors.
Curt Devine
Curt Devine 18 hours ago
Let’s be real. Andreescu got paid to throw this game!
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 18 hours ago
i never imagine Simona Halep knows how to dropshot.
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry 18 hours ago
Let’s hope 1:24 does get him hooked on drink, it’s on of the reasons he so good he takes care of himself in the best way!!
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry 18 hours ago
Novak finishes on 24+ slams he is without doubt the GOAT most weeks as number one the most ATP tournament victories and will have the most slams when he calls it a day!!! 👑👑👑
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 18 hours ago
is that a tennis ball in your pants or are you just pleased to see me
Abd7 18 hours ago
Federer is the best player ever .. ❤️
Niko Duran Lu
Niko Duran Lu 18 hours ago
2:21 Imagine copying Cristiano Ronaldo's Celebration move
や赤ち 19 hours ago
is the operation crazy?
Kevin Montgomery
Kevin Montgomery 19 hours ago
Kei wanna hit so bad
lorna low
lorna low 19 hours ago
Amazonian black strengths
E. H.
E. H. 20 hours ago
Why are you playing when you are not obviously fit??? Azarenka did also not play because she was not feeling fit.
Satya kumar Satya kumar
Satya kumar Satya kumar 20 hours ago
Hii saniya am your big fan
Bruno Vanzillotta
Bruno Vanzillotta 20 hours ago
Halep have no strenght to hurt Serena... She just walks to the ball and hit hard with angle and put Halep always on trouble
Ayden Anthony
Ayden Anthony 20 hours ago
Does Naomi have a boyfriend?
Ahmad Fadil
Ahmad Fadil 22 hours ago
Philippe Mudaheranwa
Philippe Mudaheranwa 22 hours ago
ok sharing only tennis highlights of 2 mins but sharing 4 hours of stupid edgy teen video games?
Stefan Petrovic
Stefan Petrovic 23 hours ago
72 shots😳
Cathexis 23 hours ago
It almost looks like she's taller than him
tim paine
tim paine 23 hours ago
Finch without bubble gum😅🤣😅😅😅😅😅🤣
abc Day ago
Why not put a real woman in the thumbnail 🤔
DTMDG Day ago
This is something you would see in anime lol
Sagar Thakuri
Sagar Thakuri Day ago
Man, I can’t imagine Roger winning all those early slams that he won with today’s great athletes, lucky he came at the right time to collect those slams before the goat arrived.
AMC Day ago
He is so cute! OMG!
SerbAtheist Day ago
''WHERE IS NUCLEAR NADAL????'' ''You had Nadal executed two years ago, Surpreme Leader.''
Vaibhavv M
Vaibhavv M Day ago
I wish kissing a girl to say sorry was called to be a gentleman everywhere I could do It too
Ilma Ilmi
Ilma Ilmi Day ago
Djokofic was gentßchamp's fly of tire and nothing than thiem who espany lyne.
Großknecht Day ago
Das mit Abstand hübscheste Gesicht im Tenniszirkus, könnte locker Topmodel sein.
Oscar Centrón G.
Oscar Centrón G. Day ago
I love you, Naomi!!!!
Daniel George
Daniel George Day ago
Defeat was calling Serena Williams but she just won’t bend. Her mental game stands very high
Odisseia Etc
Odisseia Etc Day ago
That was nice to see it again even in 2021, thanks all!
Galhudo Conformado
Galhudo Conformado Day ago
Uma das lições principais do tênis é aprender a jogar a raquete e cair.
IncognitoX8 Day ago
C'Mon Benny!
muhammad iswahyudi
muhammad iswahyudi Day ago
She is adorable
gutenmuach Day ago
Seriously, how did AO let this video happened?
Nightbot Day ago
If someone does the same thing in India that persons career is finished!
vibeymxrc Day ago
Future History Investigators
Future History Investigators Day ago
it's crazy to think these two defined tennis and how it's played for the last 15+ years.
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily Day ago
Individual sport is great....💚💚💚
Joshua Scovill
Joshua Scovill Day ago
Get this out of tennis please. It’s a meme
CDH2020 1
CDH2020 1 Day ago
Wheelchair tennis
Piero Angelo Paolucci
Piero Angelo Paolucci Day ago
Caro Alexander, sono del parere che su quella superficie sei più forte di un Jordan Tomphson qualsiasi...cambia testa altrimenti farai la fine dell'australiano più famoso 😕 e questo lo dico per quanto riguarda i meri risultati...poi se non te ne frega nulla dei numeri, bene così...per carità! 🖐
Simon Sinisha Patkovic
Simon Sinisha Patkovic Day ago
poor eastern boy defeats the odds and the tennis gods and rips his shirt in proclamation - the affluent necks cramp in repulsion
RyWakie Day ago
What's this got to do with tennis?
Blanka Čajanová
Blanka Čajanová Day ago
Klobouk dolů 👍
Hasan Jamil Apon
Hasan Jamil Apon Day ago
Where is this guy now? He also defeated Djokovic in 4R at that Australian Open.
Don Day ago
A nice guy, I hope him the best
Cleydson Souza
Cleydson Souza Day ago
Nole <3
Jatin Sharma
Jatin Sharma Day ago
0:19 shane warne , aaron finch in thr house guys 🤟🤟
Samyog Adhikari
Samyog Adhikari Day ago
I love serena Williams very much 😘😘😘😘
April Avenue
April Avenue Day ago
This is THE BEST SPEECH I've ever heard by two finalist...
Samuel Jerome
Samuel Jerome Day ago
Numbers 14:28 So tell them as surely as I live declares the lord I will do to you the very thing I heard you say
Raptor Day ago
John Fitzgerald is the worst commentator.
Juraj Zamek
Juraj Zamek Day ago
Bigbob Hot rod
Bigbob Hot rod Day ago
Very saucy
Beto Diaz
Beto Diaz Day ago
Un clásico de todos los tiempos.
Alex Arnes Hodzic
Alex Arnes Hodzic Day ago
What happened to this player? Such a high level he played here. He could win slams with this level.
sonia urraca sesma
sonia urraca sesma Day ago
The utopian comma daily fax because pin reassuringly note among a spiffy broccoli. utter, vague pyjama
BakchormeeMan Day ago
I wonder how much body weight did they lose during the match
Eikichi onizuka
Eikichi onizuka Day ago
Now I can die peacefully
Willie Jones
Willie Jones Day ago
It was sad to see Serena in her less powerful state. Her mind was there but her body just simply what it used to be. She is still impressive for her age but her decreased speed is a huge problem against the top players. Hopefully Wimbledon will have more of a chance. At least she gave us some incredible years at the top. She was still unbeatable at her peak. Sadly, I don't think she will ever reach her peak again.
shige Day ago
Please upload full bro
JDeLorenzo D
JDeLorenzo D Day ago
17:06 Vlade fucking Divac???!!!!
michael lts
michael lts Day ago
No more onesided booing this time around😁, better serve better ball placement by Naomi. Looks to me like Nadal vs Roger, one with brawl and the other with skill...just sayin'.
Brandon Y
Brandon Y Day ago
Serena faking her sickness. 😭😭😭😭