Brewstew - Turning 30
Brewstew - Dead-End Job
Brewstew - Father's Day
Brewstew - New Neighbor
Brewstew - Drivers Ed
Brewstew - Seeing Santa
Brewstew - Kid Wrestling
Brewstew - Tommy's House
Brewstew - Mexico
Brewstew - College
Brewstew - Snow Day
Brewstew - The Vet
Brewstew - Halloween
Brewstew - Rifle League
Brewstew - Comic Con
Brewstew - My Dad's Car
Brewstew - Rat Hunting
Brewstew - First Kiss
Brewstew - Soccer Coach
Brewstew - Seizure
2 years ago
Brewstew - Monopoly
Brewstew - Riding Bikes
Brewstew - Prank War
Brewstew - Chemistry Set
Brewstew - Trampoline
Brewstew - Being Broke
Brewstew Merch Store!!!
Brewstew - Couple Skate
Brewstew - Airsoft Guns
Brewstew - School Lunch
Brewstew - Math Class
Brewstew - First Fight
Brewstew - Picture Day
Brewstew - First Grade
Artie's Odds and Ends
Brewstew - Nosebleed
Brewcast #2 - Mcgruff
Brewstew - Potty Pals
Brewstew - Pet Butterfly
Brewstew - Breakups
Christian Jones
Christian Jones 11 hours ago
poor michael hes a pain in the ass but you gotta love him
prayformetogetwatersheephelpme lolXdHd
prayformetogetwatersheephelpme lolXdHd 12 hours ago
Tip:Rob a bank 1. If you suckseed you get rich 2. If you don't, you get food
prayformetogetwatersheephelpme lolXdHd
prayformetogetwatersheephelpme lolXdHd 12 hours ago
"teach me"
Nick G
Nick G 12 hours ago
Lucky day
Andrew will not create channel b Harrison
Andrew will not create channel b Harrison 12 hours ago
My birthday 9 october
Salmon yeast
Salmon yeast 12 hours ago
The number in books by brewstew is a scammer number
the apex chicken
the apex chicken 12 hours ago
I'm so sad that we irish lads won't be going trick or treating 2020
pur si simplu gaming
pur si simplu gaming 12 hours ago
Did ever anyone told you that you will be a good doctor?
h ':5H
h ':5H 12 hours ago
Go and take the real poter
Mochikote 12 hours ago
Haha old
irex Mojo
irex Mojo 12 hours ago
Happy birthday
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 12 hours ago
What are some other animation channels that you also like to watch?
Jonah Spector
Jonah Spector 12 hours ago
do a face revea
Jack Jernigan
Jack Jernigan 12 hours ago
I was the kid across the street except I was not perry Saturn I was Jeff hardy and I didn’t pee myself and I didn’t have people call me by my full name
nathan emery
nathan emery 12 hours ago
My name is Nathan
Jäger 13 hours ago
Where is Micheal now
Peter Suzelied
Peter Suzelied 13 hours ago
My son I got him it
Bang dead Apple
Bang dead Apple 13 hours ago
I just found this on recommendation and this is funny 😂
Deadly Sins
Deadly Sins 13 hours ago
shockwave 64
shockwave 64 13 hours ago
This is wayyyy too accurate. I did the exact same thing when I was a kid. People definitely got hurt! I used a dumbbell tho!!
lets-call-me that-one-guy
lets-call-me that-one-guy 13 hours ago
0:46 learning language in school in a nutshell
Simon Wilczynski
Simon Wilczynski 13 hours ago
I'm 33 and I have made 25 blood donations. Would be higher but covid. Im O negative so they call me when there is a blood drive.
Chris Flynn
Chris Flynn 13 hours ago
Do you have a dog
BassPurge 13 hours ago
This same exact thing happened to me but the dog was a German Shepard
Presley Haight
Presley Haight 13 hours ago
At least Michael is truthful
Crypted 76
Crypted 76 13 hours ago
Did micheal have a Mother or is he adopted
Michael Guiney
Michael Guiney 13 hours ago
what on gods creation is a sex swing?!?
Jaan Ruus
Jaan Ruus 13 hours ago
make a derek the seagull plushie lol
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 13 hours ago
That would be great. And do you also like other animation channels?
_Ezzgar_ 14 hours ago
My memories of Blockbuster was seen Diablo 2, F.E.A.R., scary movie covers, Rayman and Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario Galaxy 2..
The Legendary Beta
The Legendary Beta 14 hours ago
God damn it I missed it lmao
AB - 06SN 781033 Morning Star MS
AB - 06SN 781033 Morning Star MS 14 hours ago
Has anybody had that one girl that travelled everywhere during summer break?
Linnea Ponce
Linnea Ponce 14 hours ago
I would of went in there like. "This is what Ape Escape trained me for."
Igor Galperin
Igor Galperin 14 hours ago
Fredrick Snett
Fredrick Snett 14 hours ago
Why does this get so many dislikes?!
Gold Lattes
Gold Lattes 14 hours ago
Bc people are idiots.
Gold Lattes
Gold Lattes 14 hours ago
I’m so happy I found this channel!!! I always get a good laugh every single time!
Chezy 14 hours ago
"Don't tell anybody about this." *Makes an entire video about it*
Tamara Miller
Tamara Miller 14 hours ago
Hey it's Alex Clark
Emiq 14 hours ago
please god I need more stuff like this in my life
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 13 hours ago
You can see Brewstew in a few 3D animation videos on my channel
tazz moon
tazz moon 14 hours ago
Happy birthday
Emiq 14 hours ago
This is what I needed
C-low 14 hours ago
Clayton Eifert
Clayton Eifert 14 hours ago
It ain’t about the booze, it ain’t about the crying, it ain’t about the screaming, cutting her out, or being a nuisance on society. For me, it’s about the slow descent into a pit of self-doubt and not knowing if you’re ever going to climb back out. You could’ve argued until somebody snapped. Another person got involved. Maybe they just up and said they were bored and dropped your ass for someone else. It’s about feeling every last second pass by, melting off of the candlestick that is our time in this corporeal world. It’s about seeing everything you used to enjoy and no longer being able to do so. It’s about sleeping to pass the time because the only way to heal is to progress time, but when time feels like it’s doing an army crawl through a pit of molasses it becomes almost unbearable. It’s about wondering if they made the right choice and you’re the reason you’re suffering, and the thought of someone new even thinking about getting together with you so fucking distant and unobtainable. And when you finally wake up, and that sunshine hits your face as you realize you’ve just met your new SO, and you realize all those days spent in hell on earth are over. Or, at least, for awhile...
TTv pineapple_3883
TTv pineapple_3883 14 hours ago
Were you the kid who an avocado
Oscar Espinoza
Oscar Espinoza 14 hours ago
Yo im watching this while im in a public bathroom the guy outside can hear this video lol
h ':5H
h ':5H 14 hours ago
Face reveal?
chaquel mix
chaquel mix 14 hours ago
Bro did I really just get “Age-Restricted” for these fart jokes xD hahahaha
Phantom Gamer
Phantom Gamer 15 hours ago
My signature move is called *The Headlock HellSender*
TTv pineapple_3883
TTv pineapple_3883 15 hours ago
I hop you realized you cloud sell that thing for 20,000 dollars
myboringvoice 15 hours ago
This is extremely outdated. The tubes aren't a thing anymore. However, you didn't talk about the part where they do a test that makes you feel like you want to either want to pee or poop.
Viper Serpent
Viper Serpent 15 hours ago
its the same with my 5th grade science teacher
Stark Samurai
Stark Samurai 15 hours ago
His neighbor has a big ass Prince poster haha
Stark Samurai
Stark Samurai 15 hours ago
That Christmas with the PlayStation was a magical one. Goddamn those were the days.
Jack Michl
Jack Michl 15 hours ago
Jack Michl
Jack Michl 15 hours ago
Bo2fl 15 hours ago
My friends it will more time
Awad Uddin_Ahmad
Awad Uddin_Ahmad 15 hours ago
Plot twist: the milkys son was actually micheal going to second base
Awad Uddin_Ahmad
Awad Uddin_Ahmad 12 hours ago
@Jackson Animation sure ill check it out Till then have my subscriber
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 12 hours ago
@Awad Uddin_Ahmad I also make fun animation videos on my channel. I even have a few that are Brewstew in 3D animation. Would you check out my animation channel? Thanks
Awad Uddin_Ahmad
Awad Uddin_Ahmad 12 hours ago
@Jackson Animation what do u mean?
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 13 hours ago
Are there other animation channels that you also like watching?
Joaquin Canales
Joaquin Canales 16 hours ago
I wonder wtf happened to Michael
OutDoors Elite
OutDoors Elite 16 hours ago
I live in Michigan, so ive been to Mackinaw island
Feral Crafter
Feral Crafter 16 hours ago
The ending ... you should have had the thur-mom-a-turd slowly slide out the cat's donkey.
F is For Furrets
F is For Furrets 16 hours ago
If I were you I will kick Nathan the big ass rottweiler
falconfan222 b.
falconfan222 b. 16 hours ago
prayformetogetwatersheephelpme lolXdHd
prayformetogetwatersheephelpme lolXdHd 16 hours ago
MY spirit animal is that beer. 1.disgusting 2.brings bad luck 3.just awful
Matias 16 hours ago
I believe David's finishing move is The Boston Crab.
Matias 16 hours ago
"I'm the Brahma Bull bitch, I'm the Brahma Bull." 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂
yareli chavez
yareli chavez 17 hours ago
may 16 2020
Matias 17 hours ago
30 isn't old
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 13 hours ago
That is true. Do you also like other animation channels?
chxxstxxn 17 hours ago
Last time I watched u I was 16 im 18 now better be like 600 new vids
Chris Dao
Chris Dao 17 hours ago
Brew is from Michigan no way?
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 13 hours ago
Do you also like other animation channels?
christian cevallos
christian cevallos 17 hours ago
Stolen tongues dream is the best
MythicArt 60
MythicArt 60 17 hours ago
You were probably not dreaming but Astro projecting basically an out of body experience
Sau wai Lui
Sau wai Lui 17 hours ago
Bruh if Micky was a rat Ricky Rat
Ernan Huerta the VI
Ernan Huerta the VI 17 hours ago
I'm 11 can I do dropkick? Lmao
TheCasualGamer Yt
TheCasualGamer Yt 17 hours ago
A S H_K A S H migash
Zeno rom
Zeno rom 17 hours ago
Hey brew pawn stars grey have a lot of holographic charzar and bobs 100 gold fist edition Holo graphics charzar and he never give it to someone he’s an old man watch Logan Paul vid and you will now with 4.9M view on it we’re Logan spent 150 million dollars to get the fist gold edition holographic charzar bet you won’t get it
waihoea matiu
waihoea matiu 18 hours ago
I onced farted and coughed or sneezed at the same time
Arynn Saevherne
Arynn Saevherne 18 hours ago
Thanks for making me feel not old. I was worried about 24. Lmao
its Clifford 83
its Clifford 83 18 hours ago
Petition to start to find Michel
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 13 hours ago
He's tied up in my basement. You can also see some Brewstew videos in 3D animation on my channel
h ':5H
h ':5H 18 hours ago
Its your car??????? ¿
Ultra X Games 23
Ultra X Games 23 18 hours ago
Hey Smarties are good
S1ZZ4P 209
S1ZZ4P 209 18 hours ago
Ozzy Osborne 😂
Official Maggot69
Official Maggot69 18 hours ago
Why is the sound for the group of children laughing exactly the same as the one from the falling away from me music video