How to Buy a Drift Car
GANG TRAP 17 hours ago
Cow Flyer
Cow Flyer 17 hours ago
Wow. I had no idea Hondas had all those easy to adjust tool insertion locations.
gambainhacks 17 hours ago
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Kaléo Braz 17 hours ago
I like supras especially the mk4.
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Daniel Nixon 17 hours ago
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NEIL Shimp 17 hours ago
We need more driftstang videos
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warren nazareno 17 hours ago
So what are those almost 4k dislikes all about?
warren nazareno
warren nazareno 17 hours ago
I summon all auto mechanic out there to get a culinary course first to super charge your fixing skills LOL
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Good job good videos
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2 adds gets you 1 thumbs down
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You got 7.14M subscribers right now.
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Jacky Jiang 18 hours ago
I feel like if I was a car, chris would be teaching us how to do surgery
Jacky Jiang
Jacky Jiang 18 hours ago
My tool analogy: Craftsman is like BMW. They don't make them like they used to.
warren nazareno
warren nazareno 18 hours ago
Chris how about me? LOL
Jacky Jiang
Jacky Jiang 18 hours ago
8:13 Guy: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: ... Its... complicated
gureno19 18 hours ago
Standars ford part, exact part used on Aussie Falcons too.
Italiks 18 hours ago
now adam lz is an fd driver and you’re one of the biggest automotive you tubers on the site! so crazy how much can change in such little time
Hoi 18 hours ago
In the Netherlands we got 95 unto 110.....
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Hung Nguyen 18 hours ago
Awesome 👏 bro
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Jadda Villamin 19 hours ago
Your a legend chrisfix!
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KavaRythm7 Chill 19 hours ago
Beautiful stuff buddy.. what is the best and easy OBD2 scanner s you recommend to use??? looking to get one 👍
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Crunchy Netto 19 hours ago
Chris, you really are a talented guy, and your hardwork really complement your dedication and determination. I enjoy your vids, and am a subsriber after watching the vid about waxing your windscreen ☺️
Kody N. Felix
Kody N. Felix 19 hours ago
Does he have a video of maintenance to do on your car cause it seems like everything will break
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Mistix - 19 hours ago
What about your dad’s dream car
Joku tubettaja 5 0000
Joku tubettaja 5 0000 19 hours ago
How to get soapy wooder if i cant find it in the store? (I live in finland)
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Andersion545 Jaksion587 19 hours ago
I genuinely appreciate the hard work that went into making a video like this, it’s not half ass or rushed or lazy, keep it up, I love videos like this! Good work!
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The Noobs Team!! 19 hours ago
I love how end of video is 19:11 *9:11*
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Your driftstang is amazing and looks good
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This is such a great video I wonder how you learned these things pls subscribe to me I really love your videos pls
Abet Martinez
Abet Martinez 19 hours ago
hi chris.. how about for mitsubishi asx 2018. my airbag light stays on. do you know how to fix it? where can i find this airbag connection.? appreciate your response. thanks
My dream car is a lomborghini sian
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Sigifredo Beltra 20 hours ago
I'm love this video
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P.J. Fox 20 hours ago
Mick 20 hours ago
why was I blowing when he was blowing the steam
Chimou 20 hours ago
This is how you do a proper, clean, and solid modification
James Cockerham
James Cockerham 20 hours ago
Fantastic. Can you show a video on headliner repair?
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Hung Nguyen 20 hours ago
Not sure why there would be 800 dislikes on Chris. This dude is very smart
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Itz Impact 20 hours ago
thanks to you im gonna learn how to drift great advice build and fix the problems sound good
Tom Reyes
Tom Reyes 20 hours ago
Could have just pressed out the old bearing?
Adam N
Adam N 20 hours ago
What about cleaning the haze off the inside of tug he windshield?
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Richard Ewels 20 hours ago
Love it. Straight to the point and no bs.
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Mr Gæm3r 20 hours ago
Honey, the neighbors kid talking to his 2 sexy cars again.
IIFIREX 20 hours ago
Chris your wire is in upside down
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 20 hours ago
They can still be leaking though right, even if they pass this test.
Inc0rrupt 20 hours ago
Lol a Hummer? have fun with that 3 mpg
Crunchy Netto
Crunchy Netto 20 hours ago
damn, another 50hp/35lbf added to the car performance!
JUANITO VALDES 20 hours ago
I did notice some drops of water coming out the tailpipe each time the car was started. Is that indicative of any possible problem?
David Wollpert
David Wollpert 21 hour ago
Wow, very detailed and well explained. It's easy to see why you have more that 7 million subscribers. Good job!
Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow
Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow 21 hour ago
Will this be the same Principle for My Hoverboard 🤔⁉️😂🤣😂
S. Choudhary
S. Choudhary 21 hour ago
much needed
Apple Dumpling
Apple Dumpling 21 hour ago
I have these old truck liners for the door . I thought about removing them and spray painting the rubber spray around where the truck door rubber installation is * around the rim of the truck doors where the rubber is for the doors maybe you can use it for your hummer doors in certain areas so water wont leak in*
Tyreace Gregory
Tyreace Gregory 21 hour ago
Volkswagen bug
Aneeqah Hendricks
Aneeqah Hendricks 21 hour ago
I hate your videos 🤬🤬
Airick Anderson
Airick Anderson 21 hour ago
Another great helper to combat foggy windows or just moisture in your vehicle in general, is to buy some of those compact Silica Moisture Absorber containers, like you would use in a storage unit, outdoor shed, RV or closets in your home to keep everything dry. I buy 4 of them from the Dollar Tree and they last all year long and I never have a problem with excessive moisture in my ride or foggy windows. I put 2 in my car at a time, where no one can see them and then switch them out when needed. The water binding beads are on top and there is a collection chamber below, when it fills up with water, you simply just replace it!... Hope this helps someone else, it works great for me during winter and the rainy season! 👍🏻
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royal titan 21 hour ago
Hey buy me lamborghini i will give u 100 dollars
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Jai Hind 21 hour ago
This is amazing 🤩
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Dennis Lawrence 21 hour ago
This man needs his own T.V show! The absolute best youtube channel I've found yet..
T Z 21 hour ago
Yo bro. Your wire is spooled upside down. The image under the lid shows it going under, not over.
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Nut Master 21 hour ago
dawg i go back and watch old videos simply because i love your energy
whenrosesfadeaway 21 hour ago
Job done waiting for it to dry
Trinitey Holden
Trinitey Holden 21 hour ago
if you had to guess how much would all of the things you would need to change them would be (everything on your red cart)?
Bradley Scharnhorst
Bradley Scharnhorst 21 hour ago
Video should be called how a criminal can burn up your fuel pump
Michael lang
Michael lang 21 hour ago
the del sols are hard to find in junk yards and period
Invincible Turtle
Invincible Turtle 21 hour ago
What state do you live in?
Howdy Pilgrum
Howdy Pilgrum 21 hour ago
Thank you friend! I followed your instructions for a successful recharge. thanks for taking the time to upload and sharing your knowledge.
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He makes it look so easy 😂😭
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Me watching all ChrisFix vids for super cleaning cat but don’t have enough materials for it. 😖😣
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i remember when i was nine and my dad let me drive his 2001 ford crown vic i sat on his lap in the car
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Nicole Stevens 22 hours ago
just the video I was looking for, thanks chris great job... there were a few jaw dropping, eye popping moments in that video let me tell ya....all up a great vid thanks mate
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Pratik Parekh 22 hours ago
I'm a full time mechanic, and I almost questioned my years of experience.
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You are EXCELLENT 🤩 Thank you.
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Apple Dumpling 22 hours ago
Apple Dumpling
Apple Dumpling 22 hours ago
What a Sweetheart Earth Angel*
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Krovjc127 Gse 22 hours ago
If every car owner would watch your videos,cars would literally last forever
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson 22 hours ago
One of the hoses doesn’t have a clamp for me?
daphne daphne
daphne daphne 22 hours ago
Going to use voltronic m60 to clean mine soon .on the spray can it says it is also a mass air flow sensor cleaner .but it is also a brake cleaner.
Apple Dumpling
Apple Dumpling 22 hours ago
So sweet..
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Invincible Turtle 22 hours ago
BIG fan my Chris fix man! Love you want something from you... By the way I subscribed and turned on notifications!!!
Champagne CAPO
Champagne CAPO 22 hours ago
Hey Chris did you make a video on how to remove a seized caliper pin? I have a 2008 GMC YUKON and the front pin is stuck.