Momma Lisa
Momma Lisa Minute ago
I don't even know what is real anymore
Mason Fedele
Mason Fedele 4 minutes ago
Did he go through puberty there
Jessica King
Jessica King 5 minutes ago
Yeah I hate having children it sucks
Nagato Uzumaki
Nagato Uzumaki 6 minutes ago
haha scripted.
Møônlight MakesGacha
Møônlight MakesGacha 8 minutes ago
**Sigh** The things people will do for views these days!!
Paul Schmidt
Paul Schmidt 9 minutes ago
Fake and gay
christopher viernes
christopher viernes 10 minutes ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yeet
Lateash Patrick
Lateash Patrick 11 minutes ago
He thought in his mind hmmm I can make that thing into a pet
Emma’s Vlog channel
Emma’s Vlog channel 11 minutes ago
My phones in their him continues to put water on it
Chasadilla 14 minutes ago
The snake around his neck was cute tho
GreenNight 874
GreenNight 874 16 minutes ago
His friends are not happy
Zack Otwell
Zack Otwell 16 minutes ago
Tje last guy was not lying about u
that_one_girl 16 minutes ago
They never look up
just-A-guy 17 minutes ago
Inb4 him and all his friends are permanently blind
salem reaper
salem reaper 17 minutes ago
these kind of people deserve to be sent to war
Francheska Balunso
Francheska Balunso 18 minutes ago
What happened to you
te ao
te ao 18 minutes ago
That scared me
ben the dinosar kid Place of Worship
ben the dinosar kid Place of Worship 19 minutes ago
You’re not supposed to catch and keep. Release it
Edidi3013 21 minute ago
Is it just me or did any one else saw the girl is n the kitchen
Bumpy User
Bumpy User 24 minutes ago
He didn’t put the seat up
michael123 cody
michael123 cody 26 minutes ago
Really that first reaction was a bit late
Lavon Peterson
Lavon Peterson 28 minutes ago
How is that funny that's not funny people can get serious trouble its not funny
Elliot Brault
Elliot Brault 29 minutes ago
Why do people fake it’s so unnecessary and boring content. We only laugh because of how stupid it is. I hate these type of creators.
navoj Demol
navoj Demol 30 minutes ago
Awwwww she is so cute
Vincent 32 minutes ago
"oh my friend just opened the toilet door, perhaps he wanna join me peeing. That's completely normal:)"
FBI Agent No. 459
FBI Agent No. 459 32 minutes ago
Hope you blind yourself there's a reason you can't walk to Walmart and grab one
Calyx 33 minutes ago
Yeah right forcing them to lose
María Jaramillo
María Jaramillo 33 minutes ago
Noah Paquette
Noah Paquette 33 minutes ago
Shining that shit at a mirror without wearring laser protective glasses. Nice.
MILK GOD 36 minutes ago
Everybody gangster until he uses it on people
Oly Duran
Oly Duran 41 minute ago
you're not a bad guy :) you're an idiot
idont know this
idont know this 41 minute ago
are you ok?
Chloe Matsunaga
Chloe Matsunaga 41 minute ago
report gaming
report gaming 43 minutes ago
XxnegmxX FF
XxnegmxX FF 43 minutes ago
Some guys made it with pep-c
Ana Desantis
Ana Desantis 44 minutes ago
Souraya Lias
Souraya Lias 45 minutes ago
There is a spider in your body😓
Beau Brashier
Beau Brashier 45 minutes ago
*my steroid senses are tingling*
bermyboy 50 minutes ago
Is no one going to point out that this idiot pointed the laser at a mirror that reflected back at him
Kakashi 51 minute ago
“But it is okay because I am a very bad bad boy” tell that to the judge 🤦🏽‍♂️
A guy that looks weird
A guy that looks weird 52 minutes ago
Dominique Lawrence
Dominique Lawrence 52 minutes ago
One day I was Laying in bed and thinking that I was bored but then I remembered you were my favorite you tuber videos and I already did subscribe and then I commented on this video that’s funny
nini nini
nini nini 53 minutes ago
Ayyyyyy. Yooo
oyetola sodiq
oyetola sodiq 54 minutes ago
The camera: 👁👄👁 nothing is here I am invisible
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 55 minutes ago
I would have used just black balloons but good job👍
Rhy Xhander Gonzaga
Rhy Xhander Gonzaga 55 minutes ago
It's a executioner wasp
G Ÿákø
G Ÿákø 55 minutes ago
Why the first guy piss w the seat down bruh got me dead as hell
x.Boba.x :P
x.Boba.x :P 58 minutes ago
We all know the first one was fake
No One
No One 59 minutes ago
But what if a gold fish has the best memory
ihasarax Hour ago
He got an iPhone 4 bruh
Edvin Just gaming
Edvin Just gaming Hour ago
Bruh the guy with the drink had spend 45 dollars and now he is looking for someone to sue. JK
Jinney Hour ago
Angry boss
Angry boss Hour ago
Why is he peeing with the seat down
Janneth Martinez
Janneth Martinez Hour ago
Then he threw it lol
Janneth Martinez
Janneth Martinez Hour ago
Dude when I first saw this I had a clean memory that my dad got a big Beatle and did the same thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
pk xd
pk xd Hour ago
You're just kind of a show-off
nxxx kxxx
nxxx kxxx Hour ago
Why they wearing a mask??? Wtf😑
Eunisha Emerson
Eunisha Emerson Hour ago
U remember this way differently
Coyote Games
Coyote Games Hour ago
If you want to talk about powerful lasers go check out Styropyro
Paulorules 1
Paulorules 1 Hour ago
I love how his friend called him out for being a ass hole
Gabriel Muga
Gabriel Muga Hour ago
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hour ago
This lasers so powerful that It can light stuff on fire What’s up my friend dangerously hold a piece of paper in front of it
Dilo Hour ago
Loud noise comes from behind!! Guy: LOOKS FORWARD AND UP???? Like some demon squirrel just flew over him??
Milo Hour ago
Ok but the toilet didn’t have pee in it
TomoEatSock Hour ago
No, it is not ok because you are a “bad bad boy”
Annie Jordan
Annie Jordan Hour ago
Omg is he ok
NeroToxic Hour ago
Where can i get this
Levi Loggins
Levi Loggins Hour ago
RUH means are you here
23. A.R.K.O
23. A.R.K.O Hour ago
The first git didn't even have pee in the toilet
clxtch vadar
clxtch vadar Hour ago
The first dude had a water bottle
Thanos Gaming 007
Thanos Gaming 007 Hour ago
Top path Dartling Gunner be like
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu Hour ago
Phineas I know what we’re gonna do today
HTID Dan Hour ago
Ahh yes when I get scared unexpectedly I also jump 2 and a half seconds after the fact. Do they really think people are that stupid?
Gribble Snap
Gribble Snap Hour ago
With the first one especially in a bathroom with two mirrors there would’ve been funny if you blinded yourself
Fabi la humana
Fabi la humana Hour ago
Stupid man
Gribble Snap
Gribble Snap Hour ago
It’s just a prank though I guess
Nerd's Corner Collectibles
Nerd's Corner Collectibles Hour ago
Ruh is are you home
Gribble Snap
Gribble Snap Hour ago
And you’re going to possibly blind your friends too I’m guessing
Divertilindo Hour ago
T-Shirt my bro the yes yes
saltyturtle Hour ago
this is dangerous as fuck