Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 6 minutes ago
I'm a fan again omg
Sean Branstetter
Sean Branstetter 15 minutes ago
Miz no one wanted to see this match everyone wanted to see Bobby with the title. Next step Bobby VS Lesnar
balistic knight
balistic knight 17 minutes ago
As much i like him keep the title i like to aleast see Bobby lashley vs brock lesner.
Jayshawn Thorne
Jayshawn Thorne 22 minutes ago
About time he finally got what he wanted lol
Jayshawn Thorne
Jayshawn Thorne 25 minutes ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the miz is hilarious
judy zdonek
judy zdonek 26 minutes ago
I love sasha l love bayley
Shadow X
Shadow X 41 minute ago
It’s a well deserved title win by Lashley after all these years. Big ups to him. He and the Hurt Business keep climbing mountains and conquering them.
Jay Rock
Jay Rock 54 minutes ago
Time for Lashley to dump nobody MVP and become what he should have a long time ago
Joseph Heckinger
Joseph Heckinger Hour ago
Seth rollins you are a jerk
Mac Anthony
Mac Anthony Hour ago
here is how it will go: Lashley will face McIntyre at WrestleMania, Lesnar will make a surprise return and interfere letting Lashley retain, then Lesnar will end up facing Lashley at Summer Slam or something🤷‍♂️
The Punisher
The Punisher Hour ago
About faking time , Bobby Lashley is gold 😛
Terraunce Bowie
Terraunce Bowie Hour ago
Now if the Miz wants to last in this business as a reasonable contender, he better think about hitting them weights. lol
Sean Buford
Sean Buford 2 hours ago
It sucks we already knew a week ago I like to be surprised sometimes lol
Adrian Mckinnie
Adrian Mckinnie 2 hours ago
That was so awesome 😌👍🏾
William Castillo
William Castillo 2 hours ago
This show was actually really good
Dean Stravato
Dean Stravato 2 hours ago
Is the Hurt Business good or bad
chris strong
chris strong 2 hours ago
Two of the greatest ever
Chelow Acevedo
Chelow Acevedo 2 hours ago
Than good
Alton Watkins
Alton Watkins 2 hours ago
The Hurt Business is the new Evolution!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Minute ago
Evolution buried talent
Mr. Retrohale
Mr. Retrohale 2 hours ago
Would've been better if he would've be Drew for the title. It would've meant more
Jean Jean
Jean Jean 2 hours ago
The Miz deserves better he should have been able to keep his title a little longer, he deserves it just as much as Lashley. The Miz is the best, creative writers fail on this one.
kyra castellanos
kyra castellanos 2 hours ago
That’s he moms fault like sis don’t start something u can finsih
Mista The last don
Mista The last don 3 hours ago
Now that was a match
iXCRONUSXi 3 hours ago
Long time coming
Chucky Gee
Chucky Gee 3 hours ago
The fact Miz didn't put up a fight tho
michael hooper
michael hooper 3 hours ago
Is MVP the new Paul Heymen?
Darius Wells
Darius Wells 3 hours ago
They can do a champion vs champion plus spear vs spear match with lashley vs reigns.
Dsway so Funny
Dsway so Funny 3 hours ago
17 long years has bring bobby to this moment FINALLY!!
Gabe Williams
Gabe Williams 3 hours ago
Lashley vs Lesnar, book it Shane
DonWon DOA DaReal 313
DonWon DOA DaReal 313 3 hours ago
Yesssssssssssssssssss let’s gooooo wowwww Congratulations The Almighty Bobby Lashley
Archangel2015 3 hours ago
Lashley is boring af. Much rather have Miz as champ
CaptainDongo 3 hours ago
Yesterday was Big E’s Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BIG E!!!!!! 🎉🥳🎊 🏋🏾‍♂️🌈🦄🥣🥞💪🏾 Well deserved IC champion!!
Joseph Oliveros
Joseph Oliveros 3 hours ago
Lets go the scottish warrior drew mcyintyre
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez 3 hours ago
finally yes
Jason Gaston
Jason Gaston 3 hours ago
Hmmmm, Roman vs Bobby and Paul hayman vs MVP (on the MIC)
MR KNOW IT ALL 3 hours ago
Wow it's been 17 years Bobby lashley never won wwe championships long overdue I hope his title reigns is short one
leftlane Riding
leftlane Riding 3 hours ago
Keep hoping it want be
Link Felton
Link Felton 3 hours ago
I'll be honest. Fully expected Miz to somehow win. Some BS way. But this makes me happy. This man deserved this. Congrats Bobby
Doug Martin
Doug Martin 4 hours ago
MVP makes history as the only manager/Advisor to manage a wrestler to World Titles in two organizations (WWE & Impact/TNA). Lashley is legit! He’s the prototype World Champion that wrestling needs. I hope Vince lets him stay as champion for at least a year.
TheBiggyo43 4 hours ago
This is an ideal title reign for Bobby Lashley, WHY? He's not the best on the MIC, but the Best in the Ring. His promos dont get over well, but his in ring performance is 2nd to none. Since there is no life audience, People that enjoy the skill set can truly appreciate RAW again. Its difficult for the audience to get behind him because he's been the best heel in the past 5 years, beating up Baby Faces. The WWE is much better when a Heel has the belt vs a Baby Face.
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser 4 hours ago
🤣miz is hilarious. Also why would Bobby not want to win it at wrestlemania?
Unlimited Action
Unlimited Action 4 hours ago
Where’s brock
VarietyMusicLover 4 hours ago
lol the miz was Bobby's Ragdoll
Marquis Manigault
Marquis Manigault 4 hours ago
Why miz let them book him like that
Teran Icer
Teran Icer 4 hours ago
FINALLY, THE LASHLEY, HAS COME BACK... TO BE WWE CHAMPION! I'd like a successful defense against Drew, then BRING ON THE PAIN.
Cuyler R
Cuyler R 4 hours ago
Lashley vs Lesnar at wrestlemania now!
Itzyopineapple 2
Itzyopineapple 2 4 hours ago
Looks like a scene from a movie LOL
DrTensley 4 hours ago
Lashley vs Lesnar Wrestlemania
rooseveltheath 4 hours ago
No surprise Drew wasn't selling anything...let alone lose..his Superman gimmick is getting old
Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams 4 hours ago
Since y’all spoiled in before the match who was going to win . Y’all better let him keep it after Wrestlemania
krys wilson
krys wilson 4 hours ago
What an amazing turn of events Bobby is the new WWE Champion
•Gl¡tchyBoi•Dj66beast 5 hours ago
Imagine AEW Pulled Up
D.R.O.P Entertainment
D.R.O.P Entertainment 5 hours ago
Let's go bobby
Aaron Esqueda
Aaron Esqueda 5 hours ago
Thank god, Bobby deserves it!
Willie Wade
Willie Wade 5 hours ago
It was about time Bobby... out of all that hard work. It finally paid off... Congratulations Champ...
Jay .52
Jay .52 5 hours ago
Roman is getting a Little better at promos
Adam Van Seters
Adam Van Seters 5 hours ago
This current incarnation of Lashley is what we were hoping for when he first came back. In a year he went from stealing Lana from Rusev to being the WWE champ. HURT BUSINESS SAVED HIM
Oshane Patterson
Oshane Patterson 5 hours ago
Were retribution and the hurt business enemies now they’re helping Bobby lol!!🤦🏼‍♂️ 🤦🏼‍♂️
A R 4 hours ago
That’s just how annoying the miz is
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin 5 hours ago
Sami Zayn just got knocked tf out 😂
Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks 5 hours ago
Brock lesnar vs bobby lashley. Needs to put into the works.
Jim Adams
Jim Adams 5 hours ago
I'm getting so sick of seeing Bobby lashley every week I guess it's about time to go to aew
Will 5 hours ago
wwe fox cut that well deserved celebration short but that is awesome
Tim Bahr
Tim Bahr 5 hours ago
Very happy for lashley. Long overdue
Nnanna 5 hours ago
Man Roman Reigns is that dude! Never thought I’d be watching WWE again but here I am.
youngsimba318 5 hours ago
Miz is usually A1 when it comes to promos, but he must’ve forgot that him and Bobby Lashley couldn’t be the main even at Wrestlemania since Edge already is guaranteed 50% of that spot.
GM KING 6 hours ago
That was wack.. this men has been waiting for so long to get that title and instead of giving him a well deserved match against drew or Roman he gets the miz.. now I get it to make him seen very strong and a brick wall ( aka Brock the 2nd ) but dam the miz that was wack he needed a better match
MR JDOGG 6 hours ago
About time long long overdue a real fighting
David Browne
David Browne 6 hours ago
Business is booming!!!! Finally he well deserved Bobby lashley
Joe Velazquez
Joe Velazquez 6 hours ago
Ok WWE now give Mickie James her time
Sap Clan
Sap Clan 6 hours ago
Finally, Lashley won the wwe title. Well deserved win. Hopefully he gets a decent title run with it.
Marcus Mata
Marcus Mata 6 hours ago
Well deserved for him, the miz sucks
moe larry
moe larry 6 hours ago
the miz got what he deserved the cowardly champion that he is
Tim Schlewitz
Tim Schlewitz 5 hours ago
Bryce Cartwright
Bryce Cartwright 6 hours ago
The moment jaye becomes a face and shut Sammy down 😂
Zaetopia 27
Zaetopia 27 6 hours ago
About freaking time !!
Dannys -81prime
Dannys -81prime 6 hours ago
They are preparing bobby lashley for wrestlemani, he will face, let's say "Brock Lesnar"
Tim Schlewitz
Tim Schlewitz 5 hours ago
Bp_Dani 6 hours ago
Jim Ross 98 : The Austin Era Has Begun Jim Ross To Daniel Bryan : The YestleMania Has Begun Jim Ross to Kofi : The KofiMania Has Begun Jim Ross to Bobby Lashley: The Almighty Era Has begun ❤️
med Kamara
med Kamara 6 hours ago
Alonso Guel
Alonso Guel 6 hours ago
Seth Rollins Is good wrestler because Murphy helped Rey that's cheating
Terry Beal 2
Terry Beal 2 7 hours ago
The reign of the almighty is upon us!!! 😁😎
Laborers volunteers
Laborers volunteers 7 hours ago
Mizz is God
Who woulda known MVP woulda been the best thing for lashely