black wolf
black wolf 2 hours ago
Salomon Rodelyn
Salomon Rodelyn 2 hours ago
Red bro
Luis Fernando Soares Ribeiro
Luis Fernando Soares Ribeiro 2 hours ago
Still banger
OGG Everlasting
OGG Everlasting 2 hours ago
The amount of morons that think this man has a clone is DEEPLY DISTURBING
Jordan Dillon
Jordan Dillon 2 hours ago
This the healthiest and happiest I've seen him. Love to see it
NGL niall
NGL niall 2 hours ago
Dem bois can rap 💪🏾💚
djpelon13 2 hours ago
This ain’t yak he a clone .. where his kid n mamma n bro at
djpelon13 2 hours ago
This ain’t yak he a clone .. where his kid n mamma n bro at
sandy llewellyn
sandy llewellyn 2 hours ago
Kelon Clark
Kelon Clark 2 hours ago
Clay Moorman
Clay Moorman 2 hours ago
2:10 beef with the AC
Wesly Fidele
Wesly Fidele 2 hours ago
Good job brother Haitian for life 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹Bonjan neg lakay my nego Kodak black
lil Issac
lil Issac 3 hours ago
Enrique Cambero
Enrique Cambero 3 hours ago
This a vibe
Jamal Forrest
Jamal Forrest 3 hours ago
Looking for my trash can
Mr. BuckWeed
Mr. BuckWeed 3 hours ago
Been fucking with Kodak before Kodak and that facts
Luh Gas
Luh Gas 3 hours ago
⛽️ 🔥
Prizma 60fps
Prizma 60fps 3 hours ago
Shhhhh 😈
Vic Giran
Vic Giran 3 hours ago
2:20 when the bank only gives you 100’s in 10 dollar bills
Oscar Tatis
Oscar Tatis 3 hours ago
A lil Wayne ft. Would have been lit
Valac 3 hours ago
Birds on my timeline, call it Twitter
Erik Granados
Erik Granados 3 hours ago
Honestly, this is better than the original
Mekhari Kendrick
Mekhari Kendrick 3 hours ago
She need a gtf talm I love duhh cuz he rich but if he wasn't you'll be clutching yo purse
K Films Studio
K Films Studio 3 hours ago
Ni Ni Jenks
Ni Ni Jenks 3 hours ago
SpongeBob SquarePants vibe in the back 🔥
Isaac Myers
Isaac Myers 4 hours ago
Good vibes big dak ✌🏿
leekjaymusic 4 hours ago
:41 is that dababy or is that da baby ?😂😂😂 watched this a million times and just peeped
Jasper Based
Jasper Based 4 hours ago
Had to come back to this classic to motivate me to continue this marathon we call life . Boy I’m bout my skrilla 🤑
Relleb 4 hours ago
what is he saying again
Brayon Santos
Brayon Santos 4 hours ago
Brazil is Kodak🔥🔥
Kedarrius Smith
Kedarrius Smith 4 hours ago
Biggest Vulture 💤
Armin Alert
Armin Alert 4 hours ago
Bro I don't understand his hair, it's short then long
DatBoiM4 4 hours ago
Who here before a milli👀
Sean Immanuel
Sean Immanuel 4 hours ago
Arjunnnnnnn Nehi Nehi
Itzz Nino
Itzz Nino 4 hours ago
C̷ A̷ L̷ H̷ E̷ C̷ A̷ 4̷4̷4̷
C̷ A̷ L̷ H̷ E̷ C̷ A̷ 4̷4̷4̷ 4 hours ago
Itzz Nino
Itzz Nino 4 hours ago
Ricky Champs
Ricky Champs 4 hours ago
Damn I fell in love wit a Nat
Itzz Nino
Itzz Nino 4 hours ago
Mrs. Sheronica
Mrs. Sheronica 4 hours ago
Song is tha truth 💯
because theycan
because theycan 4 hours ago
this song is soo good it got a different vibe
95kodak 4 hours ago
Nicholas Rinzel
Nicholas Rinzel 5 hours ago
if she tried anything she would have been dead
duvalll glee
duvalll glee 5 hours ago
still go so hard
Tyso Gthang
Tyso Gthang 5 hours ago
These niggas make you wanna do something💯 just haven't figured out what it is yet😂🤔🧐
WHATZxHATNIN 5 hours ago
Been stuck in my head all day love it
Nicholas Rinzel
Nicholas Rinzel 5 hours ago
leave him alone he's doing his job
Navas Arnold
Navas Arnold 5 hours ago
KODAK BLACK 🖤🖤💚💚❤️❤️
Life being Dii
Life being Dii 5 hours ago
April 2021 this still my shit 🖤✨
Drop Word
Drop Word 5 hours ago
Kodak black and bob call the spirt. Themmmmmm
Jay Spiritual
Jay Spiritual 5 hours ago
Easter in Miami: Like Christmas in Miami: Comment
Drop Word
Drop Word 5 hours ago
Kodak black li ye. Aprèl pa gn lôt
Ban Cancer king
Ban Cancer king 5 hours ago
Kodak awesome man
Coach Chris QB
Coach Chris QB 5 hours ago
Tahiry Cropp
Tahiry Cropp 5 hours ago
I'll always rock this song its one of my favorite songs by him
Wilgens Exama
Wilgens Exama 5 hours ago
Woauh eso sí taduro por siempre
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 5 hours ago
Bro we gotta get dat 30 deep grimmey and Kodak
Here Ban man
Here Ban man 5 hours ago
This old asf
Seven 7
Seven 7 5 hours ago
white girl got me cackling! “I love him! I love him!” - me when I’m drunk bahaha
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 5 hours ago
Hard 🔥🔥
ShitWithSomeBopInIt __
ShitWithSomeBopInIt __ 5 hours ago
If this dude wasn’t so dumb he could b so much more. He can’t leave his past behind him tho that what it is. Regardless imma bump this
Tyrece Mitchell
Tyrece Mitchell 5 hours ago
Im just glad kodac out they done fucked up frfr
Bill Great
Bill Great 5 hours ago
Best rapper 🔥
Cindy Pinnell
Cindy Pinnell 6 hours ago
Time away will open the mind amen
Cindy Pinnell
Cindy Pinnell 6 hours ago
Wow awesome
Tawanda Redden
Tawanda Redden 6 hours ago
Kodak on FIRE!! 🧨🧨
The Dubbman
The Dubbman 6 hours ago
There ya go spray them fools with water 🔫, live your life nigga quit tripping and enjoy your riches
Ṛëäḷëṛ ẗḧäṅ ëṿëṛ
Ṛëäḷëṛ ẗḧäṅ ëṿëṛ 6 hours ago
_When the top comment is about him looking happy n not the song being fire you always know it would just be some light_ 😂
flexandrun 6 hours ago
I eat faces , fight cases... I felt that
Romeo Romeo
Romeo Romeo 6 hours ago
skinny kodak back. The real florida baby is back.
Zxrqcs 6 hours ago
The scaramuchies and stuff
The scaramuchies and stuff 6 hours ago
Mjay 6 hours ago
RIP to the real Kodak Black...The industry is slick and sick, they pulled another one right in front of your eyes Thats all im going to say #RIPKODAK
Ricardo Bowden
Ricardo Bowden 6 hours ago
He is rapper bout his daed oops “respectfully manner”
Ethan D. Powless
Ethan D. Powless 6 hours ago
Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa 6 hours ago
dinnerplaza 7 hours ago
florida's finest
A-dUb 7 hours ago
BTT 🚀🚀
4hunters :
4hunters : 7 hours ago
All star
rishi rabindranath
rishi rabindranath 7 hours ago
yak, just dont get laucked up again
MariØ 7 hours ago