Konstantinos Tsolakis
Konstantinos Tsolakis 7 hours ago
CUTE? They look moldy
La'Jhla Franklin
La'Jhla Franklin 7 hours ago
Hi My Name is lajhla
Melissa Estrada Martinez
Melissa Estrada Martinez 7 hours ago
i tried to due them and they worked alot thxs also i due havo the brush on nail glue but i got fake nails and it camed with it and it worked so thxs
Jaileen Polanco
Jaileen Polanco 7 hours ago
God bless you and your baby🥰🌺💧
Samantha Du Vall
Samantha Du Vall 7 hours ago
can we just appreciate the tile that she takes while 6 MONTHS PREGANT!!!! And she still makes videos!!!
Harmony Vertrees
Harmony Vertrees 7 hours ago
Her: I’m having a.... Me:Girl?! Boy? What???? Ad:Come to KFC and get fried chicken and a WHOLE meal! Only for 10$ Me:Okay, cool... but you just ruined my DANG GENDER REVEAL!!!! But that sounds good. 😐😶 😋
Faith Dix
Faith Dix 8 hours ago
t o r t i l l a
t o r t i l l a 8 hours ago
Evie: *trying to do the end half of the video* My phone: imma just- *turns the video green and pink* Me: *👁👄👁*
Katherine Davidson
Katherine Davidson 8 hours ago
These came out so cute! 🥰 Congrats on that sweet baby (mystery) on the way! (Don't want to ruin it fit anyone reading comments before seeing it 😂 you'll all have to get hit with that ad right when you think you're going to find out like we all did 🤣 That printer is pretty impressive compared to ones I've seen in the past. And I have no doubt they're just going to get better and better as time goes on.
Princess Bean
Princess Bean 8 hours ago
Your nail room is so pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️
VioletByNature 8 hours ago
1000% would not hold up in court
Maryam Hello
Maryam Hello 8 hours ago
Vid idea:how to take off acuriam nails
Dani Robinson
Dani Robinson 8 hours ago
Is the site down?
Luna゚.*・。゚ 8 hours ago
That's very very pretty but very very difficult🤬
Glow Light
Glow Light 8 hours ago
Yes, you have rates! She want free advertisement. She must pay.
Dannah Hartsock
Dannah Hartsock 8 hours ago
I love your videos. I didn't initially subscribe, I just found myself coming back to your videos again and again. Such great nails, also, love the holo taco in missed shift! You're so down to earth and cool, don't ever get discouraged by silly lawsuits lol!
Kimmie B
Kimmie B 8 hours ago
So helpful! Thank you!
Amra Stafasani
Amra Stafasani 8 hours ago
Isint that a lava lamp nail style not a aquarium
Amiyah Haney
Amiyah Haney 9 hours ago
I can not
Amiyah Haney
Amiyah Haney 9 hours ago
Caitlyn Cokley
Caitlyn Cokley 9 hours ago
OMG your having a baby im am so LATE!!!!!!
Jnee Brunt
Jnee Brunt 9 hours ago
Man that acrylic like speedy Gonzalez’s
C K 9 hours ago
Maybe if you call them snow globe nails or another name you can get past it
Shevaunie Hansel
Shevaunie Hansel 9 hours ago
How long does these last?
PurplekittenXD 9 hours ago
Congratulations!!! Xx
Sharonda Smith
Sharonda Smith 10 hours ago
Hi I subscribed
Chanel Plummer
Chanel Plummer 10 hours ago
Yesssss he did that
theyenvylele periodt
theyenvylele periodt 10 hours ago
Yayyyyy a girl congratulations 🎉
PurplekittenXD 10 hours ago
I think it’s a bit childish of her, she created something to share with the world then people get inspired and recreate it and she gets pissed off?? Bit odd in my opinion..
Fresh Squad
Fresh Squad 10 hours ago
There rlly pretty but I don’t like how you can see your acc nail under the acrylic on ur middle finger... other than that it’s rlly pretty 💞
Eva Schleissing
Eva Schleissing 10 hours ago
You should open up your own shop and do people’s nails because GIRL YOUR NAILS ALWASY LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!🥰🥺😳
Nordie Joseph
Nordie Joseph 10 hours ago
nooo thats just jealousy because you have a platform. You are just doing a tutorial on yourself and not selling nails so this is in NO WAY treatening her business. This is your art, put the glitter in.
This is both funny and doesn't get any better!🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾
XxOop Xx
XxOop Xx 11 hours ago
is that even allowed suing somebody for adding glitter on something u made not them not sure why she sued u
Dezire Armstrong
Dezire Armstrong 11 hours ago
me to i love your nils
Kalli da Day
Kalli da Day 11 hours ago
Hi I love your videos
Dejah Wright
Dejah Wright 11 hours ago
when the music comes on who started danceing
Shara Jassey
Shara Jassey 11 hours ago
She seems really kind like the type that will spill the tea when doing your nails
hey it’s maddie!!
hey it’s maddie!! 11 hours ago
the aquarium part looks moldy i’m not trying to be mean but they do
Kiyose Rodríguez Romero
Kiyose Rodríguez Romero 11 hours ago
Tryy a kit where come various color acrylic and a brush 100% kolinsky i wanna try but i dont know the quality.... 😳
Caragh Otoole
Caragh Otoole 11 hours ago
Your lucky it came...
Kira Rose
Kira Rose 12 hours ago
IDEAAAA plz read this: light nude base colour . Red roses petals coming from the top fading down .. aaand duh BLING around the cuticles . For 2 accent nails Red french tip and a BIG CHARM . In the centre or where you want . For the second one FULL BLING
Corina Arguello
Corina Arguello 12 hours ago
this style is so unique!
Hollie Louise
Hollie Louise 12 hours ago
She better than James Charles No hate to the ppl who loves James It’s a opinion not a fact
Lucia Rudd
Lucia Rudd 12 hours ago
I hate clickbait But there is none with u 😂
Charlie The OG
Charlie The OG 12 hours ago
When i saw the holo taco nail polish i was internally screaming
Kira Rose
Kira Rose 12 hours ago
It's all over when she cuts her hair
Porter The chocolate lab
Porter The chocolate lab 12 hours ago
babylone_55 12 hours ago
Your laugh is cute Why am I like this 👁💧。💧👁
Vee Indeed
Vee Indeed 12 hours ago
Your better at nails than me or my mom! You are amazing 😀
Cfitzer2312 12 hours ago
She makes this look so easy! She’s so good I can’t take it lol
Evi Gavala
Evi Gavala 13 hours ago
They are so cool And it is so satisfying
Paige B
Paige B 13 hours ago
How long dose the acrilic take to dry ? x
Melanin Princess
Melanin Princess 13 hours ago
All of these aquarium nails videos on USposts and she targets one person! Stupid
Amalia Parsoe
Amalia Parsoe 13 hours ago
You should never pick up you dip powder white you cuticule pusher,it wil make your nail shunky
Arielle Samedi
Arielle Samedi 13 hours ago
Me:fast forwards to the gender Her:I’m having a... Ad:I’m built different 🥶
kayla Mctillman
kayla Mctillman 13 hours ago
hi i love
Lainee Watts
Lainee Watts 13 hours ago
I no why It's smelling wired you are pregnant things smell . wired.
C&A Squad
C&A Squad 13 hours ago
She said not a professional but the way you do your nails is professional and cute and wonderful
Emily Carroll
Emily Carroll 14 hours ago
Tyler Albert
Tyler Albert 14 hours ago
A holo taco user I love too see youtuber supporting each other
Melody Yas
Melody Yas 15 hours ago
6minutes tf I’ve seen better🤣🤣
aiden siessmayer
aiden siessmayer 15 hours ago
I’m trying to find the comment made by nce, but I can’t find it. Not saying it was all orchestrated but suzie has always come off as super sweet and nice...
Melissa Harbst
Melissa Harbst 15 hours ago
TY Gorgeous Lady for This Video ♡ My Azure Kit Is a Tad Different (I'm Thinking I Should've Ordered the "Beginner" Kit 😉) But I LOVE Your Style ♡♡♡
coleen huff
coleen huff 15 hours ago
Comertial played, you're having a Ru Paul! Congrats
Noob Girl
Noob Girl 15 hours ago
Doesn't your hand shake?
Kira Rose
Kira Rose 15 hours ago
Best nails I've seen in a while
Joy Baker
Joy Baker 15 hours ago
“THiS iS ThE inTRo tO LonG PreTtY NAils ShOw”
Michael Thein
Michael Thein 18 hours ago
you make me laugh
Nadia Nadia
Nadia Nadia 19 hours ago
You look so beautiful. Pregnant mummy!!👼🏽❤
Chace Huncho
Chace Huncho 19 hours ago
Her:what I’m having😇 Doctors :a girl❤️ Her:I’m so happy 💕 Me :I’m happy too🖤
Christine Brennan
Christine Brennan 19 hours ago
Did you use the Gershion Tok coat on all of the nails except index finger or did you use Poochiez Top Coat on all of the nails? Don't you need the dip top coat first to seal in the "cure" properly?
Elin Ahlqvist
Elin Ahlqvist 19 hours ago
I think you have a baby girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lucia Rudd
Lucia Rudd 19 hours ago
I want a shoutout lol never had one
Graciela Calderon
Graciela Calderon 20 hours ago
Can you play do paper nals
Christine Brennan
Christine Brennan 20 hours ago
Congrats! So happy for you!