STUDIO KAMPUNG 44 minutes ago
China tanpa gelar dong
Raid Nabil
Raid Nabil 50 minutes ago
Yg nonton 2021 sini merapat
Real Deal
Real Deal 50 minutes ago
No china. Boring.
Dzaky 27
Dzaky 27 59 minutes ago
indonesia 👏👏👏👏Indonesia 👏👏👏👏👏Indonesia 👏👏👏👏👏
Yosephia Vania
Yosephia Vania Hour ago
loijokka Hour ago
On a good day
gswdhm —
gswdhm — Hour ago
Dorian_Tihi Hour ago
Ive always asked myself how they look haha And finally I can see them
Asher Loh
Asher Loh Hour ago
Mr Benkbenk
Mr Benkbenk Hour ago
I ❤ ceu taty
margaretha m. t.
margaretha m. t. Hour ago
Wei Shem Goh
Wei Shem Goh Hour ago
Ade Sunawan
Ade Sunawan Hour ago
No Chinese and Japanese players... So sad 😭😭. The tour final would not be interesting for me🙏
39 Sankyu
39 Sankyu Hour ago
There is no way you beat momota in rubber game (3rd game) because he has already tired you down in the first and second game... you have to beat him in 2 straight games with everything you have... He is not a brutal attacker like lin dan or lee chong wei... he is more like chen long who relies on long rally game, but better... his stamina is crazy, and his footwork is perfect...
A Morning
A Morning Hour ago
Group A of MS & XD are group of dead 😱
Muhammad Shafiq Iman Bin Siarum
Muhammad Shafiq Iman Bin Siarum Hour ago
Moment of silent for those who never get to see they play before.
Tuấn Hùng Official
Tuấn Hùng Official 2 hours ago
Ahsan mutant! My idol!
Nita _310
Nita _310 2 hours ago
Wow 1m view 👏👏
Pambudi Tri
Pambudi Tri 2 hours ago
Opa Morteeeeen...
Pambudi Tri
Pambudi Tri 2 hours ago
Omaaaaa Gilll....
JR 1983
JR 1983 2 hours ago
How come the field is so depleted? No minions etc? Didn't qualify?? Or due to lack of play has this changed the top 8??
Nunu Nunu
Nunu Nunu 41 minute ago
Where were you all this time dude?
kris smit
kris smit 2 hours ago
Marin have an oppotunity to win again. What a draw.
Ardy Ch
Ardy Ch 2 hours ago
Tidak ada Minions, Watanabe, kamura, duo tiang listrik, tidak seru, monoton persaingannya
Burhan Channel
Burhan Channel 2 hours ago
23:07 surprise, finally i can see them. nice to see u both my favorite voice in badmnton Gill Clark and Morten
Mi Doan
Mi Doan 2 hours ago
I only want to watch matches that Gill Clark comments <3
Roy Sihite
Roy Sihite 2 hours ago
One Piece Lover ✋
Quinarra vixilya Kurniawan
Quinarra vixilya Kurniawan 2 hours ago
Definisi sebenarnya dari pepatah "sampai titik darah penghabisan" Dari sekian banyak match ginting,ini yg paling favo
husna wakhidakh
husna wakhidakh 2 hours ago
Kita doakan sama². Seluruh atlit akan bermain dengan maksimal dan baik, bisa membawa gelar ke tanah air. Semangat PraMel, deddies, GreyAp, HafGlo, Ginting. Kalian tunjukan kualitas kalian yaa! Semangat
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 hours ago
Leo kurang cepat di depan net
Hendriza Ali Andri
Hendriza Ali Andri 3 hours ago
Pelatih jepang itu asal indonesia..
Bimantara Adhitama
Bimantara Adhitama 3 hours ago
Turnamen badminton sekarang kagak ada yg seru, top 5 sedikit yg ikut
Ngà Phạm
Ngà Phạm 3 hours ago
I want to see Chen Yufei
Prasanna Marandi
Prasanna Marandi 3 hours ago
Momota was too tied
Ade Muhammad Nur Cahyo
Ade Muhammad Nur Cahyo 3 hours ago
2021 masih seru😂
Rifni Puspita
Rifni Puspita 3 hours ago
This will become a legendary match.
Hemant Anilkumar
Hemant Anilkumar 3 hours ago
Are all matches live on BWF tv? anyone know please?
rachmat elfiandi
rachmat elfiandi 3 hours ago
Baru sadar judulnya, wkwkw Yang 2 siapa yang 1 siapa, wkwkw
allan zulkarnain
allan zulkarnain 3 hours ago
MS Group A = HELL YAHHH....
Naim Fizal
Naim Fizal 3 hours ago
LZJ in death group 😟
Mangalapuri Ganesh
Mangalapuri Ganesh 3 hours ago
we miss u both marcus and kevin😥😥😥
Vibin Das
Vibin Das 3 hours ago
Why Gopichand is not accompanying her for these matches..he is her coach so he could have been here and guide her through out the tournament and training the upcoming is very important but a player like sindhu should get more personal attention as was in 2016,17,18..there she was consistent..Lack of touch ,decrease in her pace of shots, movements in most departments was very clear here..But iam sure she'll bounce back as always..
Pichitchai Kongsee
Pichitchai Kongsee 3 hours ago
MX double group A .. 😱😱😱😱
dessifumi 01
dessifumi 01 3 hours ago
MS group A 🔥🔥🔥
iStitchGaming 3 hours ago
Please ban marin🙏🙏🙏
Lamp Mercury
Lamp Mercury 3 hours ago
Due to the influence of covid-19, it could be the most boring world tour final in the last few years.
Dianne 3 hours ago
2021 nih siapa yg nonton🤣
Yantoo Widayantooo
Yantoo Widayantooo 4 hours ago
Om morten oma gill😍😍😘
Amelia Rizky
Amelia Rizky 4 hours ago
19:30 keren bangettt😉
óscar Chen
óscar Chen 4 hours ago
poor an seu yong, she will be always losing to Carolina Marin
Sushiya Maru
Sushiya Maru 4 hours ago
Mixed double Champions and runner up are already in group A. Lol
Hammerhook12 4 hours ago
That group A in ms is just ridiculous...
Riski Darmawan
Riski Darmawan 4 hours ago
I like see japanese people talking, it's like watching anime.
luluk widiastuti
luluk widiastuti 4 hours ago
Nengokin minions 😂,,semoga next turnamen mereka sudah bisa ikut. Taiwan 26 januari 2021
Rahman De
Rahman De 4 hours ago
Gil and Morten 😍😍😍😍
Estu Setiawan
Estu Setiawan 4 hours ago
Generasi penerus pemain bulutangkis PRIA indonesia itu sangat banyak & berkelas semua,di atas china semua,hanya di sektor putri saja indonesia minim prestasi...
Ray Mcl
Ray Mcl 4 hours ago
Why BWF cancel the semi and final badminton broadcast LIVE on youtube where hardly anyone is watching in the stadium?
Iz Wong
Iz Wong 4 hours ago
@Everyone, plz plz plz push this COMMENT to the TOP
chongeng chia
chongeng chia 4 hours ago
Rah Mat
Rah Mat 4 hours ago
Where Goh v Shem and tan wee Kiong from Malay
Hiranya Bharali
Hiranya Bharali 4 hours ago
India's P V Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth 😍😍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Plasma -
Plasma - 4 hours ago
The men singles draw is just hopeless, Axelsen has like a 80% chance of winning
Sham Manik
Sham Manik 2 hours ago
@Hammerhook12 But what he said is right. Axelsen won both Yonex and Toyota thai open. He also no 1 ranking in world tour final. So he has more than 80% chances
Hammerhook12 4 hours ago
What are you talking about it's the most difficult group.
adi putra
adi putra 4 hours ago
Ginting grup neraka wkwk
劉瑋宸 4 hours ago
Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng 4 hours ago
If my kids shouted like that while playing with their friends, I would smack them before sending them over to apologise. I don't understand how can the referees tolerate this behavior.
Soyän CHD
Soyän CHD 5 hours ago
Love seeing Gill and Morten in front of the camera!
jim jim
jim jim 5 hours ago
Haha indon mix kena group A smua kuat2,msia ada peluang ke semifinal yes
Gamers. House
Gamers. House 5 hours ago
Nice to see Gill Clark and Morten Frost together💟
M.Y. J Channel
M.Y. J Channel 5 hours ago
Omma Ghili hallo
Renaldi 5 hours ago
Siapa yang nonton tahun 2021☝️
Sultan Salman
Sultan Salman 5 hours ago
wow ginting lawan nya berat semua....
Ruiz moriss
Ruiz moriss 5 hours ago
Eaaaaa eaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeaaaaaa eaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeaaaa eeeaaaaaa eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa,wherever Indonesia always eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa
Septya Nurika
Septya Nurika 5 hours ago
liat ini lagi makin kangen partner andalan 😍
trentuno sabato
trentuno sabato 5 hours ago
Imagine being watch by thousands spectators putting your everything to be the great players and carrying your country pride and honor.. I couldn't bear that .... wonder who said that.. "God create men equally .."?
Pgatov Cranbrook
Pgatov Cranbrook 5 hours ago
Intanon. Still making thai proud
Wi Jaya
Wi Jaya 5 hours ago
Kelihatannya maksa banget diselanggarakan dengan pemain2 dunia yang tidak lengkap..dan dalam kondisi seperti ini..🤦🤦🤦😢
Mohamad Riski
Mohamad Riski 4 hours ago
Truz mw sampe kapan jon?????
Sarah Atrasina
Sarah Atrasina 5 hours ago
Ya masa mau ditunda tunda lagi, kasian atletnya lah ga tanding2. Lagian juga kesempatan buat yg kurang bagus bisa kasih kejutan
farzana 6 hours ago
21:49 they laughing or what? 😅