Why I took a break
JT x Bloxburg
JT x Bloxburg 11 hours ago
Anyone else watching this in 2020..?
Domanique Johnson
Domanique Johnson 12 hours ago
This is a video I needed for coronavirus and losing by job in a month
Emmanuel Achor
Emmanuel Achor 13 hours ago
I've definitely missed her though...
Emmanuel Achor
Emmanuel Achor 13 hours ago
How can she be so funny without even saying anything 😂
Siana Fernandez
Siana Fernandez 13 hours ago
her phone case is still the same from liza on demand but a diff color I'm dead ed1t- 2:57 where she shows the case
Siana Fernandez
Siana Fernandez 14 hours ago
I love you liza I started watching you when I was 11 and I am 14 rn i will never stop loving your videos
Amelia Orozco
Amelia Orozco 14 hours ago
Nobody going to talk about how liza has been glowing up. ??
Indraneil Borkakoty
Indraneil Borkakoty 14 hours ago
What is your goal you slaying
my mini business
my mini business 16 hours ago
Ok but imagine being Liza's friend<3
Nikol de Guzman
Nikol de Guzman 16 hours ago
I always dream to go to Paris. Waaaahhh the eiffel tower gives me the feels~
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 17 hours ago
And I ain’t a boy,dis me dads thingo
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 17 hours ago
I love u...that sounds creepy .
Aliya 17 hours ago
the views will back just keep posting
Ivanka Owls
Ivanka Owls 19 hours ago
pretty happy you still got time for little old us!
mike jones
mike jones 19 hours ago
you should have tweaked the beat to avoid it getting claimed
Hazel momrouy
Hazel momrouy 19 hours ago
I love how even though she’s moving on to such HUGE projects, she’s still the same genuine and honest person from before 🥺🥺
b h
b h 20 hours ago
b h
b h 20 hours ago
audrey 20 hours ago
I want to do what Liza does it’s so fascinating and incredible. You get all the big brain knowledge! 🧠
andy stamp
andy stamp 20 hours ago
Like 👍
b h
b h 20 hours ago
Butterfly 🤣🤣🤣
b h
b h 21 hour ago
Popped a Molly I'm Sweating 🤣🤣🤣
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 21 hour ago
When your wanted to see your grandpa but he died and you transform in to what he looks like qwq
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 22 hours ago
its been a year, i think liza was insane all this time. (she made this in 2019)
Your_local_oni Chan
Your_local_oni Chan 22 hours ago
My mom showed me this when I started my period and let me tell you I felt way more comfortable with myself and found ways to stop people from seeing my blood if it overflows👌🏼😌
Judane Parbhoo
Judane Parbhoo 22 hours ago
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Audrey U'Ren
Audrey U'Ren 23 hours ago
Did anyone else think they clicked on the wrong video?
kim yoda
kim yoda 23 hours ago
Bruh I cant even dance because I'm wacthing Liza danceing for gurlll.
YARA AL-AMOUDI 23 hours ago
Macey Cook
Macey Cook Day ago
Ummm greys anatomy is totally worth it
Lazy Paw
Lazy Paw Day ago
Chinese makeup transformations could never
Storie holtzman
Storie holtzman Day ago
me looking at the thumbnail: O.M.G that looks like jet from the future! Btw liza i love ur videos🖤
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 22 hours ago
This feels racist
Kaylyn Fry
Kaylyn Fry Day ago
Um I’m actually wearing underwear at home.... are you watching me Liza????????
Lonk IV
Lonk IV Day ago
Bro if she has a kid that thing is gonna be the comedy king She will create vine 2
PandaLife99 Day ago
Is that Mr.clean but older? D:
Margaret Does Covers
Margaret Does Covers Day ago
Ahh I never saw this till now and didn’t realize knj were in the thumb nail so I started freaking out
Popular Girl
Popular Girl Day ago
James lawless
James lawless Day ago
❤️ miss this in Covid
Marissa Porter
Marissa Porter Day ago
So i used the line "if it's biodegradable, I'll suck it" on my tinder when i had one and i can't tell you how much guys/girls (because proud bisexual) i got just from that 😂
Angel Brown
Angel Brown Day ago
Alexandra Alas
Alexandra Alas Day ago
This hurts...
Breezy’s World!
Breezy’s World! Day ago
I heard the intro song on a commercial and I went crazy 😂😭
Natalia Amador
Natalia Amador Day ago
This is giving me Carlos vibes
tallulah smith
tallulah smith Day ago
why does it look better than when I do it with my hands...
Emilee Mcgovney
Emilee Mcgovney Day ago
I don't think Liza realizes how stunning she is
Teacup_707 Idk anything
Teacup_707 Idk anything Day ago
3:12 Zane looks like his life flashed before his eyes and that lost his kid or something and regrets everything up until that point
Morgan Day ago
only she can do dad jokes and i genuinely laugh my ass off
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed Day ago
✌️✌️✌️ Many things in our life we will never forget 💟💟💟
Y o u r L o c a l k a r e n
Y o u r L o c a l k a r e n Day ago
HELLLOOOO aggressive Indian music Playing
Natasha JB_202
Natasha JB_202 Day ago
Oh my Gandhi.....lollll.
doodle bug
doodle bug Day ago
Liza's parents names are Joe koshy and Jean koshy
mike smith
mike smith Day ago
Did anyone notice that it's ADULTS that seem to be attracted and going to Haunted Houses? Remember the days when it used to be for children? What happened?
IX7 Day ago
So fine
Alisha Day ago
toooooo goood😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alyssa Kate
Alyssa Kate Day ago
Sooooo is Liza back
Aliza Ratner
Aliza Ratner Day ago
Did James Charles ever do a video with her??
Gisselle D
Gisselle D Day ago
Girl I’m scared
Betsy Wiles
Betsy Wiles Day ago
I hope she can find someone else. She is TOO pretty for this guy.
Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson Day ago
I'll never be to old to watch her videos
Philrea Kim
Philrea Kim Day ago
Is that your puppy?!? Sorry if I’m dumXD
GamingGals Day ago
I feel like she looked like Ray from Sister Sister. Lol.
Aejaz Pathan
Aejaz Pathan Day ago
I love how David's reflex was to grab the camera when Scott was about to throw up 5:53
OK Boomer
OK Boomer Day ago
Hahaha my name is Phoebe
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo Day ago
Indian fans right here 💙😂
J M Day ago
The nose is out of pocket
J M Day ago
This feels racist
Sumedha Prabhudessai
Sumedha Prabhudessai Day ago
Liza is the best USpostsr ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Olivia Moo moo
Olivia Moo moo Day ago
You need activator. Poor liza
Official.SOS. Day ago
Love Liza’s randomness
AquaDuck Day ago
hi Liza ily :)
Familia Saijas
Familia Saijas Day ago
Liza when she got dead fish 🤣🤣😑😑😑🤢🤢🤢🤢
YoshOshFriskIsk e
YoshOshFriskIsk e Day ago
Is your next vid about jokes e
Heran Offset
Heran Offset Day ago
Jesus is coming soon please guys repent from your sins and live for the lord before it’s too late, God bless your day:)
Tan Gozalici
Tan Gozalici Day ago
wait is she back
Pomeranian._. hi
Pomeranian._. hi Day ago
Candace Whaley
Candace Whaley Day ago
She’s back😃😄
Arshia Asif
Arshia Asif Day ago
Wait. Is this the first time we’re seeing liza’s dad’s face?!?!
Benjamin Nieves
Benjamin Nieves Day ago
Kwisten 🥺
Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn Day ago
*OMG so beautiful* *Thank you for your video you are amazing* *I just added you to our playlist*
Mikey Blackford
Mikey Blackford Day ago
I'm your friend