My Hero Academia: USA 🗽
DetroitBecomeDefective 11 minutes ago
Jaw Titan: I'M A BIG TITAN, FEAR ME! Levi: oh no... anyway
DetroitBecomeDefective 14 minutes ago
Turtle Quick: "The episode ends in a bit of a cliffhanger..." Me: "Don't they all end with cliffhangers?"
Maximus Wang
Maximus Wang 19 minutes ago
DetroitBecomeDefective 24 minutes ago
Next episode: Zeke shows up and see's levi standing there* understandable have a great day
Scroof 27 minutes ago
I just wanna see aizawa adopt eri
AletheaTV 49 minutes ago
erens body count is in the hundreds damn u lil horny freaky fucc
Eric Hagen
Eric Hagen 59 minutes ago
my hearts broken that this is the last season.
muzmuz Hour ago
... ... ...
Anna shal
Anna shal Hour ago
Yea... very sad, he isn't a super bad he is only sad, desperate and he has a terrible childhood
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha Hour ago
I wanna see armins colossus I can't wait
ahmed sh
ahmed sh Hour ago
Charles Plasma
Charles Plasma Hour ago
Muscular getting shot by multiple rifles "These won't do anything to me you should just give ep and show me the exit already " hahahahhahaha bro he is actually scary, imagine seeing a hulking guy covered in muscle fibres
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett Hour ago
Maybe, after she gets better control of her powers, Eri can give Miori his quirk back as thanks for helping rescue her.
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett Hour ago
13:27 For Eri's sake, I hope Mineta is less... Mineta in the future.
SweatshirtMusic Hour ago
What manga chapter was this episode? anyone?
legion Angel
legion Angel Hour ago
So when are we getting Titan Wifi?- I need that 5G man, cable ain't gonna do it.
Tynamo Za PokéMANDO
Tynamo Za PokéMANDO Hour ago
Lucas Vilas Boas
Lucas Vilas Boas Hour ago
Despite making us reevaluate who to cheer for by highlighting that there is no right or wrong, but that human are easily caught in those “us them “ situations, it was super nice to see the “gang” again and see outstanding action after 5 episodes building up . For me it resembles those action scenes fro Tarantino movies
Saqib Plays Minecraft
Saqib Plays Minecraft Hour ago
You know what if overhaul does come back then he could be the one for all and deku could be the all might in the role except this time deku couldn’t defeat him and then eri has to by using her quirk and needing to overcome her fear of overhaul and then deku could give her one for all maybe and then if overhaul is still alive desumano have to use 100% maybe even 1million% and then he loses one for all and then we see the next one for all carrier
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving 2 hours ago
that shot at the end with all the scouts moving in on porco and _he's_ the one that's terrified, sooo good
Idk Either
Idk Either 2 hours ago
i dont know if they will ever say it in the show. i think just what people to put 2 and 2 togeher
Jaden's Account
Jaden's Account 2 hours ago
He is really underrated
Vlad 2 hours ago
Do you have any last words Call an ambulance, but not for me
jonathan armenta
jonathan armenta 2 hours ago
Eren said that she'll look better if she had short hair 🤨
Robohobo29 •
Robohobo29 • 3 hours ago
Porco: NO IM A TITAN YOU CANT KILL ME scouts: hahaha ODM gear go brrrrrrrrr
Gotti Mingo
Gotti Mingo 3 hours ago
I just realized why the daughter started showing signs of what looks like OFA it because if he had children. They have half of his dna and half of their moms which means they could possibly both have a dormant version of OFA and the daughters just kicked in because of her love towards her brother witch activated it. This is just a theory so no one say that doesn't make sense.
Bamnoodled 3 hours ago
vibration quirk is just baby gura gura no mi
Naomi Zeilig
Naomi Zeilig 3 hours ago
Honestly I'm so sad where this season is going. Eren used to be full of passion and ambition. Now in episode six- hes become everything he hated. He did what happened to his mom to Gabi. I hate watching him become a villan and go into a downward spiral. I miss the old Eren and his innocence.
Naomi Zeilig
Naomi Zeilig 3 hours ago
Honestly I'm so sad where this season is going. Eren used to be full of passion and ambition. Now in episode six- hes become everything he hated. He did what happened to his mom to Gabi. I hate watching him become a villan and go into a downward spiral. I miss the old Eren and his innocence.
Riley Alija
Riley Alija 3 hours ago
You should do sidekicks quirks next !
TheReverser 3 hours ago
From a couple times I've seen titan shifters transform I've just been thinking of grabbing them mid transformation and just yeeting them. Eren decided another way not meh
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 4 hours ago
Todoroki's kid: you're deku night's secret lovechild
Jeremy Katahena
Jeremy Katahena 4 hours ago
Does anyone find it more than just coincidental that the brains of the cadets - Armin and Hange - both haven't appeared?
André Iorio
André Iorio 4 hours ago
uhm next time could you put a spoiler alert for like the manga because I didn't know Dabi was related to Todoroki
TheOne AndOnly
TheOne AndOnly 4 hours ago
Is it me, or does nine remind me of Kessler from infamous
Sull-Hee설희 4 hours ago
Ok putting aside the ship: What would a tsuyu x Todoroki child be like? I’m serious, what would the kid’s powers be?
Curtis Johnson
Curtis Johnson 4 hours ago
Her name is laura
Young Defiant
Young Defiant 4 hours ago
Flinn Compton
Flinn Compton 5 hours ago
Heavenly called that shit 😂
Jimin Kumar
Jimin Kumar 5 hours ago
But why did Ymir actually do all this!! WHAT WAS THE REASON!! I'm understanding she was a kid and couldn't run cuz of her mentality and all but why did she let herself get killed like that?? I don't believe she died with a "mere spear" Also how old was she when she died? Is it possible that after getting titan power she was still able to live more than 13 years? What was that thing that attached itself to her? Why did she release that pig? Why does she wait for Eren? Are Eren and Ymir related in any way? Is there a connection? Are there any half titans? cuz i have heard about half titans, WHAT TF IS HAPPENING?? ALSO DON'T SPOIL PLZ
asapzhen 5 hours ago
Gabi will inherit the attack titan
Musab Mohamed
Musab Mohamed 5 hours ago
This shit fire
Jonny Gat
Jonny Gat 5 hours ago
This is a very interesting theory
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 5 hours ago
Eren seasons 1-3: Base Gohan/SSJ Eren season 4: Gohan SSJ2
Shinsou Hitoshi
Shinsou Hitoshi 5 hours ago
4:36 ... Mangee
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers 5 hours ago
i think Mei Hatsumi would be a better pick for the cart titan
Elvi5_40 The Parakeet_Gaming
Elvi5_40 The Parakeet_Gaming 5 hours ago
8:48 That comment tho. That is the biggest bruh moment ever.
Candylych 1
Candylych 1 6 hours ago
I thought Magath died since the scouts threw a bomb in the room he and the other soldiers were in?
ivan S.
ivan S. 6 hours ago
I’m ready for the next episode!!
Jon Ferei
Jon Ferei 6 hours ago
How dare you compare young Eren with brainwashed Gapi?
Baileybee 6 hours ago
Now I really can't wait to get a degree in animation(hopefully) so I can start making this come to life even if it's just for fun XD
Lady_Jayden 6 hours ago
I haven't actually read the manga
Isamu 6 hours ago
honestly was a dumb decision for me to watch this lmao as i am anime only but no didnt get any of these spoilers before watching this ngl
Vincentius Sakunyart
Vincentius Sakunyart 7 hours ago
Posted eren vs jaw titan videos.. please do check it out 🙏
Radicaldude 89
Radicaldude 89 7 hours ago
2:38 Actually we do know her name; on one of the information screens that come up throughout the episode every so often, it’s revealed to be Lara Tybur.
LITGRITS 7 hours ago
realistically, Nori's second quirk wouldn't be a passdown quirk but a stockpile one because Midoriya didn't want to pass down One For All to his children.
DON'T READ MY NAME 7 hours ago
Space TK
Space TK 7 hours ago
I honestly didn't like it. He punches War Hammer Titan, and gets speared by an ability. That was it. Where is the fight, wtf
BobSaggot666 7 hours ago
I mean, Marley created an entire generation of people that are experts on fighting titans. They're screwed lol
Info Saudagar
Info Saudagar 8 hours ago
6:35 Adobe Premiere Pro is the best alternative of FCP in PC.
Jojo Butchi
Jojo Butchi 8 hours ago
Note that Eren only attacked when willy fully declared against those of Paradis island
Saidur Rahman
Saidur Rahman 8 hours ago
The thumbnail. interesting. .........
Sniper Supreme
Sniper Supreme 8 hours ago
10/10 best episode in the whole show
{Tip Toe}
{Tip Toe} 8 hours ago
My question is why does he look like Jesus except the depressed version
Veronyx 8 hours ago
This whole show is a 10
Christian Dave Bonto
Christian Dave Bonto 8 hours ago
Where can I watch full episode?
Christian Dave Bonto
Christian Dave Bonto 8 hours ago
@Turtle Quirk thank you!
Turtle Quirk
Turtle Quirk 8 hours ago
killerkham 9997
killerkham 9997 8 hours ago
spoilers ahead reiner and falco are still alive also more spoilers eren uses porcos jaw to destroy the crystal
VLADZF 9 hours ago
It just seems really dumb how no one stayed and made sure the two titan shifters that were captured stayed out of combat. If Armin was one of the people who elaborated that plan there is no way that they get out so easily.
Drop D. Opps
Drop D. Opps 9 hours ago
I really wish I could enjoy these comments without the freaks who spoil the plot for no reason other than thinking they're cool.
DJpandaguy 9 hours ago
i saw girono this vid must be a jojo reference!
Precila Bredy
Precila Bredy 9 hours ago
No ymir die because she wanted to die . A titan shifter can heal from any wounds but they have to want it , like Reiner in the tower in season 2 .
DJpandaguy 9 hours ago
the name of the child must be deju
DJpandaguy 9 hours ago
Reid Shonge
Reid Shonge 9 hours ago
rip micasas face
affable saif
affable saif 9 hours ago
levi bringing blades instead of guns is so awesome and logical...bc he is so fast a gun's firing speed and reloading would abe a big issue...also hitting target with a gun while moving & spinning sooooo fast is almost impossible... simply the smg(s) aren't good enough for he decided to steak with the blades🔥
RØBLØX_GAMĘR 9 hours ago
Let’s Talk About
Let’s Talk About 10 hours ago
Deadpool: Big CGI fight coming up 😂😂 the last season is garbage
William Orris
William Orris 10 hours ago
Can someone plz tell me where the hell can you get the ps4 game, like where. GAME STOP? ONLINE? plz tell me where
Rekan D
Rekan D 10 hours ago
Just enjoy it 😆
Cristiano Kiki #1
Cristiano Kiki #1 10 hours ago
You all know there is no way Eri gets in hero course? She is unable to damage robots with her Quirk.