Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 14 hours ago
The caaaaaaaaat 😻😻😻😻😻
anitra randall
anitra randall 14 hours ago
I noticed that you said his name wrong it's pronounced Chevelle eye
Rantas Production
Rantas Production 15 hours ago
Great your skills.....My channel is digital painting too
ash mills
ash mills 16 hours ago
Was his face made by the GODS!?
V 821
V 821 16 hours ago
I love this doll and the I wish I was called the characters name
Vera Rasmussen
Vera Rasmussen 16 hours ago
You inspire me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much you always tell us to stay artsy but so do u so we can all keep being inspired
evil art fox
evil art fox 17 hours ago
12:55 Me: dont think it don't think it don't think IT My mind: hmmm shigaraki hands
Liam Allbright
Liam Allbright 17 hours ago
Bee 2020
Bee 2020 17 hours ago
FoxyGamer 17 hours ago
4:13 You literally helped me in my art class TwT Anatomy is hard when it comes to humans and I could never get the arms right so thank you!!!
Zohra R
Zohra R 17 hours ago
I love how Katherine always includes other cultures into her artwork.
jenna mckay
jenna mckay 17 hours ago
ending was the best part lol, your cats are so cute!
Lizzy Tyler
Lizzy Tyler 18 hours ago
I love it with werewolf
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios 18 hours ago
Why do you wear gloves when touching the acetone? Is it bad to touch directly?
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios 18 hours ago
"Hm, how to pronounce my feelings about our collaboration..." *literally chucks the doll in the air*
Nyah Rodriguez
Nyah Rodriguez 18 hours ago
This doll is so adorable I love this video so much I kept watching it millions of times
Teddy Winters
Teddy Winters 18 hours ago
I’m kinda simping for this Silvally ngl
Nathan Cayce
Nathan Cayce 18 hours ago
Alternate Name:Hydro or Aqua
Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn
Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn 19 hours ago
I loved the vulpix hair because it was matte, and looked s m o o t h
UwU その餅ムスタファ UwU
UwU その餅ムスタファ UwU 19 hours ago
Gavin Baldwin
Gavin Baldwin 19 hours ago
I'm a big umbreon fan but that... Looks wierd Also not like a male
Collins Kids profile
Collins Kids profile 19 hours ago
1:08 The left dress looks like's Palanquin skin from Overwatch
Parthian Arrow
Parthian Arrow 19 hours ago
It is actually themost beautiful ooak doll I have seen. So many detales put together so well.
lenalee Leelee
lenalee Leelee 19 hours ago
Can we talk about pretty she is 😂
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios 19 hours ago
None of that wet green paint on the primer made it onto the parts that actually needed to be green xD
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 19 hours ago
"take a pin, and *insert it into the doll's head, right in the middle.* " *that escalated quickly*
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios 19 hours ago
*Steals elastic from mask*
Kathleen BlueSky
Kathleen BlueSky 20 hours ago
Lewis Hunter
Lewis Hunter 20 hours ago
My favourite one you made was the banshee it’s very cool
Rebecca Nichols
Rebecca Nichols 21 hour ago
To me she looks tired...
ilove doggos
ilove doggos 21 hour ago
I love how 90% of the comments are people quoting what she says out of context 😂
Katrina Duden
Katrina Duden 21 hour ago
Hello! I have a question! Have you ever sprayed MSC over water colour pencils and had the colour run? I want to look into it as a hobby but I'm not sure if thats something I should worry about.
lulu 22 hours ago
This is my favourite, i just love this doll OMG (maby is because is my favourite pokemon and i love this chanel xd)
tania maria Halversen
tania maria Halversen 22 hours ago
It looks awesome 👌 ♡
3legged Kitten
3legged Kitten 22 hours ago
Wonder what she's listening to :)
TeaCxpNeko 22 hours ago
*Has she ever dropped a doll out her window..-??*
nikki fitzgerald
nikki fitzgerald 22 hours ago
do they fit made to move dolls??
Alexa Alex Jones
Alexa Alex Jones 23 hours ago
Her neck is longer than my mother's lifespan!😂😂😂😂
Arun Alex
Arun Alex 23 hours ago
Natalia Coto
Natalia Coto 23 hours ago
OK guys can we all appreciate how talented Kathryn is like my dolls look like cucumbers
Carol Greenwell
Carol Greenwell 23 hours ago
The Windygo
Alexa Alex Jones
Alexa Alex Jones 23 hours ago
I have never clicked on a video so fast before lol!😂😂😂
Alien Invader
Alien Invader 23 hours ago
I love this doll so much. And actually this video is how I found my gender identity. So thank you, Katherine. Thank you so much 😌
Aiino Dino
Aiino Dino 23 hours ago
Completely unrelated to this, I have a suggestion for pride month (I know it’s early). Since you covered sexuality and romanticism last time, you could cover gender this time? As a non-binary person, it would mean a lot to me (and other trans viewers) if you made a trans doll. It doesn’t have to be much, maybe just a cute Lolita gal with a sneaky little trans flag!
Luna bean the potato
Luna bean the potato 23 hours ago
This is times you wish toy story wasn't real or this is a legitimate horror movie
Mapple falls Studio
Mapple falls Studio Day ago
I LOVE HER Btw you have amazing talent
Nathan Cayce
Nathan Cayce Day ago
Make spyro as a doll
Alona Lising
Alona Lising Day ago
The neighbors: I think that our neighbor (dollightful) is up to suspicious activity. Let's call the police. The police: walk in Dollightful: -Sawing apart dolls- Dollightful: Oh shhhhh-- I'm a doll customizer c:
Suga Mama
Suga Mama Day ago
Can you please make me one but purple
Ogres boogie republic Lol
Ogres boogie republic Lol Day ago
Shota Aizawa
Shota Aizawa Day ago
Me a disabled guy: *sees wheelchair* .O. I love it <3 The beautiful doll: *sitting there looking amazing* Me: *whispers* I love you-
What Is my name
What Is my name Day ago
Omg wait steam punk vannie
A S T H E T I C P A N D A Day ago
the mini movie at the end is sooo cool but i was thinking the werwolf was a prince ;-;
Eča Day ago
please were you buy the neadel for hair?
Lára Ingþórsdóttir
Lára Ingþórsdóttir Day ago
tbh i loved the scarf!
Iwillrickrollu Day ago
Another question: how did u come up with ur Intro
Iwillrickrollu Day ago
Dollightful question: this is rly random but do u think pineapples belong on pizza
yves Day ago
why are all of you acting surprised at the bi flag in the shirt it's a _pride doll_ of course it's intentional
RapidFireHorses Day ago
I have a whole list of favorite pokemon but out of all of them Rapidash would be my best
Cat mha fan
Cat mha fan Day ago
I love her vids
Shane Villareal
Shane Villareal Day ago
Will she ever stop putting a milk mustache on her dolls?
Gacha Yandere _YT
Gacha Yandere _YT Day ago
Idk if I'm the only one who does this, but I love making two characters as doll customs and shipping them together! Like, I made a knight, and then a princess and shipped them together! XD
Cat mha fan
Cat mha fan Day ago
Who here in 2021? I am
vvkittycat Day ago
w i n d d r a g o n g o b r r r
Debbi Burns
Debbi Burns Day ago
Could u make amanita a girlfriend for pride month I think that would be so cute😊
Jaime Thomas
Jaime Thomas Day ago
I bet you ten dollars the hair was sticky on the Frankie Stein doll
Gacha Yandere _YT
Gacha Yandere _YT Day ago
I know, for some reason, I find blue flames way more cool than normal flames! It might be that I'm obsessed with Dabi from MHA but it is amazing!
Rachael Mosher
Rachael Mosher Day ago
My daughter's eyes lit up when she saw this video. She's also in a wheelchair. Finding wheelchair toys isn't common in our area
xXx_Rose _xXx
xXx_Rose _xXx Day ago
Dollightful: MORE PINK! * The Whole Video Screen Started To Turn Red * Me : *Holding Jesus's Cross , POV* WHAT THE F*CK , WHY WAS IT RED AND PINK!?!?*
xXx_Rose _xXx
xXx_Rose _xXx Day ago
When U Said " Take Out The Head" ' It Kinda Reminds Me Of The Queen Of Hearts Saying " OFF WITH THE HEAD "
Shane Villareal
Shane Villareal Day ago
She paints Elmer’s glue black even though it dries clear
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Day ago
Just piñata Mewtwo
Potterhead Day ago
18:16 you have awoken my potterheadness
Potterhead Day ago
@Cat mha fan ye draco a character from harry potter
Cat mha fan
Cat mha fan Day ago
It is draco
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios Day ago
"Doll pieces, assemble!"
Libbie Studios
Libbie Studios Day ago
I'm curious, do you ever actually disassemble the joints you make? Like you always leave the screw open so you can access it, is there a reason? Did you have a mistake where you sculpted over a screw and you wanted to remove it but you couldn't?
Holly CRONAN Day ago
Katherine: Hair burrito Me: Hehe, burrito
melanie phelan
melanie phelan Day ago
I could never do this- ✋
Mia funny videos To watch
Mia funny videos To watch Day ago
Little kitties legs jumping on the table
_The Frog Princess_
_The Frog Princess_ Day ago
I had a really cute idea like a mushroom theme doll and she (or he ) could wear a polka dot dress or T-shirt and the some really puffy pants like that one red mushroom and if its with the shirt there could be overalls this was just an idea you don't have to do it thanks for reading!
Zohra R
Zohra R Day ago
These makeovers are so impressive!!! Love you channel❤️