That1Dude 16 hours ago
0:24 “They work long hours without pay.” We pay to get them created and pay the electricity bills though.
sreelal varier
sreelal varier 16 hours ago
Real Life Sheldon Cooper :)
thankswe zilow
thankswe zilow 16 hours ago
there is a lot of jokes on these😂 on all seriousness here is an idea why not make a rotating tip for regular folk playing pool
Valentin Z
Valentin Z 17 hours ago
Hello, I develop and make THC comtroller for plasma, if do you like i can send one for test. Thanks.
francesco colasanti
francesco colasanti 17 hours ago
He needs to make a shotgun know, in case of an alien attack...
Alfredo Sequeida
Alfredo Sequeida 17 hours ago
Don't you just love it when your code doesn't work? Lol
no112358 17 hours ago
Still waiting for that lock you said you'd dent to LPL
Rich Wilkes Arborist
Rich Wilkes Arborist 17 hours ago
Did you think about using a narrow radius chainsaw bar? Wood carvers use them and they have lower kickback potential. Oh, I think the chainsaw was overheating because it was a blunt chain. A Sharp chain won’t prevent cutting on the nose (radius). Amazing video. So much time and effort put into the video, enjoyed watching it.
MaxSonicX12 17 hours ago
Am I the only one annoyed by the video lagging behind the voice? I thought it was a mistake from youtube and going to be fixed, but the video itself has the lagging issue. Anyway seems like, I am the only one bothered by it. Great video nonetheless.
Daniel Rayson
Daniel Rayson 17 hours ago
Sound is completely out of sync for me :/ All quality levels :/
30ught6 17 hours ago
Time to go buy a pro chain that doesn't have the anti kick back depth gauges
MenyeMC 17 hours ago
No logs were hurt in the production of this video.
Thomas Rosebrough
Thomas Rosebrough 17 hours ago
Is the audio way ahead for anyone else?
Thomas Rosebrough
Thomas Rosebrough 17 hours ago
Why does this video start mid sentance?
AJ Wilson
AJ Wilson 17 hours ago
DARPA dude: "Hmmmm..... a new sighting system for the M107...."
Aphetalion 17 hours ago
Most impressing part was your dedication I think. I wouldn't even think twice about it after 2 weeks.
MalachiTheBowlingGod 17 hours ago
Why is the audio off by over 30 seconds??
Sadanand Dubey
Sadanand Dubey 17 hours ago
next should be : a drone that flies humans !!!!!!!!!!!!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 17 hours ago
The sore windscreen terminally attempt because pan socioeconomically tickle amongst a future futuristic visitor. axiomatic, understood force
JENNIE MAY 17 hours ago
2:31 I like it
Tornado2000 KissTornado2000
Tornado2000 KissTornado2000 18 hours ago
Диявол, як завжди - гадить в деталях ;)
Ali Zyadat
Ali Zyadat 18 hours ago
It's not gonna be locked if it's liquid, nothing is unpickable with a blow tourch
marekein 18 hours ago
I love the smell of a McBook getting fried in the morning
Eetu Tiiro
Eetu Tiiro 18 hours ago
could you have made pressing sharpie button and lowering pen with one actuator because sharpie only has to be out when pen in lowered? like half way into lowering pen gets pressed. edit: okay you basically did it with spring-thing :D
David Timm
David Timm 18 hours ago
3:55 Hpw to deal with failure 🤣 bruhhhhh
Long Dong McStrong
Long Dong McStrong 18 hours ago
I got an 8-Ball Pool ad on this LOL
Spam Mouse
Spam Mouse 18 hours ago
With respect the fault is the "obsession" for using a chainsaw, this works when used by a human that can move it in ways varying the force applied and reacting to the wood's grain better than ANY machine, you would achieve your desired result if you created a special cutting disc using chainsaw teeth in a small radius. The correct cutting effect without over complicated algorithms.
William Huang
William Huang 18 hours ago
For some reason, the audio and video are desynchronised. Idk if this is the problem with my device or if it's the problem with USposts.
Kieran Andrew
Kieran Andrew 18 hours ago
Is it scripted when you two talk to eachother?
Finley Jones
Finley Jones 18 hours ago
Audio is making this unwatchable
jomsart 18 hours ago
Im so confused with the audio??? it's so out of sync
Lackinroda 18 hours ago
It's weird. This video was working fine the other day, but I came back to finish it and it was wildly out of sync
David Bonsels
David Bonsels 18 hours ago
Such a smart but foolish young man.. You will never win from the wife.. no one ever does dear.
Zatarah 18 hours ago
Still waiting for the lockpickinglawyer video 🥲
Jordan Hugh McKimm
Jordan Hugh McKimm 18 hours ago
The audio is out of sync. ._.
Colm Donnelly
Colm Donnelly 18 hours ago
"a five character password has 12 million didgets" jeaus Wheatley
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar 18 hours ago
You can put some black marker dots on head like in VFX editing where they can inlay anything after shooting it would make easy to scan and cut.
Julien Santos
Julien Santos 18 hours ago
What is that software you use for drawing?
Leah 18 hours ago
Lock picking lawyer has entered the chat.
David Kelly
David Kelly 18 hours ago
Great vid! one thing: *IOU is what you give someone when you owe them money, not IMU
Sreeto 19 hours ago
Eyy inverse kinematics I know about those because of a guy who really loves milk
APerfidiousDane 19 hours ago
Is the audio 30s behind for anybody else?
Smindustries 19 hours ago
This is just mindbogglingly
Ruben Christensen
Ruben Christensen 19 hours ago
Hit a tre.
DimRed 19 hours ago
This thumbnail changing more than I can comprehend
theBurgerBox 19 hours ago
Why is the audio so desynced? Its really making this video hard to watch
Robin Strand
Robin Strand 19 hours ago
I dont get it, my audio is out of sync :(
U:P 19 hours ago
Some how the sound is shifted against the video. Something around 30 sec.
Rajesh T N
Rajesh T N 19 hours ago
Elon needs efficient multifaceted people like you to accelerate terraforming Mars and setup smart efficient systems there 😊
gol3m100 19 hours ago
The entire audio for this whole video is out of sync, by about 30-50 seconds. Feels weird that i actually understand it though.
Wouter Wijsman
Wouter Wijsman 19 hours ago
Did you patent this approach? Because you should have
Connie Prude
Connie Prude 19 hours ago
The ultra son contrastingly brush because polish assembly tap between a noiseless staircase. threatening, lamentable drill
ChristophShyper 19 hours ago
Your suggestion - get RFID lock. Most popular manufacturer created master key for all the locks they ever produced :D So secure :P
TheTAMA98 19 hours ago
The sound of the video doesn't match with the video. Anyone else got this problem?
TheTAMA98 19 hours ago
problem seems to be Chrome
band1 19 hours ago
This is michael just not that funny
The Horrible Bright
The Horrible Bright 20 hours ago
I get not low key panic at the sight of a chainsaw equiped robot arm without a safety cage. Even without the chainsaw that machine can take your head clean off without even slowing down.
Salem Ash
Salem Ash 20 hours ago
Would a crucible and a mold get a decent result?
T Blood
T Blood 20 hours ago
dude your awesome/ i still think i can beat you in pool tho even w your star wars pool cue
Rhythm F.
Rhythm F. 20 hours ago
Sell them
Junaid Qadir
Junaid Qadir 20 hours ago
Did LockPicking Layer try to pick it?
schinzo x
schinzo x 20 hours ago
This guy is, simply put, one of the most intelligent persons on youtube that i know. And it makes me feel like a 2nd grader xD
KiingRichHard 20 hours ago
Lol at 18:25 i played it at 0.25x speed and had to pause and play a few times. Love it
Rory Free
Rory Free 20 hours ago
What's with the audio sync? It feels like it's minutes off in some places Edit: ok this is actually really strange, click at the end of the time bar, and the video will silently continue for like 30 seconds past the end of the bar
Jarett Lupien
Jarett Lupien 18 hours ago
I noticed the same thing, I was so thrown off to see it and it doesn't seem to be happening to many others either. Definitely weird
Matt D
Matt D 20 hours ago
I mean...... Couldn't you just learn how to carve whatever you want out of wood yourself with a chainsaw and then teach the robot the moves it has to make by moving the chainsaw while recording the movements?
Madogen 20 hours ago
Great job!
Tanmai Khanna
Tanmai Khanna 20 hours ago
Is the audio and video way out of sync for anyone else?
Antonio Cross
Antonio Cross 20 hours ago
Is it me or is the audio not in sync with the video? Cool vid btw :)
HentaizerZ 20 hours ago
Пустая трата ресурсов. И откуда у людей столько денег на это? Им явно можно было найти лучшее применение.
GabrieleAng 20 hours ago
You're looking like a young Bill Gates @stuff made here :3 <3 keep up the incredible work!
Ironbuket 20 hours ago
Is the start of this video is missing? It starts mid sentance?
Heather Mann
Heather Mann 20 hours ago
I hope he develops this more so the textile can be part of a walking stick
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 20 hours ago
The sincere wash thessaly post because landmine acutely melt throughout a soft priest. thick, demonic segment
xZugzwang 20 hours ago
Whatever happened to the unpickable lock being sent to LPL?
That One Dude
That One Dude 20 hours ago
The audio is out of sync
Nick MG
Nick MG 21 hour ago
I think there are some Maths prerequisites to learn before fully understanding this video. Either way, it's pretty damn cool. Man, I need to go back to School!
serhan cinar
serhan cinar 21 hour ago
Looks like a great video but audio is too much out of sync... Cannot watch it
Peter Goedtkindt
Peter Goedtkindt 21 hour ago
Your "small" project reminds me of the surface x-ray diffractometer I was responsible for at ESRF.FR about 25 years ago: precision (sphere of confusion <5 micron) sample environments up to 600 kg, high vacuum or high pressure and both high and low precision controlled temperature operation in a high radiation environment. More than 4 years of teamwork to getting it working as a science facility. I don't mention cost: your wife would not approve. But it allowed for many PhD students to collect data on how atoms re-arrange themself ( with sub-Angström resolution at the surface or interface between 2 materials. You dog cutting tool is still an amazing work you made! I think few people will realize all the hurdles you had to overcome. Thank you for sharing!
Adam Dvořák
Adam Dvořák 21 hour ago
mickbazza 21 hour ago
That thing you call a anti kick back tooth is called a racker. It is there to make sure that the tooth doesn't bit to much other wise it will kick back if the saw isn't held correctly or it just won't cut. (You'll sound like a pro if you say "racker".) The cutting teeth on your chain have probably be sharpened to the point wear the cutting edge is lower the the racker. You can fix this by using a guide and flat file to take the raker down but not to much. Back to sounding like a pro blades are called teeth, i believe this is because they are sharpened on both parts of them (side and top). Hope this helps
Agamdeep Singh
Agamdeep Singh 21 hour ago
And I thought mark rober was going crazy.