Harsh brown
Harsh brown 11 hours ago
Wow ☹️☹️
Sultan Wilmar
Sultan Wilmar 11 hours ago
Glass is glass and it's can breaks... JerryRigeverything
Ali Fadel
Ali Fadel 11 hours ago
Can you send me one please 😅 Don't have many because i live in iraq I used to this moment iPhone 6s 😅
Gameing Sarkar
Gameing Sarkar 11 hours ago
I have singed in how i will win
Harsh brown
Harsh brown 11 hours ago
I never use any iPhone in my whole still watching iPhone videos 😅😅
Nurjigit Alymbekov
Nurjigit Alymbekov 11 hours ago
the ceramic glass with display will cost >600$
ram temple
ram temple 11 hours ago
Hey man ❤️ your video is very useful for me😎 that why or why not buy an iPhone 🔥 Giveaway : I am very happy that you are the person who give iphone in giveaway and I am very interested in your giveaway winner 🙏👍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉
Monish Ghatak
Monish Ghatak 11 hours ago
Watching half of the vdo and telling 'don't do this'
Anthony Varela
Anthony Varela 11 hours ago
Having a non cracked screen doesn’t matter if the pixels stop working, one step forward two steps back
For Heaven’S Cake Family!
For Heaven’S Cake Family! 11 hours ago
He burns later case hahaha
Noe García
Noe García 12 hours ago
Rusty Nails
Rusty Nails 12 hours ago
Hope you paid for the warranty
zee shan
zee shan 12 hours ago
What the hell Stop doing this🥺💔
l a r a
l a r a 12 hours ago
me caes mal
Aviska Perera
Aviska Perera 12 hours ago
mad ........please sent it me
raider2323236 12 hours ago
Silly to say these test didn’t show much to common users that weren’t looking for difference in a magnifying glass. Love Apple but between the older 2 gen it’s hard to say the common user will see a difference at launch date until iOS 14 updates come out and slows down older phones like Apple normally does phases out older iPhones so I usually just upgrade so I won’t notice any issues with apps / software bugs with older phones.
arun adavath
arun adavath 12 hours ago
The first person to do all durability tests with the 12s.✌️
24 DOLLARS DUDE 12 hours ago
This hurt
oma kees
oma kees 12 hours ago
Mate please shut up do drop test on nokia 3310 vs iphone 12 pro lets see who is the real boss😤
BULL FROG 12 hours ago
Waittt, aren’t they only supposed to be waterproof in fresh water not salt water??
Noa Edin van Riet
Noa Edin van Riet 12 hours ago
Has anybody won already with the iphone 12 giveaway?
Akash Deep
Akash Deep 12 hours ago
Cool ! I m winning this iphone hope i can repair them
Mousab Sawaeer
Mousab Sawaeer 12 hours ago
Won’t upgrade my xs Max it’s still running smoothly maybe next year I will get the 11 pro
Arushi sharma
Arushi sharma 12 hours ago
I felt heart ache 🥺
Saba Hassan
Saba Hassan 12 hours ago
That drop, hurts. U can jus pass it to me, always you know.
Yefta Aditya
Yefta Aditya 12 hours ago
Ngilu lihatnya
Elijah Saverson
Elijah Saverson 12 hours ago
Can I have one of the phones please
Amsal Ahmed
Amsal Ahmed 12 hours ago
Sir y u r wasting.....not so lucky to have such phone ever in my life.. Better to send me.. Love frm India 🇮🇳 😇
joshwhat 12 hours ago
Hi. Can you do a water test of iphone 11 after using it for two years?
Sourav Das
Sourav Das 12 hours ago
Pls give us rather than dropping down.. 🤣
Contrast Gaming
Contrast Gaming 12 hours ago
Dont break it give it to me
YoungBlood 12 hours ago
Wtf where get this saled
Contrast Gaming
Contrast Gaming 12 hours ago
10 OM RAUT 12 hours ago
Akshay Chauhan
Akshay Chauhan 12 hours ago
Ur floor is definitely softer . Please specify the floor quality too.
Speed gamer_one
Speed gamer_one 12 hours ago
tbh this video is really hard to watch....
Kurniawan sigit bayu pranoto
Kurniawan sigit bayu pranoto 12 hours ago
This video broke my heart 😂
Chinmay Ingle
Chinmay Ingle 12 hours ago
I think it's more about structural strength than screen's
Nostalgia Rookie Gamer
Nostalgia Rookie Gamer 12 hours ago
so in the scenario that i want to download emulator on ios 6 in 2020 (4s) are there any chance ?
Sheena Loise
Sheena Loise 12 hours ago
every time the phone hits the ground my heart skips a beat
10 OM RAUT 12 hours ago
10 OM RAUT 12 hours ago
Mr. M.A.J
Mr. M.A.J 12 hours ago
5G support, same design, 3 cameras, and four different models, No adapter, No earbuds, and people spend 1000 USD for this. 10 years later they will have iPhone 22 with 10 cameras a bulletproof glass, a carbon fiber body, the same software 10 colors and No cord, No charger, and No earbuds with a price tag of USD 50000.
ALPha GAMIng 12 hours ago
Sir plz give me that phone plz sir🙏🙏🙏
Bo bacpan
Bo bacpan 12 hours ago
Yrr mujhe de do 11pro
Akash Tejpal pb46
Akash Tejpal pb46 12 hours ago
Apple is my dream mobile
Oh Hey
Oh Hey 12 hours ago
Glass is glass and glass will break.
Binderslebener 12 hours ago
.... it didn't working but the classes are ok 🤦
Ashvini Sharma
Ashvini Sharma 12 hours ago
Throw this on my roof..
Kartik Mehta
Kartik Mehta 12 hours ago
Amazing test👏
Lino Vallejo
Lino Vallejo 12 hours ago
Meee I already entered I need a new phone !!! 🥺🤙
John Michael B
John Michael B 12 hours ago
Their render on the 2020 iPhone's camera system is spot on here
Mr. M.A.J
Mr. M.A.J 12 hours ago
5G support, same design, 3 cameras, and four different models, No adapter , No earbuds, and people spend 1000 USD for this. 10 years later they will have iPhone 22 with 10 cameras a bulletproof glass , a carbon fiber body, the same software 10 colors and No cord, No charger, and No earbuds with a price tag of USD 50000.
Yaser Fansa
Yaser Fansa 12 hours ago
Battery on 11 pro is better !
Twonìu 12 hours ago
samsung best ip68 phone
OneJing 12 hours ago
19XBlackskillsX97 12 hours ago
Blue is the best color in the world!
Attitude Boy
Attitude Boy 12 hours ago
Are muje dede
Edward Deaney
Edward Deaney 12 hours ago
Thankfully I treat my phone like a new born child, and I’m not 10’ tall! The only thing that will be going on mine is a minimal transparent case to avoid scratches; I can’t cover up the beauty of this thing! Very interesting to see the comparison to earlier phones though.
Teku Abdullah
Teku Abdullah 12 hours ago
Abdinasir Jibril
Abdinasir Jibril 12 hours ago
iPhone 11 let’s gooooo😂😂
Kartik Jindal
Kartik Jindal 12 hours ago
not able to enter the giveaway pls see to it 👍👍😃
Julio gang•RichTM
Julio gang•RichTM 12 hours ago
sachin pattani
sachin pattani 12 hours ago
Why don’t you try this in my house. 😅 Will save one..
qwzerty_ 12 hours ago
I have an iPhone XR with iOS14.2 public beta and holy crap it’s ruined my phone and battery life, my camera glitches out and doesn’t work half the time, and my battery lasts like 4 hours before it dies when it used to be like 16 hours
Starkie 12 hours ago
This is not a fair test bruh,post like other utubers,actually u miss some taps ,(post 1vs1 at real timw
Himesh Garnawat
Himesh Garnawat 12 hours ago
bro give me pleae
지나Jina 12 hours ago
Am I only one looking the iPhones poor?
erol bree calube
erol bree calube 12 hours ago
Sa mga filipino na nanunuod ngayon na tulad ko 😂 😂 HABANG SYA SINISIRA NYA YUNG IPHONE AKO NA NAG IIPON AT HINDI PA NKA CELL PHONE NG IPHONE MAPAPA SANA ALL KA NALANG sir please give it to me the color gold. Masisira lang yang kung hindi mo sinasadyang sirain 😢 😢 ..
LOVE PH 12 hours ago
Thanks for doing this.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
River 12 hours ago
eu ainda acho vídeos assim muito tristes
Abdul Wahir
Abdul Wahir 12 hours ago
pickle dog hi
pickle dog hi 12 hours ago
My case has a sticker on it that makes it look like the ones ur selling
new CINEMA 12 hours ago
Why you broke this phone give me 😜
The Epic Gamer Boy
The Epic Gamer Boy 12 hours ago
Oh looks like I missed the giveaway cause that was 4 years ago I think
LYKA LEBICO 13 hours ago
One of your phone broke in the thumbnail I think XD
Shaan Trono
Shaan Trono 13 hours ago
watch $2000 burn
nathaniel cosgafa
nathaniel cosgafa 13 hours ago
Did the iphone 11 survives?
DAMONI CRAWFORD 13 hours ago
imagin ruining a perfectly good phone for absolutely no reason.
Joaquin Casaña
Joaquin Casaña 13 hours ago
Well, now comparision with Note 20 Ultra