luke forzley
luke forzley 17 hours ago
@elon musk
Stanley The Jewish
Stanley The Jewish 17 hours ago
Your shirt: NOAH🌹
less than three
less than three 17 hours ago
Why do you think he has nothing better to do
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes 17 hours ago
The amount of trades he did makes him sound like me after I get all my Minecraft villagers to Max levels
Radous9 17 hours ago
Like farmer
Joshua Wagstaff
Joshua Wagstaff 17 hours ago
where do u post ur trades
the jojo connoisseur
the jojo connoisseur 17 hours ago
Jojo reference joseph joestar camera in jojo part 3stardust crusaders
Games of All
Games of All 17 hours ago
Launch and land a rocket
YY Vids
YY Vids 17 hours ago
I learnt how to on a trampoline in just 5 minutes 😂 and landed
Ultimat Enator
Ultimat Enator 17 hours ago
Go stand in front of his house in Brentwood when he is going to work early in the morning
Kuki Kat
Kuki Kat 17 hours ago
How long will it take?
Zen Supariyata
Zen Supariyata 17 hours ago
You can just swap out the tesla and it would be like nothing happend
lootizin 17 hours ago
Elon probably ignores the stupidity that this is.
JcTYT 17 hours ago
120m views, more than half of them cringing at the fact that you used your youtube influence to get anywhere near 100$
TheUnSmile Gaming65
TheUnSmile Gaming65 17 hours ago
Ohhh i found this nutz
Andrei Stoian
Andrei Stoian 17 hours ago
I can't believe people got invested in something like this. Makes no sense
Kate Hensley
Kate Hensley 17 hours ago
Congrats 👏 thats incredible
JcTYT 17 hours ago
actual viable content. thank god.
Leo 17 hours ago
Level increased: Lockpicking lvl 2!
Nykrev 17 hours ago
Wait how do you find these yard sales?? I’ve been looking around my area for bloody ages and haven’t found ☝️
Kknoob 17 hours ago
I did 8 days and 6 hours
Dragons Like fire
Dragons Like fire 18 hours ago
How did u go from a $20,000 shoe collection for a Tesla ? That is a crazy trade
Just Smoking
Just Smoking 18 hours ago
Lol getting scammed
*SesamToast* 18 hours ago
I cannot believe you get polaroid cameras for 3 bucks while here in germany you have to pay at least 50€ and up lol
Jacob Reichert
Jacob Reichert 18 hours ago
Twitter is your best bet. Enough people tag him, he'll have to notice it.
lorqfn 18 hours ago
i saw the lambo pulling up and got hella excited 😂
Noobify 18 hours ago
I know were elons house is in south africa
éxøtic-gachá 18 hours ago
Invalid -User
Invalid -User 18 hours ago
n a
Honch 18 hours ago
He kinda sounds like dream here
mysterio gaming
mysterio gaming 18 hours ago
Foul can ffj
Marquis Powell
Marquis Powell 18 hours ago
This video will do well in the algorithm. I bet you a Tesla lol good job.
Noah Suarez
Noah Suarez 18 hours ago
There was no difference that’s why the reveal wasn’t included for more than .5 of a second
ENCL 18 hours ago
Guitar for tourbus?
w k
w k 18 hours ago
the guy looked at him like who tf u think i am Obama
seagull 360
seagull 360 18 hours ago
can we just appreciate the fact he literally has a TESLA which he spent no money on
M1LK choc
M1LK choc 18 hours ago
how much you pay to put that billboard?
Hog Pot
Hog Pot 18 hours ago
Hog Pot
Baratholomew Pew
Baratholomew Pew 18 hours ago
Y’all, guitars can be over $50’000 sometimes, that tour bus I could buy for -$20’000
Eric 18 hours ago
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants 18 hours ago
Perfect loop
Joshua128 The Leader of [ISIS YACCI YMPU] •3⃣
Joshua128 The Leader of [ISIS YACCI YMPU] •3⃣ 18 hours ago
Pewdiepie brother Is this you?
Alexanderluna 89
Alexanderluna 89 18 hours ago
All he has to do is talk to him on twitter
Insomnia1492 18 hours ago
Was it worth it?😐
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries 18 hours ago
That's a master 140D it's literally one of the easiest locks to open.
Jalisa Huebschwerlen
Jalisa Huebschwerlen 18 hours ago
Yes hood luck for 50 likes for me it’s impossible
Arrie 18 hours ago
"stay tuned for the reveal" imagine😂
breaking Down
breaking Down 18 hours ago
Me who lives close to the beach: dats a lot of fookin' tesla right there
AshtonSpearing 18 hours ago
0:38 Lamborghini
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 18 hours ago
Every time i want to do it,i imagine falling and snapping my neck
tobias wheeler
tobias wheeler 18 hours ago
High pitch
Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown 18 hours ago
Damn he was at the swap meat In sandi ago that’s where I’m going
JZP 19 hours ago
And those raybans were Chinese. At the end cost was the same as that sand
Dovydas Daunoravičius
Dovydas Daunoravičius 19 hours ago
You've been trading youtube publicity, not sand.
TRONMASTER 52 19 hours ago
You can do it with one both ends have to be out
Zanthia Avery
Zanthia Avery 19 hours ago
That actually seems like something I would do so I can't say he's lying 😅
Peaky_Blinder 19 hours ago
ODDGOD 19 hours ago
I can trade
Marianne Stanley
Marianne Stanley 19 hours ago
Finds out you can't swim: Well s-
Zaki Anwer
Zaki Anwer 19 hours ago
The fact that the glass is so close to his face
Thegman03 19 hours ago
It is extremely easy to pick a lock. A tip, use Bobby pins not paper clips.
Faze Lipi
Faze Lipi 19 hours ago
You have so many followers from albania 💟 and they love your concent .Congratulation for 3 M
Yoke Khon Chen
Yoke Khon Chen 19 hours ago
Wooahhh imma try dis UvU
Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks 19 hours ago
Ahmad Istaitiya
Ahmad Istaitiya 19 hours ago
It will be 4 dollars Him: 3, take it or leave it
Marianne Stanley
Marianne Stanley 19 hours ago
400th comment check
Attack_On_ Milo
Attack_On_ Milo 19 hours ago
I have 2 of those cameras
Controlez 19 hours ago
The New neighbors be like Let's gtfo of here there are insane people here
Israel Torres
Israel Torres 19 hours ago
Mrbeast: 5000, take it or leave it
Pretzel 19 hours ago
Sand for a wetsuit?
Time for a Crusade
Time for a Crusade 19 hours ago
Tesla is tesla