Jonathan Fox Powers
Jonathan Fox Powers 7 hours ago
Legend has it Brian's punching bag is still swinging to this day
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 7 hours ago
that pizza was definitely not 5000 calories
Bruni Gregorio
Bruni Gregorio 7 hours ago
Brian sounds like buff Dana ngl...
Ayhan Koç
Ayhan Koç 7 hours ago
Khabib Nurmagomedov : wrestling with bears as a kid Dustin Poirier : wrestling with bears as an adult
Richard Turner
Richard Turner 7 hours ago
I love Brian Shaws determination and focus for this upcoming strongman event. He seems to have what it takes mentally and physically to pull off a win. Brian is a great representative of the strongman community and competitions to the rest of the world. Good luck 👍 Brian wish you all the best.
Ayhan Koç
Ayhan Koç 7 hours ago
Can you imagine Brian actually put somebody on arm triangle with full force?
Dominik Duda
Dominik Duda 7 hours ago
Yeah. Martial arts cool and stuff but the fun thing is when they tried to do fancy techniques on me ( iam strongman ) i just withstand it with pure brute force strength. thats why , for self defense, i prefer krav maga over all
Tim Judge
Tim Judge 7 hours ago
Got to be the most genuine guys u would find in a gym.
CBC Sucks!
CBC Sucks! 8 hours ago
That machine isn't calibrated for two people at once!
Daniel Tobias
Daniel Tobias 8 hours ago
How do they not get the nausea reflex?
annag cocl
annag cocl 8 hours ago
Love how humble and respectful Brain is. Thats some good footage here, strongman crossover to mma
Mike C
Mike C 9 hours ago
kids crafting
kids crafting 9 hours ago
Shaw sparing with poirier next time
annag cocl
annag cocl 8 hours ago
Id hate to be that bag
Mitchell Sweeney
Mitchell Sweeney 9 hours ago
Make a video of your workout plan for each dat
Mitchell Sweeney
Mitchell Sweeney 9 hours ago
Brandon Gibson
Brandon Gibson 9 hours ago
Why’d they get kicked out of the first place?
Sore As Pop
Sore As Pop 9 hours ago
Dustin is a real beast his winning mentality is high level
Scandinavian Rebel
Scandinavian Rebel 9 hours ago
That's a big Damm sandwich!!! I'm hungry now!!
Dale wilson
Dale wilson 9 hours ago
This was awesome 🤣🤣🤣
WorldByMe 9 hours ago
You both should collab more
Justin Pascone
Justin Pascone 9 hours ago
Great video! You and Dustin collab was a good idea
Jose Floriane Tavera
Jose Floriane Tavera 9 hours ago
You guys just got my whole body weight as a warm up😂
Thomas Talks
Thomas Talks 9 hours ago
David and Goliath
jbvap 9 hours ago
Gotta love dp
Hannah Kennedy
Hannah Kennedy 10 hours ago
He laughed while in dustins triangle lmao
kyle lemon
kyle lemon 10 hours ago
Brian Shaw training for the winner of Eddie and Thor
Charlie Gaze
Charlie Gaze 10 hours ago
I would smell Eddie’s farts.
Marc Nunez
Marc Nunez 10 hours ago
Dustin makes me uncomfortable 😭😭 he’s on crack that man
Anthony Marcella
Anthony Marcella 10 hours ago
11:12 *Me to my wife*
medillon 10 hours ago
Their dynamic is awesome. It seems like Eddie saw Brian as a nice guy and therefore a good target to mess with and Brian turned out to be not only unfazed by it, but such a good sport that they developed a mutual respect for each other that grew into friendship. I wish I had Brian’s temperament... and size... both would have come in handy when I was younger.
Ahmed Algassid
Ahmed Algassid 10 hours ago
Two great athletes. But is it just me or is the energy drink look like CGI
howiebabey 10 hours ago
come on guys try the pepper hey a pepper a chip theyre about even... more or less?
Daniil J. McDonald
Daniil J. McDonald 10 hours ago
Imagine looking for plates while Brian is at fucking youfit or something
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 10 hours ago
This is what the world should be: good, positive people doing what they love. My 7 year old loves watching this channel. He now challenges us to feats of strength at home. Thanks Brian!
JR 110
JR 110 11 hours ago
I know of Brian and I know of Dustin, I follow Dustin in MMA. I saw this thumbnail and title and was like "huh, lets give this a watch". Brain is so wholesome. He just radiates positivity and enthusiasm.
damian cota
damian cota 11 hours ago
Very honest💪🏽
Micro Penny
Micro Penny 11 hours ago
Imagine wrestling with Brian...He could just lay down on you till you pass out
Lex Stronda
Lex Stronda 11 hours ago
This was crazy.. I loved it
brett reid
brett reid 11 hours ago
its like when the mountain and conor trained abit weird.!
Carl Hamilton
Carl Hamilton 11 hours ago
How can I meet Brian Shaw?
Richard Gomez
Richard Gomez 11 hours ago
We all know he would kill the litlle guy he is just to big and stron one in 1000000 humans
Emanuel 11 hours ago
You could be a live action Kratos
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 12 hours ago
It's like watching a Bear with the voice of Vince Vaughn
Slicky Ricky
Slicky Ricky 12 hours ago
dustin looks so awkward lol for sure not made for the limelight so cringe to watch it hurts lol
Joshua Banks
Joshua Banks 12 hours ago
Great video Brian !
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 12 hours ago
how can u not like the diamond ? cool guy!
Миша Мишин
Миша Мишин 12 hours ago
The King Of Jotunheim
The King Of Jotunheim 12 hours ago
Watching you play fight is much more entertaining than the connor fight for me
The King Of Jotunheim
The King Of Jotunheim 12 hours ago
Never really knew how big brian was when he was with eddie and nick and the beard guy
medillon 12 hours ago
Brian was so in Robert’s head he got a contact high.
Drew Meyers
Drew Meyers 12 hours ago
Id hate to be that bag
Shawn Carlen
Shawn Carlen 12 hours ago
Dude needs to learn how to lock out and he elbows at the top trying to say he’s teaching Brian how to bench 🙄
TheE4kid 13 hours ago
Lol cmon Brian you should have more weight on that barbell
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 13 hours ago
Does he pay for the camera man or does the camera man pay for himself
ARC 13 hours ago
Worlds strongest....
Heretic Life
Heretic Life 13 hours ago
Dana white is somewhere shitting himself
Heretic Life
Heretic Life 13 hours ago
Dustin Poitier is coming off kind of awkward
Craig Wheeler
Craig Wheeler 13 hours ago
Magnus ver Magnussun was the last of the great late 80's strength athletes. In "pure strength 1988-90' he actually compete against Bill Kazmaier. He was in Jon Pal SIgmarrsun's era at the tail end of it, and he trained with Jon Pal.
Captain ramius
Captain ramius 14 hours ago
How much did that cost??
DARK DARIUZ 14 hours ago
These kids in the cmnts need to chill .. one is a fighter n the other one is a wsm. Yes any pro fighter would ko any human with no experience in mma or martial arts. Have some respect. And fyi , IF BRIAN STARTED TRAINING what will be the consequences , think abt it
J W 14 hours ago
Lmfaooooo looks like a little kid wrestling with an adult lmfao
texascpa 14 hours ago
I sometimes thinks Brian sandbags these competitions just to get a longer vid, but even if that's true, it's still great content.
Ali Faiaz
Ali Faiaz 14 hours ago
2 legends
monstermasher86 14 hours ago
Looks like Shaq and his GF lol
phil layton
phil layton 14 hours ago
This is so cringe i couldnt watch more than 3 minutes of it
Abe Albion
Abe Albion 14 hours ago
7:41 lol
The Viking
The Viking 14 hours ago
Super impressed by Dustin.... pound for pound Dustin wins hands down!
Craig Wheeler
Craig Wheeler 14 hours ago
There has been exactly 1 elite bench presser to EVER win the World's strongest man. That was Bill Kazmaier in 1980-82. Kazmaier was the first man to RAW Bench press 660+ lbs in a contest. He was a damn beast that had no weaknesses in his strongman events when trained. He did the holds in front and to the side with dumbells , he could squat, bench, and deadlift at world class levels. He could run, throw hammers and weights over bars, barrels, sprint with farmer's walk, ect. I saw his 1981 contest. There were 10 events, and he was top 3 in nearly all of them, winning at least 5 outright.
Brandon Medders
Brandon Medders 14 hours ago
That is a really nice truck man
wolves2husky 14 hours ago
5:53 I agree, Brian does have a lot of gluteus maximus 🍑
Ohmed Out FPV
Ohmed Out FPV 15 hours ago
OSS!!! 😎
Riesen Riesen Bigman
Riesen Riesen Bigman 15 hours ago
Dear Brain, Hafþhœr, Eddy, all of you three Big Guy's Gentle Giants are so entertaining an lot of fun to watch. You are also one of the greatest Athletes (not only in Size matters) of the world. Please work collaborative together it will the best the world would be ever see.
Minigorilla Strongman
Minigorilla Strongman 15 hours ago
These are so great!
Pain in the RC
Pain in the RC 15 hours ago
@7:30 Brian looks like he's shaking his bedsheet to make the bed 🤣👌
JoeyyyPower 15 hours ago
Great collab again
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz 15 hours ago
So size does matter after all
Matt Epton
Matt Epton 16 hours ago
Though friendly, you can see the competitor underneath and the desire to win...
Matt Epton
Matt Epton 16 hours ago
Dustin’s fight with Dan Horn is elite amongst legendary fights...
Matt Epton
Matt Epton 16 hours ago
Brian, you look great bro! Dustin is one of the best in MMA as you know! Shout out to two great champions!
Eduardo Malave
Eduardo Malave 16 hours ago
He held him up so he can choke him what a setup i could of choked him lol
Romero XVII
Romero XVII 16 hours ago
Gassed from a walk?
Jans Krekels
Jans Krekels 16 hours ago
Wtf I have to eat 1000 calories to actively lose weight, while working out 5 days a week.