Daniel Tekavei
Daniel Tekavei 27 minutes ago
Finally night mode...can't wait to knife the shit out of people..
Sepezi Hour ago
wait what about the cold war skips how that work
Sepezi 57 minutes ago
@xLegehnd no i meant like i saw on mw if u get to level 10 u get 3 tier skips
xLegehnd 58 minutes ago
We will have full unlimited xp & tier skip methods once we can find them I remember when MW came out it was second or first season of MW I was the first to find a full blown exploit it reached 100k views almost
Thomas Pehowdy
Thomas Pehowdy 4 hours ago
No its not like that sony don't record your videos if something happens online between u and some one else the person thats being threatened or bullying makes complaint you record your own complaint between both of u of what happens what the complaint is about the threatening or bullying or what ever else up to around a minute or two then you send the complaint to sony and they will take it from there they will do what they got to do the only time son listens to your conversation is when you send sony the complaint or conversation thank you but thats how it is
Nv5x 4 hours ago
Finally zombies is backkkk
xLegehnd 3 hours ago
Time for all my BO4 zombies fans to awaken from sleep we get this and now Cold War zombies next month is going to be CRAZY!
jellyfam LeeLee
jellyfam LeeLee 4 hours ago
im not abut get a ps5 or a xbox im go get a PC i do not like what thay did it was not cool so im abut to get a PC
- ø F F .
- ø F F . 5 hours ago
The END DDos😢💔.
Clucxy 5 hours ago
For some reason all my games say “hidden from other players” and every time I undid it and press confirm it still shows it says, “hidden from other players”
Team EVO Surf Casters
Team EVO Surf Casters 6 hours ago
Are you ready for this? I can’t wait. Send me a invite to play later on tonight
Team EVO Surf Casters
Team EVO Surf Casters 5 hours ago
@xLegehnd I’ll be online for sure.
xLegehnd 5 hours ago
Yesss I hope to you see in the party tonight! We can get this going there’s going to be a major EE happening too we should be first to get it done :)
Senpai- M4ESTR0
Senpai- M4ESTR0 6 hours ago
Bro no es bueno que te pongas a molestar en todas las partidas dañarás la experiencia de juego de muchos jugadores es mejor jugar el juego limpió.
fdodp88 3 hours ago
él no era el que estaba usando hacks, él solo estaba compartiendo el gameplay de otra persona con hacks.
TMBSTNE284 6 hours ago
ALL i have to say is if you have to hack in games like this or any other game for that matter you aren't that good at all.
Jelly 880868
Jelly 880868 7 hours ago
Congrats on 12k
Jelly 880868
Jelly 880868 6 hours ago
@xLegehnd yessir
xLegehnd 7 hours ago
Thank you bro road to 13K now!
Rezan Gul
Rezan Gul 7 hours ago
Exynos 7 hours ago
Early again
Teezy 8 hours ago
Does it come with an Update?
Teezy 8 hours ago
@xLegehnd Niiicceeeee im sooo hyypeeeddd
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
No we already got the update with 1.28 it will be a playlist update thank god!
Psychedelic Mind
Psychedelic Mind 8 hours ago
Imagine they put so much effort into making the Verdansk Night Map and the Zombie Models and AI and it's just gonna be a temporary mode...
Psychedelic Mind
Psychedelic Mind 6 hours ago
@TMG Rambo What's LTM mate?
Psychedelic Mind
Psychedelic Mind 6 hours ago
@xLegehnd I hope so mate!
TMG Rambo
TMG Rambo 8 hours ago
im sure it only will be a LTM like always.
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
It sucks but in the near future night time warzone could be a perma game mode it’s only fair
Frost 8 hours ago
“Hello... do you want to play a game”
Frost 7 hours ago
@Lorenzo De La Rosa thank you for playing
Lorenzo De La Rosa
Lorenzo De La Rosa 7 hours ago
Hell no
xLegehnd 9 hours ago
Swifty Gamer
Swifty Gamer 9 hours ago
Yo can we play together with this new mode?
Swifty Gamer
Swifty Gamer 8 hours ago
@xLegehnd aight
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
Yessir just make sure your on around 2 am est
Jelly 880868
Jelly 880868 9 hours ago
The packs are fire
Detroit Devil
Detroit Devil 8 hours ago
Facts but who’s buying shit when Cold War comes out in less than a month 😔
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
They are fire I want the saw bundle now lol
ApocalypseGZ 9 hours ago
Um, I'm in.
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
Lets play tonight at 2 am est
JPwendigo 9 hours ago
Hype on 100 levels!
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
Exactly I can’t wait for this!
GHOSTF Kev 9 hours ago
That ghost skin is dope
GHOSTF Kev 9 hours ago
@xLegehnd yea
xLegehnd 9 hours ago
They look good asf!
Cluxz 9 hours ago
Imagine getting ptsd coming back(transit)
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
Saucyy v
Saucyy v 9 hours ago
not again 😂😂
Nothing 2721
Nothing 2721 9 hours ago
Noti gaaang🔥🔥🔥
Nothing 2721
Nothing 2721 9 hours ago
@xLegehnd YES!
xLegehnd 9 hours ago
GHOSTF Kev 9 hours ago
xLegehnd 9 hours ago
It’s time big stream coming tonight I kept telling y’all the leaks were true
*BLACK* 9 hours ago
RIP chris Cornell (he wrote the song in the trailer)
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
Are you serious mannnnn RIP 😩
Graham Toms
Graham Toms 9 hours ago
First yeah
ThorNoticed 10 hours ago
Send ayuwoki an invite
TheWeirdAsian 10 hours ago
soo no more community parties?
xLegehnd 8 hours ago
I have a update video coming soon about this
Asta -sama
Asta -sama 10 hours ago
The only thing I want fixed is where I can see my friends in a party or not
Tony Ferdinand Del Rio
Tony Ferdinand Del Rio 11 hours ago
It does not invade your privacy, you agree to terms, which mean you are in compliance. if you dont agree, then they will not record you. Dont go in chat rooms, it that simple.
katsuZo-_- 11 hours ago
you cant trust new videogames anymore yo i swear
Rylord rylord
Rylord rylord 12 hours ago
It’s easy to make mod menus
Kinglosecrowns 66
Kinglosecrowns 66 13 hours ago
Hacking has been happening All through warzone and still they getting away with it. Just lol for the developers being undermined by smarter people. How can they let this happen if it was me my ego would be Hurt But then again I'm not sitting on billions so I keep my pride
towha elahi
towha elahi 14 hours ago
very poor anti-cheat system ! Really dissapointed pre-order this game will be a bad choice until they fix this
cmxh on FN
cmxh on FN 16 hours ago
Could someone invite me to a button reg please
ShaunTheGamer 17
ShaunTheGamer 17 19 hours ago
I be getting into arguments wit my friends we be roasting all da time calling each other trash and all dat other good stuff but what if a nigga boot and take yo ip Adress and take yo account what you gonna do
ShaunTheGamer 17
ShaunTheGamer 17 19 hours ago
But what if u run into a hacker and he in yo party and he finna boot u offline or takecyo account what you gon do then they ain’t gon Sony ain’t gon be there to save u bruh
ShaunTheGamer 17
ShaunTheGamer 17 19 hours ago
That’s what I be saying PlayStation players are sometimes so toxic and way too many hackers and booters that they have to record parties it’s sad and I was I on my uncle PlayStation playing fortnite I got into a lobby in creative fills wit a booter/Hacker it’s sad
Saitama Ultimate Serius death punch
Saitama Ultimate Serius death punch 23 hours ago
i know what you could do add 100 people in 1 group and go on ask them to send feedback to sony or p$4 bring back the old update
Saitama Ultimate Serius death punch
Saitama Ultimate Serius death punch 23 hours ago
and here i am inviting 100 people into group chat and forcing them to send feedback to ps4/sony bring back the old update
aluwz 23 hours ago
Bruh you can get hacks for like $5 fuck he chargin $2000 for
aluwz 23 hours ago
Apparently in Chinese culture you have to be the best by any means necessary. And in China cheating isn’t cheating if you dont get caught. Thats why theres so many Chinese hackers
Kinglosecrowns 66
Kinglosecrowns 66 13 hours ago
Imagine how they're marriage is haha
ツKyzerカイザーツ 23 hours ago
I can't even update the system software 8.00 in the first place
MnmlPulze Day ago
Welcome to Call of Duty Anti cheat system
dean Grant
dean Grant Day ago
This is the trouble i'm having snipers shooting from no where
Tony sanderson
Tony sanderson Day ago
been in a couple of games today where there were players using aimbots , Activision need to really get on top of this rather than focusing on corporate greed and sales numbers.
Миша Дмитров
Миша Дмитров Day ago
Link ?
hop hopsin
hop hopsin Day ago
I still cant update my ps4 so cant go online somebody help me pls its been 6days without gaming
Ghous Gailani
Ghous Gailani Day ago
Yo my games that don’t crash EVER like EVER have been crashing the party chat update is stupid, to make one you need to invite another person it’s just annoying ykwim?
John Doe
John Doe Day ago
I'm buying an Xbox fuck Sony
Elimzx Day ago
I have Instagram its Yo_Soy_Papi69
Guy Sensei
Guy Sensei Day ago
Solution just use discord
Mr Snowman
Mr Snowman Day ago
First of all moving over to Xbox will do no good because Xbox is already listening in on the party chats, second of all people are in parties but it's only linked to the group chats you're in so there's no more public and private parties
xLegehnd Day ago
They are already doing it too so we gotta go to PC 😂
Mr SanickESPツ
Mr SanickESPツ Day ago
XxSniperElitexX Day ago
I'm still getting ps5. I'm ok with Sony spying on me atleast I'm covered when someone calls me nigga when I'm white. I'll get them band permanent done it to 2 people all ready.
Aac Hen
Aac Hen Day ago
I dont can Call the number i am from Germany 🤮🤮
ferrouAY Day ago
For everyone worrying about spying on partys Sony has said that they will only be spying in party's for users that report them. Just don't get involved with people you dont like
Etixia Day ago
Thank you, you understand it everyone is acting so weird. People are switching to xbox even tho xbox does the same thing. Much love <3
Mauro Cado
Mauro Cado Day ago
who play are a noob lol, cant move, dont use hack and try to learn some skills
Leo Stromberg
Leo Stromberg Day ago
Anyone know if this still works?
Retro Moe
Retro Moe Day ago
Bye bye acting sus with my friends The Good Days
Led Day ago
Prevents people from booting and getting away with it
dXb 06
dXb 06 Day ago
Ye i dont really care that much since im switching to pc with my 3070, when i will get one 😂
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Day ago
Goku Day ago
unfortunately they will never add anti cheat its gonna be even worse than modern warfare that's treyarch
riley busse
riley busse Day ago
Do you want to your system otherwise you can’t go online
riley busse
riley busse Day ago
That’s a lie I have it and nothing happened
Cosmic Stoner
Cosmic Stoner Day ago
Cross play should just be PlayStation and Xbox, fuck the mustard race. They ain’t good except for cheating
sychotik Day ago
Noice :)
muttdawg509 Day ago
Turn off cross play. It’s the pc guys doing this.
og johnny gat
og johnny gat 7 hours ago
just saw two guys on my team have it on ps4 lmao
Thomas Strickland
Thomas Strickland 10 hours ago
Nah not just pc consoles have them too.
THE - LEGEND Day ago
Now I am not buying this game 100% 😹😹
Detroit Devil
Detroit Devil Day ago
The one thing I notice different about the black ops series is it seems like the hit box isn’t on the enemy it’s around them because when I hit them it doesn’t kill them but if I miss their leg to the right by 3 feet it’s a headshot
stevo mulzy
stevo mulzy Day ago
I don't think it's really that big of a shock
stevo mulzy
stevo mulzy Day ago
@xLegehnd Totally agree but it's always been a big problem on pc which is a shame cause that is the platform I play on
xLegehnd Day ago
Imagine being in a lobby with them having this and you don’t even know where enemies are but he can see everyone location at all times thats cheating 100% we would stand no chance & especially if more people are getting it cus it’s cheap to get these hacks ive seen em before
Solicify Day ago
Nah he’s just got a good gaming carpet and water bottle
Triple X God
Triple X God 2 days ago
I'm only playing cold war for zombies bro the beta lowkey making me regret the pre-order not gonna lie but i wanna kill some zombies as woods with you brodie 😂