Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Mart Hus
Mart Hus 7 hours ago
12:35 i thought it was a thing for shotgun shels
Jacob Herr
Jacob Herr 7 hours ago
Thanks for designing a nerf attack drone for me
Cole Contos
Cole Contos 8 hours ago
KiwiCo is the Raid Shadow Legends of engineering videos
PropsMovv 8 hours ago
next up building a Bullet Shooting Drone with missiles attached
Frank Bateman
Frank Bateman 8 hours ago
You should make disks from the movie Tron
Kim Lewis
Kim Lewis 8 hours ago
This is the Way....
Mart Hus
Mart Hus 8 hours ago
Dorito-Chan 8 hours ago
Really thought he’d say dirty deeds done cheap and hides behind a door to bring another version of him self
sithslayer83 badass
sithslayer83 badass 8 hours ago
Please make a land speeder from Star Wars
Yogurtsnipe 05
Yogurtsnipe 05 8 hours ago
The military: “First time using targeting drones?”
Vinzent Bernhagen
Vinzent Bernhagen 8 hours ago
Qui gon Jin was proud of you
Skit’s With C
Skit’s With C 8 hours ago
Next video: hack Smith age of ultron!
Pronic gaming
Pronic gaming 8 hours ago
His iron man helmet is from a Another company by auto king
Mr.PastGlory 8 hours ago
Idea for a movie: Crossover of Steampunk, Star Wars and Ghostbusters. Star-Punk-Busters (?), Steam-War-Busters (?), Ghost-Punk-Wars (?), ... :-) When will You build a working Ghostbusters Proton-Pack?
Mick bue
Mick bue 8 hours ago
Damn this is awsome
yoshy 8654
yoshy 8654 8 hours ago
sometimes i just imagine this guy’s in a zombie apocalypse
Emanuele D'acquisto
Emanuele D'acquisto 8 hours ago
Amm... ok
Schmevin 8 hours ago
USA USA! 8 hours ago
too bad hacksmith's Lightsaber can't deflect blaster bolts or lasers
Gavin Massey
Gavin Massey 8 hours ago
I really like sophie's sense of humor
phantom 8 hours ago
Can u try to make the gear from attack on titan
Isaiah Rugambwa
Isaiah Rugambwa 8 hours ago
Did you use python to write the code.
CrazY MonkeH
CrazY MonkeH 8 hours ago
Make mecha godzilla like maybe height of 2 cars standing on each other
Gamimg with Nath
Gamimg with Nath 8 hours ago
This video kept crashing the youtube app so here I am on desktop. Anyone know why?
BoneSkull Gaming
BoneSkull Gaming 8 hours ago
wow imagines their iq
Odio 8 hours ago
The test was kind of pathetic 😂
LettuceRanch69 8 hours ago
Get real
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat 8 hours ago
In like year year crime rate is going to go down a bunch because this dude will be real iron man
Niklas Raab
Niklas Raab 9 hours ago
16:26 What? Tungsten is not even 3 times as dense as steel
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 9 hours ago
What’s next a stark reactor
JG G 9 hours ago
OMG you guys are getting sloppy. Spending so much effort (time and money) to not having working package xD So disappointing... the fact that it needed wires to suspend was just painful to watch. During assembly of whole drone it looked like it is just too heavy . I hope I am wrong and it works just fine, but i would bet it cant get off the ground. Due to additional mass of nuts and spacers (it should be less and polymer ones instead wherever possible) and all electronics on it (why not send commands from jetson nano wireless?), also the nerf launcher is too beefy it should be more weight optimized - it is already 3d printed, so why not make lettice patterns rather than solid?
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 9 hours ago
Watched entire video what’s this about a giveaway 🤣🤣
Cauê Corrêa da Silva
Cauê Corrêa da Silva 9 hours ago
her sound effects are great. "ptchkew" also, the time in the Hacksmithverse flows in misterious ways
DAV KING 9 hours ago
its baby Yoda on your feet
John Mcconnell
John Mcconnell 9 hours ago
They should make a mini titan from the game titanfall2.
niki123489 9 hours ago
Please don't sell the computer code idea to the military.
Playbay 9 hours ago
Nice, kinda cool
Gleise Bandeira
Gleise Bandeira 9 hours ago
ban is the Fox's Sin of Greed
ban is the Fox's Sin of Greed 9 hours ago
I have a challenge for you
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 9 hours ago
I need one of these
Dominique Moreton
Dominique Moreton 9 hours ago
lol the voice over
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 9 hours ago
S R B That onec as the best point /if they hadn't have fucked off / if have fucked with em/ ...no sweaty skittles // /// .../ You keep trying/ ....they count sometimes
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus 9 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love yr videos
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus 9 hours ago
There's no difference between him, his team and Tony Stark
Patyczak Piotr
Patyczak Piotr 9 hours ago
that`s beatiful
Patyczak Piotr
Patyczak Piotr 9 hours ago
and the wazer wooooooaaaaaah...
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus
MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus 9 hours ago
Can you please build a laser gun shooting plasma beams like in star wars
Patyczak Piotr
Patyczak Piotr 9 hours ago
that is nice i like that can you make something from call of duty battle royale?
giannis passas
giannis passas 9 hours ago
Star wars became a reality
Lucy 9 hours ago
He need to do troll huters
KiwiShamoo 10 hours ago
that beard is full unabomber now
Matan Goldman
Matan Goldman 10 hours ago
Imagine robbing this guys house
Rendanator 007CZ
Rendanator 007CZ 10 hours ago
Your arm in the thumbnail looks like RTX 2080 lmao
Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas
Luis Andres Alfaro Rojas 10 hours ago
Imagine if the Bat Signal was this bright? It would be extreme.
Keith Steininger
Keith Steininger 10 hours ago
Do you still have the helmet I could use one please
DK 560
DK 560 10 hours ago
The Hacksmith: makes a drone that shoots nerf bullets Also The Hacksmith: MAKING A JEDI FORCE TRAINING DRONE!!!!!!!!!
Treavy the neko two kinds character
Treavy the neko two kinds character 10 hours ago
Yeah but world of warships isn’t historically accurate XD it’s a bunch of glue sniffers that try to win harder or throw the game away there only paying ya to say nice things and not cons lol
CanWeVapeThis 10 hours ago
Remote controlled batarang
Elijah 10 hours ago
This is cool and all, but could you build all that in a cave, with a box of scraps?
Killerstick Kenobi
Killerstick Kenobi 10 hours ago
The Videos are awesome, I am astounded by the effort you put in these projects and please continue. But, you know, I don't consider it to be a lightsaber. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome and probably the closest thing to a lightsaber one can make. But it is rather a giant bunsen Burner, with a large flame, not a lightsaber.
O.K. Productions
O.K. Productions 10 hours ago
I liked Sophie, very adapt at the hole making videos thing, knows how to design with more widely available components, and makes effective use of hot glue. 9.5 out of 10
Emiel Verwaeren
Emiel Verwaeren 10 hours ago
Is she from belgium
Starrex 10 hours ago
I like her
Matthias Powerbomb
Matthias Powerbomb 10 hours ago
4:03 - kiss any potential future Kia sponsorships goodbye lol!
Shevy_Seby Gamer
Shevy_Seby Gamer 10 hours ago
7:50 is the best
Gergely Kovács
Gergely Kovács 10 hours ago
This video is awesome, and Sophie is super talented and cute!👍😊
zjj9328 10 hours ago
Bros Shirley
Bros Shirley 10 hours ago
i wish you could make me my own lightsaber
Alfie 10 hours ago
This is the best crossover this year so far
[REDACTED ] 10 hours ago
Did she have to control the drone or did the computer do the movement too
Braindead Gaming
Braindead Gaming 10 hours ago
The Hacksmith is what would happen if you gave Tony Stark Peter Parker's love of movies
Eric Morichetto
Eric Morichetto 11 hours ago
6:04 PP
Scoobert Doo
Scoobert Doo 11 hours ago
That 20,000$ project halted was probably the iron man project
Rylan Yenzer
Rylan Yenzer 11 hours ago
How you know that I'm not spending time with my mom
Arvid Hoelz
Arvid Hoelz 11 hours ago
Hey you should do the Invisible suit from the Invisible man
PILOT A380 11 hours ago
Legend with a steel heart
Vojta Danda
Vojta Danda 11 hours ago
Why they are using person-recognicion camera, when they just fire on brightest object? PS: Ok, I know it was because they need to hit the lightlaber and it also work too
apple boy
apple boy 11 hours ago
POV: you are the cool nerd
donna bennet
donna bennet 11 hours ago
The best hacks smith team
Bennyfields 11 hours ago
AGS on the wall. Watch out guys, he'll spec you out
donna bennet
donna bennet 11 hours ago