Queen Naija - Pretend
nubivagant 3 hours ago
Jesus loves you, Don't forget.
Leaf The Prophet
Leaf The Prophet 4 hours ago
Check my channel out upandcoming
D HEAL 4 hours ago
Her voice and sound has gotten better live, but she has zero stage presence. She is singing the song ..but I don't feel her in the song
Bre 4 hours ago
The only song that relates to every word
Bre 4 hours ago
Your the only one I see....
Vodkacannon 7 hours ago
I’ll be kind to the ladies. :)
Supremekeisha Channel
Supremekeisha Channel 7 hours ago
NBA 4KT CONTENT 7 hours ago
mane i miss my ex she always sings this to me mane 🤦🏾‍♂️
Michael wigle
Michael wigle 8 hours ago
She's a unique pretty ☺️
Latoya Smith
Latoya Smith 9 hours ago
Awwwwwww I’m so proud. Lol. She sounded great. They did that
Gianna pici
Gianna pici 9 hours ago
Shawnnell S
Shawnnell S 10 hours ago
I wonder what Lil Mo flat face saying now.....BOOM
Law’s Nation
Law’s Nation 11 hours ago
MrTmoney1993 11 hours ago
This was for everybody who doubts her voice
Vic&Nelly 12 hours ago
Who is listing to the song in 2021?? 👇🏼
Jayla B
Jayla B 12 hours ago
Good singing gril
Taliyah Martin
Taliyah Martin 13 hours ago
I LOVE how she actually preformed
13bbyghurl 13 hours ago
The best song by far greatest and this a song that I definitely needed to hear hits me deep every time I hear love you queen every word hits deep
AlleahNicolePamintuan Perez
AlleahNicolePamintuan Perez 14 hours ago
Im still vibing with this ❤❤❤❤
Sunshine Smiles
Sunshine Smiles 15 hours ago
Hey Queen Naija! Love your music!
Lakesha Heard
Lakesha Heard 15 hours ago
Still listening in 2021
Patricia Larry
Patricia Larry 15 hours ago
O I think her and lil durk will be cute together
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 16 hours ago
So sooooo cute like pirid pooooo she can sing good I love her
Letty 16 hours ago
who's here after terrell green? ☝️
Shanice Mogoloane
Shanice Mogoloane 17 hours ago
Who's here now that Chris is getting his karma😭🤣
Mariam Barry
Mariam Barry 17 hours ago
who believes that queen's cleft chin is the most beautiful cleft chin ever??
Hakeeem 18 hours ago
Almost 6 months later and i'm still jamming to this song
among us
among us 19 hours ago
youtube getting real comfortable with these double unskipble ads.
ALIYAH THOMAS 19 hours ago
Tamarre Belus
Tamarre Belus 20 hours ago
Tamarre Belus
Tamarre Belus 20 hours ago
jasmine chrysler
jasmine chrysler 20 hours ago
dang this song teaches you to never assume
Amari Alana
Amari Alana 21 hour ago
as. @.a..a.a..a.a.a.a.
Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker 21 hour ago
QUEEN is consumed by the world. You cannot love the world and love God at the same time. We gotta pray for her.
Tristan Philbrick
Tristan Philbrick 22 hours ago
Im a single mom of 3 kids two boys and a girl and i ball my eyes out everytime i hear this song 😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩
Roderick Daniels
Roderick Daniels 23 hours ago
I love this song and I love John P Kee
Bud Maxey
Bud Maxey Day ago
i hope you find this comment one day. i still remember when you told me to listen to this. hope you’re doing well and i miss you
Bre 4 hours ago
🥺 wish you luck
Qualia C
Qualia C Day ago
When he turned around and I saw king Von face i cried 😢 😭 R.I.P King
Jvonne Christian
Jvonne Christian Day ago
People better stop sleeping on 👸
Savannah Moore
Savannah Moore Day ago
Rest In heaven king von
BluRaee Day ago
It’s the confidence for me. I can’t get enough of this song.
BluRaee Day ago
Queen!!!! 👑 🙌🏽
liah Day ago
In 2021 and I'm still crying to this😔🥺
Siddity’s TV
Siddity’s TV Day ago
The wink is on repeat the way they was looking at each other is a whole vibe tell me I’m lying there was a connection throughout this whole video 😭❤️
Natyisha Q. Jordan
Natyisha Q. Jordan Day ago
That's a perfect ending...
Olivia Bermudez
Olivia Bermudez Day ago
i grew up with an acholic mother she would leave me home alone starting around when i was 5 or 6 when she got home i would hide in the closet cus i was scared of her. i would always wake up at night and cry cus she was never there the if she was there she was in bed with a guy my dad finally got custody of me because i would complain about her hitting me i am 13 almost 14 and my mom still has the same problem she now has 3 kids with her she has been in and out of rehab this song just makes me cry cus i wish i grew up with a mother that showed me that much love my dad is always bringing women in my life and i never get along with them i now and suffering deppresion and its really hard i feel like i have know one and music just gits my mind of stuff.my dad also calls me stinky
shalieya Day ago
So sweet is he 3 4 5 had old he he I pretty you let your eyes on him hod to me hand want happened he I cut the boss baby.
R Perkins
R Perkins Day ago
I can listen to this song all everyday. Queen N is absolutely beautiful ❤️
Vic Miller
Vic Miller Day ago
This really hit home
Bia Day ago
Algum brasileiro? Kkkkkk
bahama Boy
bahama Boy Day ago
this is why i make my own money buying my own house and remain single cause i do not have time for a chick telling me to pack ish in my own ish
Taliyah Martin
Taliyah Martin 13 hours ago
That’s funny
Princess Barnes and baby Barnes
Princess Barnes and baby Barnes Day ago
Princess Barnes and baby Barnes
Princess Barnes and baby Barnes Day ago
I replay this song from queen and durk
Avianne M.
Avianne M. Day ago
Great performance
Anthony Hunter
Anthony Hunter Day ago
Lil bit of donell Jones 😎🤙🏾
LeLe Love
LeLe Love Day ago
Queen should hook up with durk they vibe match💯💯💯
Amber Hunt
Amber Hunt Day ago
Can I ask you a question Queen ? Why did you take the medicine video down ? Because we all noticed the all seeing eye everywhere ? When you scroll to 1:47 on the left side of the video or scroll to 2:55 on the right side of the bed ? I can continue 😞😔 or scrolling to 2:31 Queen stop lying to your fans that you didn’t sell your soul I watched it with my Bestfriend and saw all seeing eyes everywhere and my best friend don’t even think like that but after she saw wat I saw it was clear 🥺I get Chris hurt you I get we all get bullied but lasts don’t go as low as Queen did and sell your soul to get a payback or feel like you have to sell your soul to get a notice that you are something you all are someone to pay deep attention to her video and you will see easily the devils eye 👁 everywhere 🥺😞😔I know a lot will defend Queen Shes a great women and I know alott will agree with me that’s not the point of this message the point is don’t even be to weak at all to be that desperate to push Jesus Christ out of the way to prove to a human soul or anyone u are worthy to be loved you been worthy ! Queen half of us know the truth 😔😞I’m sorry wat is done I’m the dark will be shown in the light to Jesus true followers !
Aaliyah Martin
Aaliyah Martin Day ago
If your watching 2021 you a legend‼️
Niya Dean
Niya Dean Day ago
Still here in 2021
Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker 21 hour ago
Ms. H
Ms. H Day ago
i love the beginning with the bomb gurl white top 🥰
king Rush
king Rush Day ago
🔥🔥💯💯💪💪 A1 muzic
Random Person
Random Person Day ago
This is my new favorite song. I have it on every music platform and I play it over and over! Please make another with the same thing. It’s helping me get through this drama and makes me feel better.
Lil Chevz
Lil Chevz Day ago
Is everyone just gonna ignore it says ft lil durk twice or is there two of em?
Janay Hunter
Janay Hunter Day ago
I love her so much and her music ❤️💕
James Jamez
James Jamez Day ago
Issa morning song for me
Janay Hunter
Janay Hunter Day ago
I love this song 💙
The Mookie & Booka Show
The Mookie & Booka Show Day ago
Queen’s voice gives me goosebumps everytime I hear her sing live .. wow 😍😍😍😍
Calvin Somers
Calvin Somers Day ago
i love this song its my fav
Jakselh Guevara
Jakselh Guevara Day ago
DreWap 614
DreWap 614 Day ago
Dude look like Paul George 🤣🤣am I wrong
Leaf The Prophet
Leaf The Prophet Day ago
Can I get some love on my channel
Anna kay Henry
Anna kay Henry Day ago
Who else is here in 2021❤❤
James Brown
James Brown Day ago
Ya me to my mom love it to
Mannten Lee and IC CE Fan 24 Productions
Mannten Lee and IC CE Fan 24 Productions Day ago
This song makes me wanna listen often. 😂😄🎈
T Lawson
T Lawson Day ago
Khalifa NF
Khalifa NF Day ago
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T Lawson
T Lawson Day ago
T Lawson
T Lawson Day ago
T Lawson
T Lawson Day ago
T Lawson
T Lawson Day ago