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SCOOB! Final Trailer
TENET - Official Trailer
Forever Forgiven
Forever Forgiven 21 hour ago
Batman is honestly the backbone of DC the first guy that comes to mind that proved you can be a badass and not need superpowers.
Gilbert Thomas
Gilbert Thomas 21 hour ago
I think the conjuring 2 is better in my opinion
velusa Entertainment
velusa Entertainment 21 hour ago
one of the movies i enjoyed and still am. guy richie is the best. sound track dope!
Ahmad Kazan
Ahmad Kazan 21 hour ago
The movie was AMAZING.
Dr. chetan sisodia
Dr. chetan sisodia 21 hour ago
How the hell did actors in this movie understood script and storyline.....
Shubham Vishwakarma
Shubham Vishwakarma 21 hour ago
"In the world of Ignorance ,be your own light" - Buddha. 😂😂😂
DropOut Aspirations
DropOut Aspirations 21 hour ago
Just finished watching it.....I feel like I lack a brain now. I'm gonna watch it again today....
Jahidul islam Riyan
Jahidul islam Riyan 22 hours ago
inception 22 hours ago
Gys watch India movie Teaser trailer 🔥
Miguel Decory
Miguel Decory 22 hours ago
As much as I'm excited for this I wish Batfleck got his solo movie, his solo film would have been like an Arkham night game
F u
F u 22 hours ago
Looks ok shit song
apoch003 22 hours ago
Looks just like the David Lynch version to me. Only without the "weirding" modules.
Ahmed Sakil
Ahmed Sakil 22 hours ago
Dark Darker Darkest
6tension 22 hours ago
Are you still watching this????
Issac Newton
Issac Newton 22 hours ago
0:58 and 2:17 this single frame has separate fan base
Nikuno Speaker box
Nikuno Speaker box 22 hours ago
coudnt stand this movie after watching it for almost 1 hour i had enough still dont understand what is the purpose of this stupid film!
Sejan Vhora
Sejan Vhora 22 hours ago
*I watched the whole Annabelle and Conjuring universe but i am not that scared. Need a strong movie, need a good , very good horror movie. Any suggestions?*
Captain Shake
Captain Shake 22 hours ago
Hollywood needs someone from the Future to make this kind of movie. Try Area 51
Gledia Mehmeti
Gledia Mehmeti 22 hours ago
Anabell is not real
viivi `
viivi ` 22 hours ago
This is the funniest movie ever
74554N 41-5H4TTi
74554N 41-5H4TTi 22 hours ago
It lost me at “welcome to the rebellion” This is too catery 👎
Hansy 22 hours ago
Man, the movie was a huge letdown. Are we sure Nolan made it..?
Radhika Chadha
Radhika Chadha 22 hours ago
It's the best horror film I've ever watched.....☠👻
wizzzer1337 22 hours ago
Oh man Doug Walker got beat hard...
Sequoia Spencer
Sequoia Spencer 23 hours ago
There’s just something about 0:55 that makes me always replay it 😅
idrow1 23 hours ago
That horrible music makes it tough to get through the trailer.
sonja pauline
sonja pauline 23 hours ago
a so beautiful video wow 😍
Popcorn TV
Popcorn TV 23 hours ago
When will the Space Jam A New Legacy trailer come out.
Jahari Dailey
Jahari Dailey 23 hours ago
Who’s here from the TikTok video 😂😂🖐🏽
Ali Isa
Ali Isa 23 hours ago
Bist Joen
Bist Joen 23 hours ago
I love this movie!
Jessie Scott
Jessie Scott 23 hours ago
I still fucking cry when I come back to watch this trailer, somewhere over the rainbow and seeing Rodan and Ghidorah fight each other just brings me tears. I never felt anything when Marvel trailers drop, but Godzilla trailers made me tear up and cry because finally, finally my heroes and villains are on the big screen. God, if I could show this trailer to my eight year old self he’s probably be crying as well.
陶翔 23 hours ago
One of the best "end of the world" songs.
Anshuman Nayak
Anshuman Nayak 23 hours ago
So people in this comment section have really misunderstood the word inverted. . .
Mason else
Mason else 23 hours ago
Finaly a dark and emo batman who is way better than the others
Ali Dehkhani
Ali Dehkhani 23 hours ago
man... i just keep coming back to this trailer. its so addicting.
clayton roberto
clayton roberto 23 hours ago
Dina Serjani
Dina Serjani Day ago
Like who is going to cinemas and comment who is going to watch it on HBO mac
sid Day ago
Steve : "the way i fly, they never gonna find us" . . ...Hope they dont die
Lars Schietecat
Lars Schietecat Day ago
Shanda Walsh
Shanda Walsh Day ago
Instead of trying so hard to figure out what the movies about, why not try not to figure out what the movies about. We always try so hard to figure things out and it right in front of you. That's how strong your brain is. We make things more complicated than they should be. Like in the trailer when the man is shooting bullets to the brick wall, she says, your not shooting the bullet, you are catching it! Think about it. The movie is excellent btw. Worth the watch and just don't overthink it...lol
skywalker Day ago
Voldemort: aaaahhhah
Sreejith P R
Sreejith P R Day ago
Tenet is not released in India till now,Scheduled date was Dec 4,but now it is available in torrents ...what happened
vickey tiwari
vickey tiwari Day ago
Is this movie releasing in 3d?
Can someone tell me when I can watch this movie?😂😂
clayton roberto
clayton roberto Day ago
Cool man
Cool man Day ago
When u ralise ur mom knoes ue late 2:16
FDCbadaman Day ago
Is he from Wakanda?
Kate Loise
Kate Loise Day ago
I can't tell how many times I held my breathe watching this. Brilliant, truly a magnificent masterpiece. And Robert Pattinson stole my heart.
Rajat Sardar
Rajat Sardar Day ago
Please support this guy'sss usposts.info/level/_B4D9uXiGvOtaC9NIWSGaw.html
Sportz Highlightz
Sportz Highlightz Day ago
HBO Max: No additional cost! Disney + 👁👄👁
Freinds: stil watching Harry Potter Me: always ❤️ Emma Watson ❤️💖
Sebastian Josh Miñoza
Sebastian Josh Miñoza Day ago
Amazing. I always liked the book.
is mayonnaise an instrument
is mayonnaise an instrument Day ago
Just saw the movie, I'm sure I'll watch it again yesterday
Anime Saga
Anime Saga Day ago
Luna lovegood.. Wooooooh.. Your so beautiful.
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar Day ago
I am vengeance Goosebumps
Anisha Debnath
Anisha Debnath Day ago
1:20 enough to kill you👻
Sportz Highlightz
Sportz Highlightz Day ago
I can’t wait
Kaboom Coba
Kaboom Coba Day ago
And they had the Spanish flu soon after. Killing 10 million people around the world. Fast forward today, Covid 19 the new plague.
Mercury Day ago
My god... All the people saying that they want kids to be scared. First thing I can definitely tell, you do not have kids. Nowadays kids have loving parents (new concept to you im guessing?) that would rather not traumatise children. Honestly how fucked in the head are you to want kids to get scared by a movie. Movies are meant to be entertaining and fun, (kids movies of course im talking about, but your oatmeal filled brain probably can’t register that) “oh god its not scaryyyy” look at the genre of the movie, and shut up. Yall can’t let kids enjoy their lives without getting pissy about how they are snowflakes.... My god
Black bus
Black bus Day ago
Justice for Johnny depp
Sabrina Matos
Sabrina Matos Day ago
movie, he was the one introducing her t
IamJaySaul Day ago
any comments about the trailer ?
jimmy judgement
jimmy judgement Day ago
sohan Day ago
it must be for the riddler to see through his mask, good thing he has his glasses on.
Nile Crocodile
Nile Crocodile Day ago
Who else is here because of Nuke’s Top 5 mentioning the beginning scene of the trailer?
Earth Being
Earth Being Day ago
2021 is gonna have a movie influx.
Brijraj Shetty
Brijraj Shetty Day ago
1:34 You are most welcome my fellow rewatchers.
Nate Wray
Nate Wray Day ago
I'm worried. I really dislike the lead. I recognize he's a good actor I just think he's miscast. The Pink Floyd music is an Easter Egg but I personally feel it's horribly out of place in the trailer. Overall, I'm less sure of this movie than I was.
onimu$ha Day ago
Nirvana is too soft for a Batman trailer but ok
farhan Mehmood
farhan Mehmood Day ago
muna malaysheh
muna malaysheh Day ago
2020 people where u at =======================>>>>
Rumaysa -_-
Rumaysa -_- Day ago
The ending of this tear is so emotional
Home Sweet home
Home Sweet home Day ago
dubb it in tamil please
Shujah Nawaz
Shujah Nawaz Day ago
Actually, in reality, the Warrens were hardly involved in the hauntings, and the hauntings stopped abruptly one day. None of this actually happened. The hauntings just involved objects moving on their own, the girls being lifted off the bed by an unknown being, and disoriented voices of some old man in the air. Most people believed that the children were faking it and there was no entity in their house. Janet admitted in the interview that some of the things which they told are made-up. Many years later, the sibling's mother died in the same chair in which an old man died.
Jerry Green
Jerry Green Day ago
I only fear that the trailer has shown 99% of the movie. And when the fear is gone, only a good movie should remain
Manohar Reddy
Manohar Reddy Day ago
Iam 100% sure that inversion is not possible even after we surpass the singularity!
Icarus 23 hours ago
My brain still hurts
sxrv svct
sxrv svct Day ago
fuck imagine his face after he got his ass beat by batman. "im vengeance"
Pusp Singh
Pusp Singh Day ago
DPR 567
DPR 567 Day ago
Lynda Carter is THE ONLY Wonder Woman ! 😉
Aishah Dzol
Aishah Dzol Day ago
Oh my God, Grindelwald voice is so convincingly amazing and charming at the same time, it makes me want to join him to conquer the world. To bad there is no Johnny Depp's Grindelwald on FB3, so I decide not to watch this movie anymore and unfollow this franchise even though I love Jude Law. Bye.