• Lukas •
• Lukas • 10 hours ago
Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!
glitch Lord
glitch Lord 10 hours ago
I believe I saw Michael Myers
AirHead 10 hours ago
14:19 Dwane wade and lebron
Jayden Reed
Jayden Reed 10 hours ago
Hey what if jk Rowling full name is just kidding Rowling
Walter Barnaba
Walter Barnaba 10 hours ago
The Powerpuff girls was definitely my childhood 😭. I'm so excited for it.🙂🙂🙂
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez 10 hours ago
How many people hope shadow the hedgehog gets teased in the second movie or is in the trailer for the third
Koolkid Sears
Koolkid Sears 10 hours ago
Where knuckles?
Brian Weston II
Brian Weston II 10 hours ago
Do you think we will get Halloween Kills trailer 4th July weekend With the release of the Forever Purge
Julia Dorney
Julia Dorney 10 hours ago
You are the most underrated USposts
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 10 hours ago
Need to have more Saw in my life
Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan
Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan 10 hours ago
This is gonna be awesome. More saw movies and more
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 10 hours ago
The Ryan Renalds movie sound like the show Happy
c h u n g u s
c h u n g u s 10 hours ago
Child’s Play 2 has to be my favorite movie of all time
PeelingsM Gaming
PeelingsM Gaming 10 hours ago
Hey Chris! Peelings M coming at ya good brother! Great episode of SideFlick! 🤩 🙏 ❤ You continue to pump out quality content, and it's awesome! Now the films you talked about, at the beginning of this, that I'm excited for are as follows: Snake-Eyes: a G.I. Joe Story, Dungeons & Dragons, the new untitled film, with Ryan Reynolds... that sounds amazing! 🤩 Mission Impossible 7, and 8... and last but not least the upcoming Star Trek reboot! I did like what J.J. Abrams brought to the table, however let's see where this goes? Now Song the Hedgehog 2! I am so down for that movie! I love the first one, and I can't wait to see, what they do with this next one! 🤩 ❤ 🔥 I'm very happy that Paramount has said, go do your thing, will leave ya'll alone! 😁 😎 Cheers, good brother! Michael Cobb (Peelings M) aka Hokuto the Tanuki/Danny Ketch
Brickyard Bois
Brickyard Bois 10 hours ago
I actually made a stuffy of a mini puft from ghostbusters afterlife completely hand-sewed
Real man have Minecraft Loli GF Uwu
Real man have Minecraft Loli GF Uwu 10 hours ago
I hope we get a big chungus cameo
P L 10 hours ago
CORINNE CHARD 10 hours ago
i feel like this sonic movie 2 trailer i have a feeling it will break the internet just like how ralph broke the inertnet.
Luis Tinoco
Luis Tinoco 10 hours ago
Any new robocop returns news soon Christ🙏🙏
Eric Cruz
Eric Cruz 10 hours ago
I am so sided for Tom Kenny returning for The Powerpuff Girls reboot
Prophetic Days
Prophetic Days 10 hours ago
I want a beats wars live action film and a another natural disaster movie
Khairul A.J
Khairul A.J 10 hours ago
Just watched Mortal Kombat. It was just meh.
super bros WZC
super bros WZC 10 hours ago
I subscribe and like I love your video’s
Domoupnow 30
Domoupnow 30 10 hours ago
I’m ready for Forever Purge
RMJ RMJ 10 hours ago
Jackass 4 yeaaah dude
Drex lord
Drex lord 10 hours ago
At this point I don't remember dates just years I find its easyer and I am kinda glad mi 7 and 8 have been delayed because we get to live in the Tom cruse mi world a little longer
XD duo VLOGS 10 hours ago
Can you do some stranger things season four please 😀
Brent wilson
Brent wilson 10 hours ago
I care about Star Trek Chris, I care 🖖
Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 10 hours ago
I'm gonna buy Sonic 2 Movie on digital instantly the day it comes out
SonicTheManhog 10 hours ago
I'm here for any movie accept SonicTheFaker
Morilix 10 hours ago
Yeah I could tell that the powerpuff girls live action movie is going to flop.
Demetrius Hunt
Demetrius Hunt 10 hours ago
I hope it scary, CP 1,2,3 to me was the best ones the other ones are ok not a fan of the Horror comedy but Chuck my dude hope this tv show Good
CORINNE CHARD 10 hours ago
i cant wait for the sonic movie 2 trailer.
Ertoguk 10 hours ago
Whenever Chris uploads a new side flick video, you know its going to be an amazing day
Nathaniel Scott Hill
Nathaniel Scott Hill 10 hours ago
Another Star Trek reboot? Why? We had a reboot trilogy almost 10 years ago. I hope this is either a prequel or sequel to one of the film universes
Gage McBroom Tarin: Spoken
Gage McBroom Tarin: Spoken 10 hours ago
I know when Nitara flys down Kung Lao does something surprising
Stephen Stepz
Stephen Stepz 10 hours ago
“You’re supposed to be new cap. Not Batman” Took me a second to get that, and I started screaming with laughter 🤣
Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 10 hours ago
@3C Films , I'm totally hype for Sonic 2 Movie & Powerpuff Girls live action show 😁👍
Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 10 hours ago
6:03 I wanna marry my bubbles 😍
poo on a stick
poo on a stick 10 hours ago
Dude why are you such a simp for Lola bunny
Amanda Chavarria
Amanda Chavarria 10 hours ago
imaginary friends i just started rewatching fosters
Habib A
Habib A 10 hours ago
I Love SAW!!
Anton 10 hours ago
Cole young is not baraka wb said he was new character and mma fighter
Hedgehog Gamer Davis
Hedgehog Gamer Davis 10 hours ago
I wanna see Dennis and the wolf pup girl being in a relationship :)
Big O
Big O 10 hours ago
This Saw X announcement had me thinking 💭 what if Logan from the Jigsaw film is Spiral😳... Think about it, Logan had a vendetta against detective Halloran for being crooked and letting the man who killed his wife run free 🤨 and Spiral has to do with Police corruption🤯 so maybe they’ll tie the Jigsaw film with Spiral and Saw X film with Logan being Spiral and Chris Rocks character being his apprentice🤷🏾‍♂️ might sound a lil far-fetched😅 but it’s the thoughts that count💀
kiddshod3019 10 hours ago
Thanks chris for the news I am so hype for spiral It will be my first time seeing saw in the movies so I am so hype to see what this flim can do I've seen all the saws so I hope this one is something to enjoy
Alina I
Alina I 10 hours ago
U are crazy lol
Vortex7114 _
Vortex7114 _ 10 hours ago
i havent seen a saw movie in a bit who's down to do a saw marathon ?
Eric Sousa
Eric Sousa 10 hours ago
Metal sonic would be dumb as he makes metal sonic, best person I'm thinking would be knuckles, he does trick him into fighting sonic so it kinda makes sense
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 10 hours ago
I really don't get this powerpuff girl show is it a reboot or a sequel to the cartoon lol.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 10 hours ago
I like the new star trek movies I enjoy them
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 10 hours ago
Chris I don't know what to say you are hooked on this Powerpuff Girls live TV show yeah I think you'll be the only one watching me buddy and I want a picture of the Powerpuff Girls I watch the animated shows way better much funnier well the only movie that I am looking forward to to check out if the spin-off Snake-Eyes everything else really not interested in
Manoftomorrow79 10 hours ago
I personally think having the tenth film in development assuming that it's linked to the Spiral film is a huge mistake they are making the same mistake after Saw 3 came out green lighting 4-6. The Jigsaw prequel that came out seven years after Saw 3D (7) with half the budget failed at the box office when Spiral comes out it will be over 3 years since Jigsaw came out. Do the Spiral trailers look interesting I would give it a watch but pay money to see it at a theater I'm still on the fence with that one I'm currently 50/50 as of now and haven't decided yet. In my personal opinion, I think Twisted Pictures should wait and see if Spiral is a profitable film before deciding to plan another sequel assuming that it's linked to the film Spiral. If this movie underperforms next month then I guarantee that "Saw X" will disappear and Twisted Pictures will pretend that they never started developing a new film out of embarrassment. I think that they are assuming that their film will do well like Godzilla vs Kong is doing and that could bite them in the ass later just because theaters are now reopening after a year of being closed. Doesn't mean that people are going to love every movie that gets a theater release people could see Spiral and end up hating it then word of mouth spreads and their box office takes a big drop. Again they should wait and see if Spiral does well before publicly announcing a tenth film being developed they are jumping the gun here.
Clenjus D'souza 2
Clenjus D'souza 2 10 hours ago
Regarding the live action powerpuff girls series they seem very happy on set I guess it won't be that depressing after all we'll see but I dont like the casting for professor utonium they should've got someone fair skinned & squarefaced just like in the cartoon & blossom looks nice
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 10 hours ago
I'm shocked they are doing a jscksss 4 impractical jokers have been on 9 years since the last movie and even they are looking too old lol.
Raven 10 hours ago
So, does an imaginary friend that turns dark become a boogyman? Would be an interesting concept to see
Alan wolf
Alan wolf 10 hours ago
I'd love to see my dream movie I love to see would be a Call of Duty movie
Alexander Heidelberg
Alexander Heidelberg 10 hours ago
Mr don’tknowhat Guy
Mr don’tknowhat Guy 10 hours ago
I prefer spiral 2
Alan wolf
Alan wolf 10 hours ago
Snake Eyes spin-off GI Joe
Alan wolf
Alan wolf 10 hours ago
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sinister Being
Sinister Being 10 hours ago
No one is talking about Star Trek, cause Star Trek has sucked for like 15 years now....
Iyaad Hussain
Iyaad Hussain 10 hours ago
Spider-Man news starts at 11:48
AlvaroBGaming 10 hours ago
I was actually ok with Walker's actions at the end of the episode.
LIV Jeremy
LIV Jeremy 10 hours ago
Just looked up “FATWS” and this video was the first one that popped up
Jon Silha
Jon Silha 10 hours ago
2:46 I have not seen this movie after watching nostalgia critic’s review for it but this kind sort of sounds like a dark twisted remake of that drop dead Fred film way back. 5:45 it will interesting if they actually end up having Kenny as the live action mayor the this series as well as the narrator because that’s also another character in the original series he had voiced.
Tony 10 hours ago
Ngl I wouldn't mind if they combined all the timelines in Saw X/Spiral 2 (if done correctly)
Naruto Uzumaki the one and only Hokage
Naruto Uzumaki the one and only Hokage 10 hours ago
i found the deleted scene King Kong was outside it was raining
Emmanuel Izquierdo
Emmanuel Izquierdo 11 hours ago
I see kong
Alan wolf
Alan wolf 11 hours ago
Hotel Transylvania 4
J Be Talking
J Be Talking 11 hours ago
that flag smashers death i thought it was dc
Isaac Montes de Oca
Isaac Montes de Oca 11 hours ago
That Powerpuff update did get me interested
Cxlvxn’s Poor Mouse • 8 years ago
Cxlvxn’s Poor Mouse • 8 years ago 11 hours ago
yall acting like Kong could kill Mecha Without Godzilla Powering the axe up or Acting like Kong can kill Ghidorah Godzilla almost killed Kong in the Sea fight and Won in the fight in Hong Kong with His Feet on Kongs Chest Kong being defensless Kong wouldn’t have come back if like one of the humans got him back to life So in the end Godzilla won “But monke kill Robot” Because The humans Deactivated most of the powers mid fight, and Godzilla Powered the axe up so that it would deal damage so stfu Kong stans
Cxlvxn’s Poor Mouse • 8 years ago
Cxlvxn’s Poor Mouse • 8 years ago 11 hours ago
He did gain Godzillas Respect by saving him so its in the end good but overall Godzilla Wins
jjjaxx Plays
jjjaxx Plays 11 hours ago
The suido was right abt sonic i wouldnt have like it at all if it was a big cgi mess
Dixie Normas
Dixie Normas 11 hours ago
0:13 Anton 😭
Thecatdrums3 11 hours ago
I feeling that powderpuff remake even before seeing all this. I told you that you were being to negative they are going to do something at least worth watching man. Riverdale and Sabrina are long behind us
Mariana Bivol
Mariana Bivol 11 hours ago
Creamy movies 😫😩
AwesomeSaucem 11 hours ago
Hell yeah so excited for the new chucky series😁😁😁
Nightmare1398 11 hours ago
Wow: It really shows you that Paramount was kinda embarrassed to give the first movie the creativity of the video game and thought it was a risky move and played it safe but now it's not that surprising that they would be saying "Can we get the sequel!?!" Normally in the first movie that studio usually would like "Oh you have these characters that would profit toys, YOU A MOOOOOVVVVIIIIEEE!!!!"
It not me I promise
It not me I promise 11 hours ago
#teamgodzilla yessiree baby