Kason Thorp
Kason Thorp 15 hours ago
Ryan looks like one of my absolute least favorite teachers with his glasses on. But Ryan himself is cooler by a mile
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury 17 hours ago
Vicky Anderson
Vicky Anderson 18 hours ago
More autotune karaoke, pretty please! ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿค 
Krystal Paulette
Krystal Paulette 20 hours ago
I will take the job
me you
me you 20 hours ago
I love bloopers lol
Alex 20 hours ago
I love Ty's house, so sick.
Brown Bros
Brown Bros 21 hour ago
R.I.P Tripod
TeamWildCards 23 hours ago
i am not aloud to read hary Potter
james Whitley
james Whitley Day ago
where is the dpp for OT 26?
Khiimori h
Khiimori h Day ago
all of guys are my best
Xman 0613
Xman 0613 Day ago
Now I understand why you guys react so over the top when you land your shots
Aiden Marple
Aiden Marple Day ago
Hey, whereโ€™s the bonus video for overtime 25 and 26?
Alikingasi Papaol
Alikingasi Papaol Day ago
Cory practiced "20 times in a row" just to drop it in the real battle. He could've won, but a cool battle!
TheWarGod12 Day ago
3:50 you chose ur job brotherr
mhadullah trick shot
mhadullah trick shot Day ago
You should be better at toy trick shoot
Ethan Jeoffry Cruz
Ethan Jeoffry Cruz Day ago
dont quit ty or i miss youre tricks
Mercedes Reyes
Mercedes Reyes Day ago
Kudos for Chad for letting them do that
TheBoltimus Day ago
Sparky got jokes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Blake The Boss
Blake The Boss Day ago
Derek is 100% my favorite editor now
Josh Yeates
Josh Yeates Day ago
Garrett at 1:23 "I will never get on another helicopter again" also Garrett for the egg drop challenge: "we gotta take this helicopter up higher so my parachute can open"
Ultimate Guru
Ultimate Guru Day ago
It suddenly went 100K to 1M I last saw that on 2 months ago
Jack Gomberg
Jack Gomberg Day ago
Cheddar is now the coolest most famous mouse on USposts๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ
Joey Solinas
Joey Solinas Day ago
2:36 that scared me
The Valentinoes
The Valentinoes 2 days ago
I guess ty really wasnโ€™t acting for rage monster
Purple hoser will be back
Hp- Playz
Hp- Playz 2 days ago
I really want this just to be a joke
Farhan Tanvir
Farhan Tanvir 2 days ago
I thought every rage monster scene were done instantly in 1 shot.
Branton McMahan
Branton McMahan 2 days ago
Abdelys- Holi
Abdelys- Holi 2 days ago
Quinn 87
Quinn 87 2 days ago
The rage monster comes to life๐Ÿ‘ฟ
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd 2 days ago
Shut your mouth shut you mouth sit there and look pretty LOL
Mildred Rodriguez Mejia
Mildred Rodriguez Mejia 2 days ago
Ralph Sheeler
Ralph Sheeler 2 days ago
Damn! Cody got fat ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
OctoCreeper 2 days ago
0:40 tf was that noise lmao...
Corey Henry
Corey Henry 2 days ago
Does anyone else watch all their videos on all of their devices to give them more views, or is that just me?
Tyler S
Tyler S 2 days ago
What is the backtrack for all of your videos
Grayson S.
Grayson S. 3 days ago
Dude perfect, where adult men can get very angry, and not cuss
Garrett you can do it you are such a talented guy keep pushing and know that God loves you!
Manju Sudhir
Manju Sudhir 3 days ago
he is rage monster
acronin999 3 days ago
Imagine he finlaly got the boom shot and found out he didn't record it XD
Sav Min
Sav Min 3 days ago
I spot a drink lol 0:45
Shadow Phoenix
Shadow Phoenix 19 hours ago
You just want likes from that other guy so shut up
Poke Opens
Poke Opens 4 days ago
Being in the woods looks kinda fun ngl
Joseph Beggs
Joseph Beggs 4 days ago
Try harder
hasnat ahmed
hasnat ahmed 4 days ago
For Garret: you can't quit You got bills to pay
Greenkage 4 days ago
Ur telling me OT is scripted?
Christian Piscopio
Christian Piscopio 4 days ago
Ty is turning into the Rage Monster in the bloopers than the stereotypes.
int_hamedbaradaran 4 days ago
best, but.... โญ
Idan Avni
Idan Avni 4 days ago
No mask. Dislike
Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo
Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo 5 days ago
Ty is controlled by his anger of wanting to do perfect shots
Alin Vellai
Alin Vellai 5 days ago
#1JackPlayz 5 days ago
You need a replacement for ty? Add me!
acronin999 5 days ago
Why the piss blue?
Chris Wittig
Chris Wittig 5 days ago
Can we please have the raw footage of ty?
festus ewere
festus ewere 5 days ago
Balls2This GAMING
Balls2This GAMING 5 days ago
What song is playing in the background?
Ethan Novak
Ethan Novak 6 days ago
The one clip of him hitting the bench tys bringing it back
Shelden Sarcedo
Shelden Sarcedo 6 days ago
Is this Tyโ€™s house
Ranesh Wickramatillake
Ranesh Wickramatillake 6 days ago
I have a feeling Garrett's gonna leave DP
Evie Evelyn
Evie Evelyn 6 days ago
It literally went in the bounced of the dang freaking thing
Pranshu Sodhani
Pranshu Sodhani 6 days ago
Thanks for this bonus and bloopers dude perfect ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ love your videos
TheBoltimus 6 days ago
Yโ€™all better cherish these editors
sujith rs175
sujith rs175 6 days ago
If ty quits dp almost 70 to 80 percent watch will not be there
ร–zgรผr Acar
ร–zgรผr Acar 6 days ago
ร–zgรผr Acar
ร–zgรผr Acar 6 days ago
Frank Welch
Frank Welch 6 days ago
Never quit Garrett!! You are too good for that man! Every defeat will make your inevitable future victory all that much sweeter and more glorious. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!
Iluminal Fn
Iluminal Fn 7 days ago
Charles Salazar
Charles Salazar 7 days ago
5:40 what are those called my childhood hit me like a truck
Somasundar M
Somasundar M 7 days ago
Poor tt
Hallie Warner
Hallie Warner 7 days ago
Tys face looks like he just wants to scream
Anish Korrapati
Anish Korrapati 7 days ago
It is Importical!! When it is very BLOOPIES!!!!!!!!!!
Trace Tharpe
Trace Tharpe 7 days ago
Ty is a good Tiger King
Trace Tharpe
Trace Tharpe 7 days ago
Do yall think Cory is a good Harry Potter becuase I dont
Trace Tharpe
Trace Tharpe 7 days ago
So Funny Tyler Toney HAHA
PikachuJaden 7 days ago
Goaty Gaming
Goaty Gaming 7 days ago
2:34 Who do you think would win? Goku from dragon ball Z/Super or all of Harry Potter?
Grayson Grzybowski
Grayson Grzybowski 7 days ago
Itโ€™s not yoda it is a species of
Lalene Ebbesen
Lalene Ebbesen 7 days ago
Nice voice Cory
SamD2010 7 days ago
And i like BTSER"S as our name not bounsers.
SamD2010 7 days ago
don't quit.
William Stevens
William Stevens 7 days ago
Sophie Eckwood
Sophie Eckwood 7 days ago
congrats TY you did it!!!!!!!