I Shouldn't Have Done This
Making an instagram ad..
3 years ago
dominic ariceaga
dominic ariceaga 7 hours ago
Homie be lookin like a lego
Ryle Holmes
Ryle Holmes 8 hours ago
I just fell in love with Jeff all over again 😩😩😩
iPhone und Samsung Mob
iPhone und Samsung Mob 8 hours ago
Nice 🔥🔥
Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga 8 hours ago
i want him to stop w the mullet
KEIRAN MILLWALL7 8 hours ago
The bug that went across the screen scared the shit out of me
Txs.hector 8 hours ago
Dammn lana is hot 🤣
Fredgast 8 hours ago
Jeff and Karen, you got to be kidding me
kishan singh
kishan singh 8 hours ago
Everytime camera switches when Jeff looks....it was hilarious
Tyler Arens
Tyler Arens 8 hours ago
I think Jeff had more than one beer the second day. lol
Heidi Bliss
Heidi Bliss 9 hours ago
cant get over his past ...gets piped on camera ...She went to the correction facility when she was sixteen....
JOSE PRADO 9 hours ago
male version of zoe laverne.
Anushri Seshe
Anushri Seshe 9 hours ago
someone please explain the plastic surgery joke
sam ngure
sam ngure 9 hours ago
This man Jeff is fucking comedy
jelena lukic19
jelena lukic19 9 hours ago
The Paul brothers...
Gayathri Umeshbabu
Gayathri Umeshbabu 9 hours ago
😭😭❤️ I am officially simping......good heart wittek.
Alicia Boughton
Alicia Boughton 9 hours ago
No Filter Critic
No Filter Critic 10 hours ago
4:52 felon talk
MTHOU 10 hours ago
Next video suggestion: Bail an actual rapper out of jail and give them a haircut
kernal hoover
kernal hoover 10 hours ago
Wait what happened to his face??
Kewl Dude
Kewl Dude 10 hours ago
Noah neck?
It is Quinn Ellis !
It is Quinn Ellis ! 10 hours ago
I felt like I had a seizure and took a lot of lsd, and I love it.
sam ngure
sam ngure 10 hours ago
Why do they all act like Jeff’s so scary. Dudes a super nice guy. He went to jail for 4 months, not even a year😂he is not a serial killer, he to beautiful😂 plus he ain’t go to jail for murder or any violent act.
Sunny Blesses
Sunny Blesses 10 hours ago
I love lele 🥰🥰🥰
joshua talun
joshua talun 10 hours ago
Jeff: what is everyone on drugs in this place Everyone: yes
Sunny Blesses
Sunny Blesses 10 hours ago
I love Jeff's show it always makes my day 😂😂❤️
Sean Bradley
Sean Bradley 11 hours ago
That insect that came on the screen scared tf outta me 😂
Selvester Bobo
Selvester Bobo 11 hours ago
Now I know where jeff got his laughhh. His dad
Rusty D
Rusty D 11 hours ago
Coke on the mirror
Ak-47Deadly smile
Ak-47Deadly smile 11 hours ago
this is what i watch in chill out time
Lilia Cedeno Svabø
Lilia Cedeno Svabø 11 hours ago
1. He spelt Charli wrong at 1:13 2. Is Dixie only Charlis sister? 3. Blake Gray - Charli Damelios sisters boyfriends friend... really
DeQuavious J
DeQuavious J 12 hours ago
Eric Andre energy
Anthony Gallardo
Anthony Gallardo 12 hours ago
Who else saw that bug on their screen at 6:23
Ashly Herndez
Ashly Herndez 13 hours ago
The ant on the screen got me
Caitlynn Spencer
Caitlynn Spencer 13 hours ago
This was my first time watching the channel and I ama o confused but I loved it ❤️
Donte' Wilson Chris Dorner
Donte' Wilson Chris Dorner 13 hours ago
Man, I wanted to punch this dude as soon as he walked through the door.
Jessica Logan
Jessica Logan 13 hours ago
Poor guy, I would have died if u put that spider on me
Brook FC
Brook FC 13 hours ago
God and Jesus loves you and your family ❤️❤️❤️
kaneki’s kumquat
kaneki’s kumquat 13 hours ago
it was ugly 😭
Brook FC
Brook FC 13 hours ago
God and Jesus loves you and your family ❤️❤️❤️
vqMax 14 hours ago
3:31 I can't lol
Adelo.10 14 hours ago
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Lila Million
Lila Million 14 hours ago
Blake just casually sitting next to a skeleton
Callum Nightingale
Callum Nightingale 15 hours ago
You should get Jimmy Tatro on the show
Fam 15 hours ago
9:49 lmaooo she smokin
Tony Rizo
Tony Rizo 15 hours ago
Let’s be real tho? Why are they considered celebrities? Our generations is so fucked, we live in a era where you don’t need talent or skills to be famous and rich.
James Goughler
James Goughler 15 hours ago
This is like the Great value version of the Eric Andre show with haircuts
Rusty D
Rusty D 15 hours ago
Jeff cutting his twins hair
Rusty D
Rusty D 15 hours ago
Dude they really do like a lot
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 16 hours ago
That low budget Adam Sandler killed me😭😭💀
Rusty D
Rusty D 16 hours ago
And it’s not red
Coulter Dittman
Coulter Dittman 16 hours ago
Mike "Wouldn't You Rather Talk About The Heroin" Majlak
LoafDevision 16 hours ago
Is it just me or does Mike look like a homeless version of Adam Sandler?
Joshua Berhens
Joshua Berhens 16 hours ago
Get Logan Paul on the show
Rusty D
Rusty D 16 hours ago
It’s a hydro flask
Rusty D
Rusty D 16 hours ago
If Jonah was fit he’d prolly be better looking than Scotty
activesb 17 hours ago
i want to be friend with the guy that was high
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 17 hours ago
“He over exaggerates, it’s been there for one day. I did 5 months.”
MAHYAR 17 hours ago
I love Jeff's hand movements hhahahaha
Sean Angel
Sean Angel 17 hours ago
U should make part 2 with Jonah lol
Kobe 18 hours ago
Is it me or Vardans laugh made this video 60% funnier 🤣🤣😭
Bailey Soulidis
Bailey Soulidis 18 hours ago
Can I get kyles number thanks
J-Roc 18 hours ago
Enem 0023
Enem 0023 18 hours ago
Same humor as the Eric Andre Show
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 17 hours ago
I would have killed that spider
Rusty D
Rusty D 18 hours ago
“it’s like a glory whole”
Samaira malik
Samaira malik 18 hours ago
guys- Jonnah is playing an act. Its not meant to be funny hes the arrogant annoying guy. dont go at him hes supposed to be like that
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 18 hours ago
6:22 damn bro wtf XD
Lil Lukie
Lil Lukie 18 hours ago
It’s just so random like it’s mat the rat king like bruh 😂
Mxsko 18 hours ago
Still think he lost his mind editing this lmao
nun o
nun o 19 hours ago
Did anyone else see the spider 🕷 on the screen
Kendall Hoffer
Kendall Hoffer 19 hours ago
ok but I threw my phone because I thought there was an actual bug on my phone at 6:23
Rusty D
Rusty D 19 hours ago
Ice tea sippin
Rusty D
Rusty D 19 hours ago
The musicly was so cringe 😂🤣
Gems Vlogs
Gems Vlogs 20 hours ago
Charlie damelio sister boyfriends friend
Rogerdeguapo Utube
Rogerdeguapo Utube 20 hours ago
I actually thought there was a bug on my phone at 6:25
Sarah Mukarker
Sarah Mukarker 20 hours ago
I love how he introduced blake as Charlie d‘amelio’s sister boyfriend’s friend 😂🤦‍♀️
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 21 hour ago
Todd Baker
Todd Baker 21 hour ago
At 6:23 I dead ass tossed my phone
Army Michelle
Army Michelle 21 hour ago
Liam trajtman
Liam trajtman 21 hour ago
I’m so happy they didn’t pick that other guy.
Pierce scoggin
Pierce scoggin 21 hour ago
jonah makes this show