how 2020 has me feeling
oops! i moved to NYC!
10 months ago
how i do my hair
2 years ago
Valentina @CESC
Valentina @CESC Hour ago
i am extremely confused as to why people are hating on her... wtf did she do to u... and ik people might say its too romanticized and cheesy, ITS HOW LIFE IS, FUCKING DEAL WITH IT... AND PLZ STOP HATING ON PEOPLE... ITS STUPID... unless its trump or any other person who goes against basic human rights...
Angelina Rejametova
Angelina Rejametova Hour ago
"wam bam yes ma'am"
DUH 2 hours ago
Jelena banana
Jelena banana 2 hours ago
6:43 this my favorite outfit in this vid
Mathilda Heimann
Mathilda Heimann 2 hours ago
Love I watched it 100 times and it really helped me to pick out a good outfit for school 💕
ur truly
ur truly 2 hours ago
God bless me I found this video 🔪💥❣
mythili 2 hours ago
hi ashley hope u had a great day i love you :)
tajalli 3 hours ago
this was a short film PERIOD
Caitlin Hay
Caitlin Hay 3 hours ago
If she calls this nothing I must HAVE NOTHING AT ALL
りん たん
りん たん 3 hours ago
I love this style of video, sort of old film vibe thing. Hopefully someday I'll make something like this too :>
SummerDreams 3 hours ago
love the red peplum coat!!
Claire Iona
Claire Iona 3 hours ago
You are so talented Ashley 😍 beautifully put together 😘xx
Michele Cappiello
Michele Cappiello 3 hours ago
Ok ... but Why nobody is talking about when she said ‘ cry myself to sleep
Shadowkitten52 3 hours ago
Those two black dresses tho 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍 the only thing I dislike about thrift hauls-when you see something you need in your life but can't get it cuz it's thrifted 😭😭
punsiella 3 hours ago
the hand on the boob thing is so accurate
banoffee06 3 hours ago
* laughs in school uniform *
Pun Bishal
Pun Bishal 3 hours ago
She is like that anime character otaku gf who is a nerd and a bad ass at the same time.
Danika 3 hours ago
i’ve grown up on this channel and i’ve always looked forward to watching your videos. I’ve never known how much drama was going on with your followers disagreeing with you. it’s honestly horrible to hear and i am so sorry. i love and will forever support your channel! stay safe!
Apurva Korni
Apurva Korni 4 hours ago
this is my 12th time watching this help
Xenina In California
Xenina In California 4 hours ago
I love you Ashley. Just watched your LA series - again. You felt LA was making you too "superficial", so you move to NYC? Just . . huh? LMAO. Ok then!!
Tenzin Bhuti
Tenzin Bhuti 4 hours ago
you’re amazing Ashley 💗💖
me h
me h 4 hours ago
the worst thing you could say to your crying friend: SUCK UP YOUR TEARS BITCH
Ronin 98
Ronin 98 4 hours ago
Yo, if you want boyfriend who will take your photography, I'm available.
suresh suresh
suresh suresh 4 hours ago
This helped me a lot becuzz l love fashion Thanku so so much.....😙😀 You are the best !!!!...keep making this type of contents😊
Dana Barbecho
Dana Barbecho 4 hours ago
Bro she changed the thumbnail on this WHAT
Nikolett Márton
Nikolett Márton 4 hours ago
At the end of this shity 2020 I’m going back to videos where people were planning 2020 with hopes and dreams, and crying myself to sleep
Mika Ela
Mika Ela 4 hours ago
The soulmate concept tho
Betty 4 hours ago
Im more a person who likes dresses but when I go out with my mum she buys me the most of the time trousers. But I really want to try simple white dresses!
Beebbopbooo 4 hours ago
I am convinced I’m y2k but I wanna be cottage core 😞
Shreya 5 hours ago
❤💥Just amazing work
Nicolebaruela 5 hours ago
Joyce Barnett
Joyce Barnett 5 hours ago
I like your videos because your funny and you use the f word
Rachel Atalya
Rachel Atalya 5 hours ago
i don't know how i end up here, but there's litteraly no one ask me to go on a date lol
AshLand Page
AshLand Page 5 hours ago
Golden 😂
Don’t be Suspicious
Don’t be Suspicious 5 hours ago
well this didn't age well...
Blush 5 hours ago
Whoever Reading this My dear You are Beautiful, Smart, Talented, Important, Special, Worthy and Loved💕 Don't allow your own thoughts to tell you otherwise Be you... Stay safe✨ (Btw I'm also an aesthetic USpostsr)
pomi 5 hours ago
random comment but since ashley speaks quite fast here, 0.75 speed is way friendly for us non-native english speakers ☺️
isobel mary
isobel mary 5 hours ago
A favourite memories page? My heart! Poor thing, she better not rewatch this and feel bad about herself
s h j j u
s h j j u 5 hours ago
5:53 sis really said Adams family who??? nOT HATinG alR plUS just love the fitTS hunn
Lemmings 5 hours ago
Thank you for always being a good human!
Angelee Agbon
Angelee Agbon 5 hours ago
Hii, if you are reading this please take time to check and subscribe on my little channel 🥺
Awana Al Islam
Awana Al Islam 6 hours ago
Dave looks like Ryan from The Office 👁👄👁
I’m Fine.
I’m Fine. 6 hours ago
Same I’m not trying to be mean but I don’t like kids either 💀🖐🏻like yea baby’s are cute but you can keep them I don’t want them I have 4 siblings 2 toddler brothers and 2 older siblings *so yea man I hate kids idc if your 5 and under or 10 and under my chances are your annoying*
Aquarius Locs
Aquarius Locs 6 hours ago
New subscriber ❤️❤️ 😍😍😍
tiny bloomer
tiny bloomer 6 hours ago
"lack of height"???? I'm 4"11. 😭
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell 7 hours ago
I’m confused. Why does she keep referring to herself as a “filmmaker”? Does she produce films?
Ami Kue
Ami Kue 7 hours ago
This might be random but you are beautiful and amazing don't forget that. Because you are worth it gurl and you deserve love! ❤
Nikolas Stefanidis
Nikolas Stefanidis 7 hours ago
You get way too much hate from ppl. I love you and your videos so much and you are honestly so freaking down to earth and relatable ❤️
Nikolas Stefanidis
Nikolas Stefanidis 7 hours ago
Your videos give me Serotonin! Ur amazing
Deborah Horn
Deborah Horn 7 hours ago
Now if only I could find clothes in my style that come in L-XL (most of the time it's just xs-M) that AREN'T $100 per shirt
roku 7 hours ago
this was absolutely beautiful, thank you for putting this out there for free.
Hannah_z 7 hours ago
Beautiful video!💕 Love e v e r y shot!😍
Anam Shaikh
Anam Shaikh 7 hours ago
You are amazing
Alana R
Alana R 8 hours ago
I love your videos
Refus 8 hours ago
I watched all of this and my head hurts now. I dont think guys are suppose to watch this.
Coriii iii
Coriii iii 8 hours ago
I think that’s Gigi Hadid’s mom @12:24 in the black rose coat thing
juliet 8 hours ago
ashley u look v thin i hope you are treating yourself okay and showing your body the love it deserves :)
sypherianlp 8 hours ago
One day you'll be invited to a wedding and that yellow dress will suddenly look like the holy grail. Lol You just gave me a weird amount of confidence about starting my 1940s-50s, bad ass woman, fashion collection, now I just need to make sure its almost perfect. Thanks Ashley!
Mallorie Goodwin
Mallorie Goodwin 8 hours ago
i keep seeing all the comments from march talking about the pandemic and how wrong january ashley was but im here from november to tell you that it ! gets ! worse !
dicey may
dicey may 9 hours ago
she is not glamorizing the pandemic!!! its her experience and feelings in her time in quarantine, she's a film maker, she's filming a creative video! and yes it looks beautiful because why wouldn't it?? just take it as what it is it's a short film.
Rian Limosnero
Rian Limosnero 9 hours ago
Bhutanese Bae
Bhutanese Bae 10 hours ago
No matter what people say. Some of us love you!! A lot! Be yourself and do you girl.
like hurricanes
like hurricanes 10 hours ago
Watch my crush on Ashley slowly increase despite knowing she hasn't confirmed if she's bi/pan or not 😃👍
Nini 10 hours ago
When I got my first job in retail, my dormant fashionista awoke. The hanger bar in my closet is now struggling.
seagull 30
seagull 30 10 hours ago
Too much background noise - had to mute it and watch the subtitles
Lore Casttel
Lore Casttel 10 hours ago
I feel less alone watching this, it’s such a hard time, knowing that she was brave to talk about it makes it better!!
Lore Casttel
Lore Casttel 10 hours ago
Just me watching how Ashley is so beautifully stylish!
Pearl Jade Steele
Pearl Jade Steele 10 hours ago
the # of times she says LA in this vidieo haha
insha Insha
insha Insha 10 hours ago
Lol If I had that much of clothes that you have I would have probably not clicked in this video 😣 Anyway your video is amazing ❣️
Linda 11 hours ago
Mirror on gold wallpaper wall.
Sarah sarag
Sarah sarag 11 hours ago
immaculate vibes <3
Da Luna
Da Luna 11 hours ago
I swear she is the best😭♥️
Britney Avellaneda
Britney Avellaneda 11 hours ago
I wear scrubs 5 days out of the week and the actual clothing I wear are leggings and my ex's t-shirts 🙃 help!
Arson _XOXO
Arson _XOXO 11 hours ago
I'm still starting my heel collection, i only own one pair of platforms, pre owned new rock boots I'm getting a new pair for Christmas tho
Jenna B
Jenna B 11 hours ago
it’s not romanticizing the virus, it’s just making a beautiful film piece, ashley’s just using her filmmaker skills and making art. There’s nothing wrong with making art out of bad situations, that’s how most art is born and inspired
Regi Flor
Regi Flor 11 hours ago
los que hablamos español digan presente 😊👌
Mishri Pettinger
Mishri Pettinger 11 hours ago
Yeeep your hair is beautiful!
Annette 11 hours ago
Regita Hasri Ramadhina
Regita Hasri Ramadhina 11 hours ago
Bajunya david lawak :'')
Angelee Agbon
Angelee Agbon 11 hours ago
Who else is watching Nov. 2020? Also, please check my little channel 🥺