coastShooterKills 3 hours ago
CoD pros rig games
Tim Ruby
Tim Ruby 3 hours ago
Who else didn’t understand how this shit worked
Oskar Beres
Oskar Beres 4 hours ago
the music sucked
Harper Leitner
Harper Leitner 4 hours ago
I’m fat he’s skinny I know more about food Bro I’m dead
WinTerOpZ 4 hours ago
Man I remember clicking on the video of jesse breaking the wall in the og 2k house... and now they r a part of 100 thieves which has my favorite streamers😁Man the only good thing about 2020😔
gema navarro
gema navarro 4 hours ago
“i won the prank war” *next picture is brooke looking evil af*
Unitary VT
Unitary VT 5 hours ago
damn, imo kris and nade carried this video they funny asf
HEENDOOO 5 hours ago
Tim Ruby
Tim Ruby 5 hours ago
Yo bro really brought up mop
diego nuno
diego nuno 6 hours ago
nadeshot when are u going to stream on twitch again.
zubinja MusicTV
zubinja MusicTV 6 hours ago
You like have to get Moe on here that would be so fkin cringe i would love it
Awab Elfadil
Awab Elfadil 6 hours ago
Everyone:Oh my god nateshote’s room is so cool Me: who is…oh yea his room is so sick
gema navarro
gema navarro 7 hours ago
i feel robbed cause the description said “follow the players” and had brooke in. but brooke isn’t here😤😤
Piper Deeming
Piper Deeming 7 hours ago
Can you interview DanTDM pls that would be fire also love all 3 of your channels
Michael Vuong
Michael Vuong 7 hours ago
Courage is hilarious and a stone cold killer...hahaha
Shonen Ray
Shonen Ray 7 hours ago
raechel got karma
Stealth_ Wispy
Stealth_ Wispy 8 hours ago
Where do I get this?
F!shy-_- 8 hours ago
Yo I got to the gg room
Kory Fortier
Kory Fortier 8 hours ago
Sym is a quitter
Brandy Himes
Brandy Himes 8 hours ago
2hype In 100 thieves let’s go
Phillip Thegoat
Phillip Thegoat 9 hours ago
Y’all should’ve got Rae for the hide and seek video
Netrox 9 hours ago
That beautiful filipina face
DemonOwnsYou 9 hours ago
Bruh courage is fat bro you can see it
Hrithik Basu
Hrithik Basu 10 hours ago
Nadeshots’s huh sent me
KFerg 10 hours ago
I have never been so inspired by a group of people more than 2hype they’ve inspired me to chase my dreams and I want to grow up to be like you guys!!! Prayers to you all keep making peoples day and inspiring!!
ImThatSmooth 11 hours ago
This was really entertaining to watch, enjoyed it completely , would love to see a second part
Hunter Nutt
Hunter Nutt 11 hours ago
my house is bigger
Atom Ical
Atom Ical 11 hours ago
Kinda want to see the old 100T team meet the new 100T team.
ian novillos
ian novillos 11 hours ago
teeny tiny rae <3
CORPSE 11 hours ago
NADESHOT: picks rock every round!
Daytrax 11 hours ago
@ 11:56 cash do be confused what is happening!!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
caeruleus 11 hours ago
2:03 miss girl .. do you not know who Rae is and what she does?
Kay Chau
Kay Chau 12 hours ago
Your going to get a kick out of this one, the lotus tile was in my sleeve the whole time
born 2007
born 2007 12 hours ago
Who is sleeping in the background Symfuhny?
Steven Romero
Steven Romero 13 hours ago
Not nic cage....Nicolas Cage😎
David Whitney
David Whitney 13 hours ago
She is Whicked Humble
SteveoMagician 13 hours ago
But.. why?? Don't waste your time people
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 13 hours ago
Dude this made me realize how young Jesser is
Salvador 14 hours ago
Respect the grind and hustle !
MrOsage254 14 hours ago
Sykunno next
Paul Hoovestol
Paul Hoovestol 14 hours ago
Zedd, when you're on Joe Rogan's podcast, as an aspiring producer, I would love if you could touch on your low volume release strategy (you said sometimes you release 2 tracks per year), when certain artists in the industry like Russ ( are close to making a million a month doing the one track release a week strategy, which everyone seems to be advocating at the moment. I find the difference fascinating and would love to know what you think works for different kinds of artists at different skill levels at different stages of their career.
Rohin Agrawal
Rohin Agrawal 5 hours ago
hey man good luck on your productions. would love to collab some day. hmu if you want NewdlDewdl#8698 on discord.
Arkodeep Ghosh
Arkodeep Ghosh 14 hours ago
Yeah ! Nade knew what he wanted. He wanted halo in fortnite. Noice.
Tiffany Phanmaha
Tiffany Phanmaha 15 hours ago
Here for 2Hype <3
ThatGuyFromTexas 15 hours ago
Who else thinks they should do a hide and seek in the 100 thieves compound
Luke Todd
Luke Todd 15 hours ago
Am i the only one who thought that the dude in the denim jacket tried way too hard?
Chris Musson
Chris Musson 16 hours ago
The Hypocrisy of a socialists making commercials! MORON!
Laquinta Holmes
Laquinta Holmes 16 hours ago
So what's 2hype
DARKCAVE 16 hours ago
This is ass bro they had two games in their skill set.
Lauryn Pascua
Lauryn Pascua 16 hours ago
Y does rae look like she evil 2:52
nickdraft54 16 hours ago
There's skins 100 thieves on rogue company
nickdraft54 16 hours ago
There's skins on rogue company for 100 thives
Uhriea Crider
Uhriea Crider 16 hours ago
bro seriously should’ve put an actual reaction this stupid stuff is so cringe like bro come on what the fuck is youtube real reactions are what the people are here forrr losers. that’s why optic best brand faking shit
Trix 16 hours ago
Nadeshot: i don't have the best memory Me: ur old?
Leslie Vanian
Leslie Vanian 17 hours ago
Mika sitting by Rae the whole time is so so so adorable 😭
lul _kicks
lul _kicks 17 hours ago
Fortnite doing anything to stay alive
Trix 17 hours ago
Everybody here is a simp, simping at Courage of course
H M 17 hours ago
Rae is so cute 🥰
Ethan Fletcher
Ethan Fletcher 17 hours ago
Hoodie sold out in 3 minutes just to brutal to bear
ZaWa K4RM4
ZaWa K4RM4 17 hours ago
i was able to get the jam hoodie
Mattymo42 18 hours ago
How can i buy a hoodie for the holidays?
Brandon Godies
Brandon Godies 18 hours ago
I love the vids guys keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Daniel S
Daniel S 18 hours ago
2hype has better content 100 thieves better production
Dj Corella
Dj Corella 18 hours ago
4:23 brooke got that fucking cake yo
PowrLixel 18 hours ago
24 The Lord bless you and keep you; 25 the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; 26 the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. (‭Numbers‬ ‭6‬:‭24-26‬ ESV)
Premzzzy 19 hours ago
Nade remides me so much of Michael from the office 😂😂😂
MicroSmokeSleet 19 hours ago
Ιnferno Darkwolf
Ιnferno Darkwolf 19 hours ago
Wait shouldn’t it have been 200 iq theives
Unknown Ghost
Unknown Ghost 20 hours ago
Kris: "I dont lose" Also Kris: loses golf tournament
Nate Hance
Nate Hance 20 hours ago
2 hype has revamped 2 hype
gema navarro
gema navarro 20 hours ago
“fine cuisine ingredients” *ready to eat cookie dough*
Xyise 20 hours ago
You guys make it look so easy! I feel courage and nade are just built for these deep conversations like this. Like if you agree and want more.👉
Toronto Man
Toronto Man 20 hours ago
Whats shordy @
laura wesso
laura wesso 21 hour ago
Corpse needs to move into that room haha
Yxng GT
Yxng GT 21 hour ago
Kris is so stupid bro 😂
Wendell Weaver Sr
Wendell Weaver Sr 21 hour ago
Did he said this group of people are not very good at among us but Courage is god at this game
Chef ‘Oh 2k
Chef ‘Oh 2k 21 hour ago
Imagine driving and you see a building that says 100 thieves and cash app compound
Isla Jones
Isla Jones 21 hour ago
Nade your hair come on bubble head or is it bobble head..go back natural.
Texan 808
Texan 808 21 hour ago
Kenny got fat or has he always been like that
Daniel Nasseredine
Daniel Nasseredine 21 hour ago
Hii love ur vids keep it going