Dynickmite 21 hour ago
Anderson Cooper is doing pretty POGGERS.
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser 21 hour ago
Jonathan Frakes should be the permanent host.
denelson83 21 hour ago
Cooper sounds like Trebek.
RushFanatic87 22 hours ago
I love how Alex patronized them just short of saying, “You uncultured swine!” 😂
julius ceasar
julius ceasar 22 hours ago
what a incredibly selfish person, raising a child as a pet denying him the love of a biological mother
5'2 balding indian janitor
5'2 balding indian janitor 22 hours ago
People getting way too critical of these Jeopardy hosts, guys they're just there to read the questions and move the game along, it's not that serious.
Antoine 22 hours ago
NOt gonna lie, my two choices were B young or Jonathan smith lol
Wendy O Koopa
Wendy O Koopa 23 hours ago
First what the @!#[email protected]! Is q*Bert.
Adrian Pena
Adrian Pena 23 hours ago
I came in without seeing who was hosting & thought it was a rerun, cooper sounds alot like Alex, i think he should take over the job , my opinion.
Hunter Strickland
Hunter Strickland 23 hours ago
Can you show the one where the answer is what is Vibranium for marvel movie metals?
Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts 23 hours ago
He's the best!
brian worthy
brian worthy 23 hours ago
Now, Play “Vincent” by Don McLean on USposts for a song masterpiece.
Jon Evans
Jon Evans 23 hours ago
I see ABC is allowing its’ far-left political leanings to be overtly displayed through their choice for host.
Vincent Alvarez
Vincent Alvarez 23 hours ago
Love the hell outta you Anderson
Donasaur Day ago
The Jeopardy audition questions ask super specific things like "what's the name of this castle in this country on this river" or "what's the name of the book that this single obscure line of text comes from written in the 1600's" Then the show is like "What's one of the single most iconic paintings ever done" as the final question
Monte Owen
Monte Owen Day ago
Iam SO SICK OF SEEING AARON RODGERS on the show..He's DESPERATE to get a job after football....He was a good football player but HE IS NOT a host on a TV show.He needs to stick to sports...
Jeffrey Bate
Jeffrey Bate Day ago
$260,000 in donation. Unless white woman wins on jeopardy, these guest hosts so far are in deep trouble?get ready for may.
SharkJawYokel Day ago
I wish Anderson would go back to The Mole, he’s such a natural at fun reality TV shows.
Justina Mogro
Justina Mogro Day ago
Great Cooper 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Amedeo Bettauer
Amedeo Bettauer Day ago
This may be biased because I'm a Mike Richards fan, but I feel like Rodgers might just be a little too casual.
Liane Lindsey
Liane Lindsey Day ago
Anderson Cooper Never looked better
Owen McCauley
Owen McCauley Day ago
Am I just a huge nerd or were those really easy?
SlapMyBass3825 Day ago
Meanwhile everyone in Boston is looking at these people like "Are you fucking serious, kehd?"
Henry O'Henry
Henry O'Henry Day ago
The Guevara
The Guevara Day ago
to play jeopardy, you gotta know everything
eli gus
eli gus Day ago
It's weird not hearing Alex's voice after all these years
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser Day ago
It’s just not the same when you know the contestants are smarter than the host.
angeltosome Day ago
Mike Nelson? Where’s Crow and Servo?
Jeffrey Bate
Jeffrey Bate Day ago
Come on, we need a woman win today. You can do it Nina! We stuck at $1,000 or $2,000 for too long. We need BIG.
pjabrony Day ago
Did he say Edmonton Islanders? It sounded like Islanders who also had a title run in the 1980s.
Greatest ever
Greatest ever Day ago
who is "nobody but the head coach"
Matthias Schulz
Matthias Schulz Day ago
Wait, there is a poker variant that uses wild cards?
Dodong Holmes
Dodong Holmes Day ago
Great job Cooper! Well-balanced repartee and nice pacing, Not exactly Trebek but close. Congratulations!
Henry Gondorff
Henry Gondorff Day ago
Suddenly he loves Jeopardy. This guy's a piece of garbage Please just get the two weeks over with.
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson Day ago
I want Kevin Spacey to host...
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson Day ago
Why did he only wager $1801 when he was in the hole... I never get that... He was then counting on two things: the other guy is wrong and the other guy bet too much...
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson Day ago
@Johnny Barham I agree... But at least he has a chance..
David Austin
David Austin Day ago
@Johnny Barham hey Johnny I feel u on that too !!! Basically, he was kinda playing in-between both players. For instance, if the last place contestant had doubled up and he guessed incorrectly he would’ve been in third place. I just think maybe he could’ve risked more in my opinion, hoping that they were both incorrect. Easier said that done tho !!!
Johnny Barham
Johnny Barham Day ago
Looking at it from the 2nd place player's perspective: it doesn't matter if he wagers $0 or $13,000, if the first place player gets it right, he loses. His only chance to win is for first place to miss. He wagered small because it gave himself a chance to win the game regardless of whether or not he knew the answer. If you do the math, 13000*2 = 26000, so first place wants to end up with at least 26001, which means first place is going to wager at least $7401. Once again, 2nd place's only chance to win is if first place misses, so, if you subtract this wager from first place's score, 18600 - 7401 = 11199. Therefore, 2nd place needs to wager small enough so that he still has at least $11,199, even if he gets it wrong. That way he would still finish ahead of first if both of them missed it. Let's face it, if it's a question hard enough that first place misses it, your odds of getting it right probably aren't very good. So, when you have over 2/3rds of the leader's score, it's best to wager small and not force yourself to answer correctly, especially if it's a category you aren't very confident about.
David Austin
David Austin Day ago
@Daniel Peterson exactly!!! IMO, I would be basically all in at that point
Kyle Hamadyk
Kyle Hamadyk Day ago
I miss Aaron Rogers who else he still the post host no matter who Jeopardy decides to put on who agrees?
Friend Zone
Friend Zone Day ago
I have no idea what you just attempted to say. Please try again, this time with punctuation. Thank you.
Prithvi Sudhakar
Prithvi Sudhakar Day ago
I know this has already happened, but wasn't Dr. Oz a Power Players/Celebrity Jeopardy contestant?
Pleasantly surprised by Anderson Cooper! Liked him as host
D2RCR Day ago
Anderson did a fine job as host, he brings energy that Aaron Rodgers lacked (at first). I still want to see LeVar Burton up there though.
dnc411 Day ago
@thehistoryguy for host!
Dewey Hoang
Dewey Hoang Day ago
Can we have Alex Smith guest host Jeopardy? I mean everybody always call him a game manager in his career? Isn’t that the real definition of the host of Jeopardy. He can do it full time if he do good since he already retired from the NFL.
dicko195 Day ago
should have shown more he lambasts (jokingly) the next answer, "Oh but you knew THAT one!"
barthotymous Day ago
Bruh when I saw the Red War clip I was like DESTINY DESTINY DESTINY DESTINY DESTINY and then he guessed Halo and I was like FUCK, IT'S DESTINY CMON MAN
maoribrotha53 Day ago
I was so excited reading the title... Watching the video was a different story.
justageneraluser Day ago
Anderson Cooper started his show business career as a game show host. It's interesting to see him come full circle like this
Big Fudge
Big Fudge Day ago
Not even a little bit
Rohan Padiyar
Rohan Padiyar Day ago
I knew this because my brother had a pic of this and it also appeared in "Animal Crossing - New Horizons". Thank you, Nintendo.
Tim Forest
Tim Forest Day ago
Yeah, the subplot on "Big" was all about Jesus. What an idiot.
Tyler Steensma
Tyler Steensma Day ago
I think Anderson cooper and Aaron Rodgers should both coach a football team, winner gets to hose jeopardy!
Sully S
Sully S Day ago
first of all Natasha’s name is Natalia Romanova
TKnHappyNess Day ago
They had to reference the 1960s Batman with that Egghead answer
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Day ago
I hate to break it to all the Aaron Roger's fans, but Anderson Cooper really nailed it on Monday and it was his first day on the job. Imagine how good he'll be in his second week.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Day ago
I hate to break it to all the Aaron Roger's fans, but Anderson Cooper really nailed it on Monday and it was his first day on the job. Imagine how good he'll be in his second week.
Shelley K Booker
Shelley K Booker Day ago
Aaron Rodgers! Pure Unadulterated C L A S S! Thank You for all your dedication to us in Nor Cal!! We are so proud of you!! PS I knew it was Leland Standford!!
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Day ago
Definitely better than Aaron Rodgers.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Day ago
@Courtney LaPlante Better tone in his voice, more confident and authoritative. Less stiff and rigid, more at ease. Considering it was his first day, he's only going to get even better. Given the fact that he's on CNN almost every day though, he may not be interested in being a permanent host.
Courtney LaPlante
Courtney LaPlante Day ago
How so?
jojox1733 Day ago
Tfw I got them all right and if I was on the show I would've gotten 3,000 points from that column and been in 1st place 🤯
Gina L
Gina L Day ago
Can't go wrong with "the silver fox"!
Estelle Getty
Estelle Getty Day ago
Kinda easy for final jeopardy , no?
Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels Day ago
Egghead wasn't one of Batman's. Right?
Reggie Vis
Reggie Vis Day ago
Dragon Age: Morrowind
Su Mon Han
Su Mon Han Day ago
My favorite Tony Stark nickname for Loki wasn't included here: "Reindeer Games." XD
Su Mon Han
Su Mon Han Day ago
I miss Alex's voice reading the answers...
Ryan Friedman
Ryan Friedman Day ago
They should have Kornacki guest host the show.
Seamus Odonoghue
Seamus Odonoghue Day ago
Geeks don't watch sports
Rudy Iraheta
Rudy Iraheta Day ago
how much will mike nelson earns with $25000
Peter Ruf
Peter Ruf Day ago
It's funny how Anderson Cooper got to be the guest host of Jeopardy was the last time they invited someone from CNN with a white beard who I'm not going to name absolutely sucked, and then they invite CNN back onto Jeopardy as one of their reporters being a guest host. Is it just me or does that just not make any sense
Jhabari Owens
Jhabari Owens Day ago
Wow well you can tell they don't game lol
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Day ago
hahasimp Day ago
Because they hate us
Jerri Tanner
Jerri Tanner Day ago
I though Anderson did a very good job. He seemed very comfortable, his energy, pace & humor were perfect, he’s a lifelong fan & respects & misses Alex. I liked Aaron, but his energy was sooooo low.
D2RCR Day ago
Hard agree. Aaron Rodgers did a fine job overall but the energy level was never quite there.
Patti Fabiani
Patti Fabiani Day ago
I think Anderson Cooper did a wonderful job he's very comfortable at what he does
Dozer Day ago
Hey how can make this round so awkward I have an idea
Rohun Saigal
Rohun Saigal Day ago
That guy was so mad at himself lmao he thought he lost and crossed out the correct answer
Dave Mackowski
Dave Mackowski Day ago
Thought it was the Eagles.
Brendan Pirando
Brendan Pirando Day ago
Keep him
Kai Day ago
I've got a question for Anderson: Why won't CNN cover Andrew Cuomo's sexual assault allegations or nursing home deaths scandal? This guy (along with the rest of the leftist shills on his network) is pretending to be a journalist while being nothing more than a dishonest activist. Barf.
Jonathan Check
Jonathan Check Day ago
“Go again, I guess...” “Oh, you know that one, huh?” 🤣🤣🤣
sandra williams
sandra williams Day ago
No.excitment or humor and the crowd was not in the show as usaul I won't be watching anymore to sad
Edward Nebiolo
Edward Nebiolo Day ago
For the 800 I thought it was mad hatter
FillHerGuts Day ago
I didn't get the last one only
Luka AirGirl
Luka AirGirl Day ago
What if..... Instead of Anderson Cooper. We had a host named HMS Queen Elizabeth from Azur Lane instead here. She is nice she is a ship and of course she is nice,
Mike Riggs
Mike Riggs Day ago
I want to see Lea Michele host jeopardy!