Brought My First Car / Vlog
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Alice Peabody
Alice Peabody 2 hours ago
Sadly... #truth
Esther Cox
Esther Cox 2 hours ago
You should know that mary jane is about his love affair with weed
Katrina Swanson
Katrina Swanson 2 hours ago
I get full body goosebumps listening with y’all, thank you for this 🙏🏽
Amanda 2 hours ago
That’s how I feel about the song’s just happy, sunshine...
Ebonyleopard 2 hours ago
Eric B & Rakim "Know the Ledge" or "Don't Sweat the Technique".
Munkey Brainz
Munkey Brainz 2 hours ago
Gentleman, next time you have a hangover, go to a Mexican restaurant, order menudo and a corona. You're welcome.
John Rams
John Rams 2 hours ago
Long live the queen of rock
MAC Karma29
MAC Karma29 2 hours ago
Great wedding song.
River Girl
River Girl 2 hours ago
Cissy Houston is on back up vocals.
Sheila Barrett
Sheila Barrett 2 hours ago
Hey Twins! Watching you now! React to Michael Jackson "Who's Lovin' You!". He was a kid when he recorded this song Smokey Robinson a Mega Motown great!. Smokey recorded it first but said MJ did it better than he did! That's when you know you are The "GOAT!!!" I
Nothing nothing
Nothing nothing 2 hours ago
after covid, maybe president obama can hook you up with boss tickets! epic first concert
papa giraffe
papa giraffe 2 hours ago
Y’all NEED SOME BIG L in your life! EBONICS
david gagnon
david gagnon 3 hours ago
After playing three record-breaking marathon shows in the Meadowlands over the last two weeks, Bruce Springsteen did one better in Philadelphia Wednesday night, as he and The E Street Band rocked Citizens Bank Park for a whopping 4 hours and 4 minutes last night --
scuttle76 3 hours ago
I'm loving these videos of you guys! You have a new fan! How do I make a suggestion?????
s a
s a 3 hours ago
I'm dancing in my seat watching you both watching them! Doesn't get much better than strutting with The Bee Gees and you both;)))))
Kim Holland
Kim Holland 3 hours ago
You guys should listen to My Own Prison by Creed
Edwin Hall
Edwin Hall 3 hours ago
Review this song: Till There Was You Shirley Jones
Andrea Morandini
Andrea Morandini 3 hours ago
And Carlos Santana makes a sexy brand of Women’s shoes. Just thought I would throw that out there. Lol
Susanne Witt
Susanne Witt 3 hours ago
The E-Street-Band-Magic. <3 R.I.P. Clarence
sherry leigeber
sherry leigeber 3 hours ago
You should see the grammy performance video of this song with full orchestra, you will be blown away
Andrea Morandini
Andrea Morandini 3 hours ago
I think it’s great that they stop and talk about the music and try to figure it out and express how much they enjoy it before they learn anything about it from us
s a
s a 3 hours ago
Everything The Bee Gees sang was COLD!
gregory henry
gregory henry 3 hours ago
Good Evening!! This song is from the 80's and it's somewhat popular today for 80's music lovers. God bless you two twin brother and you all are doing a great job here on youtube, ya'll videos are very unique and are meaningful. Remember to keep praying to God for results you two will appreciate and deserve because Jesus wants ya'll to live. Peace and love!! Keep ya head up!! God loves you two and so do I!!!
Christopher Brunson
Christopher Brunson 3 hours ago
I paused this video at 0:01 with a quick assumption that they’re going to laugh for no real apparent at all during some part of this video. Let’s see
papa giraffe
papa giraffe 3 hours ago
y’all need to check BrotherAli - the preacher
Jocelyn Taub
Jocelyn Taub 3 hours ago
Congrats guys. That is very impressive!!
Mark Liebermann
Mark Liebermann 3 hours ago
Try the live version
Jacqueline Southern
Jacqueline Southern 3 hours ago
If you haven’t ever watched Sister Act 2 you should Lauren Hill is in it!
Rochelle Harris
Rochelle Harris 3 hours ago
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson 3 hours ago
Please see Will Smith, Switch. I will await your thoughts and comments. Love y'all!
Daniel Volk
Daniel Volk 3 hours ago
His hit Wonderful Wonderful is great too.
Pat Hill
Pat Hill 3 hours ago
I got cold chills watching this with y’all. Great video!
Jody Kessly
Jody Kessly 3 hours ago
lol "Or maybe Santana copied it from Rihanna?" Love you guys!!!!!
Linda Smith
Linda Smith 3 hours ago
I was fourteen when this song came out - nothing like dancing to any Marvin Gaye song!
GinaGeeILuvu 3 hours ago
I love Bruce for so many reasons and this is an iconic song! I loved big Clarence (sax player) too...RIP! Yeah, he was feeling that song, you can tell it came for his heart! His music is everyone because it's so real and raw! Great bands always sold out football field back in the day! :-)
Unicorn & Centaur
Unicorn & Centaur 3 hours ago
If your body doesn't move when this song comes on you're probably dead
Linda Chance
Linda Chance 3 hours ago
This is one of the songs on the movie Friday.. listen to that sound track..
Nichole Allan
Nichole Allan 3 hours ago
Love what your doing!
Jacob Muertegui
Jacob Muertegui 3 hours ago
Incase you didn’t know, this is their first time reacting to Brett Young 😄
D Love
D Love 3 hours ago
u wanna get to the 1 million mark in subscribers keep [email protected] b in your mix..a genre you channel seem to be missing
Mick Riley
Mick Riley 3 hours ago
love this song so much but it has sad undertones for me, my childhood friend Pally his nickname btw called me Baba O'Riley as we were both into the who in the 70s. On may 18th 1974 we drove to see them live at Charlton athletic football ground 120 miles away from our homes and during the gig the song came on my friend Pally said hey up Mick its your song! the gig continued and a great day was had by two young Kids. the next day 20 miles from home Pally was while i was sleeping in the back of his works van to be awakened by being bounced around violently, the van eventually stopped dead on impact with a huge oak tree, i was flung forward breaking my spine and unfortunately Pally was killed and my life was changed forever but not by the point of me being paraplegic for the rest of my life but to the fact of losing my first friend who i damn know would be sharing watching these cool reactions with me so many years later. These reactions bring a tear of sadness and also a tear of joy of seeing young people pick up on the past greats.. RIP Patrick "Pally" I'm still listening for ya Buddy.
GinaGeeILuvu 3 hours ago
The Rihanna (DJ Khalid), Wild Thoughts, song sampled this song. I like both songs but this one I like a little bit better. "Maria, Maria, she remind me of a West Side Story" (great iconic musical movie). I love that movie too! Santana is making that guitar cry as Wyclef said at the end! Love this! :-)
Ian Savage
Ian Savage 3 hours ago
Oh man love You guys and i am in MONTANA.. love the hoody... We used to make fun of Bee Gees in stoner 70s.. learned to love these guys. Love that song Emotions.. it is a masterpiece.
Irene Borecky
Irene Borecky 3 hours ago
it's getting close to Christmas. Listen to Merry Christmas Baby by Springsteen.
hwinny2 3 hours ago
Been looking for you listening to a Barry White song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen 3 hours ago
New York, all day, every day. Twice on Sunday.
Tricia P
Tricia P 3 hours ago
Although I've been listening to and loving the BeeGee's for years, seeing reactions gives me a renewed appreciation. Keep up the cool vids guys. 👍👍
Jana Cox
Jana Cox 3 hours ago
You guys rock my world with joy! You’re the best! Can’t get enough. How about the song Disintegration by The Cure for something completely different!?!?!!!
Jana Cox
Jana Cox 3 hours ago
Irene Borecky
Irene Borecky 3 hours ago
Hey it's getting close to Christmas. Merry Christmas Baby by Springsteen is fantastic!
cathie huelsbeck
cathie huelsbeck 3 hours ago
Back in the day.... 😂 I feel so old
Jackie Chlebck
Jackie Chlebck 4 hours ago
Makes me happy and sad at the same time to see them singing together. Miss the group.. thank god for archived music! ❤️
donald norlie
donald norlie 4 hours ago
Hi guys, give Stormy Monday, by Cream a listen.. It's on the reunion concert.. You'll love it..
Theresa Sheff
Theresa Sheff 4 hours ago
Love this song❤
bess crawford
bess crawford 4 hours ago
I would love to know what type of music or artists you guys have listened to through this effort that you felt a connection to or personally really liked. What was the biggest surprise?
Tracy Polk
Tracy Polk 4 hours ago
React to ciara ride video
Zach Gates
Zach Gates 4 hours ago
Try “My Baby Just Cares for Me”
Lecky 4 hours ago
React to Pharrell ft Jay z - Frontin’
Peggy Truman
Peggy Truman 4 hours ago
Peace and Love always
Peggy Truman
Peggy Truman 4 hours ago
I love you guys! You are good and kind and true
Mark Scutti
Mark Scutti 4 hours ago
E Street Band is top notch Big Man,Mad Max,Little Stevie,Nils,and the rest! See,this a band!
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 4 hours ago
Humble suggestion: Aretha Franklin & George Michael “I knew you were waiting for me” This one is special to me. I not only promise you’ll love it, but I know 💯 that you’ll listen to it over and over and over... ❤️👊🔥
Theresa Sheff
Theresa Sheff 4 hours ago
Miss Freddie❤
Taisting the Air
Taisting the Air 4 hours ago
You aint seen nothing until you hear jimmy play the Star Spangled Banner
endurofly 4 hours ago
"Is this a movie ?" ah kids..
Kate Royce
Kate Royce 4 hours ago
"At Last" is her most famous song but I LOVE "Tell Mama" and "In The Basement." She's crazy good.
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 4 hours ago
Luther! All day long... 🙏🙏🙏
Emily Riegle
Emily Riegle 4 hours ago
Do tattoo dancer by ozzy!
Annie H
Annie H 4 hours ago
See the video of U2 with Pavarotti doing Miss Serajevo, about a young girl growing up in a war zone. It's great.
Kate Royce
Kate Royce 4 hours ago
This video is still as amazing to me now as it was when it first came out in 1985. Timeless!
Glenda Bailey-Mershon
Glenda Bailey-Mershon 4 hours ago
She’s playing Etta James (You already reviewed Etta’s version of this song) in the story of Cadillac Records.
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 4 hours ago
A bold choice Twins.
BingeAnime77 4 hours ago
just listen to the whole album. It will not release your soul but can release your'e spirit
Stacey Obrecht
Stacey Obrecht 4 hours ago
Check out ‘’Let Her Cry’ by Hootie and the Blowfish! Darius is the lead singer of that band that is of the alternative rock/ pop genre of the 90’s. His voice is pure gold
J L 4 hours ago
it is a cool song with that drumming. you guys dig it and that is cool. .hey...can u guys review " Sunshine of my Love" by Cream?
D_Michelle 4 hours ago
Listen to everything by Marvin Gaye. EVERYTHING you can get your hands on.
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 4 hours ago
Rick James. The original OG. The stickiest of the icky 🤣😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kate Royce
Kate Royce 5 hours ago
College is tough especially now with the pandemic cutting a lot of the fun, social aspects of college. You'll find you'll have better luck finding a decent job if you have an Associate's or a Bachelor;'s degree than you might without one.
Heather Conley
Heather Conley 5 hours ago
Destiny's Child not only samples this song in Bootylicious, check the video for the Stevie Nicks cameo
Elizabeth Gari
Elizabeth Gari 5 hours ago
THANK YOU for reacting to this video. I've been begging all the reaction channels to sample it for months now Leave it to you guys to be the first!! Love your channel so much.
K 5 hours ago
Jimi was a beast on the guitar.